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Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

The weather of the past few weeks would have been unexceptional in the early 1980s. Today it is being cited as definitive proof that manmade climate change can’t be happening ...continue »

Might it be possible to scrub CO2 direct out of the atmosphere so that it can be safely sequestered? Several promising technologies are already on the drawing boards ...continue »

The IEA has a history of seriously underestimating the potential of wind, solar and sea power, while promoting oil, coal and nuclear as 'irreplaceable' ...continue »

How do climate models deal with phenomena like clouds, humidity, aerosols and solar variations? The top climate modelers at RealClimate have produced a FAQ ...continue »

The latest list of "650 International Scientists (who) Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming" is more of the same: dead guys, paid deniers, and "experts" from unrelated fields ...continue »

2009 is set to be one of the top-five warmest years on record, say climate scientists at the UK Met Office. There is also a growing chance of new records being set soon after 2009 ...continue »

Coral growth across the Great Barrier Reef has suffered an unprecedented slowdown since 1990. The probable cause is acidification due to rising CO2 ...continue »

A study by NASA shows that cutting down on soot pollution could have an immediate cooling effect, and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths from air pollution at the same time ...continue »

Barack Obama pledges to put emphasis on making decisions that are grounded in science. Thanks to NYT readers, Andrew Revkin has some questions for him ...continue »

Despite the global economic downturn, spending money now to keep climate change in check will save us money in the long run, according to a new report ...continue »

A radical plan to curb global warming caused by our rampant burning of fossil fuels would involve covering parts of the world's deserts with reflective sheeting ...continue »

"Terrifying" is the word for a situation of an Inuit hunter who is lost on shifting ice, or sees his home fall into an ice fissure. Climate change threatens peoples of the Arctic ...continue »

The threats posed by climate change are worse than those imagined by most governments, warns a German scientific advisor on global warming ...continue »

The chances of enjoying a white Christmas are on the decline. Future Irving Berlins will have to find different themes for Christmas songs by 2100 ...continue »

As signals of climate change begin to come into focus in the Sierra Nevada, its melting snows spell trouble. Yosemite's Lyell Glacier is a case in point ...continue »

Call it prudence, or maybe desperation. But as a last resort, mankind may be forced into aggressive geoengineering schemes to save us from global warming ...continue »

Weather is not climate, and even the global atmosphere has ups and downs that have little or nothing to do with increased greenhouse gases...continue »

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas whose effects on earth lie relatively far in the future. Imagine if it were, instead, a pink gas, and you could see it ...continue »

What we've learned in 2008: CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas, the hockey stick still stands, Arctic sea ice is in decline, and warming is already having an impact ...continue »

Even with large and early cuts in emissions, the indications are that temperatures are likely to rise to around 2°C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century ...continue »

Germany: the new dirty man of Europe. The new emissions agreement is a disaster. Angela Merkel will go green only when it doesn't hurt big business ...continue »

More than two trillion tons of land ice in Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska have melted since 2003, according to new NASA satellite data. An effect of global warming ...continue »

The great thing about complex data is that any number of valid headlines be used to describe it. Look at the situation with world temperature summaries ...continue »

Emissions cuts – simply cleaning the air – offer a far more immediate global warming solution than dealing with greenhouse gases such as CO2 ...continue »

We worry ourselves to pieces about terrorism, epidemics, and financial collapse. But the biggest threat to us may be one that gets almost no attention: running out of oil ...continue »

If you think hotter days, horrific droughts and floods, angrier storms, and surging seas are bad, wait to you hear about the catastrophe beneath our feet ...continue »

Scientists studying the changing nature of the Earth's climate say they have completed one crucial task: proving beyond a doubt that global warming is real ...continue »

The whitebark pine, a beautiful tree found in the high elevations of the western U.S. and Canada, is being driven to extinction because of global warming ...continue »

Cyberspace has buried its head in a cesspit of climate change gibberish. Protestors on the street in Posnan get it, but online, planted deniers drive a blinkered fiction ...continue »

The once abundant herds of caribou of northern Canada are dwindling, rivers are running lower, and the ice is too thin to hunt on, says an Inuit leader ...continue »

In the U.S., massive amounts of energy are lost in heating and cooling buildings. Large quantities of CO2 could be saved by reducing the average size of structures ...continue »

Unfavorable climate change in the easter Mediterranean – dry weather from 100 A.D. to 700 A.D. – coincided with the fall the Roman and Byzantine empires ...continue »

Forty years ago, elkhorn coral grew off Florida in dense forests that would cover parking lots. Now, the biggest clump you'll find would barely fill a single parking space ...continue »

The Canadian Coast Guard has confirmed that in a major first, a commercial ship travelled through the Northwest Passage this fall to deliver supplies to western Nunavut ...continue »

Researchers have come up with a way to predict the rate at which ice shelves break apart into icebergs, a key step in the process by which climate change drives sea level rise ...continue »

An environmental activist is to lodge a $1 billion class action lawsuit at the International Criminal Court against all world leaders for failing to prevent global warming ...continue »

Not to stabilize CO2 at 350 ppm this century is to risk an ice-free planet, warns James Hansen. But to require the impossible may not be the best way to save the planet ...continue »

The latest science suggests that preventing runaway climate change, and with it a catastrophic outcome for the human race, is total decarbonisation ...continue »

A new design for harnessing solar energy is about to be launched in southern Spain. When it is up and running, it will supply electrical power for 11,000 Spanish homes ...continue »

Time is running out to prevent catastrophic consequences from global warming caused by burning fossil fuels, leading climate scientist James E. Hansen has warned ...continue »

The oceans absorb more than 80% of the heat from global warming. “If you aren’t measuring heat content in the upper ocean, you aren’t measuring global warming” ...continue »

Underground carbon sequestration would be a way to deal with emissions from coal-fired power plants. Now a practical means to sequester may be on the horizon ...continue »

After years of living in fear of climate change, we are fast acquiring the weapons to defeat it. But the only man who can unite humanity for this struggle is Barack Obama ...continue »

Capping carbon emissions would spur on technology, create new jobs, and add to economic prosparity around the globe, say a group of U.S. business leaders ...continue »

The heat-amplifying effect of water vapor is potent enough to double the climate warming caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ...continue »

Scientists have unveiled the first direct evidence that massive floods deep below Antarctica's ice cover are accelerating the flow of glaciers into the sea ...continue »

Global warming will have a devastating impact on California's agriculture, infrastructure, and overall economy over the next century, according to a new report ...continue »

A thick brown cloud of soot and chemicals stretching from the Persian Gulf to Asia threatens health and food supplies across the world: the newest threat from global warming ...continue »

It is frightening to see how quickly the oceans are changing: more than 90% of the oceans' top predators – large sharks, tuna, swordfish, cod – are now gone ...continue »

A type of rock found at or near the surface in Oman and other areas around the world could be harnessed to soak up globe-warming carbon dioxide ...continue »

The outlook for oil is even bleaker than it was a few years back. Three out of five petroleum geologists surveyed think global oil output will peak within 10 years ...continue »

Nuclear power plants smaller than a garden shed and able to power 20,000 homes will be on sale within five years, say scientists at the Los Alamos laboratory ...continue »

What are the General Circulation Models that the IPCC uses to predict future warming, and how exactly do they work? Some top climate modellers have written a FAQ ...continue »

President-elect Obama will shred the Bush administration's energy policies and introduce a major climate bill to bring the US back into the international environment fold ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Even as the world struggles to fashion fair and effective forms of mitigation, adaptation will be essential to minimize the worst consequences of climate change ...continue »

In a graph of US federal R&D; dollars, the portion that represents money going to energy research resembles an emaciated python that had one decent meal ...continue »

Solar power is exploding in America, with states from California to New Jersey vying to attract renewable energy companies. The potential for job creation is huge ...continue »

Until recently the data showed less warming in the tropical troposphere than on the surface, a result inconsistent with basic climate theory. The discrepency is now resolved ...continue »  [more]

It's been shown that human activity is responsible for climate change in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. But not Antarctica. Until now, that is ...continue »  [more]

Thomas L. Friedman explains why the country that creates an energy technology revolution is going to have the most national security, economic security and global respect ...continue »

The consulting editor of Petroleum Review – a flagship oil-industry journal – claims peak oil will occur by 2013. He's calling for an industrial Green New Deal, starting now ...continue »

When John Sterman asked 212 MIT grad students how much CO2 emissions must be cut in order to stabilize atmospheric carbon levels, he got a perplexing result ...continue »

Risks of inaction over climate change far outweigh the turmoil of the global financial crisis, says economist and global warming expert Sir Nicholas Stern ...continue »

Banking crisis, recession, stocks tumbling, and a gloomy economy – you may think it's a bad time to worry about climate change. In fact, it's exactly the right time ...continue »

New Zealand and other island states are set to become a lifeboat nations, "because the world may get almost intolerable during the coming century," says James Lovelock ...continue »

Since 1995, there have been 207 named storms in the Atlantic basin, a 68% increase from the previous 13 years, says the NOAA. Of these, 111 were hurricanes ...continue »

A climate model is like a laboratory. It combines hundreds of hours of work by scientists all over the world, including people who study some very particular processes ...continue »

The Little Ice Age of the 1600s may have been brought about by low solar irradiance. That doesn't mean more recent climate zig-zags have the same cause ...continue »

An more green alternative to our doomed free-market model is now a priority before a global recession, combined with an unstable climate, forces itself upon us ...continue »

McCain and Obama agree on the need for climate legislation, expansion of nonpolluting energy sources, and leadership in global talks on a new climate treaty ...continue »

It would be a dangerous folly for the EU to tamper with the European-wide target of reducing CO2 emissions to 20 per cent of 1990 levels, says The Independent ...continue »

Even the most stringent of proposed climate mitigation measures may not avert destructive climate change in coming years, a new analysis published in Nature shows ...continue »

The ever-worsening reality of global warming is driving more and more scientists to become desperate about our future. Yet deniers continue to recruit followers. Why? ...part 1 ... part 2

The financial crisis for which we must now pay heavily prefigures the real collapse, says George Monbiot, when humanity bumps against its ecological limits ...continue »

Worst case scenario: Antarctica will have a resident population of 3.5 million and global trade may have collapsed by 2040. Meanwhile, the world will be at war over water ...continue »

Despite some recovery of the Arctic summer sea ice this year, the signs suggest the transition to a seasonally ice-free Arctic Ocean is underway ...continue »

Climate change caused by rising CO2 is now widely recognized. But the other side of the equation, massive absorption of CO2 by the ocean, has received far less attention ...continue »

Making green energy work may depend on three unlikely heroes: an Australian engineer by the name of Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, a battery, and the element vanadium ...continue »

The notion that we need nuclear power to address climate change does not reflect the realities of the marketplace or rapid new developments in energy technology ...continue »  [more]

The UK government's climate change watchdog says greenhouse emissions must be cut 80% by 2050. It also says this can be achieved at very little cost ...continue »  [more]

Conventional projections for how warm things will get come out of a calculation everyone knows is wrong. Paleoclimate data suggest future temps have been badly underestimated ...continue »

California is inhabited by a fantasia of alternative-energy start-ups, many operating in "stealth mode" while they get their products ready. Some will reshape the world. But which? ...continue »

Europe is warming faster than the world average, and changing climate is set to turn the Mediterranean region even more arid and the north ever wetter ...continue »

It took governments a week to drop decades of hardened economic practice to save the financial system. Why does it take longer to save the planet from runaway warming? ...continue »

Purchasing carbon offsets is often unkindly compared with the old practice of buying indulgences from the Catholic Church. But it's a valuable tool in emission reduction ...continue »

The official Australian Garnaut report warns that very steep, fast emission cuts are required to avoid dangerous warming. The UK Met Office is saying the same thing ...Met Office »  Garnaut »

One key advantage of plug-in hybrid vehicles is that they will be very cheap to run, at about $0.02 per mile versus $0.12 per mile for an ordinary car ...continue »

Ending America's oil addiction isn't just about the environment. Oil dependency makes dictators stronger, democratic countries weaker and radical terrorists richer ...continue »

Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have grown about four times faster since 2000 than during the 1990s. This is even worse than the IPCC's worst-case scenario ...continue »

Bill Gates is betting that algae will provide the answer to our future fuel needs. Along with the Rockefellers and Wellcome Trust he's investing $100 million in algal biofuels ...continue »

The world's first commercial wave-power farm has gone live three miles off the coast of Portugal. It consist of a group of 140-meter-long "wave snakes" ...continue »

Climate sceptics who argue that global warming has stopped have their "heads in the sand", according to the UK's Met Office. Short-term blips don't alter the long term trend ...continue »

New observations suggest that a ticking time bomb under the seas of the Arctic is beginning to go off. Massive deposits of subsea methane are bubbling to the surface ...continue »  [more]  [more]  [more]

Chemists believe that by mimicking photosynthesis in the lab they could revolutionize fuel production within five years. It's simply a matter or finding the right catalysts ...continue »

Most people think of climate change as a gradual process. This ignores "the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse": ice sheets, permafrost, methane hydrates and megadroughts ...continue »

Mohonk House has remained pretty much frozen in time since Grover Cleveland was president. The result is a unique insight into climate change's progress ...continue »  [riposte]

The Department of Energy says $43 billion would buy enough wind power to supply 20% of the USA's electricity by 2030. The economic benefit would exceed $440 billion ...continue »

The jury in effect sat through a six-day seminar on global warming, in a forum where lying is illegal and every statement can be challenged by top barristers. And their decision? ...continue »

Arctic sea ice may well have reached its lowest volume ever, as ice coverage looks set to be close to last year’s record lows, and with thinner ice overall ...continue »  [graph]  [graph]

Suppose the sunspot cycle were to close down for some reason. Would that be sufficient to offset the effects of anthropogenic CO2, as skeptics think? Not by a long chalk ...continue »

Ice-core data suggest that the Earth's temp can sometimes change amazingly fast, warming as much as 15 degrees in some regions within a couple of decades ...continue »

Thirty years ago a secret organization of US scientists answering to the Department of Defence issued a prescient report about climate change. Ronald Reagan buried it ...continue »  [YouTube]

As a jury finds Greenpeace justified in damaging a coal-plant, Oliver Tickell works the figures to show wind is an inexpensive replacement for coal and nuclear ...Greenpeace »  Wind »

Whatever short-sighted climate ostriches might say, the fact is that one cold, wet summer – or even several in a row – does not mean global cooling has begun ...continue »  [more]

What equations govern how much warming will be caused by our CO2 emissions? If you want a nice, simple answer to question then, sadly, you're out of luck. Here's why ...continue »  [riposte]

Scientists are warning that political inaction on global warming has become so dire that extreme and risky geo-engineering interventions need to be planned ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Most scientists are amazed that climate change gets treated as an article of faith - something to be believed or disbelieved - rather than as a problem surrounded by uncertainty ...continue »  [more]

A new study in Science contains the highest estimate of sea level rise by 2100 that has been published in the literature to date: up to two meters ...continue »

A new study indicates that recent global temps have no precedent in the last 1500 years. Will skeptics acknowledge the progress that's been made? (Don't hold your breath.) ...continue »  [riposte]  [riposte]

Solutions to our food and energy woes can go hand in hand. Consider the plans for giant eco-rigs” in Japanese seas, and for vast sea-water greenhouses in the Sahara ...greenhouses »  eco-rigs »

Ten years on from the study that provoked all the ire, Michael Mann's conclusion is that, far from being broken, "the hockey stick is alive and well" ...continue »  [riposte]

Humanity uses about two TW of electricity. The Sun shines down on Earth with a power of 174,000 TW. Therein lies the ultimate answer to our energy problems ...continue »  [more]  [more]

One of the main challenges to using wind power is that the wind, in general, is unpredictable. But there is a solution waiting in the wings: compressed air storage ...continue »

A couple of weeks ago this article appeared on our "dissenting voices" column. Did you believe it? If you did, you shouldn't have. (See the "editor's note", at the end) ...continue »

For the first time in recorded history both the Northeast and Northwest Passages are open. Artic sea ice extent is rapidly closing on record low set in 2007 ...continue »  [more]  [graph]  [map]

New estimates show that Arctic permafrost contains 60% more carbon than previously estimated. As it warms and rots a disastrous positive feedback will be set in motion ...continue »

Melting alpine glaciers are revealing fascinating clues to Neolithic life. They also pose a severe challenge to skeptics who believe in a very hot medieval warm period ...continue »

Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus argue that liberals and conservatives can agree to disagree about the seriousness of climate-change and still agree on solutions ...continue »

Björn Lomborg has been a persistent global warming naysayer and his claims misrepresent my findings, writes Gary Yohe, economist and lead author for the IPCC ...continue »  [more]

Vast quantities of energy are stored within a couple of miles of your present location. The direction? Straight down. The next "killer app" may be enhanced geothermal ...continue »  [more]  [more]

A new study has found that the mercury could hit Sahara-style highs of 120 degrees in Europe, Australia and the American Midwest as global warming really kicks in ...continue »

Last month was the fifth warmest July on record – and this despite the fact that we are presently in a solar minimum and barely out of a strong La Niña ...continue »

Expert forecasts of minimum sea ice extent in 2008, based on July data, indicate a continuation of dramatic ice loss. And that's not even factoring in what's happened in August ...continue »

A new study of rainfall data has revealed that computer models don't accurately capture global warming's effect on extreme downpours. It is twice as bad as the models predict ...continue »

Imagine a naked person at the South Pole. If they put on clothing, they'll appear cooler to a thermal imager, but really they're losing less heat. The same goes for the Earth ...continue »

If you're not duly alarmed about ocean acidification, try putting yourself in the place of a sea urchin spermatozoan fighting its way through the water to the egg ...continue »  [more]

A host of independent analyses make it clear that the cost of keeping CO2 concentrations at or below 450 ppm is very low indeed, and that the cost of not doing so will be enormous ...continue »

An oldie but a goodie: Gavin Schmidt's and Caspar Amman's dummies' guide to the "Hockey Stick" controversy, in which they explain why it is much ado about nothing ...continue »

Warm winds are rapidly melting and breaking up the ice over the Beaufort Sea, and Amundsen's historic Northwest Passage is on the point of opening up ...continue »  [satellite map]

Ice in the Arctic melted at an unprecedented rate last week, and 2008's decline in sea-ice is now threatening to break the extraordinary record set only last year ...continue »  [graph]  [graph]

If you take the flue gas from a power plant and bubble it through seawater, you get cement. It may be an extremely effective carbon capture and storage system ...continue »

"Mitigate for two degrees, adapt for four" has long been the catchphrase among climate negotiators. The harsh truth is that even a two degree rise will be a catastrophe ...continue »

Greenland has a new language, "Climate-Speak". Key phrases include "Just a few years ago...", "I've never seen that before..." and "Well usually, but now I don't know" ...continue »

The science of ocean acidification is both straightforward and highly alarming. The key notion is that of a "saturation horizon". Here is a quick rundown ...continue »

New kite technologies will allow us to tap into high-altitude wind, an energy source far more abundant and reliable than the ground-level wind normal turbines rely on ....continue »

Why is it rational to mitigate climate change even when the relevant science isn't yet set in stone? In a brilliant and funny series of YouTube clips, Greg Craven explains ...continue »  [more]

Big Tobacco ran a decades-long public relations campaign to discredit cancer research. Big Oil has acknowledged running a similar campaign against climate science ...continue »  [more]

Skeptics claim there are no practical alternatives to fossil fuels for transportation. But there are plenty of viable technologies around the corner ...splitting water »   algal petroleum »   others »

The mantra of the climate skeptics is that global warming stopped in 1998. But saying it - however loudly, frequently and insistently - doesn't make it true ...continue »  [more]

A pattern of rapid growth, new technology, and falling production costs is putting solar power on the brink of becoming the world's dominant electricity source ...continue »  [more]

What effect will acidification have on sea-life? Disturbing clues are found in ocean areas where the waters are naturally more acidic ...undersea volcanoes »  Eastern Pacific »

The moral to be drawn from Ofcom's ruling on The Great Global Warming Swindle? Simply this: don't believe anything you see in a TV documentary made in the UK ...continue »

The weather forecast for the planet is not just bad, but appalling, says Andrew Simms. We have only 100 months left to act to prevent dangerous climate change ...continue »

A tiny area of African land smaller than Wales could one day generate enough solar power to supply all of Europe with clean energy ...continue »

There has been great excitement in the skeptics' camp about a recent article in the non-peer-reviewed Physics & Society. It is inept and riddled with errors ...continue »

The combined average global land and ocean surface temperatures for June 2008 ranked eighth warmest for June since worldwide records began in 1880 ...continue »

The Great Global Warming Swindle wasn't found to be "materially misleading". Why? Simply because in the UK documentaries aren't required to display "due accuracy" ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Spiralling oil prices that trigger a global power-down could buy us the time to stop global warming. In fact, it's happening right now. Will it work? We're about to find out ...continue »

No mistake is too dumb for someone, somewhere to make if they think they can spin it into supporting their anti-science agenda. Here is a case in point ...continue »

Ocean acidification, a.k.a. "osteoporosis of the oceans", is the evil twin of climate change. It will make coral, and many of the species that rely on it, go the way of the dinosaurs ...continue »  [more]

In the latest issue of Physics & Society we have, in the IPCC's corner, a tutorial on the basic physics of climate change by David Hafemeister & Peter Schwartz ...continue »

Weird but true: global warming skeptics tend to be fervent believers in immanent and dangerous global cooling caused by an inactive sun. Here are some relevant facts ...continue »

The really surprising thing about the ongoing collapse of the Wilkins ice shelf is that it is occurring in the dead of the Antarctic winter. Warm currents may be to blame ...continue »

A new technology allows light striking a windowpane to be funnelled to small, cheap solar cells along the pane's edge. It promises to turn skyscrapers into energy plants ...continue »

“If you save the living environment, the biodiversity that we have left, you will also automatically save the physical environment, too,” observes E.O. Wilson ...continue »

Though Mt. Shasta’s glaciers are growing, glaciers are retreating in the Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, the Cascades, and elsewhere in the rest of the world ...continue »

It's expected most species of coral will be killed off by acidification and warming by 2050. With them will go all those creatures that depend on the reefs: about 30% of ocean life ...continue »

"The scientific debate is closing, but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science." The words of a Republican political consultant ...continue »

Global warming is profoundly altering ecosystems. Fish are being forced into deeper, cooler waters, and on land plants are being pushed up to higher elevations ...plants »  fish »

When the contributions of El Niño and La Niña are statistically excised from the global temperature record the recent warming trend becomes all the more obvious ...continue »

While a doubling of atmospheric CO2 might not have dire effects on climate, the resulting acidification of the oceans may spell the end of coral reefs ...continue »

PricewaterhouseCoopers says CO2 emissions could be reduced 50% by 2050 at the cost of achieving a GDP in 2051 that would otherwise be reached in 2050 ...continue »

Skeptics are claiming that the loss of Arctic sea ice is a result, not of global warming, but of heat from volcanoes on the ocean floor. Another lousy argument ...continue »

No particular weather event, goes the mantra, can be blamed on global warming. With "100-year storms" striking every 15 years, this pretense has worn thin ...continue »

The right to free speech has limits. Even in the U.S. there's no right to falsely yell "fire" in a crowded theater. In effect that's what climate skeptics are doing ...continue »  [more]  [more]

The trend of scientific and political opinon is clear, says Tony Blair. For reasons of energy security as well as climate change we must radically reduce our dependence on carbon ...continue »

The sea ice at the North Pole is thin and vulnerable, and seasoned polar scientists say there is a greater than 50:50 chance of open water at the Pole this summer ...continue »  [more]

The White House got an email from the EPA saying the evidence for man-made global warming is compelling and robust. Take a guess how they dealt with it ...continue »  [more]

Can renewables replace fossil fuels? Hermann Scheer, the driving force behind Germany's hugely successful renewables revolution, has shown they can ...continue »

The latest science says we must stop building coal-fired plants and deploy low-carbon technologies as fast as humanly possible. Cap-and-trade is a distraction ...continue »

James Hansen to Congress: oil company CEOs who fund disinformation about climate change should be tried for crimes against humanity and nature ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Another skeptical argument down the tubes: a recently reported anomalous cooling of the oceans turns out to be an artefact of poor bathythermograph data ...continue »  [more]  [more]

"We should act on climate mitigation and adaptation not because we are able to predict the future, but because we cannot." This from Roger Pielke Jr., darling of the skeptics ...continue »  [more]

"Bangladesh, 1971-2071: born in blood, died in water." Thus will read the epitaph of a nation already being swamped by the effects of global warming ...continue »

It's an environmental Catch-22. Winds amplified by the manmade ozone hole seal off Antarctica from global warming. By repairing the ozone hole we will remove that protection ...continue »

A hectare of corn produces about 0.2 tonnes of oil equivalent. Rapeseed generates around 1.2 tonnes. Algae can theoretically produce 50 to 140 tonnes from the same land ...continue »

The holy grail known as "grid parity" - whereby electricity from the sun can be produced as cheaply as it can be bought from the grid - is now just a few years away ...continue »  [more]

Even the Antarctic winter can't protect the Wilkins ice shelf. A 160km² chunk has just broken up, leaving a huge area of the shelf buttressed by a delicate thread of ice ...continue »  [more]

250 million years ago a colossal belch of lava in Siberia roasted limestone and coal deposits and released huge amounts of CO2. 80% to 90% of species vanished ...continue »

An MIT analysis of the EU's carbon cap-and-trade system shows that it has operated well and has had little or no negative impact on the overall EU economy ...continue »

New research shows that a rapid loss of arctic sea ice could trigger an immense release of potent greenhouse gases from warming and rotting permafrost ...continue »

Science academies of Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, the UK and US call for fast, deep CO2 cuts ...continue »  [statement]

When the International Energy Agency starts agreeing with the IPCC then it's time for the world to get very serious, very fast about clean energy ...continue »

About half the CO2 we emit dissolves in the oceans where it converts to carbonic acid. New research is showing the dire effects this will have on sea life ...continue »  [more]

Winning the war on global warming may require slaughtering some of environmentalism's sacred cows: organic food, opposition to nukes, and more ...continue »  [But see this.]

The burgeoning CO2 in oceans is affecting a lot more than coral reefs. It's damaging marine life and threatening the future survival of marine populations ...continue »

"I DO believe that an anthropogenic source for most of the warming over the last century is a plausible theory." Remarkable words from a poster boy of the skeptics ...continue »  

We're playing chicken with the laws of nature, but physics and chemistry don’t bluff or bargain. They just are. We must let science drive politics, not vice versa ...continue »

Sherwood Rowland shared a Nobel Prize for his work on CFC's and the ozone layer. He has a very sobering forecast for levels of CO2 in the atmosphere ...continue »

The backers of a new start-up company that aims to produce crude oil from algae and sunlight have promised it no-limit funding based on hugely successful early trials ...continue »

A new study in Nature points to the real possibility of the Earth being warmed tens of degrees in as little as a century by a cascading release of methane ...continue »

1700 scientists, including six Nobel prizewinners, have demanded the US lead the fight against climate change, as two new reports underline how bad it will be ...continue »   [more]  [more]

Skewed data from ships measuring sea temps after WWII explain an anomalous world cooling in 1945 that had been a mystery in a century of global warming ...continue »

How to reduce your carbon footprint? It's not too hard: don't leave your PC on standby, eat less red meat, and ladies, stop eyeing lads with Ferraris ...standby mode »  red meat »

George Monbiot to the King of Saudi Arabia on the subject of Western oil addiction: "We have gone mad, Your Majesty, and only you can cure our affliction" ...continue »

Does the possible advent of genetically-engineered "carbon-eating" trees mean we needn't fear global warming? The scientists at RealClimate think not ...continue »

"If you're living with an angry beast, you shouldn't poke it with a sharp stick" says Wallace Broecker. The beast he speaks of is the Earth's climate ...continue »

Ocean acidity along the North American Pacific coast is at levels not predicted to occur until 2050. The impact on sealife could be catastrophic ...continue »   [more]

You can twist a graph of hog-belly futures and New Zealand sheep numbers into a graph of global temps if you try hard enough. But is that good science? ...continue »

Research shows alarming evidence that the frozen Arctic floor has started to thaw and release methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than CO2 ...continue »

Skeptics often use uncertainty about climate change to justify business-as-usual CO2 emissions. From a moral perspective, this is a terrible argument ...continue »

A report from the Bush administration finds that for 2 cents/day per household, Americans could get 20% of their electricity from wind by 2030 ...continue »  [more]

Scientists from RealClimate give eight reasons to be dubious about a "pause in global warming" predicted in a Nature article by Keenlyside et al. ...continue »

An 800,000-year record of bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice shows present levels of CO2 and their rates of increase are absolutely without precedent ...continue »

The think tanks, lobbyists and commentators who oppose the IPCC have a long history of turning fringe science into received wisdom on the political right ...continue »

The $100 million DSCOVR spacecraft was designed to measure Earth's energy budget and tell us about climate change once and for all. Why's it been mothballed? ...continue »

Skeptics claim that if the IPCC were right then global temps could not remain flat or decrease for a few years while CO2 levels keep going up. This is patently false ...continue »

In the IPCC's corner we have Tapio Schneider, a climate scientist, offering a succinct overview of the science behind human-induced climate change ...continue »

Will global warming take a brief break over the next few years? The climate scientists who run RealClimate are prepared to bet serious money that it won't ...continue »

Rising CO2 levels can threaten life in ways totally unrelated to global warming. For example, consider the fate of koalas, trying to get by on a poor diet of gum-tree leaves ...continue »

Global warming's effects are starkly evident in Siberia. Billions of tons of rotting permafrost are converting to methane, and Lake Baikal is warming rapidly ...Methane »  ...Lake Baikal »

A recent Nature article that supposedly predicts a decade of global cooling has been widely misreported. Its predictions are consistent with very rapid warming over the next ten years ...continue »

At least 45 scientists are demanding that their names be struck from the list of "co-authors" of a skeptical document published by the Heartland Institute ...continue »  [more]

Nigel Lawson makes an unlikely Dr Strangelove, but he has learned to stop worrying and love a warmer world. The arguments he deploys are, however, less than compelling ...continue »

Those who imagine it's impracticable to replace coal-fired power with clean energy need to acquaint themselves with the basic facts about concentrated solar ...continue »

Warming allows pine beetles to thrive. Forests ravaged by the beetle release hundreds of megatonnes of CO2. More warming ensues. And on it goes ...continue »

Tapping just 5 percent of the USA's geothermal wealth would generate enough electricity for 260 million people. A government energy lab says it's doable ...continue »

Most Arctic sea ice is now young, thin and vulnerable to rapid melting. If winds are as warm as in 2007 then the North Pole could be ice free this summer ...continue »  [graph]

The plant hardiness zone map for the USA, drawn in 1990, is now out of date. A new map shows marked warming and rapid northward movement of the zones ...continue »

A survey of EPA scientists has revealed rampant political interference in their work, along with political barriers to the free communication of scientific results ...continue »  [Full Report]

Last month was the second hottest March ever recorded, and average land surface temperatures over the globe were the highest ever recorded in March ...continue »

Skeptics theorize that cosmic rays seed clouds and that the sun controls climate by modulating the cosmic ray flux. More new evidence contradicts this theory ...continue »

Samuel Thernstrom, ex-Bush official and press director at a conservative think-tank, is disturbed by staggering omissions in Bush's climate-change speech ...continue »

If the US is fighting in the war on global warming it's fighting on the wrong side. But with a few policies that wouldn't break the bank it could turn that around ...continue »

A useful analogy: imagine it’s 2025, and you’ve got a 486-pound ex-president being wheeled in to accept congratulations for his excellent physical fitness program ...continue »

The Greenland ice sheet is a holdover of the most recent ice age, stranded out of time, a relic of conditions that no longer apply. And relics are fragile ...continue »  [more]

Ever heard of cars powered by ultracapacitors? It is just possible that this technology might be about to change the world as we know it ...continue »

It behooves skeptics who trumpeted the low global temps of January to attach equal significance to the temps of March. La Niña notwithstanding, March was hot ...continue » [more]

Concentrated solar and wind power are technologies that could easily meet the USA's energy needs if the government had the foresight to act ...concentrated solar » and wind »

Hundreds of millions of people are facing the prospect of starvation as a food crisis unfolds with frightening speed. Global warming is one of the causes ...continue »  [more]

If you're worried that stopping global warming will wreck the economy, you're looking at this all wrong. It will create an historic economic opportunity ...continue »  [more]

New technology allows floating wind turbines to be moored in waters up to 1000 feet deep, so far out to sea that the visual impact from shore is nil ...continue »

The temperature predictions made by the IPCC in 1995 and 2001 have been borne out very well by what has actually been measured in the years since ...continue »

The paradox, says top economist Jeffrey Sachs, is that we are on a path to doing huge damage to ourselves, yet the cost of finding an alternative is extraordinarily modest ...continue »

In a brand-new slideshow Al Gore presents evidence that the pace of climate change may be even worse than scientists were recently predicting ...continue »

Spain's wind turbines now produce enough wattage to power Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Zaragoza, and Bilbao combined ...continue »

A new study argues that climate change should be tackled with a government-financed alternative energy quest, not with a carbon cap treaty. How about all of the above? ...continue »

The shocking incapacity of self-interested humans to respond rationally to climate change has been exposed by an experiment conducted at the Max Planck Institute ...continue »

Scientists have produced further compelling evidence showing that modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Sun's activity or by cosmic rays ...continue »

Exposed boulders in a remote and desolate corner of Western Antarctica harbor a warning that the region's glaciers could collapse and drive up sea levels by 1 meter ...continue »

Why spend billions mitigating CO2 emissions when our best climate models are very unreliable? The reasons are absolutely compelling, as Stephen Schneider explains ...continue »

A giant, thousand-ton turbine being attached to the bottom of a loch in Northern Ireland is the first in the world to harvest energy from the tides ...continue »

India is installing 10ft barbed-wire barriers along its entire 2000 mile border with Bangladesh – to keep out an anticipated torrent of climate refugees ...continue »

Unlike sea ice in the Arctic, the way climate change is tinkering with the natural timing of day-to-day life is concrete and local. People can experience it with all five senses ...continue »

The sun's alone among potential sources of renewable energy in being able to meet our needs. It can meet them many times over. So why the pathetic level of investment? ...continue »

Black soot causes respiratory disease and has a much bigger role in global warming than previously thought. Mitigation is easy and the payoff will be large and quick ...continue »

Another ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula is on the verge of collapse. It is larger and farther south than any of the shelves that have been lost to date ...continue »

The true lesson of Thomas Malthus isn't that the world is doomed, but that preservation of human life requires analysis and then tough action ...continue »

Artificial reservoirs built since the 1950s hold back enough water to make sea levels go up by 3cm. Even so, sea levels are going up at a fast clip ...continue »

The medieval warm period is often cited as proof that warming can be a benefit. But it was a time when calamitous droughts wrecked havoc around the globe ...continue »

Skeptics who claim that global warming has stalled might like to try having a look at the graphs some time. The trends could hardly be more stark ...continue »

Unless we bring CO2 down to 1988 levels the Earth will soon be quite unlike the planet on which civilization developed. So says NASA's Jim Hansen ...continue »   [report here]

Despite a cold winter, unusual currents have depleted the Arctic sea of much of its old, thick ice. Conditions are ripe for another major melt this summer ...continue »

Skeptics often accuse climate modellers of investing too much faith in arcane computer code. But the modellers are more aware than anyone of the models' limits ...continue »

All around the world the glaciers that store water for billions of people are retreating at an ever increasing rate under the influence of climate change ...continue » (More here.)

Australia's water-starved farms and cavernous empty grain silos are set to affect prices of food around the globe. It's Australia's worst drought on record ...continue »

Market forces will swiftly unleash the private capital and innovation needed to beat climate change if the US government puts a cap-and-trade system in place ...continue »

Russell Seitz is a climate skeptic who despairingly admits that barely any of the prominent figures on his own side are competent in the field of climate science ...continue »

The really scary thing about a document warning of humanity's imminent peril that was signed by more than half of all living Nobel prize winners is that the media ignored it ...continue »

Skeptics about global warming are strangely unskeptical of the theory that climate is controlled by cosmic rays. Never mind that it's riddled with fatal flaws ...continue » (More here.) (But see this.)

Critics of carbon cap-and-trade schemes take note: they worked for sulphur pollution and solved the problem of acid rain at a quarter of the expected cost ...continue »

The skeptics' claim that scientists were mainly worried about global cooling in the 1970s has been thoroughly debunked by a survey of that era's literature ...continue » (More here.)

Skeptics often claim that mitigating CO2 does not make good economic sense. A major new report from the OECD blows that argument out of the water ...continue » [report summary]

The skeptics' International Climate Change Conference was all about science, and yet it would appear that only 19 scientists showed up ...continue »

World coal reserves may be grossly overstated. If so, we are in for a severe energy crisis, and have yet another reason to switch to renewable energy without delay ...continue »

Solar thermal is low-tech, relatively cheap, and keeps producing power when the sun goes down. Installed capacity is set to leap by a factor of 60 within five years ...continue »

The enormous body of evidence pointing to a warming world with disrupted weather, less ice, and rising seas is not refuted by the current cold spell...continue » ... more

The claim by skeptics that the media have ignored a dump of snow on Kilimanjaro exemplifies the central weakness of their case: they confuse climate with weather ...continue »

Continuing scientific uncertainty about the pace of climate change is a worry, and skeptics who doubt the climatologists’ models should be the most worried of all...continue »

Deniers continue to insist there no consensus on global warming. But consensus is not the issue where you have well-tested science and real-world evidence ...continue »

Wait, what? A business magazine and a mostly right-wing website took a scientist's statements out of context in the service of a political agenda? Stop the presses! ...continue » [part 2]

Climate science, like the seafloor, is sedimentary. It is the product of an immense, patient and painstaking process of collecting and sifting data. Consider the ANDRILL project ...continue »

"I have the same feelings about wind," says oilman Boone Pickens, "as I had about the best oil field I ever found." He's planning to build the biggest wind farm in the world ...continue »

The atmosphere doesn't quite work like the panes of glass on a greenhouse, and therein lies the flaw in a common skeptical argument ...continue »   [part 2]

55 million years ago a massive release of carbon caused extreme global warming and severely altered the chemistry of the oceans. This event holds clues to our future ...continue »

The great global cooling scare of the 70's is a favorite topic for climate skeptics. A new survey of the 70's scientific literature shows that the story is a myth ...continue »

Sausages may save us from global warming – really big sausages pumped full of liquid CO2 and left to sit forever on the ocean floor ...continue »

Want to know how to debunk the skeptics' arguments? Colby Beck's point-by-point rebuttal of climate skepticism has been endorsed by top climate scientists ...continue »

The carbon footprint of apples imported to New York from New Zealand can be less than for apples from fifty miles away. How can people make the right decisions? The answer is ... continue »

Energy-saving measures that could be done quickly and at minimal cost would cut CO2 emissions by half what's required and yield a net profit to the global economy ... continue »

Parts of Antarctica are getting colder, ergo global warming theory is false. Great argument, except it was known long ago that the theory predicts a cold Antarctica ... continue »

Climate change is largely to blame for a 50/50 chance of dams on the Colorado that supply water to the South West being dry within 13 years ...continue »

Here's an idea: use nuclear power to convert CO2 that's been sucked from the air into fuel for cars. The clever people at Los Alamos think it can work ...continue » (More here and here.)

With peak oil looming, Britain has no plan at all and the EU's energy plan relies on unsustainable biofuels. Reduced consumption, anyone? ...continue »

Google aims to set up a gigawatt of clean generating capacity that's cheaper than coal "within years, not decades." It's Bill Weihl's job to make it happen ...continue »

In a YouTube clip Prof. Naomi Oreskes reveals the ugly links between the George C. Marshall Institute, defenders of the tobacco industry and global warming denial ...continue »

NASA's Jim Hansen to Chancellor Merkel: "Agreement to phase out coal use except where the CO2 is captured is 80% of the solution to the global warming crisis" ...continue »

The Eocene and Cretaceous are tugging at our sleeve, whispering "There are things going on with climate you don't begin to understand. Proceed with caution" ...continue »

Despite the Pentagon's recognition that global warming is a security threat, the US spends $88 on defense for every dollar on climate change ...continue »

A major new study by an international team of climate experts has identified nine calamitous "tipping points" that could be crossed before the end of the century ...continue »

The USA's bill for imported oil has gone from $45 billion in 1998 to about $400 billion in 2007. Its oil addiction is largely responsible for the looming recession ...continue » (And see this.)

The western USA is drying up. Its mountain snow-pack is disappearing. Why? A new study in Science points the finger unambiguously at greenhouse gases ...continue »

A study published in Nature shows that when water in the hurricane breeding grounds of the Atlantic warms one degree, overall hurricane activity jumps by half ...continue »

Spring has sprung and England's abloom with daffodils, snowdrops, and crocuses. Would be nice, except it's still the middle of winter ...continue »

A car wastes a lot of energy as heat out its tailpipe. Capture just some of that with thermoelectrics, and straight away you save 5% to 10% of the fuel ...continue »

When wind turbines get too big the constant up-down stretching of the blades by gravity destroys them. A strange new breed of turbine solves the problem ...continue »

The dead vegetation revealed by retreating Baffin Island ice shows how unprecedented recent warming is. It was under ice long before the medieval warm period ...continue » (More here.)

There is a politically and economically feasible way to achieve sharp CO2 cuts: not through regulation, but through massive public investment in clean energy research...continue »

Meat production is so energy inefficient that if Americans ate just 20% less meat it would be as if they each switched from driving a Camry to a Prius...continue »

Global warming is best tackled by the voluntary efforts of big business, says President Bush. A survey just out shows that most big businesses aren't interested...continue »

Problem: to substantially reduce the 5% or more of global CO2 emissions produced by container ships plying the seas. Solution: bring back sails in the form of giant kites...continue »

Warmer seas and a record hurricane season in 2005 have devastated more than half of the coral reefs in the Caribbean...continue »

Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are set to have a calamitous impact on bird life in Great Britain, a new RSPB report shows...continue »

The U.S. coal industry is spending $35 million on election ads at a time when fifty new coal-fired power stations are on hold due to climate concerns...continue » ...more

The Chinese know global warming will mean famine and social disorder. That is why they may be much more decisive than democracies in facing the problem...continue »

Climate change deniers strike a blow against human solidarity that can be compared with the 19th-century racist denial of the need to abolish slavery...continue »

2007 was the warmest year on record for the earth's land areas, say federal scientists at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center...continue »

Climatologists at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies have found that 2007 tied with 1998 for the earth's second warmest year in a century...continue »

Skeptics claim that the IPCC's predictions are unconfirmed and that global warming has stopped. They simply aren't reading the graphs the right way...continue »

In the angry debate over global warming the skeptics tend to lose sight of certain facts that cannot be reasonably doubted. Andrew Revkin gives a list...continue »

A new study shows that net ice loss from Western Antarctica has increased from 112 billion tonnes in 1996 to 196 billion tonnes in 2006, an increase of 75%...continue » ...more

Which of Greenland or Western Antarctica poses the biggest threat? Scientists are split. But it's agreed that playing two games of high-stakes poker at once isn't clever...continue »

Even a massive, all-out effort to slash global CO2 emissions 80% by 2020 would have an annual price-tag of only 16% of the global military budget...continue »

As Arctic sea ice has diminished year by year, so Antarctic sea ice has expanded. But this is broadly consistent with what the climate models predict...continue »

Research just out demonstrates that biofuel derived from switchgrass grown on marginal farmland has great potential to cut net CO2 emissions...continue »

The warming situation in Greenland and the rest of the Arctic is "definitely far more serious than anyone would have thought five years ago"...continue »

"The trend in respect of weather extremes shows that climate change is already taking effect and that more such extremes are to be expected in the future"...continue »

Against expectations shorter winters appear to be weakening the ability of frozen northern forests to soak up carbon. This may have a spiral effect...continue »

"The fact that 2008 is forecast to be cooler than any of the last seven years does not mean that global warming has gone away"...continue »

For less than the annual cost of its Farm Price Support Program the US could get a third of its energy from the sun and slash emissions by 2050...continue »

We are in for a minimum of 90 more years of warming no matter how many Hummers are junked in favor of Priuses. Let's adapt...continue »

Westerners consume 32 times as much as people from undeveloped states. The Earth can't support such consumption in China and India... continue »

If solar power were as cheap as coal, CO2 mitigation would be easy. Now a new company claims to be making very cheap solar cells...continue » more »

Chikungunya, a relative of dengue fever, is normally found in the Indian Ocean region. But now mosquitoes that need warmth have brought the disease to Italy...continue »

Global warming is partly to blame for the greater intensity and frequency of massive wildfires scouring the mountains and plains of the American West...continue »

Rising temperatures will set the stage for more severe storms in the U.S., doubling the likelihood of extreme winds, hail, floods, and tornados by 2110...continue »

New research out of Greenland suggests that sea levels may rise much higher and sooner than even the most pessimistic climate forecasts predict...continue »

2007 was the seventh warmest year since record-keeping began, according to the IPCC says, and made for some rather brutal weather...continue »

Convincing evidence that Earth’s climate is undergoing alarming changes has accumulated rapidly in recent years, especially during the past three decades...continue »

Rapid global CO2 warming took place 55 million years ago. This period of climate change gives the best fossil analogue to current and future greenhouse warming...continue »

This latest Arctic sea ice news is a powerful indicator that we may have passed the point of no return, with potential impacts on societies around the world...continue »

The U.S. could shave 28% off the amount of greenhouse gases it emits at modest cost and with only small technology innovations, says a new report...continue »

Almost 60% of the Amazons forests could be wiped out or severely damaged by 2030 as a result of climate change and deforestation, according to a new WWF report...continue »

The worlds coral reefs are in danger of being killed off by rising levels of greenhouse gases, with 98% of the world’s reef habitats likely be too acidic for corals by 2050...continue »

Wine is the canary in the climate-change coal mine. Even slight changes can wreak havoc on high-quality wine, making it particularly vulnerable to global warming...continue »

2007 is set to be the fifth hottest year on record, and might well have broken the records had it not been for the timely arrival of La Nina...continue »

A glacier on the Tibetan plateau is shrinking, with a threat to the future of nearby villagers. They may blame the gods, but global warming is the issue...continue »

Scientists examined five different measures of the width of the tropical belt, and found it expanded by between 2 and 4.8 degrees latitude since 1979...continue »

Climate change skeptics tend to agree that business as usual CO2 emissions are nothing to fret about. But beyond this, their views are not always consistent...continue »

Holocaust deniers argue over history. Their damage is in terms of racism and relations between peoples. Climate change deniers pose a greater danger...continue »

Climate is the single greatest variable in Frances wine production, making its vineyards the perfect climate-change laboratory for scientists...continue »

The melting of polar ice sheets and the resulting stress on the earth's crust from rising seas will increase volcanic eruptions in the years to come...continue »

Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

"What used to be science has turned into a cult." So say physics professor William Happer, who once directed the U.S. Office of Energy Research ...continue »

The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science ...continue »  [more]

New data from the NCDC show that during 2008 average temps across the lower 48 states of the US dropped back down into the range that characterized the 20th century ...continue »

Thanks to a rapid rebound in recent months, global sea-ice levels now equal those seen 29 years ago, at the end of 1979, when satellite record-keeping began ...continue »

CO2 only absorbs heat along limited bandwidths, and for this reason it can't absorb an unlimited amount of infrared radiation. Indeed, it's already absorbing just about all it can ...continue »   [riposte]

A powerful nation such as the US cannot sustain its energy needs on sunbeams and gentle breezes. That pathway to the future is dangerous. Indeed, it is a pathway to economic suicide ...continue »

For every amount spent on climate policies to save one person from hunger in a hundred years, the same amount could save 5,000 people now ...continue »

There's nothing new about climate change. Temp, humidity and CO2 levels all rise and fall from hour to hour, day to day, season to season and from one climate era to the next ...continue »

More great news of how the NOAA measures temperatures in order to set policies on global warming for the U.S. – and by example for the rest of the world ...continue »

HIV and lack of clean water kill millions in third world countries. Such problems could be eradicated for a fraction of what we spend on climate change ...continue »

2007-2008 was a year of sharp global cooling. This trend is set to continue as the sun enters a cycle of lower irradiance and the Pacific Ocean changes to its cool mode ...continue »

When Michael Asher began writing two years ago about the threat of global warming – oops! – climate change, public outcry was very loud. But a funny thing has happened ...continue »

Very little research has ever been funded to search for natural mechanisms of warming, says Roy Spencer. It has simply been assumed that global warming is manmade ...continue »

The past year was a very important year for anthropogenic global warming theory, says Christopher Booker. It was the year that the theory was at last disproved ...continue »

The climate hysterics have a problem: they’ve been scaring us for so long that it’s now possible to check if things are turning out like they warned. Let's look at Australia ...continue »

Warmists are so locked into their general narrative that the plummeting temperatures and abnormal snowfalls of the past two winters have thrown them into a tizzy ...continue »

Cannibalism, kidney stones, expensive beer, shark attacks, dead baby penguins, anorexic whales – even the Loch Ness Monster is a victim of global warming ...continue »

The most expensive secret you’re not supposed to know is that George W. Bush leaves office with the planet cooler than when he entered. But the global warming industry ...continue »

A Princeton physicist, fired by former Vice President Al Gore for failing to adhere to Gore’s scientific views, has declared man-made global warming fearsmistaken” ...continue »

Heat is more likely to kill you than an earthquake, Reuters reports. Though there is a danger even worse than heat, Reuters does not say what it is. Indur Gokalny does ...continue »

The IPCC model of dangerous, human-caused climate change has failed. The world is cooling and independent science still can't prove any human effect on warming ...continue »

Pre-industrial carbon dioxide levels were about the same around the world as they are today. How and why were we told otherwise? Tim Ball wants to know ...continue »

"Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change," says Barack Obama. Well, actually quite a few, Bjørn Lomborg responds...continue »

Cooling on global warming. Europe's politicians have seen that green taxes are liabilities that may undermine economic stability and their chances of re-election. ...continue »

Warming fears are the "worst scientific scandal" ... "When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science." So says an IPCC scientist ...continue »

Many children are very frightened by Al Gore's portrayal of the prospect of disasterous global warming. Two antidotes are now available, pitched at youngsters and here

New research shows a strong correlation between solar activity and Siberian temps, pointing toward the sun as a main driver of climate change ...continue »

"Recent worldwide land warming has occurred largely in response to a worldwide warming of the oceans rather than as a direct response to increasing greenhouse gases" ...continue »

If increasing temperatures are consistent with or are evidence of global warming, what theory is consistent with or evidence of falling temperatures? Global warming, too? ...continue »

This year is set to be the coolest since 2000, according to a preliminary estimate of global average temperature that is due to be released by the British Met Office ...continue »

You have a basic, inalienable right not to have your picnic spoiled by bad weather. That's why we need a new International Court of Environmental Justice, in the Hague, maybe ...continue »

Cold is the new warm. If the chilly temperatures being felt across the world are "not evidence that global warming is slowing," then what what the devil are they? ...continue »

The quiet sun. The number of days without sunspots in 2008 is coming near to the record low year of 1912. By the way, what exactly was the weather like in 1912? ...continue »

Cherry picking the evidence that suits your case. Biased analyses can be found across issues and the political spectrum, and now in the case of California’s carbon policy ...continue »

Another reason why people don't trust newspapers: that "the sky is falling" is the only side of the global warming debate that gets reported. Skepticism is silenced ...continue »

A former lawyer for Enron, shocked to find out that his main job would be to draft a global warming treaty, deplores censorship, conformism, and climate hysteria ...continue »

People have been led to confuse smog, carbon monoxide (CO) and the pollutants in car exhaust with that life supporting, essential trace gas in our atmosphere, CO2 ...continue »

Few challenges facing America and the world are less urgent than combating the non-problem of "global warming" – which has not even been happening since 1995 ...continue »

CO2 is not a pollutant, it is plant food. All life on earth depends on it, especially civilized life, as it forms the bubbles in Swiss cheese, champagne, bread, and Coca-Cola ...continue »

Will there ever be a time when sane people are not having to deconstruct yet another version of Michael Mann's hockey stick, like some endless whack-a-mole game? ...continue »

The federal government has put billions of dollars into a fleet of 112,000 alternative-fuel vehicles to encourage the move away from fossil fuels. Was it money well spent? ...continue »

To focus on the chimera of human-caused greenhouse warming while ignoring the genuine threats of natural climate variability is sheer self-delusion ...continue » [PDF]

"The people who gave us the joys of mortgage-backed securities now offer us carbon-backed securities." Nigel Lawson addresses the House of Lords (scroll to "Lord Lawson") ...continue »

Evidence for sunspot involvement in climate change is too strong to be brushed aside by those who cling to the simplistic idea that man-made CO2 is the only factor ...continue »

If greenhouse theory were correct, warming would be seen in all places and in all seasons across the globe. But the south is not warming like the north. Australians know ...continue » [PDF]

When the Goddard Institute for Space Studies announced that last month was the hottest October on record, it was not intentionally lying. It just made a big mistake ...continue »

The likely magnitude of human-caused global warming is so low that it will not be discernible within natural variability. Limiting CO2 will be a huge waste of resources ...continue »

CO2 is not a pollutant, it's essential to life on earth. It is also not the driver of climate change – that is much more likely to be the sun. Bryan Leyland explains...continue »

To his credit, Barack Obama supports a market approach to making more of solar, wind power, and biodiesel as alternatives to coal. But in truth, coal itself is an alternative ...continue »

The IPCC experiment has failed, in large part because of the priority that has been given to policy advocacy over the accurate reporting of empirical science ...continue »

When NASA made a mistake in its October global temperature numbers, climate skeptic Warren Meyer noticed. The error was corrected. End of story? Far from it ...continue »

From California to Missouri, four of five environmental initiatives lost at the ballot box. Voters will not okay exorbitant costs and excessive regulation without clear benefits. ...continue »

Michael Crichton stood up to the Chablis-sipping, let the Third World eat cake ecobullies while living right in their midst in Hollywood ...continue » ... Crichton on Green religion

Why is Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, claiming that global temperatures are climbing sharply, when for the last ten years they've done no such thing? ...continue »

If you examine the mountain of IPCC literature on global warming, you find most is highly suspect and doesn't address the central question of whether humans are responsible ...continue »

For years David Bellamy was one of the best known faces on British TV. That was before he was shunned by the BBC for the crime of denying man-made climate change ...continue »

It's been a bad year for global warming alarmists. Record cold periods and snowfalls are occurring around the globe. The hell that the radicals have promised is freezing over ...continue »

America needs lots of clean, low-cost, secure electricity. Unfortunately, renewable sources don't fill the bill, and a national requirement wouldn't change that ...continue »

Global warming has stopped, writes Christopher Monckton. All four of the world’s major global surface temperature datasets show a seven-year decline in temps ...continue »

Climatic fluctuations over the past centuries suggest 30 year cycles on a rising trend from the Little Ice Age. World temps are now headed down ...continue »

It's official: China, the world's biggest CO2 emitter, will not work with other nations in controlling green house gases, except to take free technology from the West ...continue »

Just in time to accompany Parliament's passage of the law to make Britons pay more for global warming: the earliest snow storm to hit London in 70 years ...continue » ... more

For years we were made to worry ourselves to death over "global warming." Now we are supposed to fret over "climate change." What is this new vocabulary trying to hide? ...continue »

Churchill, Manitoba has just counted the largest number of polar bears – healthy and thriving on seal meat – ever seen in the area survey in a September ...continue »

Europe's compliance with Kyoto in cutting CO2 ought both to inspire the world and shame the Americans. Oh yeah? Check out the actual figures ...continue »

Making money out of thin air. The 2007 Lehman Brothers report, The Business of Climate Change, argued that the bank could cash in on emissions permits ...continue »

Does Senator McCain really accept the apocalyptic vision of climate catastrophe, a lurid and fanciful nightmare future? Viscount Monckton hopes not ...continue »

Norwegian scientists have done some good old fashioned field work, and guess what? The arctic had much less ice 6000 - 7000 years ago than today ...continue »

Rise above the mud-slinging in the global warming debate. Joanne Nova has the strategies and tools needed to avoid red herrings and argumentative traps ...continue »

The number of global warming skeptics is growing, says Lorne Gunter, because a funny thing is happening to global temps: they're going down, not up ...continue »

The IPCC's hysteria depends on a model of the global climate's sensitivity to CO2. Roy Spencer asks us to face the cool facts: the model doesn't work ...continue »

Prof. Richard Keen of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado has made up a fine quiz on global warming ...continue » ... Prof. Keen's PowerPoint

You'd think the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which has been trumpeting every low for years, would want to report that Arctic sea ice is 28% higher than last year. But not a peep ...continue »

The hysteria over global warming reached a fever pitch in the last year. Why? Maybe because – curses! – the earth, against IPCC predictions, is actually cooling ...continue »

For two hundred years, long before people might have made a difference, Alaskan glaciers have been shrinking. Why have things turned around? ...continue »

Are we making Greenland melt? Hardly. Warm waters contribute to periodic summer Arctic ice decreases every 60 years going back two hundred years ...continue »

Another inconvenient truth: California’s big new ethanol plant can make 60 million gallons of corn-based biofuel every year ...continue » ... But at what cost in Central Valley water?

A new study suggests that the headline-grabbing articles that tend to be published by the most prestigious scientific journals are for that very reason often wrong ...continue »

Making someone Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is a bit like giving King Canute responsibility for sea level rise: it implies he can do something about it ...continue »

Roy Spencer, a team leader on NASA's Aqua satellite, believes natural cycles account for most of last century's warming, with CO2 contributing only a modest amount ...continue »

In a Geological Society of America abstract, Dr. Don Easterbrook presents data showing that global warming is over and that global cooling is now underway ...continue »  

A new analysis of global temperature data suggests that carbon dioxide doesn't play a large role, and that there are no significant positive feedback effects ...continue »  [more]

Just 18 months ago the European Union promised to save the world from climate change. The plan to deliver on those promises is now in deep trouble ...continue »

The global warming issue is, says Czech President Vaclav Klaus, not about temperature, CO2, climatology or science. No – it's about freedom and prosperity ...continue »

Some researchers claim that hot weather, caused in turn by evil global warming, will lead to more blood contamination. Their "logic"? Blood spoils in the heat ... continue »

After saying that the Green case against nuclear power is based largely on myth and dogma, Mark Lynas now finds himself on the receiving end of eco-dogma ...continue »  [more]

Astronomers who count sunspots have declared 2008 the "blankest year" of the Space Age. You have to go back to 1954 to find a year with more blank suns ...continue »

The halt in the rise of global temperatures after 2000-2001 indicates that the hypotheses and predictions of the IPCC need serious revision, writes Syun-Ichi Akasofu ...continue »

If you think climate is driven by CO2 you should also be comfortable with the idea that Winston Churchill helped defeat King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 ...continue »

Conventional wisdom is constituted by ideas notable not for their intellectual content but because they are what people want to hear. So it is with climate change ...continue »

With the focus on human-triggered global warming, it may be hard to imagine that the world is riding a 50-million-year-long cooling trend driven by falling CO2 levels ...continue »

Climatologist Richard Lindzen argues that environmental activists have ruthlessly exploited the vulnerability of climate science to political manipulation ...continue »

Data from the Ulysses spacecraft show the sun has reduced its output of solar wind to the lowest levels since accurate readings became available ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Without human intervention and without influence of CO2, climate has changed constantly over the past several billion years, sometimes much more and much faster than now ...continue »

People living in 100 years are likely to be a lot richer than people living today. Does it make sense to tax the poor (those living today) to benefit the rich (those living 100 years)? ...continue »

Key parts of the latest IPCC report don’t make false statements, but by withholding information that puts climate change in a positive light they perpetrate fraud on the readers ...continue »

Aspirin costs less than losing a leg to gangrene. True. But aspirin's not a cure for gangrene. There's a lesson here for those who promote costly but useless fixes for climate change ...continue »

"It's practically a slam dunk that we are in for about thirty years of global cooling," says Don J. Easterbrook, a geologist with Western Washington University ...continue »

The Arctic sea ice melt season is officially over, and ice coverage is up over 9% from last year. 2008 didn't witness an "ice free north pole", or a new record low for sea ice extent ...continue »  [riposte]

The computer models upon which the UN’s climate panel unwisely founds its entire case have failed and failed and failed again to predict major events in the real climate ...continue »

The panic over climate change arises from the abuse of science by a non-liberal, authoritarian, freedom and prosperity despising ideology called "environmentalism" ...continue »

The tale of the "hockey stick" graph is long, but well worth following. No one who reads it will ever again trust “scientists” who author the IPCC's climate assessments ...continue »

There is no empirical or theoretical evidence that CO2 emissions from industrial and other human activities can have any effect on global climate ...continue »

The theory that cosmic-rays mediate climate change is now much better backed by evidence than the politically fashionable notion that CO2 is responsible ...continue »

According to the World Meteorological Organization the first half of this year was the coolest in at least five years. Geologist Don Easterbrook says global warming is kaput ...continue »

We tend to think of the poles as immutable, but geologically speaking, permanent polar ice is a rare phenomenon, comprising less than 10% of history ...continue »

Ever since scientists published the first compendium on global warming, back in 1985, we have known that scaring people to death is good for the environmentalist business ...continue »

Data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center indicate a dramatic increase in sea ice extent in the Arctic regions, by an amount twice the size of Germany ...continue »  [riposte]  [riposte]

A new study in Science concludes that a two meter rise in sea level by 2100 would require significantly faster ice velocities than have ever been reported ...continue »

There have been some breathless headlines in the last few days about the North Pole’s being an “island” for the first time in 125,000 years. It's not true ...continue »  [more]

Every scientist, every science teacher, and possibly every gardener knows that applying the terms ‘greenhouse effect’ to the atmosphere is the most basic bunkum ...continue »

The IPCC is not so much a scientific as a political organisation. Its brief has never been to look dispassionately at all the evidence for man-made global warming ...continue »

According to data from the National Geophysical Data Center, the last time we went an entire calendar month without a sunspot was in 1913. Until August 2008, that is ...continue »  [more]

An inconvenient truth about the latest generation of very large wind turbines: bats that fly into the low-pressure zone behind their blades die from internal haemorrhaging ...continue »

Data from stalagmites in a West Virginia cave provide evidence for a 1500-year solar cycle capable of causing dramatic cooling and intense, century-long droughts ...continue »  [riposte]

It's that time of year again: the media, frustrated in their efforts to report evidence for global warming by nature's failure to cooperate, are kicking up a storm about sea ice ...continue »

Pål Brekke was second-in-command of a giant international solar research project. He thinks reduced solar activity could counteract the effects of greenhouse gases ...continue »

David Dilley, meteorologist, says last year's dip in global temps is a mere prelude to severe cooling that will take us back to the temps of the 1800s by the year 2023 ...continue »

For the foreseeable future, the potential benefits of focused adaptation to climate change will far outweigh those from even maximum mitigation, argues Indur Goklany ...continue »

Frantic campaigners are attempting to make us accept their civilisation-changing proposals with a barrage of ever-more scary scenarios, writes Björn Lomborg ...continue »

Data from the UK Met Office show temps in 2008 have been more than 0.1 Celsius cooler than any year since 2000. 2008 looks set to be the coldest year this century ...continue »

If the present cooling phase persists, it will be illuminating to observe how long the media can maintain its befuddled state of ‘cognitive dissonance’ ...continue »

A meteorologist at NOAA: "It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming" ...continue »

The IPCC position is based on an unproven theory tested with a computer model designed to prove the theory, but which produces results that dont match reality ...continue »

In the last 1.6 million years there have been 63 alternations between warm and cold climates. There is no indication any of them were caused by changes in CO2 levels ...continue »

Arctic ice has made a nice recovery this summer. NASA data show 2008 ice nearly identical to 2002, 2005 and 2006. So why does a NSIDC graph show a severe decline? ...continue »

There’s been no net global warming in the 21st century. Although seldom reported by the mainstream media, it’s quite a story, because no climate model predicted it ...continue »

The best estimate of the damage from unconstrained global warming is not "global destruction," but costs of 3 percent of global GDP in a much wealthier world ...continue »

The story of the "Hockey Stick" – the iconic graph that is supposed to prove global warming – is a remarkable indictment of the cynicism rife among climate scientists ...continue »

There is something in economics called decision analysis. The idea is simple. Find out how much something will cost if it happens, then find its probability of happening ...continue »

Martin Durkin writes about how reaction to his documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle was aimed at having a "chilling effect" on free speech ...continue »

When do journalists have to "protect" readers from untruth masking itself as dissent or skepticism? Who decides when we've reached that point of certainty? ...continue »

Scientists have long struggled to balance the Earth's carbon books. It now appears that the deserts might be the long sought missing carbon sink ...continue »

Record high temps on Baffin Island have been reported around the world, while a record cold summer in Alaska has been ignored. More media bias ...continue »

A report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program is a gross perversion of science based on faulty methodology and dodgy inferences ...continue »  [more]  [more]

Given all the scare stories, here is a slightly inconvenient truth: over the past two years the global sea level hasn’t increased. It has instead slightly decreased ...continue »

Neither the case against smoking nor the case for mitigative action on climate change is justified by science alone. There are other costs and benefits to consider ...continue »

NASA should be at the forefront in debunking the current hysteria over global warming. But it has become just another agency caught up in politicized science ...continue »

New data show that Bangladesh's landmass is increasing, contradicting forecasts that the South Asian nation will be under the waves by the end of the century ...continue »

Christopher Monckton's paper on climate sensitivity to CO2 has caused a stir. Here is a rebuttal, and his answer to that rebuttal ...continue »   [and more dispute]

The data suggest that some of the Earth's most important climate systems might be controlled, not by greenhouse gases, but by changes in the Earth's rotation rate ...continue »

It's standard Washington rhetoric to claim that if you don't do as I say, there'll be massive consequences. Al Gore is taking this old device to a whole new level ...continue »

There is something odd about the ferocious energy expended suppressing any dissent from orthodoxy on climate change. Take The Great Global Warming Swindle ...continue »  [more]

Don't hold your breath for coverage in Newsweek or the New York Times, but the summer of 2008 in Anchorage may turn out to be the coldest in recorded history ...continue »

The global warming research community will come to realize that most of the climate change we have observed is natural, and that mankind’s role is minor ...continue »

Climate change is a problem, but not the end of the world. The rise in sea levels is one example of how the volume of the screaming does not fit the facts ...continue »

The outcome of The Great Global Warming Swindle case shows that the game is up for the IPCC. The claim of man-made global warming is indeed a swindle ...continue »

Even if global warming and ocean acidification were real problems, we could still geoengineer our way to a solution. Here's how: just add lime to seawater ...continue »

According to Dr. Don Easterbrook the shifting of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation from its warm mode to its cool mode virtually assures global cooling for the next 25-30 years ...continue »

"The Kyoto Protocol is a huge waste of money," says Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin. "The Earth’s atmosphere has built-in regulatory mechanisms that moderate climate changes" ...continue »

Back in 1999 it was reasonable to hold CO2 emissions to blame for global warming. But, argues David Evans, by 2007 the balance of the evidence had shifted completely ...continue »

In the latest issue of Physics & Society we have, in the skeptic's corner, Christopher Monckton giving reasons why the IPCC’s estimates may be excessive and unsafe ...continue »

For years climatologists have insisted that the sun, which alone supplies all the energy that goes into creating the climate, plays a minimal role in climate change ...continue »

It is the professional opinion of meteorologist, Hendrik Tennekes, that globally orchestrated CO2 mitigation efforts have no adequate basis in science ...continue »

What are scientists to do when the temperature figures don't fit the global warming hypothesis? The answer is a combination of spin-doctoring and hoping nobody notices ...continue »

No, no, and again, no. The Antarctic Peninsula's climate is not indicative of the rest of Antarctica or the rest of the world. Here, one more time, the facts ...continue »

Psychiatrists have detected the first case of “climate change delusion,” a new syndrome in which sufferers think their behavior will doom the world ...continue »

A study on the impact of rising CO2 levels finds a future world of thriving agriculture and lush vegetation. Yields increase by 10% for barley, beets and wheat ...continue »

What lifestyle has the lowest carbon footprint? Mass transit and compact development, or autos and sprawling suburbs? The data support a surprising answer ...continue »

Global warming promises to become a gushing source of national hypocrisy. It's politically incorrect to question it, and political suicide to do anything about it ...continue »

Since the beginning of the UAH satellite records in 1979, only a few half-years in 1984, 1985, 1989, and 1993 were cooler than first half of 2008 ...continue »

You're a scientist who measures levels of aragonite in the oceans – not very sexy, but it’s grant time. Then, a brainwave! You coin the scary words, "ocean acidification" ...continue »  [more]

Much noise has been made about how melt-water lubricates the base of Greenland's ice sheet. But now it appears that Mother Nature has given the glaciers brakes ...continue »

By focusing on research and development instead of carbon cuts, the next US president could leave a great legacy: a high-income, low-carbon energy world ...continue »

The more scientists look into the problem, the more they realize how central clouds are to climate change - and how little they understand them ...continue »

How do James Hansen’s dire warnings of 1988 measure up against observed global temperatures over the last twenty years? Here are the graphs ...continue »

What's the Earth's climate sensitivity? There's no more crucial question in climate science. Roy Spencer has discovered that the standard way of answering it is defective ...continue »

Lawrence Solomon addressed a group of Canadian oil industry executives recently – a bunch of “criminals”, really. Here is what he told them ...continue »

Chemicals in sea-spray destroy two types of greenhouse gas in the lower atmosphere over the oceans. It's an effect not accounted for by climate models ...continue »

Can renewables replace fossil fuels? Prof David MacKay of Cambridge University thinks not. He's carefully examined the numbers to see if they add up. They don't ...continue »

Many Swedish polar researchers think there's very little concrete proof tying global warming to changes of climate in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions ...continue »

By James Hansen's own standards, disinformation in the GISS data is a crime, and he himself should be tried for crimes against science ...continue »  [more]

Despite the lack of a scientific link, the media routinely treat storms, floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes and cold snaps as portents of ominous climate change ...continue »

Read this Wasington Post story and then read Roger Pielke Jr.'s scientific critique of the CCSP report on which it is based. Is U.S. journalism nothing but advocacy? ...continue »

Dr. Kiminori Itoh of Yokohama National University calls the global warning scare "the worst scientific scandal in history." It is the sun that has him worried ...continue »

If the US had a duty after 1997 to cut back emissions to avoid harming coastal Bangladesh, then didn't Bangladesh have a duty to remove its coastal people at risk? ...continue »

The limits of biofuels are exposed by the fact that the total carbon fixed by all croplands worldwide each year is less than the carbon in the fossil fuels we burn ...continue »

Yes, warming might ultimately destabilize massive frozen carbon reserves trapped in the east Siberian permafrost. But not until about the year AD2300 ...continue »

A strategy adopted by environmentalists has been to transform the meaning of the word "market" into its opposite, a tactic which would today invite Orwells scorn ...continue »

Global warming is the perfect big-government issue. If Draconian steps are taken and temps drop, the steps are vindicated. And if temps go up, that justifies more Draconian steps ...continue »

Black soot is responsible for as much as 94 percent of Arctic warming and greenhouse gasses are playing only a minor role, a new study indicates ...continue »

Estimates of the climate's CO2 sensitivity have been premised on the questionable assumption that temp changes cause clouds to change, and not vice versa ...continue »

Eco Worriers: “CO2 is a pollutant!” Gaia: “Tell that to the biosphere.” Biosphere: “Yumm, burp!” Biomass is booming, and Earth's the greenest it’s been in decades ...continue »

If global warming doesn't get its act together pretty soon, there will be a lot of scientists (and more than a few politicians) who will look pretty foolish ...continue »

NASA scientists warn that unless we change our carbon-spewing ways, civilization is in big trouble. But can we really trust NASA's temperature data? ...continue »

In order to effectively critique climate change alarmism we must move beyond two powerful but baseless buzz-words: "denier" and "carbon footprint" ...continue »

If you'd like a few hundred million dollars for doing something you were going to do anyway then apply to the UN-run scheme for allocating carbon credits ...continue »

Latest satellite data show a drop in global temps from Jan '07 to May '08 equal in magnitude to the entire "global warming signal" of the last hundred years ...continue »

The sun is remarkably free of eruptions. It's lost its spots. If it doesn’t get them back soon then we could be on the cusp of a new epoch that few will welcome ...continue »

It's fanciful to think that politicians will willingly increase the cost of energy by an amount sufficient to motivate their constituents. Therein lies the flaw in cap-and-trade ...continue »

A panel of economists, including five Nobel laureates, have ranked climate-change mitigation measures among the least cost-effective investments in human wellbeing ...continue »

Q: What will happen if you carefully study storms across the globe and find out warming does not increase their frequency? A: The media will ignore you ...continue »

If the theory of anthropogenic global warming were a valid scientific hypothesis then it would be falsifiable. But anything and everything is consistent with the theory ...continue »

Many of the world's top economists are meeting in Copenhagen this week to rank the world's problems in order of importance. Last time, climate change ranked last ...continue »  [Part 2]  [Part 3]

Longer, quieter sunspot cycles correlate with global cooling. The current cycle seems to be the longest in a century or more. The next 20 years may be very cold indeed ...continue »

What's green and will go pop? According to Nigel Lawson the answer concerns an investment bubble being fueled by climate-change alarmism and government subsidies ...continue »

Might "carbon-eating" trees provide a quick fix for global warming and let us continue with business-as-usual fossil fuel consumption? Freeman Dyson thinks so ...continue »

Preventive war worked out so well in Iraq that Washington last week launched another: a war against a postulated future threat to the polar bear ...continue »

The most costly intelligence failure of all time? Not Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, but politicians' faith in computer climate models ...continue »

Several eco-friendly cars, including the Honda Civic hybrid, have performed so badly in tests it seems their environmental claims are just ad gimmicks ...continue »

Allegations of corruption and profiteering raise serious questions about the UN-run carbon trading scheme to cut pollution and reward clean technologies ...continue »

There is a pervasive bias on the part of the people who control the IPCC, says David Henderson. A new, more inclusive and objective framework is needed ...continue »

Yet another study undermines the claim that global warming is causing an increase in Atlantic hurricanes. Indeed, warming should cause a decrease ...continue »

Patrick J. Michaels uses the recent Keenlyside article to buttress his claim that climate science doesn't justify a rush to pass drastic global warming legislation ...continue »

Roger Pielke Jr. explains why an eight-year cooling trend is simply not "consistent with" predictions of warming, as some climate modellers have claimed ...continue »

An unholy alliance of organizations and individuals with a vested interest in upping the fear factor have had things their own way for a decade. Now that's changing ...continue »

The wind and solar lobbies moan that they don't get their fair share of the subsidy pie. But while coal gets 44 cents per megawatt hour, solar and wind get about $24 each ...continue »

Whatever the recent temp trends signify, it's disturbing they have not received more publicity. If it were getting hotter you'd hear about it everywhere ...continue »

Results obtained from a new type of hurricane model indicate that if the planet continues to warm then hurricane frequency will go down globally ...continue »

While in the skeptic's corner we have Patrick Frank arguing that the unreliability of climate models renders the IPCC's claims about climate change scientifically insupportable ...continue »

New research shows that climate models have consistently overstated warming in Antarctica, and that warming could slow sea-level rise by increasing Antarctic snowfall ...continue »

The greenhouse effect may smooth out rises and falls in temp caused by other things, but it does not itself create heat and is not the determining factor for global temps ...continue »

Just for fun, let's forget about hockey sticks, sunspot cycles, and some people's notions of what causes Burmese cyclones. Let's just consider celebrity hypocrisy ...continue »

Is nature always better off without humans affecting it in any way? Is man-made CO2 pollution? We know the Green opinion, but did anybody ever ask a plant? ...continue »

Two authorities provide analyses of long-term global surface temperature trends. They agree on the trend until 1998, but then a sharp divergence occurs ...continue »

Biofuels are great, and who eats corn, anyway? "I bet if I set a bushel of corn in front of any of those [U.N. critics of biofluels]," says the senator, "not one would eat it" ... continue »

The race is on. Will vested interests and green ideologues be able to get laws passed to control energy before the public wises up to what's really going on with the world's climate? ...continue »

With the Pacific Decadal Oscillation entering a cool phase and solar cycle 24 off to a very slow start we may well be in for an extended period of cooling ...continue »

An insider exchange between climate modelers reveals the extent to which they are themselves leery of attributing predictive power to their models ...continue » Click on "EXPAND ALL"

The CO2 emission targets espoused by the three presidential candidates would send the USA back to emission levels last seen when the cotton gin was in daily use ...continue »

The Earth's present orbital position satisfies all the Milankovitch parameters for a transition to the next ice age. The transition will be sudden and extreme ...continue »

Anthony Watts's long campaign to expose the shoddy condition of US weather stations is paying off. A new network of stations is being installed ...Part 1 »  Part 2 »

For 500 years global temps have followed a regular pattern: thirty years of warming, then thirty of cooling. We're now ten years into a new cooling spell ...continue »

We need causal analysis in science, but it’s hard to tell cause from effect in climate theory. Do cloud variations cause temperature changes? Or vice versa, or both?...continue »

Most centuries, North America and Europe are under 1.5km of ice. That's not on the cards, but cooler weather may be just around the corner. Consider the sunspots ...continue »

Was the Little Ice Age a northern event, or did it happen around the globe, showing world climate variability? South American evidence backs a global reading...continue »

President Bush's goal of stabilizing greenhouse-gas emissions by 2025 will be very expensive and is not justified by the scientific facts ...continue »

A new study suggests that melt-water causes only a small increase in the rate at which Greenland's giant glaciers advance toward the sea ...continue »

Yes, CO2 affects climate. So does deforestation, growth of cities, aerosols, ocean cycles, and changes in solar radiation. But only CO2 gets the headlines ...continue »

Patrick Moore says Greenpeace makes a big mistake by opposing "evil" nuclear power. He's well placed to judge, since he was one of the organization's founders ...continue »

If you're a scientist trying to convince people they are making the world warmer, then 16-year-old Kristen Byrnes is your worst nightmare ...continue »

The climate alarmists would have us believe, says Nigel Lawson, that our capacity to adapt to a warmer world is constrained by the limits of existing technology. Nonsense ...continue »

The idea that we make the climate or can control it is too absurd for words, argues Gerrit van der Lingen. All we can do is adapt to change, warming or cooling ...continue »... And have some fun.

One of the most influential scientists behind the theory that global warming has intensified recent hurricane activity now says he will reconsider his stand ...continue »

Why did the BBC alter an article about falling global temps for 2008? The answer is both a revelation and a humiliation for the BBC ...continue » ... BBC ridiculed on YouTube

Scientists and scholars tend to protect their theories by building defenses around them, rather than testing them. Look at climate science, says Don Aitkin ...continue » ... news article

The West and the Third World can make all the climate sacrifices they please, but with China adding the eqivalent of a new Germany in CO2 every year, so what? ...continue »

World temperatures are not just where you, or anyone else, happen to live. They are for the whole world, including the oceans. And they are down sharply ...continue »

Global warming has not enhanced the number or intensity of hurricanes coming in from the Atlantic. In fact, it might have slightly reduced their number...continue »

Dust particles and black soot in the atmosphere have a much greater impact on arctic temperatures than the IPCC has realized, according to new research ...continue »

The Wilkins Ice Shelf "has begun to collapse because of rapid climate change in a fast-warming region of Antarctica." Evidence of man-made global warming? Hardly...continue »

Last year the New York Times breathlessly reported a new island near Greenland – global warming had broken it off the mainland. Another tall tale of climate change...continue »

The alarmists are right: climate change is a serious threat. But they have the temperature direction exactly wrong. The earth will soon be getting a lot cooler ...continue »

The Amazon was the chic eco-cause of the 1990s. Now climate change has top-billing, and in the rush to biofuels the Amazon is going under the plow ...continue »

Another cute (and ill-founded) global warming scare story bites the dust. The Inuit language does indeed have a word for robin: it's koyapigaktoruk ...continue »

Antarctica stubbornly refuses to cooperate with global warming hysteria. Never mind: the media continue falsely to report that the continent is melting away ...continue » ... [more]

A new survey of the scientific literature on climate change reveals that there is little basis for the alarm presently being expressed in the media ...continue »

IPCC members have reached the point of panic mode, the whites of their eyes clearly visible as they seek to explain record low winter temperatures ...continue »

Roy Spencer has published several studies that cast doubt on the IPCC's predictions. The response from the media and other scientists? Absolute silence ...continue »

Climate catastrophism is tied to the decline of the left, says Alexander Cockburn, and the demise of the left’s optimistic vision for political and economic change ...continue »

Tropical tropospheric temperatures are a crucial test for the validity of the IPCC's computer models and doomsday scenarios. Observations show they don't fit ...continue »

Research by Craig Loehle and J.H. McCulloch show earth’s climate bounces around naturally and that temperatures a thousand years ago were similar to todays ...continue »

Warmus interruptus. Now it's the oceans that are refusing to obey the IPCC. Acting out of what looks like pure malice, they have cooled slightly since about 2003 ...continue » ... [addendum]

The IPCC climate predictions from a just few years back look worse than ever. Or does "climate change" mean global cooling too?...continue »  Temperature links are just not there.

If global warming is real threat to the future of the human race, it will be showing up all over the globe, including in such localities as Arkansas and North Carolina

Global warming orthodoxy is a green Da Vinci Code, says Nigel Lawson. It is a great story, a bestseller – and in the end a mountain of nonsense ...continue »

Defying the warming alarmists, the winter of 2008 has turned out to be the coldest since 2001 for the U.S. and the rest of the world, says the NOAA ...continue »

In two years Chinas CO2 increase since 2000 will have vastly exceeded reductions achieved by all countries that have signed up to Kyoto combined ...continue »   [report here]

Václav Klaus, Czech President, sees in climate hysteria the same "attractive, pathetic, at first sight noble" ideas that have justified totalitarian regimes everywhere ...continue »

The bias at most news outlets is in favor of climate alarmism, with little interest in reporting research that diverges from orthodoxy. Look at the Washington Post ...continue »

The sun influences climate far more than the IPCC admits, says a study just published in Physics Today – "as much as 69% of the increase in Earth's average temperature"...continue »

"Global warming is real and people have something to do with it." A surprising start for the International Conference on Climate Change in NYC. Ronald Bailey reports...part 1 ...part 2 ...part 3

The fundamental flaw in the West's efforts to tackle climate change is that the entire strategy is based on restraining demand for fossil fuels, not on restraining supply ...continue »

Skeptics are accused of venal pecuniary motives. But why think there’s more money and glory to be won by being a skeptic than by joining the global-warming payola? ...continue »

Mandatory caps on carbon betray the sick in the world’s poorest regions by undermining the economic growth that will allow them to move out of primitive living conditions...continue »

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change is the skeptics' answer to the IPCC and its alarmism. It too offers a "Summary for Policymakers" ...continue »

It's claimed that global warming is the greatest potential threat to humanity, and that it's a threat we have the power to mitigate. Neither claim is true ...continue »

If only the masses better understood the science behind global warming, they’d be more alarmed about the prospect of climate change.  Right?   Wrong! ...continue » ... full report

Under climate theory all weather can be explained as part of the global-warming scare. If it gets really cold suddenly, that's because of global warming ...continue »

The disappearing snows of Kilamanjaro were supposed to be yet another dire effect of global warming. But the snows are back – so where is the news media? ...continue »

Today 1.6 billion people do not have electric power at home. China and India need energy on a scale that makes CO2 reductions in next 50 years sheer fantasy ...continue »

The smart money is now riding on about 3°F of warming this century. The 20th century saw about half that warming, but a ten-fold increase in real personal wealth ...continue »

As the earth cools in coming years, more CO2 can be expected to dissolve into the oceans. There is no evidence we need a strategy for carbon sequestration, says Lance Endersbee ...continue 

January was 0.3°F cooler than the 20th-century average. With the sun now deathly quiet, we may be getting a taste of imminent global cooling ...continue » (More here.)

A school science fair project to measure urban heat island effects in Phoenix, Arizona shows that disproving the IPCC is so easy, even a child can do it ...continue »

If China's carbon usage keeps pace with its economic growth, its CO2 emissions will by 2030 reach an amount equal to the entire world's CO2 production today ...continue »

NOAA scientist: "There is nothing in the U.S. hurricane damage record that indicates global warming has caused a significant increase in destruction along our coasts" ...continue » ...NOAA

Statistician William M. Briggs is in awe of an utterly bullet-proof excuse the IPCC can use if its doomsday predictions don't come true ...continue »

The poor siting of weather stations introduces bias into data. That this issue has not been questioned by climate studies or by the media is a scandal ...continue »

Where has the global warming gone? The Arctic sea ice is almost back to normal and the northern hemisphere is enduring a severely cold winter ...continue »

When someone finds that there's only half as much warming as we thought, and the story is completely ignored, what does this say about the media? ...continue » (And see this.)

The environmentalists' new tactic of closing down coal-fired power plants is driving up electricity prices and will help cause a long-term energy crisis ...continue »

In early January a new sunspot seemed to herald the start of a delayed Solar Cycle 24. Since then, nothing. If you like warmth, this is not a good omen ...continue »

Heat waves kill lots of people, but cold snaps kill many more. A new report by the UK's Department of Health draws from this the all too obvious conclusion ...continue » (More here.)

2008 is off to a very chilly start. New data from the Goddard Institute show a record-breaking drop in temps from January '07 to January '08 ...continue »

The fact that the developed world went into hysterics over changes in global mean temps of a few tenths of a degree will astound future generations ...continue » (More here.)

If more CO2 is bad, then what? Robert Bryce argues that it's impossible to get the developing world to relinquish fossil fuels, and that it would not be ethical to try ...continue »

Data going back centuries show global temps closely track solar cycles. So far in this cycle the sun has been disturbingly quiet. It may be about to get very cold ...continue »

Satellite data show that in a 7-year period in which CO2 emissions increased by 15-20% there has been no warming whatsoever in the lower atmosphere ...continue »

Future generations will have the capital and technology to look after themselves. Unless we squander their inheritance pouring money into pointlessly fighting climate change ...continue »

If we're on the road to climate hell, then it's sure in the slow lane. Warming of 1/10 degree per decade makes isotherms move poleward less than half a mile per year ...continue »

Indonesia's food riots are a foreshock of a massive civil earthquake that will be unleashed as absurd policies are mandated by the global warming mob ...continue »

The Tata Nano gets 50 miles per gallon, while the Toyota Prius only gets 46. So why do environmentalists who love the Prius hate the Nano and want it taxed like crazy? ...continue »

Climate fundamentalists measure the moral value of everything – obesity, having children, gender, divorce – in terms of carbon footprint. This is dangerous ...continue »

Temperature reconstructions that downplay the medieval warm period depend on unreliable tree ring data. Take the tree ring data out and ...continue » (Full article here.)

In a podcast Indur Goklany explains why climate change is far from being the most important environmental problem facing the planet this century ...continue »

The IPCC's chairman has conceded that the flattening-off of the global temperature trend in recent years might be significant. This is just what skeptics have argued ...continue »

"Climate catastrophism represents a new form of the politics of fear," says Alexander Cockburn. To challenge it is to learn what it was once like to be accused of witchcraft ...continue »

In a series of YouTube clips, Australian geologist Bob Carter explains why the hypothesis of dangerous global warming isn't supported by the data...continue »   Text version here

CO2 absorbs radiation from only a small part of the spectrum, and most of what it can absorb is being absorbed already. More CO2 will make little difference...continue »

Yet another Russian astronomer argues that the sun is moving into a low-irradiance period and the earth will soon enter a Maunder Minimum-type Ice Age...continue »

The IPCC insists its scenarios take account of heat island effects in urbanization around weather stations. Not so, argues Ross McKitrick...continue »  Also in the National Post

Faulty HO-83 thermometers installed in U.S. weather stations in the 1990s make recent climate history appear warmer. Remove their errors and – surprise!...continue » ... See also ...

Despite increasing CO2 concentrations over the 20th century, hurricane landfalls have not trended up. Hurricanes seem in fact to come in cycles...continue »

"Use trained statisticians to do studies that rely on statistics." This is a simple piece of advice that climatologists are all too often not prepared to follow...continue » (But see this.)

Research shows that the earth has warmed only about half as much as previously thought by the IPCC. Do the media care? Of course not...continue »

Are you listening, Al? A survey of travel habits shows that the most green conscious people in Britain are also the biggest carbon polluters...continue »

Global Warming? Bjørn Lomborg scoffs. Air pollution is the big problem in the Third World. A billion people have no electricity and must burn wood and dung...continue »

Research from UC Irvine shows that as much as one third of recent Arctic warming has been caused by soot and dirty snow, not by the greenhouse effect...continue »

"Global warming could result in an increase in the number of people being hospitalized with kidney disease." This is a tautology. It says precisely nothing... continue »

The EU is to re-examine its policy on biofuels, which, as even Greenpeace concedes, "could be worse than useless at combating climate change"...continue »

Heat-related deaths, sea-level rise, hurricanes and disease: a litany of scare-stories about global warming that, says Bjørn Lomborg, are simply not supported by the facts...continue »

Did the IPCC's predictions about the last 7 years come true? The records vary so much that even this perfectly simple question has no clear answer...continue »

Glaciers existed even when the earth was so warm that crocodiles prowled the Arctic. Global warming may cause less sea level rise than pessimists think...continue » ...more

The warming of the North Atlantic in the last 50 years can be explained by wind patterns and natural variability. It isn't evidence for global warming...continue »

Not only is there no convincing evidence for decline in tropical forests, recent data seem to show there is net reforestation across the globe...continue »

"I was on the global warming gravy train." David Evans saw thousands of bureaucratic jobs created to stave off climate disaster. Of course, the evidence...continue »

Solar Cycle 24 has at last begun, and its late arrival may presage a Dalton Minimum as cold as the one in the early 19th Century... continue » More on the Dalton Minimum here and here

The data are in, and there is no increased “landfall frequency or intensity observed” for hurricanes hitting the U.S. mainland over the 20th century...continue »

Earth is now at the peak of one of its passing warm spells, says Oleg Sorokhtin. It's time to stock up on fur coats and felt boots...continue »

The year of global cooling. In 2007, hundreds of people died, not from global warming, but from cold weather hazards. And look at the Southern Hemisphere...continue »

Activists, journalists, and publicity-savvy scientists selectively now monitor the globe looking for evidence of that new form of sinfulness, burning fossil fuels...continue »

“Attempts to prevent global climate change are ultimately futile, and are a tragic misallocation of resources that would be better spent on humanity's real and pressing problems”...continue »

Recent dramatic thawing of the Arctic region cannot be explained by man-made global warming alone, says a new study in Nature...continue »

Restructuring the worlds energy economy in pursuit of the chimera of stopping a "dangerous" human-caused climate change is a big, perhaps tragic, mistake...continue »

Al Gore opened his speech in Bali with: “We, the human species.” Nothing better sums up his megalomaniacal delusions than those four words...continue »

Virtual science, the kind the IPCC uses to scare us to death, is ripe for manipulation, usually unconsciously, by virtuous scientists. Michael Duffy explains...continue »

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries have voiced objections to major aspects of the so-called consensus on man-made global warming...continue »

Cold weather is deadly. Fatalities in the U.S. tend to climb for several weeks after severe cold spells, numbering 360 per chilly day and 14,380 per year, according to a new study...continue »

Has global warming stopped? The global temperature of 2007 is about the same as 2006 and every year since 2001, says David Whitehouse...continue » (But see this.)

Are human beings 90% to 95% likely to be responsible for recent warming? That was the claim. In fact, there was surprisingly little support for this notion in the IPCC...continue »

Alarmists overstate the dangers of climate change: the number of people killed each year by weather-related disasters is in fact falling. ...continue »

We all want a better world, says Bjørn Lomborg. But let’s not be swept up in making a bad investments, simply because we have been scared by lurid headlines...continue »

The UN obsession with “fighting climate change” is distracting governments from adapting to real threats of natural changes. A hundred scientists and scholars...continue »

Better for Australia to cut the panic and build “a strong economy and thus the adaptive capacity to deal with whatever catastrophes unaided nature may have in store for us”...continue »

I nearly didn’t go to Bali, says Christopher Monckton. The UN, which wanted no dissent at this staged event, rejected my journalist's credentials. However...continue »

Kyoto-type treaties, with global caps on emissions, will harm the poor, hampering their ability to adapt to climate change, while doing little to prevent it...continue »

Henrik Svensmark’s work shows that cosmic rays trigger clouds, and high levels of solar activity reduce the flow of cosmic rays to Earth — with fewer clouds and a warmer planet...continue »

Isn’t the IPCC really just a collection of political activists and fundamentalists who want to force all mankind to use public transport and car-pools? A fair question...continue »

Despite the $50 billion spent on greenwashing propaganda, the skeptics and their inconvenient questions are making their presence felt, says David Bellamy...continue »

Who's afraid of Greenland melting? Yes, it would raise sea levels by 6.4 meters, but at the current rate would take 12,800 years...continue »

A widely promugated global temperature graph overestimates by a factor of two real rises in land temps, argues Ross McKitrick. The data for the graph are flawed...continue »

From its inception, the IPCC has almost exclusively focused on the anthropogenic global warning hypothesis, systematically ignoring alternative ideas...continue »

Something is happening to the Sun. After a period of very high activity in the 20th century, the Sun has suddenly gone exceptionally quiet. What does it mean?...continue »

As temperatures decreased centuries ago during a period called the Little Ice Age, the number of wars increased, famines took place, and the population declined...continue »