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Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

If global warming gets you hot and bothered, then this satellite overview of a major contributor to regional and worldwide climate change will get you all fired up ...wild » [fire]

Ahhh! The fresh smell of pristine Scandinavian pine and birch forest. But are we talking thousands of years ago, before the ice came … or a hundred years hence, when it’s gone? ...continue »

It’ll soon be a summer Christmas in Australia, and the good people Down–Under can chew over the example they set to the world – of how not to tackle climate change ...continue »

A consensus certainly arose at the recent Durban talks: All were united in the desire to leave the conference center, asap. What'll ensure more productive discussions in future? ...continue »

The South Africans thought it was pretty cool, while the Germans were only lukewarm. So take a taster from this smorgasbord of opinion on Durban ...continue » [more] [more] [more]

Good, possible or perfect – all potential outcomes of Durban’s climate talks. And while the final outcome on emissions isn’t perfect, it’s a pragmatic better–than–nothing ...conference » [consensus]

It’s a fundamental question about on–going human–caused climate change: What is the dangerous level of global warming? The answer’s that there’s no room for complacency ...continue »

An inscrutable Oriental paradox: China expresses mixed messages at the Durban climate talks by accepting the need to limit emissions but with impossible conditions ...Great »  [wall ]

How climate change directly impacts you will depend on where you live. But one thing’s for sure: Unless we reduce emissions, the lives of millions of people could change forever ...continue »

For the director of Greenpeace International, the first battle was against apartheid in his native South Africa. Now Kumi Naidoo is hoping to win the war against climate change ...continue »

The sky’s the limit when it comes to innovative ways to cut CO2 emissions: If you want food that’s not been transported for huge distances, you could soon get it Fresh from the Roof ...continue »

Thar she blows! Is that a squid–loving melon-headed whale? Expect to see the unusual sight of whales and dolphins as climate change forces marine species to migrate to cooler waters ...continue »

Icy evidence of the mother of all climate 'tipping points’, which occurred approximately 34 million years ago, shows that carbon dioxide is the main dial that governs global climate ...continue »

Only politicians could believe two contradictory things at the same time. First, that time is running out for tackling climate change. Second, that we’ve all the time in the world ...continue »

Walnut whipped? Walnut is restricted to sites not too wet or dry. With its extremely narrow range, scientists predict that climate change is going to have a real impact on these trees ...continue »

Et tu, Brute? The Durban climate conference resembles a classic tragedy – the crunch point, when senators crowd around Caesar, the daggers go in and Kyoto stumbles and dies ...continue »

Global climate policy isn’t on the verge of failure – yet. But if we are ever to achieve binding regulations, we must first be open and honest about our dangerously egotistical lifestyles ...continue »

His Holiness Pope Benedict isn’t simply a pontiff(icator) about climate change – for the 84–year–old German pope, the idea that mankind must respect God’s creation is a moral issue ...continue »

Climate change is a slow–burn crisis that democratic politicians will only tackle under sustained popular pressure. Right now western voters have other things on their minds ...continue »

Do as we say, not as we do. Everybody would like to see carbon emissions drop, but not many make a personal effort to change their behaviour – including climate scientists themselves ...continue »

Shhhhhh! Listen up! The latest analysis of human caused global warming and natural climate fluctuations should help mute skeptical mutterings about recent temperature recordings ...continue »

Greens’ moral duties cut both ways. We need to inform people about threats to the environment. But we also have a moral duty not to spread unnecessary and unfounded fears ...continue »

While the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, the snow might soon be settling on an indoor ski slope in balmy Barcelona. Not so environmentally friendly? Think again ...continue »

Countries should clear–headedly address the risks of a warming world by cutting back on carbon emissions and preparing to adapt. Why be skeptical about simple common sense? ...continue »

Hop to it, before the frogs all croak! Urgent action is needed to tackle the alarming worldwide decline in amphibian populations, largely caused by climate change ...continue »

Debunking myths – such as those pedalled by climate change deniers – can actually strengthen them in people’s minds. So be mindful of ‘backfire effects’ ...mis– »  [information]

Apple bobbing: Sea level rise due to climate change could leave much of New York dangerously exposed to flood surges during major storms, according to a recent study ...continue »

There’s 40 years of data to show that a cleaner environment goes hand in hand with solid economic growth. If only someone would tell those politicians trying to cripple the EPA ...continue »

Having it both ways: Because aerosol particles can prevent raindrops coalescing or prompt storm clouds and precipitation, air pollution exacerbates both drought and flood ...continue »

Realism versus idealism: It’s an increasingly forlorn quest to get the major polluting countries to agree a legally binding CO2 emission reduction deal. So what’s the alternative? ...continue »

In 1066, William of Normandy surprisingly conquered England. Now, an Alaskan climate timeline stretching to 1067 shows another surprising conquest – of trees into the Arctic ...continue »

The world is happily wasting its energy in the Last Chance Saloon – but if it doesn’t sober up quickly then soon it’ll be too late to do anything effective to combat climate change ...continue »

Homespun truths: When the science of anthropogenic climate change proved politically and economically inconvenient for many people, a cottage industry popped up to dismiss it ...continue »

In the good old days, with fewer people and less technology, climate change wasn’t a pressing issue. But aging populations could mean that the best old days are yet to come ...continue »

We are, or at least we should be, on the cusp of an energy transformation, driven by the rapidly falling cost of solar power. That’s right, solar power – we’re not fracking joking ...continue »

Suffering a sea change: When temperatures get too hot, terrestrial species can move to higher and cooler environments, but this often isn’t an option for their marine counterparts ...continue »

What have woolly rhinoceroses, mammoths, wild horses, reindeer, bison, and musk oxen in common? They’ve been driven to extinction (or nearly so) by humans and climate change ...continue »

It’s India’s ‘safer’ nuclear option: Thorium–fuelled reactors do not release large quantities of CO2 and are less dangerous for the climate than fossil fuels like coal and oil ...continue »

A minor player in the major league of climate change causes. ‘Urban heat islands’ – heat emanating from cities – contributes far less to global warming than previously suspected. ...continue »

The King is dead, long live the King! So dysfunctional is the world's response to climate change King Coal, the dirtiest fuel of them all, is actually extending his global kingdom ...continue »

BEST 1: Proper scepticism is something scientists should always have, but now a former skeptic no longer has reason to be skeptical about steadily increasing temperatures ...continue »

There’s no time like the present for doing something about the future consequences of climate change – and a crucial source of information comes from past greenhouse times ...continue »

Alarming evidence of the dramatic effects of climate change on Chinese glaciers is now beginning to melt the great wall of icy silence about anything that might unsettle the masses ...continue »

The low–carb option: To help suppliers choose the most environmentally friendly fuels, the European Union is proposing to label oil sands as a carbon–intensive CO2 pollutant ...continue »

My name is Professor Richard Muller and I am a recovering climate skeptic – and the BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature) data to date shows that climate change is real ...continue »

The negative aspects of positive feedback mechanisms are evident in the Greenland ice sheet, where record–breaking melting can continue even without record high temperatures ...continue »

Not (yet) a cliff hanger, but getting close to the edge: Study shows if there’s another decade of inaction, then the international community will not meet agreed temperature targets ...continue »

Arctic images: Think of melting ice and you think of the polar bear. But it's only a white grizzly really – and climate change will affect us more profoundly than losing these creatures ...continue »

To get balance in our reporting of the climate debate it’s such a shame that we turn to Lord Lawson of Blaby for the skeptical gab – and demonstrably inaccurate blah blah blah ...continue »

With climate change, there’s downright deniers and properly skeptical – and the latter should be properly skeptical about the claims of the former. Confused? Then jJust read this ...continue »

If you thought the movie ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ was far–fetched but funny fantasy, would you laugh at the very real possibility that climate change is shrinking species? ...continue »

Let’s level with you: If we’re pessimistic, sea levels will rise 5.5m by the year 2500; if realistic, it’ll rise 2m; and even with the most optimistic prediction, we’re talking a 1.8m rise ...continue »

As of October 31, there’ll officially be 7 billion humans on this planet. And much of the developing world will be hard–pressed to furnish enough food, water and jobs for their people ...continue »

Over in the Lone Star State, scientists are revolting – and that’s because they’re revolted at attempts to censor mention of climate change in a landmark environmental report ...continue »

In tackling climate change, talk often seems cheap – but perhaps the really important thing is ‘conversation’ at a microscopic level. So hush up: Listen to what bacteria have to say ...continue »

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but environmental insults like climate change can nearly kill me – especially if I’m a coral reef caught in a global biotic death spiral ...continue »

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs … not quite. But a new study on links between solar activity and cold snaps does suggest it can be sunny with a chance of snow ...sun » [and] [snow]

Natural gas bags official seal of approval after international study shows that it emits just over half as many greenhouse gas emissions as coal does for equivalent energy output ...continue »

Value added: Businesses need to understand the megatrend to a low–carbon future – with the UN demanding that firms with high–carbon emissions be re–evaluated by stock markets ...continue »

Adapting to AGW is an uphill struggle. That’s the easy bit: Short distances mean large temperature changes on steep topography. But what about migration on a wider scale? ...continue »

Wall Street’s usually occupied with making money. But the Occupy Wall Street movement is more concerned with the money being taken from the people – and with climate change ...continue »

Animals can simply move away if the climate changes. Plants remain rooted to the spot … while busily re–engineering their genetic profiles to adapt to the changing conditions ...continue »

A bipartisan group hopes to jolt the government and the public out of its climate change complacency with some ‘fundamentally shocking’ solutions to global warming ...continue »

A near–record 2011 means that the Arctic is still on target – to lose all its summer ice cover by 2100. Indeed, recently, ice extent has declined faster than climate models predict ...continue »

To get the big picture on rainforests, it pays to think about AToMS – the Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System providing 3D images of trees’ physical and chemical properties ...continue »

Cut down in their prime: Just as we’re recognizing the massive value of forests in dealing with excess carbon, trees themselves are falling victim to the effects of climate change ...continue »

If you can’t stand the heat, just move out of the kitchen. It sounds easy – but for species forced to move to cooler areas by global warming, then things are aren’t that simple ...continue »

We stand accused of Ecocide: The extensive damage, destruction or loss of ecosystems to the extent that people’s peaceful enjoyment has been severely diminished. Guilty? ...continue »

What does global warming mean to newly hatched sea turtles? Life’s a beach and then you’ll fry? Depends on how hot the sand is – if life’s a warmer beach, then you’ll thrive ...continue »

The sky’s the limit when it comes to mankind’s age–old ambitions to dominate nature, with the latest geo–technologies ready to spew a heady climate–cooling brew heavenwards ...continue »

This isn’t your typical woolly lefty’s wet response to climate change … well, it is wet – but it’s all about flooding a major source of greenhouse gases: Dried–up peat bogs ...continue »

SpongeBob SquarePants – “Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!” – eat your heart out. We’re talking natural ‘sponges’ that detect, capture and store CO2. (And they’re red.) ...continue »

Coal seam gas seems to be stitching up its credentials as a cleaner alternative to coal as an energy resource. But is this a leaky argument, given the greenhouse potency of methane? ...continue »

An icy fate awaits algae and small animals’ living space in ever–diminishing Arctic ice – and with these creatures at the bottom of the food chain, there’s bigger game at risk ...continue »

Does climate change mean more Homos? Man! – about 2.7 million years ago, climatic fluctuations led to an increase in hominid species … but now there’s only Homo sapiens ...continue »

Women glow, men perspire, horses sweat and the Earth evapotranspires. That is, while water evaporating from trees and crops helps cool the planet, deforestation warms it ...continue »

Would the last to leave the solar power industry please turn out the lights. It’s dark days ahead for the renewable energy sector. Not! Green jobs still have a bright future ...sunny »  [outlook]

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble … But for some fish species, things aren’t all bad in that ‘cauldron of climate change’ known as the northeast Atlantic ...continue »

In any race, second place is first loser. In the ‘race’ to the record lowest Arctic sea ice extent, it seems 2011 is a close second to 2007 … and it’s all of us who are set to lose by it ...continue »

Happy Birthday, Greenpeace! We’ve now had four decades of the Big Green NGO’s environmentalist ‘ethics’ – or emotional self–indulgence masquerading as a moral conscience ...continue »

Diamonds are forever – at least, they provide a carat to motivate research into the carbon cycle. And even the flaws in this argument can tell us about long-term climate change ...continue »

Okay, it can add a bit of SPICE to the climate debate, but like all proposed solutions to global warming, the Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering needs further research ...continue »

An accurate forecast: Whether the weather’s hot, or whether the weather’s not, whatever the weather, the weather’s whatever the weather’s not. But what about climate predictions ...continue »

Warm waters, coral reefs, sun–kissed atolls … The only thing more you could wish for is a little more ice – especially as research into sea level oscillations makes such chilling reading ...continue »

It’s record–breaking, heart breaking; but there’ll be less ice–breaking on Arctic sea lanes, as the area of sea ice reaches its lowest point since satellite observations began ...record » [ice] [breaking]

Fancy a nice holiday on a Pacific Island paradise? If you’re going to Kiribati, take your gumboots – and that’s (almost) the official travel advice of the UN’s Ban Ki–moon ...continue »

If we took a leaf from the Tea Party’s book, we’d be more confident in our attitudes to climate change. Trouble is, they’re the ones most convinced there’s nothing to worry about ...continue »

Only one Republican Presidential hopeful’s prepared to say: “I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming.” He also admits: “I must be crazy.” All the others are ‘sane’ ...continue »

Who doesn’t want renewable sources of energy? Who doesn’t want cleaner air and a thriving economy? It’s not climate debate, it’s climate dialogue – a better pill for a bitter malaise ...continue »

That some non–smokers get lung cancer while many smokers don’t doesn’t undermine the link between cigarettes and cancer. So, is extreme weather climate change’s smoking gun? ...continue »

Two predictions: First, it’s likely that September will set a record low for sea ice extent; second, it’s certain skeptics will try to explain away this year’s appallingly low value ...continue »

In the 1980s, a ‘flux capacitor’ took Hollywood's Michael J Fox Back to the Future. Today, dust and iron fluxes are taking scientists millions of years back to the past of climate change ...continue »

It’s a pipe dream that’s all up in the sky – but if this bunch of barmy British boffins’ balloon doesn’t burst, then this is a truly stratospheric (and volcanic) way to cool a warming planet ...continue »

The sun shines, the wind blows and the waters flow – all in all, it’s a rosy picture for the German renewable energy industry as the country’s usage surges past the 20 percent mark ...continue »

While some scientists shine beams of light to penetrate the uncertainty fogging our understanding of how rain forms, others plant seeds to further cloud the issue ...laser »  [rays]

Feeling down? Blame it on the weather. Feel like invading another country? Well, blame that on the weather, too. The role that climate plays in the wealth (and health) of nations ...continue »

Ready for the low–down on Watersnoodramp? It means ‘flood disaster’ and several European countries are floating ambitious plans to prevent it re–occurring. Amphibious homes, anyone? ...continue »

Republicans have taken to arguing backward from an ideological conclusion – government regulation is bad – to the factual finding that climate change isn't happening ...continue »  [more]

Even as the impacts of climate change intensify, many people remain confused by the issue. Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses how to talk with climate sceptics ...continue »

The Hockey Stick and Michael Mann have been independently investigated and vindicated more times than any other facet of climate science or any other climate scientist ...continue »  [more]

They’re the unacknowledged players in many planetary processes, particularly in the atmosphere. What are they? Find out with a rain dance, cos they’re probably critical in that too ...continue »

Delta Force in ’Nam: The increasing salination of the Mekong River, a consequence of climate change, is forcing many locals to abandon a centuries–old tradition of rice cultivation ...continue »

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen … So move to the lounge to read this summary of the state of knowledge about how species are responding to climate change ...continue »

Climb every mountain, f(j)ord every stream … Global warming is forcing more and more animal species up to higher altitudes and higher latitudes to avoid higher temperatures ...continue »

Shiver me timbers! Is that really a boat? Yes – but there aren’t any timbers on this sleek, sexy and ultra-modern scientific experiment that’s sailing on the sunny side of a sea near you ...continue »

In an African first, Sierra Leone’s solar sisters are doing it for themselves by bringing energy and ideas to their rural communities. It’s the power to build from the (bare)foot up ...continue »

To avoid paying for climate change, we need to pay for climate change mitigation – but 50 years of experience shows that funding doesn’t automatically translate into results ...continue »

If things were simple, bigger trees would sequester more carbon. But enhanced tree growth leads to much more leaf litter – with who knows what effect on the carbon cycle ...continue »

Don’t get swept along with the latest electronic fad – even ordinary household vacuum cleaners are so over–powered they suck up enough electricity to power 2.3 million homes ...continue »

In the past, being urbane meant having a sophisticated social life in a city. Now, ignorant urbanites need educating about their environment and how to make it more sustainable ...continue »

To infinity and beyond! A great slogan for a fictional extra–terrestrial, but here on the real Earth – a finite planet with finite resources – it’s common–sense we’re going beyond ...continue »

The ripple effect: Japan’s Tohoku tsunami caused a tidal wave of events a hemisphere away, with Antarctica calving ice–bergs. It’s the interconnectedness of Earth and birth ...continue »

To avoid turbulence, wind turbines can’t be packed together like sardines – until now. And if that sounds fishy, it’s because scientists have gone to school on optimising propulsion ...continue »

Is famine in East Africa linked to climate change? Remember, first, that famine is man–made, and, second, that the poor are the most vulnerable. Only then can we address this question ...continue »

When talking of hybrids, the Toyota Prius is a well-known name. Well, the Grolar and the Pizzly are hybrids, too – it’s just they have a more alarming link to environmental change ...continue »

There’s no icing to sugar this bitter pill: The extent of Arctic sea ice averaged for July 2011 has reached the lowest level for the month in the satellite record over the past 30 years ...continue »

Roll up, roll up! In the best Vaudeville tradition, climate skeptic Lord Monckton provides a performance where good science is replaced by voodoo artistry. It’s a pity the public suffers ...continue »

Indian burn: Climate change is having a disproportionate impact on Native Americans and Alaskans who do not have the freedom to move in response to extreme weather events ...continue »

Guessing future sea level rises is a slippery business – especially as the ice–estimation business is rife with unknowns, with ice sheet behavior the largest source of uncertainty ...continue »

In a warming world, you’d expect animal adaptations that offer protection from overheating in sunlight. But when climate changes at a snail’s pace you get dark spiral bands instead ...continue »

Green Nazis!! Military defences!! Climate change blitzkrieg!! … erm, let’s start again: Germany’s war on climate change includes Nazi–era bunkers as renewable energy projects ...continue »

The IPCC: A tinpot group of green zealots? Or the greatest feat of scientific cooperation ever seen? How things have changed from that climatic, seminal moment in February 2007 ...continue »

It’s a climate neutral alternative to fossil fuels that consumes as much CO2 in producing oil as is released when the fuel is burned – and it is quite literally Green (and slimy) ...continue »

Optimistic optimists estimate that peak oil production will decline after 2020 or later. Pessimistic optimists guess 2015. And realists believe the peak’s been and gone ...continue »

In Here on Earth, the rhetoric of shame and woe is Flannery flannel. But the reasoned view of humans as a young, intelligent species in a predicament deserves some Flannery flattery ...continue »

Forests do so much to lift a jaded soul, providing habitat protection and havens of peace and recreation. But when it comes to carbon, they give us a sinking feeling ...wood » [trees]

There’ll be 9 billion of us by 2050, and the know–how to feed that many can’t be left up in the air … or can it? The Green movement may have to (genetically) modify its ideals ...vertically »  [challenged]

Our rat–like adaptability, which has allowed us to thrive by shifting from one resource to another, is now compromised by runaway population growth and dependence on fossil–fuels ...continue »

Numbers don’t take sides or point fingers. They show natural climate fluctuations and the steady drumbeat of warming caused by 7 billion people trying to live on a small planet ...continue »

God, what a species! Can’t we just agree that global warming isn’t about morality, ideology or capitalism – it’s about us humans generating energy by burning hydrocarbons ...continue »

Wikis are a wonder of the web, with the collective, collaborative online community acting as an open forum of facts … until you click on climate wikis, where things get more murky ...continue »

We’re not awful people because of our modern lifestyles. It’s just that with 7 billion of us, collectively these behaviors are moving basic planetary systems into danger zones ...continue »

An Unholy Trinity: Global warming, acidification and dwindling oxygen – the deadly trio of conditions combining to bring potentially catastrophic change to world »  [water]

If you dig up huge amounts of carbon, hundreds of millions of year's worth of ancient biology, and flush it into the atmosphere in a matter of decades, then you’re in a hole ...continue »

Recovering this planet’s future is a political challenge. But politics is not making progress because the main purpose of political activity is protecting the privileges of the wasteful West ...continue »

Would opponents of the consensus on AGW have had any problem accepting a consensus of climate scientists against global warming? A question that’s academic? Or philosophic(al)? ...continue »

(Decimate kill or remove one in every ten [Latin decimare ‘take the tenth man’]) Climate change is (literally) decimating plant and animals species, as 10 percent face extinction ...wake–up» [call]

Scientists discover free exercise equipment: Your legs! But seriously, over in Europe, city planners are clamping down on cars to encourage active, environmentally–friendly lifestyles ...continue »

It’s an option to address global warming by rewarding scientific innovation, while stopping the green pig. (I don’t understand that last bit either). Here, we’re talking geo–engineering ...crazy »  [idea]

This is a new era, where we’ve affected nearly every aspect of our environment – from warming atmosphere to acidifying oceans. The Anthropocene: Because you’re worth it ...continue »

Smokers’ health: The EPA’s approval of regulations cutting smokestack emissions from coal–burning power plants isn’t just about protecting the environment, it’s about saving lives ...continue »

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! As the military prepare for possible climate change conflict, fed–up scientists plan their own campaign of civil disobedience ...civil »  [war]

Pollution from power stations causes sulphuric acid droplets to form in the stratosphere? Cool! That’s why temperatures haven’t increased along with greenhouse gases ...cooling » [effect]

We’re overweight and the planet’s over–heated – and the heavier we become, the harder and more unpleasant it is to move about in them, and the more dependent we become on our cars ...continue »

Should we be skeptical of climate change skeptic Bob Carter’s claim that the Great Barrier Reef is in good health? At least never–ending debate is in fine fettle ...skeptical » [skeptic]

In the skeptics’ alternative reality, governments around the world have funded scientists for decades, and for reasons unknown, to affirm anthropogenic climate change. Erm, yeah, right ...continue »

A (food) chain reaction: As the impact of rapidly melting sea ice cascades through the food webs of polar species, it’s an open question which organisms will benefit and which won’t ...continue »

Picture this: Last year was not only the hottest and wettest ever recorded, but also in many cases the driest and coldest. Call it abnormal climatic phenomena – or plain weird ...continue »

Getting fat: As if they didn’t have enough to worry about, scientists are now concerned about the diet of polar bears – the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to climate change ...continue »

He propounds discredited climate fictions, has no peer–reviewed work, and makes a mockery of academic standards. Good Lord – would you accept him at college? ...continue »  [riposte]

A gas bubble? Investors are pumping millions into shale gas wells, betting on huge future profits. The gas undoubtedly exists, the question is how affordably it can be extracted ...continue » [more]

Brain twisting: To challenge one of the more esoteric arguments in the climate skeptic’s arsenal we must understand that the GHE increases down-welling LW but not SW energy … ...continue »

We had a warmer, wetter world in the past, with higher sea–levels, smaller ice–sheets, but lower levels of atmospheric CO2. So why worry about greenhouse gases? Time will tell ...continue »

He’s never presented the magnitude of the climate crisis, nor defended the science against ongoing and dishonest attacks. It’s Al Gore’s inconvenient assessment of Barack Obama ...continue »

A prayer in event of Vikings: "From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord, deliver us!" How the Greenland Vikings must similarly have prayed for deliverance from the fury of climate change ...continue »

A steak in the future. Fleshing out a plan to meat the challenge of climate change with a futuristic food that produces 96% less greenhouse gas than current culinary offerings ...mutton »  [lamb]

As climate scientists model the location, location, location of future temperature increases, just lie back and think of England – the hot pick as the cool place to live in the 21st century ...continue »

Not such a Rocky Mountain high: Talk of the birds and the bees may soon be sterile as climate change impacts on the montane wildflower meadows that pollinators rely on ...continue »

Here’s a tip: Save energy by turning off the oven when you’re not using it. And don’t leave the car idling when you’re at the office. Dumb advice? Well, what about your TV set–top box? ...continue »

Geo–engineering – quick fix or dangerous fixation? With climate talks going nowhere, scientists outline ideas to manipulate the world's weather to slow global warming ...continue »

Do you feel the need for some intelligent conversation? Well, settle back and enjoy a much–needed and long–overdue discussion of climate ‘skepticism’ ...continue »  [more1]  [more2]

They’re small, inbred and feral – but, thanks to Charles Darwin, an iconic herd of cattle are proving to be a beefy source of data on the effects of climate change on British mammals ...continue »

We need you, IPCC – but your behaviour seems so recklessly inept as to almost certainly exacerbate an already toxic political divide over climate–change science. Please get help ...continue »

Political suicide: Why would a Republican presidential candidate admit to belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming? Doesn’t everyone know the whole thing’s a hoax? ...continue »  [more]

Skepticism is healthy when it’s simply seeking after truth. But much climate skepticism isn’t so hale and hearty – it’s the pathological and delusional denial of overwhelming evidence ...continue »

A Green Future in a Golden Age of Gas? While natural gas is the ‘cleanest’ fossil fuel, it’s still a fossil fuel – and if it muscles out alternatives, it’s no panacea for climate change ...continue » [more]

After an asteroid delivered the dinosaurs a killer punch, a global warming event put the squeeze on surviving life. Today, AGW is probably closer to the punch than the squeeze ...left hook »  [right hook]

It’s like a warm spell through ice. As inland routes clog and new sea lanes open, climate change will cut like a double–edged sword through the Arctic’s transportation networks ...continue »

Scaremongering and exaggeration. Skeptics claim that global warming is a dying cause – a fad that’s lost the public’s interest. But perhaps it’s scepticism that’s now obsolete ...continue »

Let’s have a meeting of minds to air ideas, offer opinions and argue the issues on the link between extreme weather and global warming. After all, it’s really a moral question ...ethics »  [committee]

In modern economies, the growth imperative trumps all else – even when the costs of growth exceed the benefits. Welcome to ‘uneconomic growth’, coming to ruin a planet near you ...continue »

What must the Greenland Vikings have thought when the winters got colder? (If only the ice would Thor!) But as history makes clear, climate change is no laughing matter in the Arctic ...continue »

The epoch–making dawn of a new age? Today’s environmental changes are significant on a geological timescale, and may be studied against a context of deep Earth history ...continue »  [riposte]

In the acid test of climate change, millions of marine species may become extinct, fisheries eradicated and reefs destroyed. May Vulcan deliver us (the Roman god, that is, not Spock) ...continue »

Turning the Sahara into a giant solar energy factory? With North Africa in chaos, this sounds like the proverbial lighthouse in the desert: Very bright and f##k all use. But then again ...continue »

Research that’s up to the minute: If many aspects of the climate debate bug you, you won’t be surprised that mighty small germs could have a mighty big role in determining the weather ...continue »

Climate models share something in common with model cars and catwalk models: They’re not really real (especially the latter). So the big question is: Can we trust climate modeling? ...continue »

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? If you’re bright, you’ll plant things right, so climate change can slow. So get digging – it’s a backyard solution to global warming ...continue »

Weather–related disasters haven't really increased – it's just better reporting. Right? Well, yes and no. But one thing's remained constant: It's the poor who are most affected ...continue »

The science is in: Climate change is real. The science is clear: Man-made carbon pollution is making a difference to our planet. We don't have time for false claims in this debate ...continue » [more]

How to kill two birds with a single stone: If burning fuel increases atmospheric carbon dioxide, why not reverse combustion and create fuel from CO2? It’s an ingenious back–up plan ...continue »  [more]

The Earth absorbs more heat than it radiates. It’s like every human having 40 hair dryers running day and night all year long – enough to fry a lot of hair (or melt a lot of ice) ...continue »

Someone has driven a wedge between what science says about the reality of climate change and what the public believes. And that someone is ready to admit he made a mistake ...continue »

What does the average Republican say to evidence that climate change is occurring and poses significant threats to humans and the environment? “I’m not listening. Yah boo sucks!” ...continue »

In the world of Disney, it’s so pleasant “bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea”. But in the real world, as rising brine bobs over the land, it’s an ugly unpleasant disaster ...continue »

All in the mind: As the evidence for climate change mounts so too does the delusional denial. But when a delusion leads us to ignore danger, denial can become pathological ...continue »

Would you believe it? Well, if ‘it’ is climate change and you’re a Republican with Presidential ambitions (or the average American), then the answer’s a resounding ‘No’ ...continue »  [more]

Thousands of kilometers of high–voltage power lines are needed by alternative energy suppliers – and the public hate this. But there’s an art to changing their minds ...continue »

The tricky problem: The more energy the world produces, the more carbon dioxide it emits. So how about this for an elegant solution: Use CO2 to produce more energy. Simple! ...continue »

The Green Heavyweight Title (1): China versus USA. And China comes out fighting, landing three punches – solar, wind, nuclear. USA counters with an innovative jab ...continue »

It’s like an X-rated sci–fi movie: Superpredators proving that size does matter. No, not Hollywood but the real life demise of meagafauna (with a supporting role from climate change) ...continue »

The latest report on climate change and crop production provides food for thought – especially as it indicates that farmers have produced less than they could have in a cooler world ...continue »

Forget today’s global warming and increasing carbon dioxide – let’s see what happened when temperatures and CO2 levels fell. It’s a succulent story of historical climate change ...continue »

Planet Earth calling Environmentalists: Come down to face facts and engage with reality. Our world’s road to recovery can begin when the Greens admit they have a problem »  [problem]

If we had someone eloquent enough to argue the case for reducing consumption, rejecting economic growth and living lightly on the land, would it be wrong to buy the argument? ...continue »

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water – the Magical Elements. And in the Arctic, some elemental magic is required to rescue the region’s rapidly–disappearing Snow, Ice and Permafrost ...continue »

The old belief that global warming would stop the Gulf Stream and plunge Britain into an Alaskan–type climate isn’t watertight – current models have sprung a major leak ...continue »  [more]

As Antarctic waters continue to warm, humpbacks are having a whale of a time feasting on krill normally protected by sea ice. But they’ll blow holes in their future with such fine dining ...continue »

Good things come to those who wait. But if we’re talking species going extinct through climate change then there’s room for debate on the whole patience is a virtue concept ...continue »

Climate science isn’t tree–hugging or a conspiracy to control the world. It is empirical measurements and the laws of physics. If only skeptics (and father–in–laws) got this ...continue »

Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (Snr), Clinton, Bush (Jnr), Obama – all have something in common: A vow to reduce dependency on Middle Eastern oil. (Oh, and being US President) ...continue »

A Spaghetti Western: It’ll take more than a Fistful of Dollars to untangle The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the latest report on rivers and climate change in the American West ...continue »  [more]

For peat’s sake … give peat a chance. Actually, the rotten puns aren’t the only things that stink – so we’ll try not to get bogged down while digging the dirt on a much–loved compost ...continue »

What’s dismal and turning green Down Under? Strewth, cobber! It’s not some eye–watering disease, just a surge in environmental economics as Australia moves towards a carbon tax ...continue »

If you think Earth Day is a good idea, then you must be crazy. It’s really part of the global warming scam to limit population growth through abortion, contraception, and sterilization ...continue »

How did a guy who spends most of his time looking at endless columns of temperature records became a "terrorist," "killer," or "one-world-government socialist"? ...continue »

Germany’s plan to be uber alles in alternative energy and technology is taking a hit on all fronts – underground, over–ground and on the ground. The Green light’s turned to red ...continue » [more1]  [more2]

“Fancy a drop of organic champagne?” “Don’t mind if I do – but not too much, I’ve got to drive the Porsche hybrid home.” It’s a hard life being rich, famous and environmentally concerned ...continue »

Climate change might be a global menace, but environmentalists are content to treat it as a mere public–nuisance if it means polluters can be sued for the damaging effects of global warming ...continue »

Plants need CO2 to survive and grow, in the same way that we need calories. But there can be too much of a good thing: The plant world’s equivalent of super–sized burgers and fries ...continue »

A sense of solidarity: The unity that saw the USA through the Cold War and the space race is needed now to secure the nation’s energy needs. It’s a Green letter day for the American people ...continue »

Go on, admit you’ve always wanted to be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Well, now you can with a little data archeology and rescue, a.k.a. historical climatology. (Whip strictly optional) ...continue »

Certain doctrines are carved in stone with environmentalists – like the idea that humans only damage forests. But perhaps it’s more honest to see what’s written in the woods ...continue »

Take only photos, leave only footprints. Good advice for travellers? Not really, seeing as long–haul travel adds to our nitrogen footprint. And you guessed it: That’s bad news for the planet ...continue »

With climate change, the facts speak for themselves: Three–quarters of Democrats think it’s real while three quarters of Republicans think it isn’t. Is there a social science of climate science? ...continue »

The name Koch rhymes with ‘joke’ and ‘choke’. But when it comes to the lobbying power of the billionaire Koch brothers, it’s no laughing matter (although it might make you spew) ...continue »

Look, everyone knows that so–called climate change is just a liberal plot to spread socialism and destroy capitalism. And all good God–fearing folk know whose side He is on ...continue »

Want to help out an octogenarian, deadly–jellyfish–eating sea turtle? (And a sequoia tree, polar bear or a panda, while you’re at it?) Well, why not invest in some solar panels ...continue »

The complexity of biological systems means that precise predictions of the impact of climate change are a Mission Impossible – but without the simplistic (Tom) Cruisey solutions ...continue »

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise – how much more sensitive trees (especially pine, elm, beech, and magnolia) are to the effects of climate change ...continue »

Climate change is definitely occurring, so why do so many supposedly rational human beings choose to ignore overwhelming scientific authority? Answer: Because we’re only human ...continue »

C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre! What would we all do if peace were suddenly to break out in the climate wars? It’s an idea that’s laudable, ambitious and naïve ...continue »

Are sustainable energy solutions still the key to America’s future at four in the morning? It’s point and counterpoint. (Okay – it's April 1, forgive the offensive language) ...continue »

Imagine a self–important louse on a blue whale. This is how human historic time (the louse) stands in relation to geologic time (the whale). Essentially, we’ve only got a limited, lousy perspective ...continue »

If climate science is uncertain, then climate scientists are just clueless boffins. Not so fast: Uncertainty is nothing new – it’s something that all scientific disciplines deal with every day ...continue »

In the dictatorship of the here and now we’re looting both the past and the future to feed the excess of the present. What we really require is empathy across space and time ...continue »

It’s not quite no–holds-barred cage wrestling, but there are no hugs shared when two heavyweight Greens square up to argue out the nuclear option for climate change ...continue »

Chinese whispers: Despite the world’s response to Fukushima, one country still plans to nuke the dependence on fossil fuels. The alternatives are no real alternative ...continue »  [more]

Natural disasters aren’t necessarily caused by global warming, but climate change exacerbates their catastrophic effects. We could live a little more if we live a little less ...continue »

How could we possibly know if temperatures on planet Earth are rising or not? With some ingenious science and some nifty satellite technology. Welcome to Club Troposphere ...continue »

Global warming would mean that Russians wouldn’t need as many winter fur coats, joked Vladimir Putin. But after 2010’s devastating heatwave, nobody’s laughing ...continue »

With bumbling, swarming humans ever-more dependent on nature, here’s one ecological crisis that won’t simply buzz off – the bewildering decline in the number of bees ...continue »

Unlike the climate itself, concern about global warming has stabilized – but at near-historic lows. Why the big gap between the science and the public perception? ...continue »

The ‘mega–heatwave’ that washed over Europe in 2010 devastated crops and left tens of thousands dead. And such extreme weather tsunamis are becoming increasingly likely ...continue »

The (Atlantic) ocean that separates the atomic power policies of Canada and Germany reflects a similar rift between pro– and anti–nuclear environmentalists ...continue »  [more]

The Japanese catastrophe and climate change: Environmentalists’ reaction to events in the Land of the Rising Sun overshadows open and honest debate on nuclear power ...continue »

The fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster: If atomic energy becomes a radioactive public issue, will this intensify the global race for cheap and polluting fossil fuels? ...continue »

You can’t ignore the science behind climate change just because you don't want to believe it – unless you’re in Congress and above the normal laws of physics ...continue »

With the climate ‘debate’, politicians never let the facts get in the way of their rigid ideologies. It makes you wonder if their hot air contributes to global warming ...continue »

Drama on the high seas. It’s all hands on deck and full steam ahead, as the US navy sails into the uncharted and perilous new world of climate change ...continue »  [more]

If it’s top down, nobody's going to raise an eyebrow – but when it’s bottom up, their jaws are sure to drop. What is it? We’re talking (Antarctic) Ice, Ice, Baby ...continue »

The next Great Extinction? Add the Holocene to the Ordovician, Devonian, Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous for a six pack that no one could be proud of ...continue » [more]

The latest research suggests climate change will bring about devastating rises in global sea levels. It’s not so much the clock is ticking as the ice is dripping ...continue »

The skeptic, Roy Spencer, sees himself as a persecuted Galileo, boldly speaking truth to power. But some of his work is of demonstrably poor quality ...Part I »  II »  III »

Capitalism tends to under-invest in innovation, but Bill Gates is behind a new design for a traveling-wave nuclear reactor, which could run untouched for decades on spent nuclear fuel ...continue »

What's unfolding in the Arab world today is the mother of all wake-up calls. And what the voice on the other end of the line is telling us is clear as a bell: end your addiction to oil ...continue »

Over the last 20 years, installed solar power capacity has doubled every two years. Just eight more doublings and solar will meet 100% of the world's energy needs ...continue »

Death and disease, evil, corruption and betrayal … It’s not fiction, it’s what’s happening to America. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes ...continue »

For the first time, we can quantify the role of AGW in extreme weather events – so those responsible might now be legally held to account. Lawsuit, anyone? ...continue »  [more]  [riposte]

The Khan before the storm: Sophisticated new tools for calculating pre–industrial climate change provide a (Mongol) hoard of data on the impact of wars, plagues and farming ...continue »

As the Arctic ice melts, so too do the barriers that prevent southern species invading the north. And if you want the bear truth, it’s getting grizzly in the polar regions ...continue »

Is it now time for direct action to confront those who both deny climate change and our kids’ future? Or is cranking up the rhetoric just counterproductive? ...act now »  [think first]

Walk like an Egyptian: If people power can overthrow 30 years of corrupt rule within weeks, who knows what grassroots support could do for climate action ...continue »

Solar or wind power might be kinder to the environment than fossil fuels, but there’s an even better alternative to the usual alternatives: Plain old efficiency ...continue »

In space no–one can hear you scream “Flood!” But from space, we can predict when and where rain is likely to fall, and thus where the deluges will develop ...continue »

The latest Wiki(Oil)Leaks reveal that the era of cheap gas might be coming to an end sooner than expected. (Hint: It’s the time to invest in sustainable energy.) ...continue »

Global warming theory suggests that storms will increase in intensity as the Earth heats up. And this is exactly what’s happening in disaster–struck Australia ...continue »

You say you want a revolution / Well, you know / We all want to change the world …” And all it’ll take is innovation, leadership, perseverance and, undoubtedly, time ...continue »

Pity the poor reindeer. If you feel impotent about failures to tackle melting Arctic ice, here’s a solution with real bite – and it’ll give Rudolf more than a red nose ...continue »

When we were kids, the weather was always perfect. Okay, our memories aren’t always reliable – so how about an extra 250 terabytes of data on past climate patterns ...continue »

Can’t see the wood for the trees in the AGW debate? In the drought–devastated Amazon, fewer trees provide a clearer view – but it ain’t a pretty prospect ...continue »

A world free of fossil fuels. Impossible? No. Radical? Yes. But all it needs is reasonable investment, and (whisper the next bit) it might even prove profitable ...continue »

Greenland is a new drama about the AGW crisis. But despite a great Polar Bear, this supposedly cool take on a hot topic turns out turgid and pretentious ...continue »  [more]

Climate skeptics – please remember the three ‘R’s: To reduce environmental pollution, don’t simply reuse and recycle the same tired old arguments ...continue »

It threatens the planet and will take a global effort to mitigate – but if we want to model climate change's likely economic impact, we should begin at a smaller scale ...continue »

War’s a dirty business, but now the military have their sights set on clean green fighting machines. (Fingers crossed, they’ll also give peace a chance.) ...continue »

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the Greenest nation of them all? Just guess which country harnesses the most solar and wind power – and have a Guten Tag! ...sun »  [wind]

So Mother Nature, who’s the Daddy now? We humans now dominate – we're the undisputed masters of the world. And this New Age of Man demands a new name – the Anthropocene ...continue »

Give me one good reason not to listen to climate skeptic Chris Monkton. Okay, why not eight – like this, on why he’s wrong to be down on rising sea levels ...continue »

Yesterday’s Dirty Dozen: Misfits, on a self-sacrificing mission to win a world war. Today’s dozen bad eggs: Misanthropes, on a self–serving mission to doom us all ...continue »

It’s green and it’s revolutionary – and it might just save the planet. But despite the hype, genetically modified foods ain’t necessarily bad ...continue »  [more]

Climate science: A massive scam? Yes, that’s what they (on the other side) always say – but this is something different, with a few dozen victims every time ...continue »

What’s the plural of consensus? Because with climate change, the scientists have one, and the public have another. I’m confused – perhaps we should talk ...continue »

In God We Trust. And now we can say that more and more about climate change modelling. It’s getting better all the time. Better, better, better ...continue »

I spy with my little eye something beginning with AGW … The unstable political climate isn’t the only thing that has got the secret services spooked ...continue »

The deep past predicts the Earth’s far future: If we don’t start to work seriously to reduce carbon emissions today, then our tomorrows will be hot, hot hot ...continue »

warmest year on record – and that despite low solar activity and a strong La Niña. It was also the wettest year on record ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Okay, so we all know this, but let’s state the obvious: Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers, especially when it’s just the headline ...continue » [background]

Climate change inertia’s double whammy: Hindering present–day action, while ensuring on–going future environmental disaster. A.k.a business as usual ...continue » [more]  [riposte]

A new fear: Methane seepage from the Arctic's East Siberian seabed is far greater than expected. And it’s almost certainly thanks to mankind’s (in)activity ...continue »

Good God! Creationists going all eco-friendly – how New Age! But isn’t climate change a myth? And what about our dominion over the Earth? The answers are still in Genesis ...continue »

Climate change? Big deal. Well, yes actually – especially as doing nothing about it may be more crippling than doing something. It’s the economy, stupid ...continue »

A Christmas bulge usually just strains the waistline, but this year it’s putting pressure on the atmosphere. The first makes us hot, the second leaves us cold ...continue »

The tip of the iceberg: An expedition to Antarctica’s Mertz glacier should provide a floe of information to help track and predict future climate change ...continue »  [more]

The north basks in ice–melting warmth as the south braves brutal winter weather. What on Earth is going on? The answer, my friend, is blowing with the wind ...continue »

The Inuit are finding it hard to stomach the melting ice in their Arctic homeland; not only is their diet changing (for the worse), but so is their culture ...continue »

Welcome 2011 with the best cutting wit from 2010: It’s the Onion, reminding us that climate change is on-going and manmade ...Happy New Year 1 »  [Happy New Year 2]

Let’s end 2010 by celebrating the life of Climate Debate Daily co-founder Denis Dutton, who died this week. Renowned philosopher, writer, skeptic, … (pass over to the other side) ...continue »

The climate's changing over India’s favourite beverage, so best put the kettle on before it's too late. There's trouble brewing – you can read it in the leaves ...continue »

A spot of light reading over the festive break? While these books aren’t exactly that, you will discover the seven deadly signs of a hotter tomorrow ...continue »

From the world's Guardian: It’s been a bad year for climate action, with governments paralysed as the traditional rise in CO2 continues unchecked ...continue »

If climate expert Andrew Weaver asked Santa for one thing this year it would be for Canada to have an informed discussion about climate change. Ditto the rest of the world ...continue »

Let there be light: From African huts to Mongolian yurts, solar technology gives the world’s poorest access to electricity – and charging a cellphone is no longer a three day ordeal ...continue »  [Xmas]

As the ice disappears, polar bears and other Arctic creatures face a chilly future. But a refuge could exist – at least for some ...continue » [more]  [but then again]

If you’re open–minded (read: concerned) about climate change, can string a question together and want people to read your thoughts, here’s a blog for you ...continue »

Picture this: A world beset by unpredictable floods and droughts. This year? From the deluge of images attesting to climate change, National Geographic has 2010's most telling ...continue »

Grain–fed or grass–fed? When worrying about which kind of beef is better or worse for the environment, the answer is pretty simple – just eat less ...continue »

The Cryosat–2 spacecraft could provide a new spin on climate change as data on Arctic Ocean circulation and diminishing ice builds up ...continue »

Hasta la vista, baby: Schwarzenegger terminates term as Californian Governor with US’s first broad–based program to cap greenhouse gas emissions and bill large CO2 polluters ...continue »

Coal fires the economy that is hauling ever more millions of Chinese out of poverty. But as both wealth and smokestacks blossom, so too do environmental concerns ...continue »

The media matters, especially when crafty Fox News-hounds hunt down stories that reflect fringe minority skepticism about climate change. How sly is that? ...continue »

Right or wrong, united we stand, divided we fall. To resolve the fiery climate debates we must nurture a sense of togetherness ...continue »  [background 1]  [2]

A greenhouse gas ten thousand times more potent CO2 isn’t great for the environment – but it is for making money. It’s like a perverse Catch-22 ...continue »

Given the low expectations with which the Cancun negotiations began, even the summit's modest achievements can be counted as a success ...continue » [more 1]  [2]

If, by its very nature, science is skeptical, then it pays to be skeptical of climate change skepticism. Confused? Grab the skeptic’s guide to global warming skepticism ...continue »

Carbon pricing can have a double climate effect: it can raise the huge funds necessary to help poorer countries cope with climate change and provide the incentive to reduce emissions ...continue »

As the politicians plow on in Cancun, Mexico's millennia-old Mayan farming tradition withers away. It's the Grim Reaper's dilemma – adapt or die ...continue »

Coral reefs speak unambiguously about climate change, and the scientific message is clear: the ocean’s reefs can indeed be utterly trashed in a generation ...continue »

The role of cloud cover fogs up the climate debate – low cloud reflects heat, high cloud traps it. Will future temperatures/clouds be higher or lower? Recent studies cut through the haze ...continue » [more]

An under–reported side effect of burning fossil fuels is the acidification of the world’s oceans. The only creatures likely to be left unshaken by this change are ever-increasing numbers of jellyfish ...continue »

Rhetoric versus realpolitic. While climate negotiators speak in idealistic terms, it’s money that does the actual talking. ...continue »

For an environmentally–friendly festive season, get a real Christmas tree, decorate it with energy-efficient lights and pray God it doesn’t snow ...continue »  [more ]  [1]

The sceptics’ argument that Antarctica is gaining ice is all at sea. It depends on whether you take it with a pinch of salt or serve it straight on the rocks … continue »

A ‘four-degree world’ could feature famine, flooding, drought and mass migration. Can the Cancun talks rein in rising global temperatures?continue »

Cancun 2010. While humanity has high expectations for action to stop runaway climate change, the low expectations of industrialised countries plays politics with the future … continue »  [more ]

China is now the number one cause of climate change. They’ve even officially admitted it. But then again, maybe it’s how you look at the numbers … continue »  [more ]

With global warming amplified in the polar regions, thawing permafrost could rapidly become the epicenter of climate change. A climate time bomb from the ice ... continue »

Why do so many Republicans think they are right about climate change while the world's top scientists are wrong? And whose side are God and Satan on? continue »  [more ]

A new study shows that the Greenland Ice Sheet can respond to warming on the order of decades rather than the centuries projected by thermal models ...continue »  [more ]  [2]

Many climate deniers seem to think global warming was invented by Al Gore in 2006. A recently uncovered recording from 1956 shows how ridiculous that is ...continue »

The Montreal Protocol was aimed at saving the planet's ozone layer, not staving off global warming. But it may be about to acquire a brand new purpose ...continue »

In the search for "progress on coal" China is now the Google, the Intel, the General Motors and Ford of their heyday – the place where the doing occurs ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

It is a shame that scientists have to take personal and professional risks in order to be good citizens of the planet. It doesn't have to be this way ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

When it comes to climate change, conservatives are recklessly betting the farm on a single, best-case scenario. This is bad risk management and an irresponsible way to run anything ...continue »

Things that can be easily disproven outside of conservative America can never be disproven if you live inside their closed-circuit world on the right ...continue »

Earlier this year, scientist Simon L. Lewis was seriously misrepresented by a newspaper and thrown into a political storm. It's taught him a lot about the media ...continue »  [more]

For all the talk of plummeting ocean temperatures, last month was tied for the second hottest October in the UAH satellite record (October 2005 was slightly hotter) ...continue »

The Geological Society of London has prepared a position statement on climate change, focusing specifically on the geological evidence. It's a must read ...continue »

The international community should classify extraordinarily irresponsible scientific claims that could lead to mass suffering as some type of crime against humanity ...continue »

The first large-scale solar thermal power plant to be built in the United States in nearly two decades is about to start taking shape in California's Mojave Desert ...continue »

Narwhals diving nearly 2 kilometres below the surface have revealed that the cold water beneath the winter pack ice in Baffin Bay is getting warmer ...continue »  [more]

As climate change brings regular drought to ancient tribal societies in Ethiopia and Kenya, nomadic herdsmen are killing each other over water and grass ...continue »

Nobody in his right mind disputes that since satellite observations began, Arctic sea ice extent has declined dramatically. But what about before the satellite era? ...continue »  [more]

In a recent debate the atmospheric scientist Andy Dessler mopped the floor with his increasingly out-of-touch climate-skeptic colleague from MIT, Dick Lindzen ...continue »

The unusually heavy snows that blanketed the eastern United States, northern Europe and parts of Asia last winter were a consequence of the shift to a warmer Arctic ...continue »  [more]

It's all a conspiracy of lies, deceit, greed for money and power, and hatred of all the USA stands for. It's nothing but an attempt to destroy our freedom! ...continue »

There are two competing storylines about the climatologist, Judith Curry. In one she's a peacemaker, and in the other, a dupe. Which of them is true? ...continue »  [more]  [riposte 1]  [2]

Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, has a new film out called "Cool It". Leo Hickman takes an alternative look at the trailer ...continue »

It's ironic, but if the Medieval Warm Period were warmer than now, that would just go to show that the danger from man-made global warming is even greater than expected ...continue »

Geoengineering is often called plan B because plan A is emissions reductions. They're no longer separate plans. There is only one plan: all of the above ...continue »  [more]

The iron law of climate policy – too often ignored – is that climate policies must flow with the current of public opinion rather than against it ...continue »

Global warming is likely to reduce the total number of hurricanes in the Atlantic, but while doubling extremely dangerous category four and five hurricanes ...continue »  [more]  [riposte]

The record warmth we are seeing this year is all the more powerful evidence of human-caused warming because it is happening while solar irradiance is at a minimum ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

A good way to understand where anti-environmentalist, tea-party reactionaries are coming from is by considering their paranoia about phosphate-free dish detergent ...continue »  [more]

Fusion reactors could supply enough power to run the entire world's electricity grid in perpetuity. The National Ignition Facility is now preparing a key test ...continue »

98% of contributions to the pro-Proposition 23 campaign are from oil companies. They hope to show that no piece of environmental legislation is safe ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

Many scientists who in the past downplayed the dangers of passive smoking, acid rain and the ozone hole are now serving as professional climate change deniers ...continue »

The U.S. Republicans are stampeding toward an absolutist rejection of climate science unmatched among major political parties around the globe, even conservative ones ...continue »

What is a climate scientist to do when politicians intimidate and suppress honest research because they don't like what science says about climate change? ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

100 years ago, Montana's Glacier National Park had more than 150 glaciers throughout its more than one million acres. Today the total is down to just 25 ...continue »

With insurgents increasingly attacking the American fuel supply convoys, the military is pushing aggressively to develop, test and deploy renewable energy ...continue »

River runoff into the seas has been increasing by 540 cubic kilometers per year – a phenomenon perfectly in line with the predicted impacts of climate change ...continue »

September was the hottest September in the satellite record, and in the USA new heat records outnumbered new cold records by a ratio of more than 5 to 1 ...continue »  [more]

It's hardly news that most anti-science climate deniers engage in selective editing. The fine folks at the Heritage Foundation have just turned in an editing whopper ...continue »  [more]

Death to climate skeptics! Complaints about the 10:10 promo show a massive sense of humor failure. Anything that so annoys Anthony Watts can't be all bad...continue »  [but 1]  [2]  [3]

Climate skeptics like to claim that the earth is warming only because we're "coming out of the Little Ice Age." This argument rests on a pair of implausible assumptions ...continue »

From hunting gear to shoes, ancient artefacts once covered by ice are being unearthed in Norway. Now scientists face a race against time to preserve them ...continue »

Adelie penguins have survived changes in the Antarctic ice sheet for 40 millennia, but the next few decades will test their adaptability to the limit ...continue »  [& walruses]  [more]

Caribou and reindeer are better adapted to cold than they are to warmer, moister weather, and as a result their populations are now hovering on the precipice of major decline ...continue »

While America's Republicans turned "climate change" into a four-letter word – J-O-K-E – China's Communists also turned it into a four-letter word – J-O-B-S ...continue »  [more]

Arctic sea ice has melted back to its third lowest extent on satellite record, and probably to its lowest volume since before the rise of human civilization ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

When a warm ocean current comes up against an ice shelf, that's the end of the shelf, and sea levels go up. Unfortunately climate change is redirecting the currents ...continue »  [more]

Prominent climate skeptics tend to have manifestly implausible and unscientific beliefs about topics unrelated to climate change. Are they just naturally gullible? ...continue »  [more]

Twenty top climate scientists have compiled a methodical and devastating rebuttal to the testimony of climate skeptic, Christopher Monckton, before congress ...continue »  [more]  [report]

A few weeks before he died Stephen Schneider – who believed passionately that climate scientists should engage with the public – took on a room full of skeptics ...continue »

When considering the views of climate contrarians like Robert Laughlin and Freeman Dyson, one must remember that not every top physicist is a climate expert ...continue »

There is a solution for the world's insatiable energy needs. It's an inexhaustible energy source that is nearly emission-free. And it's located right under our feet ...continue »

Category 3, 4, and 5 events cause 80% of hurricane damage in the U.S., and global warming is going to make them more and more common ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

2010 is so far the hottest year in the NOAA record. August was the hottest August in the RSS satellite record, and tied for hottest in UAH record ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

The U.S. has enough depleted uranium stored away to supply the energy needs of ten billion people for a hundred thousand years. And the technology exists to use it ...continue »

Even as billions are spent to bring oil drilling to formerly inaccessible areas of the Arctic, climate deniers keep insisting nothing is happening ...continue »  [more]  [& walruses]

A major challenge in conversing with anthropogenic global warming skeptics is that they constantly seem to move the goalposts and change their arguments ...continue »

A new report from Deutsche Bank deftly refutes each of the major conspiracy howlers often made by climate skeptics and deniers ...continue »  [report]  [riposte]

Science is corrupt and exists by virtue of deceit – or so says Rush Limbaugh. The anti-science agenda of the American right is the last thing the country needs ...continue »

Should any good environmentalist be a vegan? Actually, no. Meat, milk and eggs produced by the right farming methods can be eaten with a clean conscience ...continue »

Sea ice extent in the Arctic is already the third lowest ever recorded – behind 2007 and 2008 – and there are still two weeks left in the melt season ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

In an era of scientific illiteracy, commodity fascism, minute attention spans and hyperactive media, we may have to wait for truly heinous weather to capture political attention ...continue »

The thermal energy available in America in rocks beneath the Earth's surface is far more than is needed to supply all of the country's electricity ...continue »  [more]

A trio of Norwegians in a trimaran are attempting to sail both the Northwest and Northeast passages during a single season. They're half way ...continue »  [more]

Are cloud feedbacks negative or positive? It's one of the most important unknowns in cimate science. But we're not in the infant stages of understanding any more ...continue »

On the surface, the situation in the Arctic looks dramatic enough. But the extent of sea ice is not all that matters: the drop in ice volume should worry us all ...continue »  [more]

It would be nice to dismiss the stupid things that Americans believe as harmless, the price of having such a large, messy democracy. Not so with global warming ...continue »  [more]

The world's highest-profile climate change sceptic is to declare that global warming is "undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today" ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

This year marks the third consecutive year – and the third time in recorded history – that both the Northwest Passage and Northeast Passage have melted free ...continue (scroll down) »

Why would a slow-paced taciturn scientist from a conservative corner of the US Midwest become an environmental activist? NASA's James Hansen explains ...continue »  [more]

An audit by KPMG has shown allegations against the IPCC's chairman to be utterly baseless. But don't expect the smear tactics to stop ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]  [riposte]

Why was global warming interrupted from 1940 to 1975, only to resume with a vengeance about 1975, when meantime CO2 levels were rising all the while? ...continue »

Almost all schemes for geoengineering our way out of climate change fail a key test: they can't stop the sea from rising and swamping low-lying countries ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

The Kochtopus is the secret creation of a pair of the richest men in America. They're trying to create a populist uprising and channel it into their own policies ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

Channels through the Canadian Arctic archipelago that were choked with ice at this time of year two decades ago are now expanses of open water ...continue »  [more]

Ocean acidification has a clear potential to effect everything from the tiniest phytoplankton to the largest fish. The threat to humankind is immense ...continue »

Rising temperatures in the past decade have reduced the ability of the world's plants to soak up carbon from the atmosphere, scientists said today ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

Lake Mead, the enormous reservoir that hydrates Arizona, Nevada and California, is receding to a level not seen since it was filing in the 1930s ...continue »

Does the famous "CO2 lag" disprove the greenhouse effect? No. To the contrary, it is powerful evidence for a dangerous positive feedback in the climate system ...continue »

The theory says that a warmer world will feature heavier rainstorms, bigger snowstorms, more intense droughts, and more heat waves. And that's what's happening ...continue »  [more]

July's global land surface temperatures were the warmest for any July on record, and so far 2010 is on track to be the hottest year on record ...continue »  [more]

Conventional wisdom has it that coal-fired electricity can be made carbon-neutral only by pumping the CO2 underground. But there is another, much better way ...continue »

2010 is the year of the heatwave, with 17 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America having set new records so far. That itself is a record ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]  [riposte]

If Christopher Monckton has no scientific training, why has he become so influential among climate change contrarians? It's because he delivers silver bullets ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

The entire ice mass of Greenland will disappear from the world map if temps rise by as little as 2°C, with severe consequences for the rest of the world ...continue »  [more]

The statistics are staggering. Russia's heatwave is the most severe in 1000 years, the mortality rate in Moscow has doubled, and morgues are overflowing ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

Why the hysterical vilification of Rachel Carson, a pleasant, amiable woman, who alerted the world to the dangers of the indiscriminate use of pesticides? ...continue »

Could anyone compile the many arguments of the climate skeptics into a single app without creating a mess of contradictions? The answer turns out to be "no" ...continue »

As warming intensifies the oxygen content of oceans across the planet will diminish, with serious consequences for the future of fish and other sea life ...continue »  [more]  [more]

The Eemian interglacial period, 120,000 years ago, is a good analogue for our future, and sea levels then were 10 to 15 feet higher than they are now. Bye bye Miami ...continue »  [more]

Broadly speaking, the Russian position has been that climate change is an invention of the West to try to bring Russia to its knees. The heat wave is changing that ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]

Will some sort of monstrous, galvanic weather event – epic heat and drought, Katrina on steroids – be needed to shake America fully awake? ...continue »

Inez Fung is on a mission to find and account for every gram of heat-trapping carbon dioxide on the planet. And she knows where most of it is hiding. ...continue »

Some skeptical arguments are so bad even scientists on the skeptics' side refute them. Take the idea that the greenhouse effect can't work ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [riposte]

The microscopic plants that support all life in the oceans are dying off at a dramatic rate, and it would appear that global warming is the cause ...continue »  [more]

Multiple sets of data, drawn from sea ice, glaciers, the upper atmosphere, and the ocean depths, all point unequivocally to one conclusion: our planet is warming ...continue »  [more]

British, American and Norwegian engineers are in a race to design and build the holy grail of wind turbines – a new breed of mammoth, 10MW offshore machines ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

The sea ice in the Arctic has become very thin. As a result it now reacts quickly and sensitively to weather, making sea ice extent less predictable than ever ...continue »  [more]

It wasn't the science, the scientists, or the economics that killed action on climate change. It was the usual suspects: greed, and political cowardice ...continue »  [more]

Given that air temps in most of Antarctica are far below 0°C (and likely remain that way), does it follow that significant ice loss can't occur? ...Part 1 » Part 2 » Part 3 »

Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is an utterly wonderful idea. It’s just a shame that there’s such a stench of nebulous eco–bullsh*t wafting around any actual attempt to achieve it ...continue »

‘Planet saving’ bio–fuels aren’t a Green idea, they’re driven by subsidies that are mouth–wateringly generous to energy producers and eye-wateringly costly to consumers and drivers ...continue »

It’ll soon be a summer Christmas in Australia, and the good people of New South Wales will have something else to chew over on the festive BBQ – massive power price hikes ...continue »

Apologies for the impolite British phrase, but who’s talking “weapons–grade b***ocks” about Durban? Those claiming it was a success? Or those calling it an abject failure? ...continue »

Renewable energy – alternative views. For the Greens, it’s a vision of a cleaner, greener future. But from an economic perspective, it’s an over–ambitious and ephemeral mirage. ...continue »

China self–righteously lectures other countries about carbon emissions while turning its own environment into a choking cesspool of polluted smog. What’s Mandarin for hypocrisy? ...continue »

In the dog–eat–dog world of the modern media, the BBC always seems so reassuringly reasonable. That is, until you see its polar–bear–eat–polar–bear climate change reporting ...continue »

He’s an environmental icon in Britain. His authoritative commentary is the voice of nature for millions. Unfortunately Sir David Attenborough is yet another BBC climate alarmist ...continue »

Innocent taxpayers are being screwed to pay for the great climate change myth – but when you're trying to save the world from this non–existent threat, no price is too great to pay ...continue »

If we don’t act RIGHT NOW – or by 2006 (or perhaps 2008 or maybe 2010)–global warming may be irreversible. (Note: Story, like climate change, is not to be taken seriously) ...continue »

What’s worse: Extracting oil from Canada’s vast bitumen deposits while emitting less CO2 per barrel than the Saudi Arabia oil wells, or paying the Saudi dictatorship for the stuff? ...continue »

Copenhagen failed – and the world kept turning. Cancun ended dismally – and we’re all still here. Now it’s Durban’s turn to fizzle out. But are climate talks as big a flop as the euro? ...continue »

The IPCC has thousands of self–critical scientists working tirelessly on the best peer–reviewed research to reach unbiased, independent conclusions. And pigs really do fly ...continue »

Naïve Greenies imagine that Kyoto was a sort of environmental bonding moment for the world’s nations. In fact, it was an exercise in green posturing and multilateral cynicism ...continue »

What do we know about climate change? Everyone ‘knows’ that global warming is true although we’ve never had an honest debate on either the science or government policy ...continue »

Racists, Holocaust deniers, child murderers, cowards, saboteurs, anti–science Flat–Earthers – oh yes, and global warming skeptics. They’re all the same to ‘moral’ climate activists ...continue »

Climate alarmists often accuse us of committing environmental suicide – but suicide is simply an escape from reality, and it’s the Greens who are guilty of delusional behaviour ...continue »

To induce widespread catastrophic consequences from large–scale warming of the planet, we would have to increase CO2 more than we are going to do in the near future. So chill ...continue »

The climate debate is as complex as human social life and natural science combined. So it’s fair to say that the human component of global warming may be somewhat overestimated ...continue »

Room to breathe: Now we can rule out the current worst–case scenarios for global warming as unnecessarily exaggerated, we know we have time to figure out solutions to the problem ...continue »

A little bit of background on the rate of species demise clearly suggests that Al Gore has painted a dire, distorted and erroneous picture of modern man causing wholesale extinctions ...continue »

History never repeats. Once bitten, twice shy. Learn from your mistakes. All adages that are completely inappropriate now that ClimateGate 2.0 is about to hit the headlines ...action » [replay]

“Absolutely useless. Completely reliant on subsidies. An absolute disgrace.” No, not a republican’s view of the British monarchy, but a right royal verdict on wind farms » [blood]

Global warming – the greatest environmental scare success in history. And for insurance companies, scaring the living bejesus out of its customers has proved massively profitable ...continue »

Climate change summits – the epitome of smug, hypocritical uselessness. This year’s destination for thousands of taxpayer–funded bureaucrats is the seaside city of Durban ...continue »

Forget the cabin in the woods. If what you value most is nature, cities do indeed concentrate damage – but the alternative merely spreads the damage. Urbanization is now good news ...continue »

Tie me kangaroo down, sport! The Australian Government’s creating a 40 tonne carbon footprint (and spending $AUS500,000) for a bureaucrats’ junket on climate change ...continue »

There are several misconceptions about CO2, most created when warmists try to prove their greenhouse gas hypothesis. It helps if this misinformation creates unfounded fears ...continue »

Stalin’s or Hitler’s or Mao’s totalitarian regimes brought bounty, happiness and environmental loveliness. And what else is true? Oh yes, global warming didn't stop in 1998 ...continue »

In the Middle Ages, they burnt heretics at the stake. Today, they’d probably incinerate Henrik Svensmark with cosmic rays for his ‘heretical’ theory of recent climatic variation ...continue »

The real wonder of renewable energy is how safe it is – safe, that is, for private investors who are making huge profits from renewable projects which are guaranteed by the government ...continue »

PIG headed for trouble: The Pine Island Glacier is expected to shed an iceberg the size of a city, and you can bet climate alarmists will immediately blame it on global warming ...continue »

The IPCC was set up by governments to find scientific support for a thesis they were already strongly inclined to support. That’s a fact – but alarmists claim it’s a skeptical conspiracy ...continue »

A ‘sustainable’ fuel that’s actually costing the earth. A new study shows that growing biofuels on tropical peat will actually increase greenhouse gases relative to petroleum fuels. ...continue »

The BEST affair is a media circus, but it’s not real science. So, global warming is real. Of course. But is it man–made? Is it serious? Is CO2 the villain? Are climate models useful? ...continue »

Motivated by blind faith in a theory that isn't supported by the facts, climate change alarmism is a perfect example of anti–science in the scientific community. And it costs us plenty ...continue »

Earthquake! What springs to mind? Smashed buildings, buried people? Surely not the ‘tiny tremors’ caused by shale gas fracking – itself a source of upheaval in the energy world ...continue »

What’s all the fuss about? It’s the little book that reveals that, for a body that’s supposedly impartial, the IPCC’s full of people who have an ideological axe to grind ...teenage »  [angst]

Astrology, homeopathy, phlogiston, alchemy. All pseudoscience. So too is the belief that Elvis is still alive and 9/11 was an inside job. And guess what else is, erm, questionable science? ...continue »

Welcome baby no. 7,000,000,000. Don’t worry about resources: The true barrier to tackling hunger and poverty is the widespread disdain for radical ways of taming nature ...continue »

BEST 2: The climate debate is now settled, and anyone who remains a skeptic is clearly committing a cynical fraud. And that’s all true – as long as you ignore the actual data ...continue »

What can we say about the IPCC? Rigorous review procedures. Pre–eminent specialists. Independent objective scientists. Do you smell a rat? Actually, it’s more of a stench ...continue »

Pandemics, famine, wars for resources – all get the Greens’ approval. And from whom do these modern misery merchants derive their misanthropy? From a certain Thomas Malthus ...continue »

The reports of climate change’s death are greatly exaggerated – but that’s only because, like a Hollywood zombie, it’s kept alive by its propaganda machine and media idiots ...continue »

Indulge a Catholic opinion: Be very suspicious of the pious language, and the dogma that condemns deniers, doubters and skeptics. Here we’re talking the ‘religion’ of climate change ...continue »

No wood s(h)avings with forest biofuels: Most people assume that wood bioenergy will be carbon–neutral, because the forest re–grows. Recent research shows this isn’t the case ...continue »

“Trust me: I'm not a climate scientist” – and what you need to deconstruct alarmists’ semantic skulduggery is someone qualified in language, rhetoric and grade one bullshit ...continue »

Are the authors of the IPCC's ‘Climate Bible’ the crème de la crème of world science as we’re so often told? Or are they the greenest of the green 20–something grad students? ...continue »

Divination, foretelling, prediction, prophecy, or just downright guessing. But in climate change circles it’s called computer modelling – or cranking out frightening visions of the future ...continue »

What would a cost/benefit analysis of one of the favoured alternative energy sources conclude? That wind energy isn’t a cost–effective method of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions ...continue »

Everyone’s always assumed that the growth–enhancing effects of CO2 in forests will eventually "hit the wall" and halt. It’s just that the wall’s further away than anyone thought ...continue »

Professional delinquency? It’s investigative journalism as it should be – hard–hitting and revealing. And it pulls no punches in illuminating the bizarre world of climate ‘science’ ...continue »

Gauging the political climate: Voters want a Presidential candidate who can take on the regulatory bureaucracy, the environmental pressure groups and the establishment media ...continue »

Climate change reconsidered: Even in worst–case scenarios, we’ll be better off in the year 2100 than today, and able to adapt to whatever challenges global warming presents ...continue »

What would you rather have as both a view and a source of electricity: Eight noisy wildlife–murdering monstrosities, each over 130ft (40m) tall? Or something hidden behind a hedge? ...continue »

Population scaremongers haven’t really changed their plots – they’ve just adopted PC lingo, like ‘climate change’ instead of ‘apocalypse’, to mask their misanthropic views ...continue »

The non–nuclear option: Germany’s taken a pioneering stance on renewable energy. And it could become a cautionary example of the problems with a green energy approach ...continue »

Stratigraphy’s graphic strategy: Defining a new geological era – the Anthropocene, ‘Age of Man’. But in a few million years, recent human activity will be lost in the margin of error ...continue »

White men can’t jump. And apparently the white male establishment won’t jump on the climate change bandwagon. That’s because they represent a new and weird band of rebels ...continue »

Real science is marked by an unquenchable thirst for objective scientific truth, regardless of consequences. And the Green’s climate change view of science is dogmatically narrow ...continue »

High five! Here’s a fistful of reasons why it’s time to move the debate past the view that CO2 is evil and toward one that accepts the need for cheap, abundant and reliable energy ...continue »

Global warming ain’t all bad – ships can save time and money, and avoid pirates by using open Arctic sea lanes, with the icing on the cake the cuts in CO2 emissions ...continue »

When the last ice age peaked, levels of atmospheric CO2 rose by a third. Scientists assumed that the source of the gas was the deep ocean. And it turns out, they’re probably wrong ...continue »

Oh my God! We’ll run out of fossil fuels in only two hundred years’ time! Hold on – that doesn’t sound that bad … at least, not with this upbeat outlook on our energy future ...continue »

Britain’s probably got enough shale gas reserves to keep lights burning for centuries. So what do the politicians do? Turn their back on this bonanza and go tilting at windmills ...continue »

What do a pacifist sculptor, a clergyman, a politician, a lawyer, a story–telling revolutionary, and several assorted peace activists have in common? All are climate change experts ...continue »

Ice. It’s pure, it’s clean, and epitomises all that’s worth protecting in this planet’s natural environment. Yet Green rhetoric gives ice a mucky brown hue because it’s sheer BS ...continue »

We can look forward to sustainable bicycle–friendly communities, with lots of teachers, nurses, artists, solar panel cleaners and windmill minders … once capitalism is no more ...continue »

Davy Jones Locker – not only is it a grave deal for drowned sailors but it’s the best place to sink troubling evidence that the Earth isn’t warming like alarmists have predicted ...continue »

If there are Marxisants (those who know Marxist slogans but no theory – think Obama), are there also Environmentalisants? (Think Al Gore, and a half–million peasants.) ...continue »

Why’s everyone so gloomy about future population growth? Sure, there’ll be more people – but there’ll be less pollution and poverty, and more of that wonderful thing called nature ...continue »

What does combatting climate change actually involve? Outspoken, publicity–hungry politicians who consider it their sacred duty to put obstacles in the way of economic growth. ...continue »

You can map out climate–change miserabilism as channelling a vision of the future in which man, producing too much and consuming far more, is conceived as the problem ...continue »

C’mon! Think about it: What REALLY causes global warming? That big shiny thing in the sky. Yet some would rather believe that a trace atmospheric gas controls Earth's climate ...continue »

Nuking the nuclear. If you’re worried about the risks of atomic power, do what Germany has done: Get rid of your power stations and rely on more dangerous foreign ones ...continue »

Atlas shrugs off criticism it's gone too green with Greenland, as scientists suggest map–makers have made absurd errors in illustrating the extent of Arctic ice melt »  [land]  [hype]

“He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind” (Proverbs 11:29). But what troubleth UK households is the wind – or rather, the foolish energy policies they’ve inherited ...continue »

Meat Loaf once sang that “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”. Luckily, he didn’t read climate change reports, where only four pages out of one hundred thirty five have any ‘evidence’ ...continue »

At ClimateDebateDaily HQ, beans are a biofuel – they help produce natural gas. But it’s bean counters who’ve spotted the ‘serious accounting errors’ with biofuels and greenhouse gas ...continue »

To abandon the single largest source of cost–effective, reliable and clean energy in Europe’s largest economy is nothing short of jaw–dropping. It’s called being Green. Or stupid ...continue »

The source of imported wood piles up a (bio)massive problem for the UK’s latest cleaner energy scheme, with jobs being axed, rainforests facing the chop and Greens all fired up ...continue »

Green on the outside, red on the inside, and rotten to the core: It’s the failed and corrupt ‘watermelon’ politics that’s costing US taxpayers millions chasing environmental delusions ...continue »

Forget the old adage that no news is good news – for climate alarmists, good news is bad news. That’s why all we get is dying reefs, species extinction, rising seas, all round doom ...continue »

A morality tale: What does maintaining the moral high ground cost the Left? Nothing – the costs are borne solely by the billions of lives blighted by the Left’s perverse ideology ...continue »

It’s not ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’, though it’s slightly Wagnerian. It involves a Wolfgang, but not an Amadeus or a Mozart. It’s just a bizarre story of a hitherto little known editor ...continue »

Let’s be honest, let’s be fair and let’s not pretend: President Obama’s ‘green job’ stimulus really is creating many new jobs. The problem is that they’re mostly being created overseas ...continue »

Climate change modellers may be caught between a rock and a hard place as the result of the latest findings about the nitrogen cycle, atmospheric CO2, tree growth – and, erm, rocks ...continue »

Let’s tell it how it is: Global Frauding is a deliberate attack on the core scientific values of truth–telling, empirical discipline, and scepticism. (And it’s made Al Gore rich. And fat.) ...continue »

Pssst! Want to know a dirty little secret? Don’t tell those lobbying for massively expensive ‘solutions’ to global warming, but here’s a fast and economic to sweep away the problem ...continue »

Why such sunny smiles in China? Because by subsidizing solar panel buyers, the US and EU try to build demand – but these subsidies are simply used to buy Chinese solar panels ...continue »

What’s the difference between modern Green prophecies of global apocalyptic doom and those of Nostradamus? Nostradamus had no desire to keep the impoverished living in sh*t ...continue »

It’s a cosmic catastrophe for climate alarmists as their Enemy No.1 returns to settle old scores – and all the evidence now clearly suggests that global warming isn’t a human issue ...continue »

When getting close to wind turbines, it pays to duck. But it’s no laughing matter for the half million or so birds killed by windmills each year, including the majestic golden eagle ...continue »

First, we thought warmer temperatures were driving longer growing seasons and greater growth. Then we thought they weren’t. Now we think they are. Confused? It’s called science ...continue »

"Irene's got a middle name, and it's Global Warming." Or so says climate activist, Bill McKibben. Is there a cyclone scientist alive who'd agree with his stretched scientific logic? ...continue »

Satellites show that over the last year, global sea level actually fell by about a quarter of an inch, or half a centimeter. Just a pothole on road to higher seas? ...continue »

One of the most detailed studies of the particles that seed clouds has shown that the sun and cosmic rays might play a role in controlling climate change ...continue »  [more]

So, who ya gonna vote for for President? To help you choose, here’s the low–down on Republican candidates’ views on climate change … not that it matters if your mind’s made up ...continue »

Diversity of opinion in the scientific community is desirable. But the environmentalism that worships nature has established one viewpoint as dogma. It’s scientific progress. Not ...continue »

If you are willing to pay $18 million per megawatt of electricity rather than under $1 million per MW, are you: a) as mad as a hatter, or b) the British Government. (Answer: Both.) ...continue »

“The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one – but still they come!” Climate change may lead to a War of the Worlds. (Plus scientists’ hot discovery) »  [aliens]  [star]

The idea of a terminal tipping point for polar ice has been see–sawing around the climate community for some time, with the latest research now weighing down on the skeptical side ...continue »

Running out of gas: Australian Greens don't want solutions to complex energy challenges because it threatens political campaign opportunities, donations and party membership ...continue »

Go light on punitive climate policies: We will only solve global warming by ensuring that alternative technologies are better than current options, so that people will choose to use them ...continue »

Science, focusing on complex sciencey stuff, has failed to change the public’s mind on climate change. So it’s up to the Arts, with simple emotional stuff, to win our hearts ...continue »

Breaker–breaker! We have a convoy! To oppose unnecessary climate change tax, Aussie truckers sound a loud 10–4 to the urban elites who’ve lost touch with ordinary people ...continue »

Czech this out: Global warming alarmism is the most dangerous vehicle for the suppression of freedom and for the advocacy of large scale government masterminding of our lives ...continue »

Rifles, tripwires, flares – the sort of equipment you’d need for war, not camping. Unless, of course, you’re heading for the Arctic, where there’s a growing polar bear problem ...continue »

You can argue about climate change ’til the cows come home … except tilling the land creates carbon debt (and cows emit greenhouse gas). It’s better being natural ...continue »

If you’re worried that icy Arctic ecosystems are on the slippery, slushy verge of an irreversible death spiral, just chill. It’s not all bad news – we’ve been there before » [breaker]

Here’s something to perplex any dyed–in–the–wool Greenie: What’s more important to the environmentalist cause, wind power or whales? The correct answer will receive some bubbly ...continue »

To finally iron out the problem of atmospheric CO2 – and the global warming it generates – we first need to let the dust settle on the greatest life–sustaining force on Earth ...phyto– » [plankton]

How can we tell the historic ‘ebb and floe’ of Arctic ice when the evidence simply melts away? Here’s a cool way to find cold facts that has welcome news about ice regeneration ...continue »

A cheaper, deeper solution to climate change? Why accept expensive policies on greenhouse gases when slashing atmospheric CO2 levels could be a simple as putting down roots? ...continue »

War – what is it good for? Well, for climate change obsessed Western eco–imperialists it provides great scope for arbitrating, interfering and posturing on the world stage »  [helmets]

In science, collecting accurate data is a simple bare necessity (one of Old Mother Nature's recipes) – so why is it that on–the–verge–of–extinction polar bears are flourishing? ...continue »

“Summer days, drifting away to oh oh the summer nights / Tell me more, tell me more / Are temperatures rising so high? / Tell me more, tell me more / No, the statistics don’t lie” ...continue »

Radical intellectuals who despise rule by the rabble, otherwise known as democracy, are peddling the latest example of ideologically motivated catastrophe theory – global warming ...continue »

The Heart of Darkness: Legions of climate change true believers are marching forth, waving the output of bogus computer models and claiming to have divined the future ...light »  [dark]

If climate affects how trees grow, then past climatic conditions should be revealed in tree rings. If that sounds so simple it sends you to sleep, you need to start counting sheep ...continue »

Germany expects its renewable energy revolution will cost virtually nothing. But while it’s Deutschland über alles when it comes to Green ambitions, the reality is blacker ...continue »

The BBC can’t deny that keeping up with Prof. Jones’s views means supporting an embattled climate orthodoxy that’s so one–sided that it must be seen as a scandal in its own right ...continue »

Environmentalism, ignorant to criticism, has developed inside an insular, self–regarding bubble – so let’s prick the conceits of its well–off, middle–class, whinging members ...continue »

Today’s rent–seeking renewable energy companies love the Greens for the same reason that yesterday’s bootleggers liked Baptists: Moral crusading keeps the cash flowing smoothly ...continue »

Sea level rises could be measured in a nutshell – because the facts show that high sea-level rises used as precautionary guidelines by climate scientists are, in a nutshell, ridiculous ...continue »

[Said in a plummy upper crust British accent] “This is the BBC. Tonight’s news will be politically correct, and the weather forecast is for continued global warming. Thank you.” ...continue »

Lots of pain, little gain: To meet its self–imposed green targets, Britain’s policy is to tax carbon, fix high prices for renewable electricity and load extra costs on energy bills ...continue »

Nuclear power and genetically modified crops are two hefty heresies in environmentalist circles – but the biggest sacrilege is a sense of optimism. Now the gloom’s beginning to lift ...continue »

The sky’s the limit for climate scientists competing to outdo one–another's predictions of future sea level rises, with the leading forecast nine times higher than the last IPCC maximum ...continue »

Conservation through Conservatism: If Americans married and stayed married, many of the environmental problems that leftists pretend to worry about would dramatically diminish ...continue »

If you remember Woodstock you weren’t there … But if you forget the wood stock you won’t realise how much CO2 can be kept out of the atmosphere by using wood products ...continue »

The entire USA is mired in the grip of a bizarre and unpredictable weather phenomenon known as ‘summer’. The kind of dramatic climate impact that alarmists’ models predict ...continue »

Dribble or tripe? Models are not up to the task of predicting climate calamities, yet we’re constantly told we’re near a tipping point or that that point may have already been past ...continue »

Atomic energy that generates zero greenhouse gases, offers no chance of a catastrophic accident and can be available to all nations. Power confusion? No, it’s simple fusion ...continue »

Climate alarmists blow hot, then cold – and the most bizarre thing about this latest twist in the climate scare story is the way it takes us precisely back to where it all started 40 years ago ...continue »

We can’t try it without inhaling … No, not that kind of smoke – we’re talking carbon–capture, akin to the Earth wrapping its lips around an exhaust pipe and taking a long, deep drag ...continue »

Forget CO2 – think energy. Countries with cheap, abundant, reliable electricity can grow economies, educate citizens and pull people out of poverty. And those that can't, can't ...continue »

Killing the fatted graph: You don't have to know statistics to know that it's inappropriate to take a published result and alter the graph from it. It’s how the IPCC cooks the CO2 data ...continue »

Organic sprouts killed people in Germany. The Fukushima crisis has killed no–one in Japan. But the problem’s not just with defending nuclear, it’s with countering alarmist Green spin ...continue »

Why do many people hate the Greens. Okay, this is a family website, so we’ll just say that one reason is their overblown objection to nuclear power. (And because they’re lying zealots) ...continue »

Eat your greens: Our grandkids could live wealthy consumer lifestyles, consuming huge quantities of plant matter yet actually increasing the amount of growth available to wildlife ...continue »

What to make of the scientific consensus on climate change? There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus. Period. ...continue »

Those advocating expensive political schemes to tackle climate change might simply want to bury the idea of regenerative agriculture – after all, it’s a really dirty way to deal with carbon ...continue »

Aussie’s Prime Minister calls her emissions trading policy a ‘carbon pricing scheme’. But it looks like a tax. It works like a tax. It costs like a tax. In fact, it is a tax. Fair dinkum, cobber! ...continue »

Climate extremes: Sensible debate on climate change is hindered by the ‘religious’ extremists on both sides. But any economic rebalancing must not mean de–industrialisation ...continue »

“It is angry, hard-hitting … the sort of old–fashioned polemic from somebody with historical perspective that has been lacking on this subject”. It’s Al, Gored ...continue » [more] [review]

The hazard is so dangerous that Australia needs a politically feasible, environmentally sensible and cost–effective climate policy. This, despite the fact global warming isn’t occurring ...continue »

A sceptical blast from the Thatcherite past: Nigel Lawson, the Iron Lady’s former right hand man, puts economics and energy security at the center of his critique of the climate policy debate ...continue »

There’s Dumb and there’s Dumberer – a.k.a. liberal–lefties. They want to dump a pretty little narrative of the world on the rest of us. And ruin our lives. They’re not just stupid but evil too ...continue »

Many skeptics might recommend the Heimlich Maneuver to stop climate alarmists endlessly chewing over atmospheric CO2 – but what they might need instead is the Heinrich Event ...continue »

Environmental role reversal: The left's gone from embracing modernity to hugging trees; the right, from conservatism to climate change denial. But neither side’s going for geo–engineering ...continue »

Charting the fluctuations of global sea levels for the last 2000 years is easy – especially if you use the data to validate a pre–existing model that blames mankind for recent apparent rises ...continue »

Environmentalists get burnt as the Supreme Court rejects a global warming lawsuit against power companies. Congress, not the courts, should set policies on climate change regulation »  [aid]

The news we’re entering a mini Ice Age is great for smokers – cigarettes contribute to the greenhouse gases needed to keep the cold at bay. So here’s some other Earth warming ideas ...continue »

Biofuelling recurrent food crises. By diverting resources from food production, government demand for more biofuels undermines our primary obligation to feed the hungry ...continue »

Renewables could meet 80 percent of the world's energy supply by 2050 … in Cloud Cuckoo Land, a.k.a. the world of Greenpeace, a.k.a. the IPCC. In this world, it’s nearer 15 percent ...continue »

Reasons to look forward to the next Ice Age: Enjoying delicious woolly mammoth steaks while reading grovelling apologies from Al Gore and co. Can’t wait! ...continue »  [cooler head]

Spot the difference: Although global warming has been the forecast of choice, it might be we’re heading for another Little Ice Age. Will it be a warm spell or a cold snap? ...continue »

Humanity is doomed: Current lifestyles are unsustainable. We’re wrecking the world and gobbling up the last resources. It’s a commonplace mantra – and it’s fundamentally wrong ...continue »

A holy mission to combat climate change? Or the breath–taking stupidity, pureblind ignorance and suicidal wrongheadedness of our boneheaded political and administrative classes? ...continue »

Who says last winter was too cold and now the summer’s too hot? The Duke of Burgundy and the Queen of Spain don’t think so. Here’s some climate news that’s good for the (Greek) soul ...continue »

Wanted: Opportunists, cynics, manipulators, and money–hungry moguls, to join the climate crusade. Unquestioning support for contested science and dubious claims an advantage ...continue »

“Peak oil.” “Peak oil.” “PEAK OIL.” Even though it’s said often and loudly, it hasn’t happened yet. Indeed, maybe it’ll be renewable fuels disappearing into the (subsidy) sunset. ...continue »

Environmentalists may be misguided about the extent of global deforestation: With forests, it’s not so much the area that counts but the density of the trees. How thick can you get? ...woods » [trees]

A heap of steaming dung? If we were really serious about global malnutrition, we’d stop writing reports about corporate greed and climate change, and start trucking fertilisers ...fed up »  [starved]

Scaremongering and exaggeration. It’s Germany’s clash of competing calamities: Nuclear Armageddon versus Climate Apocalypse. So take your seats in the fear-fuelled grandstand ...continue »

Humanity, you stand before this court accused of attempted Geocide, a criminal act on a planetary scale. But it doesn't matter how you plea – you’ve already been found guilty ...continue »

Doom! Disaster! The End–of–the–World Is Nigh! Sure, scaremongering makes for good headlines, but with climate change fact–based scepticism eventually wins the arguments ...continue »

A spectre is haunting the world – the spectre of fossil fuel depletion. Only it seems this old bogey–man has peaked too soon. The truth is, we’re entering an era of energy abundance ...continue »

Actor Cate Blanchett really cares about the environment – after all, when you’re a multimillionaire you can afford to care about a lot of things ...continue »  [more1]  [more2]  [more3]

With the environment, it’s better safe than sorry. At least, that’s the theory behind the precautionary principle – in practice, though, it means paralysis, regulation and damaging inaction ...continue »

The Marshall Plan helped re–build European industry after the devastation wrought by ‘brown’ fascism. Today those who threaten Europe’s prosperity come decked in green ...continue »

God’s Truth! While Peter Singer’s philosophy on abortion and euthanasia (and bestiality!) appears decidedly irreligious, his ethical attitude to climate change is oddly theological ...continue »

This year’s devastating American tornadoes have claimed hundreds of lives, so let’s ask the tough question: Is climate change to blame? And the answer is: » [yes] [maybe]

Just how renewable are renewables? It's an odd fact that ‘renewable’ resources (like trees or cod) keep running short, while no non–renewable resource (oil, say, or gold) has yet run out ...continue »

If the environmentalists' gloomy predictions of a polluted and energy-depleted future are getting you down, simply trust in human ingenuity – and take a leaf from Mother Nature ...continue »

Australia must have a carbon tax that ‘hurts’. And for what reason? So that power bills can double, power shortages become more likely and the energy industry lose investment ...continue » [more1] [more2]

How to kill three birds with a single stone: Sequester one greenhouse gas while removing another and exploit vast reserves of energy. It’s a simple case of fire from ice ...continue »  [more1]  [more2]  [more3]

This sounds familiar: Scientific experts making predictions that haven’t matched what’s actually been observed. No, not AGW hysteria – this time it’s extinction alarmism ...continue »  [more]

Paradoxically, the melting polar ice sheet may herald both the rise and fall of greenhouse gases. Confused? Well, it’s not so much a cloud’s silver lining as an iceberg’s iron filling ...continue »

You’d think it merely the voice of reason to wish a better life for all. But if you’re an ex–Greenie who no longer views humanity as the earth’s cancer, you’d be the voice of treason ...continue »

Al Gore had ‘it’: An Inconvenient Truth about the impact of global warming. Now another former politician has ‘rit’: The Really Inconvenient Truth about the sham called climate change ...continue »

All in the mind: Why don’t we demand the new technology that reduces our carbon footprints? Because we’re not deluded. And anyway, eco–homes are, erm, not very good ...continue »

Scientists went to sea, sea, sea / To see what they could see, see, see / But all that they could see, see, see / Was the same old level sea, sea, sea. So they’ve doctored the sea level data, see ...continue »

Reality Czech: Reducing CO2 emissions through government directives isn’t possible without undermining democracy, independence, human freedom, and prosperity ...continue »

If climate change believers and climate change skeptics met for polite debate, would they attain a sensible middle ground? Sadly, only if they fell for the ‘Dog S**t Yoghurt Fallacy’ ...continue »

The Green Heavyweight Title (2): China versus USA. If this was a war of words, China would be ahead on points. But USA swings wildly. Bang! It’s the killer punch ...continue »

Global catastrophe, predicted with absolute confidence. Sound familiar? But why do so many fall prey to climate change alarmism? Perhaps they just crave the certainty touted by ‘experts’ ...continue »

It’s cleaner than coal and cheaper than renewables, but shale gas faces a host of enemies in the energy and environmental industries – all keen to strangle it at birth ...shale »  [gas]  [attack]

So what if there weren’t quite the fifty million climate refugees by 2010 as predicted by the global warming brigade, at least 500 Bering Strait islanders were affected ...continue »

Green on the outside, Red on the inside: The Watermelons’ pretended concern for the environment merely disguises a bullying, puritanical urge to impose political beliefs by diktat ...continue »

In their opposition to shale gas, giant energy corporations and environmental lobbies make strange bedfellows – especially as it’s a cheaper cleaner means for a nice cosy cot ...continue »

Con. Deception. Dishonesty. Fraud. Scam. Swindle. The standard skeptical view of global warming? Yes – and also the latest neutral assessment of the global climate aid industry ...continue »

Today’s hot topic is … not global warming. From the archives: Guess which side of the climate debate the late Most Wanted Man was on? OMG, it’s OBL on AGW ...Osama »  [Bin]  [Laden]

The scorn clouds are gathering over climate alarmists’ attempt to link devastating twisters with global warming. So catch your breath and ride the rising wind of ridicule ...continue »  [more1]  [more2]

Forget climate change, the new term is ‘global climate disruption’ – and nothing says disruption quite like a tornado. This season’s whirlwinds have got alarmists in a spin ...continue »  [more]

The paranoid, self–righteous, dictatorial, quasi-religious, bio-worshipping alchemists of ecology have cried wolf too often, so who cares if the Big Bad Climate Wolf really exists? ...continue »

Somethingmustbedoneness’ – the great political issue raised by climate change. Yet those insisting most that something must be done are the very ones preventing anything being done ...continue »

The hole in Canada’s commitment to cut carbon emissions is big enough to drive the country’s trucks through. And cars, buses and trains, with room for all the power stations, too ...continue »

Greens are certainly green when it comes to being suckered in. But they’ll be green in the seasick sense when they find that they’re no greener than those who aren’t, erm, Green at all ...continue »

Secret agendas, shadowy operations, friends in high places, behind–the–scenes power. A villainous organisation from James Bond? No, it’s a nice, not–for–profit environmental group ...continue »

China’s much–hyped investment in wind and solar energy will slow global warming by – wait for it – a grand total of five hours by the end of the century. Not quite the Green Leap Forward ...continue »

The precautionary principle codifies the idea that before anything new is allowed, it must be proven to cause no harm to anything, anywhere, under any conditions ...continue »

The UN issues another doomsday prediction to hide its embarrassingly wrong claim of 50 million climate refugees by 2010: There’ll be 50 million climate refugees. By 2020. Honest ...continue »

Time for a little climate debate craziness: Environmentalism is devoted to the collapse of every scientific and technological advance, and the capitalist system that made them possible. ...continue »

It’s climate change’s very own ‘chicken or the egg’ conundrum: What came first, an increase in global temperature or in CO2? Welcome to the confusing world of cause and effect ...continue »

Let’s get straight to the really important question: Will global warming be good or bad for beer? (Both, apparently.) Here’s a toast to all the things caused by climate change. Cheers! ...continue »

The history of climate science is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who now deny they said it (to paraphrase George Santayana). Here’s a few examples ...hoax »  [hysteria]

A political jibe says that environmentalists are like melons: Green on the outside, red on the inside. Now we need something for the joke called biofuel: It’s green on the outside, …? ...continue »  [more]

You can fool some people all of the time, and all people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all of the time. To see if time’s up for AGW, read this Intelligent Voters Guide ...part 1  »  [part 2 ]

Who’d be mad enough to mix gay marriage with Bible–based conservatism? The Australian Government – who’ve also developed a puritan ideological obsession with carbon taxes ...continue »

Climate science isn’t merely hot air and guess work – it’s mere guess work based on moist hot air. So yes, carbon dioxide does cause global warming, but not enough to worry about ...continue »

There’s nothing more important in science than a willingness to change your mind as new facts come in. In climate science especially, it’s bold and admirable – so what’s up with that? ...continue »

The ‘bodily’ harm to the Earth from climate change is more like a nosebleed than a severed limb. And the best cure? Well, a tourniquet around the neck would stop the bleeding ...continue »

The IPCC provides rigorous and balanced scientific information. Yeah, right! And the IPCC’s chairman is someone who’s advancing an alarming activist agenda. Yes, that’s right ...continue »

The Earth has a name for its pain: Mankind. At least, that’s the vilely misanthropic view of the human species held by many in the climate change brigade. But they’re the cancer, not us ...continue »

Let’s review the pollution death list: Cooking on indoor fires – 1.5 million; coal-fired power plants – 100,000; Fukushima nuclear reactor – zero. A sense of proportion, anyone? ...continue »

And now for something completely different: A sunny, optimistic and rational take on climate change. Is solar activity shading out carbon as the main cause of global warming? ...continue »

It’s the unconventional–natural–gas revolution. No, it’s not methane–emitting cattle, but a fracking good tale of a century's worth of inexpensive, environmentally attractive energy ...continue »

Republicans plan to lower global temperatures with a simple switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius. (Okay – check today’s date and forgive the reference to non–existent climate change) ...continue »

You’d think the environmentalist ethos would be promote human growth and creativity – that “Yes we can!” But in (economic) reality, it's only “No we can’t” ...[background1]  [background2]  [more1]  [more2]

If we fail to act absolutely right now on climate change, then we won’t be able to control global warming within the next few decades … or maybe centuries … or possibly millennia ...continue »

Imposing command and control regulation on carbon emitters is like performing surgery with a butter knife, but it’s what the EPA stands for: Economically Perverse Action ...continue »

Armageddon, apocalypse, doomsday, holocaust. The media’s uranium–fuelled response to Fukushima reads like an End–of–Days thesaurus. Why not a little faith in humanity? ...continue »

Forget the environmentalists’ doomsday scenarios: There’s little (tele)connection between global warming and human activity – we’re getting greener not Greener ...continue »

Yawn … Now that climate fatigue’s set in, nobody’s worried about global warming anymore. So governments can happily adopt their policy of choice: Doing nothing ...continue »

When a chocolate chief lambasts conspicuous wastefulness, then something’s up. But it’s just putting concern for starving people before being worried about carbon emissions ...continue » [more]

How do you solve a problem like Monbiot? How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? Well, perhaps by letting him confess to a conversion on the road to Fukushima ...continue »

The latest research on wind–generated energy is enough to make a (green–)dyed in the wool environmentalist blubber, “Save the Whales!” How deliciously ironic! ...continue » [more]

In the court of popular opinion, what’s more of a public nuisance – companies working to keep the economy alive or ’60s–era radicals striving to tax it to death? ...continue »

What’s in a name? That which we call AGW would feel as warm if it were PETM. With global warming, it’s not that history never repeats, but what goes around comes around ...continue »

There’s a nuclear (over–)reaction along the Japanese/German axis, with the problems in the east causing meltdown in the west. Please tell us: Is sushi still safe to eat? ...continue »

The Japanese catastrophe and climate change: Environmentalists’ exploitation of events in the Land of the Rising Sun casts further light on global warming’s waning cause ...continue »

The Kyoto Protocol is due to expire in 2012. In its 15 year ‘life’, will it have achieved anything more than making Al Gore a hypocritical climate billionaire? ...continue »

Cap and trade really does make a difference to the environment – a perverse one. It’s meant more power stations fired by coal and fewer fired by cleaner gas ...continue »

At the icy core of the evidence of a Dark Ages Cold Period, a Medieval Warm Period and a Little Ice Age is the fact that global temperatures are naturally quite variable ...continue »

Wunderbar! Germany’s bewildering new biofuel rules probably don’t make any environmental difference, but at least they oppose Colonel Gaddafi at the gas pump ...continue »

The EU’s grand carbon scam: Steal $250 billion of your money, spend it on crap, destroy the landscape, raise taxes and deprive your children of an economic future ...continue »

The research driving the dire predictions of overwhelming sea level rises has hit a huge sheet of ice, with ‘scientific’ models now skidding out of control ...continue »

In the face of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, who would love a sunburnt country? Perhaps those who also love her droughts and flooding rains ...continue »

Councils across the UK are refusing to pick up energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs from homes, because they contain toxic mercury and give off poisonous vapors ...continue »

As the great global warming scare continues to crumbleb , attention focuses on all those groups that have a huge vested interest in keeping it alive ...continue »

The beetle epidemic that has killed trees on millions of acres in western North America isn't the ecological disaster it is often portrayed to be, says a senior forest scientist ...continue »

Those who have been worshipping so ardently at the altar of reduced carbon emissions may find that they have been deifying not just a false god but a ruinously expensive one, too ...continue »

Let’s accept the dubious evidence ‘linking’ British floods to human–caused global warming. So, exactly how many people actually died? Clue: It’s a nice round figure ...continue »

Sack the czars! It’s a toxic environment for climate change executives in President Obama’s administration. Guess that’s $36billion saved on pamphlets and hot air ...continue »  [more]

Burning heretics at the stake is far too polluting for today’s global warming zealots. Better to condemn non–believers to silence: If they can’t be heard, they can’t disturb ...continue »

Wind turbines can blight the lives and livelihoods of locals, and destroy culture, history and iconic views. Remind me again: Just what exactly are they there to save? ...continue »  [more]

So what if the English have blown thousands on useless wind turbines – the Japanese have wasted (bio-)masses more in their fruitless struggle against global warming ...continue »  [more]

If we want to cut carbon emissions, what would give more bang for the taxpayer’s buck: Big Government or the Free Market? Go on – take a wild guess! ...continue »

A huge gulf exists between the scientific possibility of human caused climate change and the lazy urban myth that it must be tackled by drastic policy measures ...continue »

One person was killed by cyclone Yasi in Australia, yet over 130,000 died when cyclone Nargis struck Burma. Why? Perhaps because there’s safety in prosperity ...continue »

Come on, cheer up! Climate change needn’t be all doom and gloom – maybe it presents unrivalled opportunities for improving human health and wellbeing ...continue »

Global warming theory suggests that storms will increase in intensity as the Earth heats up. But the opposite’s happening in the cyclone–prone Bay of Bengal ...continue »

Here’s an easy cost/benefit equation: Would you rather donate $10 to (a) avoid $3 of climate change damage or (b) provide $170 of benefits to the desperately poor? ...continue »

A simple grassroots idea provides hope for drought–afflicted farmers. So sing along: “Oh build me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play …” ...continue »

Did you hear the one about the mysterious entity controlling everything, from drought to floods, blistering heat to bitter cold? Yes, this is a joke – it’s called Global Warming ...continue »

The currents of climate change run deep. And it’s not only global warming skeptics who realise that the devil’s in the details in the deep blue sea ...devil »  [details]

“You denier!” “You alarmist!” “You’re juvenile!” “You’re pompous!” Forget the needless name–calling – if the global warming debate gets heated, just chill ...continue »

Is Britain’s scientific establishment nursing a right royal grudge against climate change skepticism? Yes – Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society ...continue »  [more]

Once the trusted ‘Aunty’ of the British media, now it's a propaganda machine for global warming alarmists: The BBC (it’s a Bad Bad Climate) ...continue »  [but]

It’s simple: If glaciers are melting, then the air must be getting warmer; and if they’re not, then it isn’t. But with apparent climate change, nothing’s simple ...yes »  [no]  [maybe]

What should you pack for a future British holiday? Will it be hot and dry, or cold and wet? If you’re a climate change believer, just take your pick ...choice 1 »  [choice 2]

Promises, promises. US President Obama’s dream of “winning the future” over climate change sure sounds great. But then again, words come cheap ...continue »  [more]

They’re (eco–)friendly no more, so brace yourself for battle. It’s the Charge of the Climate Change Brigade. Cry global warming and let slip the comfort–hating nutters of war! ...continue »

Maybe, just maybe, climate change has caused this winter’s weird weather. But when we fence ourselves in by being certain, nature has a way of humbling us ...continue »

Shock horror! That arch–polluter America has been slashing greenhouse gas emissions for the past few years. And it’s been dismally easy: By simply crashing the economy ...continue »

It’s green and it’s revolutionary – and it might just wreck the planet. But despite the hype, climate change legislation ain’t necessarily good ...continue »

Developing countries face unfair pressure to reduce CO2 emissions. But now a ray of sunshine clears away the dubious dogmas of climate change theologians. ...continue »

It’s not news that the media just repeat unfounded claims about catastrophic global warming. But it’s worth noting when they’re big enough to admit it ...continue »

Let’s give a bit of (carbon) credit to the environmentalists: Even they agree that Europe’s emission trading scheme is a farcical waste of taxpayers’ money ...continue »

The role of seafloor carbon sources in shaping our planet’s climate is complex, fascinating and little understood. What we need is deeper understanding ...continue »

It’s true that “freak weather” disasters are man–made – they’re largely the consequence of the disastrous political obsessions of climate change alarmists ...continue »

Carbon capture and storage: Sure, it’ll cost billions and might not work but it certainly sounds simple, safe, and even a wee bit sexy ...continue »  [more]

How do you get the most out of wind–turbine energy, especially when freezing winter weather hits? Easy – just wait until it warms up again ...continue »

A new tree ring study from Europe confirms that warm periods lead to prosperity, while cold periods produce death, misery, war, famine and disease ...continue »

A handful of Chinese and Indian chemicals companies have the world over a barrel – or rather a large number of barrels of a super-greenhouse gas called HFC-23 ...continue »

Concerned that global warming skeptics are getting the upper hand in the ongoing debate, scientists are intent on becoming Deadly Ninjas of Science Communication ...continue »

According to the climate apocalypse faithful, everything we do to the environment is for the worst – a belief about as accurate as their climate predictions ...continue »

Either this guy’s a conspiracy nutcase, who’s lost it completely and is away with the fairies … or he’s a well–respected authority on the latest climate change science ...continue »

A new hope: Methane absorption from the BP oil spill was far faster than expected. And it’s most certainly thanks to microbial activity ...continue » [more] [more]

To err is human, so weather forecasters and climate alarmists are ever–so human. But why so gloomy? Perhaps optimism is more rational and accurate (and more fun) ...continue »  [more]

This isn’t a wind up: Those canny Scots have confirmed that wind turbines only work when the wind blows – although some uncanny Greenies still disagree ...continue »

SEX! Ha! That woke you up! To tell the (naked) truth, climate change chat–ups no longer turn us on. So today’s environmentalist message is best served raw ...continue »  [more]

Just imagine humanity reduced to struggling groups of embattled survivors clinging to life near the poles. Dramatic stuff. It’s global warming as elite moral porn ...continue »

Apparently, 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists accept anthropogenic global warming. Yes – and there’s also lies, damned lies and statistics ...continue »

He’s big and he’s green. No, not the Hulk – Arnold Schwarzeneggar, a new friend of the earth. And with private jet–using friends like this, who needs enemies? ...continue »

Welcome 2011 with the best cutting wit from 2010: It’s the Onion, mocking spaced-out liberals and government do-gooders ...Happy New Year 1 »  [Happy New Year 2]

… and all–round great guy, Denis loved heated debate (such as that on this website). So whether you’re now in a hotter or a more heavenly place, mate, you’re already sorely missed ...continue »

Love Lomborg or loathe Lomborg, at least the great Dane’s basic mathematics adds up: Why spend dollars doing a couple of cents worth of good? ...continue »

Wind power can produce more pollution than coal. That’s why we need an engineer’s rational approach to planning energy generating systems ...continue »  [riposte]

From the world's Guardian: It’s been a good year for British wildlife, with plant and animal species flourishing as traditional seasons make a comeback ...continue »

For Al Gore’s brigade, climate change is all costs and no benefits – but who says that the pre–industrial climate was really the optimal one? Perhaps world warming could be cool ...continue »

The effects of global warming are horrendous: Just look at Europe – strangers chatting, landscapes rendered beautiful, and parents spending time with children (and snowmen) ...continue »  [Xmas]

One industry has weathered the recent global financial storm remarkably well: The (ever-growing) fraudulent pyramid scheme that is the Global Warming Industry ...pdf »

If you’re open-minded (read: skeptical) about climate change, can string a sentence or two together and want people to read your thoughts, here’s a job for you ...continue »

Unfair headstart: Climate legislation pace–setter Germany demands EU laggards speed up with CO2 reduction targets. Has economic reality overtaken political idealism? ...continue »

When it comes to climate change, we should trust official scientific opinion and predictions. Well, maybe not if you’re British and rely on the Met Office ...continue » [more]

Politics versus science: In climate debate, those who dare question climate science orthodoxy are implicitly equated to Holocaust deniers ...continue »

Global cooling is what we can expect from global warming, man. And if that doesn’t sound silly, it’s because you (like the rest of the modern world) lack perspective. Man. ...continue »

Is it parody? Who’s it making fun of? And does that even matter if it’s funny? So, until next time you hear the question, “Whatever happened to global warming, eh?” ...continue »

Who gains from climate negotiations? Money–grubbing, subsidy–seeking opportunists? Speculators, scammers and spinners? You can (Deutsche) Bank on it. ...continue »  [more]

Unnecessary? Probably. Ineffectual? Certainly. Expensive? Yes, ruinously so. So there you have it – the warmists' climate change policies ...continue »

After Cancun, parasitic bureaucrats and scheming NGO reps still have an excuse for more rounds of global gabfesting (exotic locations preferred) ...continue »  [more]

What exactly did Cancun achieve? No matter: the environmental bureaucracies’ budgets rely on fear, so this summit definitely won't be the last of its kind ...continue »

Far from clearing the air, the latest research on clouds’ role in climate change further fogs the issue. Its argument is weak at best, and misleading at worst ...continue »

Doctoring data, refusing to admit mistakes, the infighting and corruption within the IPCC – no wonder hundreds of scientists are challenging the ‘science’ of man-made climate change ...continue »

Geo–engineering – a recent change of climate on an old climate change taboo. But if human activity caused it, surely human ingenuity can fix it ...continue »

In dissent–free Cancun, there are (politically) correct views on climate change, and there are “weird views”. Skeptics, please leave now ...continue »  [audio]

Climate change means arctic winters, submerged cities and a cataclysmic future, as portrayed in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. Alarmist predictions that are wrong (or only half right) ...continue »

If cutbacks and unemployment aren’t making you miserable, then enforced rationing will. At least eco-doom merchants will be happy – for them, cutting consumption is the only way to save us all ...continue »

We can be certain that sea levels will rise as a result of global warming, can’t we? Well, yes. And no. ... continue »

Some climate scientists resort to dubious tricks to amplify their message, but scaring people out of their wits produces little beyond fear ... continue »  [more ]  

It is not a smokescreen to highlight inconsistencies in the arguments of climate change proponents. Indeed, it’s ethical to defend scepticism ... continue »

Alarmists are blowing hot and cold on what fuels climate change. Yet just as their enthusiasm for ethanol is cooling, they’re now warming to … coal! ... continue »  [more 1]  [2]

Cancun 2010. No economic growth, drastic lifestyle change, ‘time of crisis’ rationing, limited electricity, reduced heating and food – are these the only options?...continue »  [more ]

There’s still one country in the world where climate change is more myth than reality. And that’s official. From Russia, with love (and scepticism) ...continue »

Despite gloomy predictions, emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel burning decreased in 2009. But the climate change believers just blame it on the weather ...continue »

Shale gas is a safe, clean, cheap and abundant alternative to dirty and dangerous coal, our biggest source of electricity. It’s good that we’re dashing to exploit it ...continue »

There is no cohesive environmental philosophy. Environmentalists are united, not by science, but by their emotional rejection of contemporary society ...continue »

For decades, the climate debate has been obfuscated by cherry-picking, spin-doctoring and scaremongering by the IPCC. But the tide seems to be turning ...continue »

Right now El Nino's colder sister is on the fast track to generate more temperature extremes and a very cold winter in some parts of the world ...continue »  [riposte]

There has been a persistent refusal on the part of the elitist, group-think, left-leaning class of climate scientists to even debate the global warming issue in public ...continue »

There is a revolution coming that is likely to burst the green global warming bubble: the temperature trend used by the IPCC is likely to turn out to be fake ...continue »

Almost the only weapons left in the alarmists' locker are the retreat of the Arctic sea ice and an event that happened 55m years ago and was probably not caused by CO2 at all ...continue »

Polar bears are displaying behavioral flexibility and adaptability in the face of warming, by tapping a hitherto unavailable nutritional resource – snow goose eggs ...continue »

How did the crazy dynamics of climate science, climate policy and politics ever get set up? The answer involves a vexatious feedback loop, argues Judith Curry ...continue »

If you doubt that global warming is the latest cause of the closet totalitarian, then consider an experiment the warmists are about to inflict on the people of Norfolk Island ...continue »

There are beliefs that are true, false, uncertain or nonsensical. But there don't exist scientific truths, scientific falsities or scientific uncertainties ...continue »

Why did government agencies long ago decide to put all their eggs in the manmade global warming basket? It goes back to their elitist beliefs and desired policy outcomes ...continue »

Solar power is intermittent and can arrive in huge surges when the sun comes out. The enthusiasm for solar panels in Germany could soon trigger blackouts ...continue »

There is a monster in Loch Sunart, in the form of a sediment core capable of reconstructing the temperature history of the area over a long time period ...continue »

When Daniel Greenberg reviewed The Climate Fix, little did he know it would bring him up close and personal with the activist wing of the climate science community ...continue »

If we take the reasoning of the environmentalists seriously, we find that theirs is an anti-human ideology, which considers us, the people, a foreign element ...continue »

Heads should roll at the UN over climate panel's disgrace, incuding, perhaps, the biggest head of them all – that of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ...continue »

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis is simple, direct and appealing. The only problem is that it flunks the scientific method test ...continue »

The UK's attempt to meet its renewable energy target would cost more than it currently spends on its entire electricity production, says Christopher Booker ...continue »

Like lab rats that will do anything to keep the cocaine flowing, climate scientists, universities, and federal laboratories are addicted to the public's money ...continue »

The New York Times' editorial writers have apparently spent the last 11 months in a Rip Van Winkle-like state of unconsciousness when it comes to climate change ...continue »

The organisation that represents Britain's shrinks has a devastating plan to hold back the rising waters, cool our fevered brows, and keep the ice-caps icy ...continue »

Harold Lewis' resignation letter could mark the unraveling of one of the great scientific mistakes in history and the beginning of a needed reformation of the scientific community ...continue »  [riposte 1]  [2]

Do data from the Danish Meteorological Institute show cooler Arctic temperatures since 1958? Frank Lansner says yes. Peter Hogarth says no. Franks Lanser replies.

The EPA thinks that in a mere 14 years Americans will buy hybrids they can't stand, subcompacts that families hate, and an electric car requiring hours of charging ...continue »  [more]  [riposte]

In a vote of 7-0, the most prolific climate revisionist editor ever at Wikipedia has been banned from making any edits about climate related articles for six months ...continue »

As we approach the endgame in the great Climate Change Fraud, people will want to know how this massive con trick was able to penetrate so deep into the public psyche ...continue »

Switching terms from "global warming" to "climate change" to newly favored "global climatic disruption" was supposed to help revive plunging poll numbers. It hasn't worked ...continue »

The UN's Clean Development Mechanism is based on proving a negative, and can only work "in alternative universes that don't exist". The whole system should be scrapped ...continue »

Under pressure from climate skeptics, the New Zealand agency in charge of monitoring the climate has simply disowned the nation's temperature record ...continue »

Harold Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, is resigning from the American Physical Society. Here is his letter ...continue »  [riposte]

Art and Cheryl Lindgren celebrated the arrival of three giant wind turbines on their island in Penobscot Baylate last year. That was before they were turned on ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

Until now it has been assumed that less activity on the Sun equates to less warming of the Earth. But new research suggests the opposite may be true ...continue »  [riposte]

Threats to coral reefs from both man-made warming and ocean acidification are unlikely to be severe, rapid or urgent, argues Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist ...continue »

Holding climate talks in Tianjin is the equivalent of holding an international crime symposium on halting the drug trade at a resort owned by a Colombian cocaine lord ...continue »

If governments won't fire him, he should fall on his sword. For the good of the battered reputation of climate-change science, Rajendra Pachauri must go ...continue »

Solid-state lighting, the latest idea for saving the planet, might not be such a bright idea after all. Making lighting more efficient tends increase energy use, not decrease it ...continue »

Death to climate skeptics! With the 10:10 promo, we see the snarling, homicidal misanthropy beneath a cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging green goodness...continue » ...continue »

A dimming of the Northern Lights is a signal that activity on the sun is quieting down, and right now they are at their dimmest in more than a century ...continue »

The hero of the climate skeptics and breaker of the hockey stick, Steve McIntyre, has been named one of the 50 People Who Matter by the left-wing journal New Statesman ...continue »

How can greens oppose geo-engineering on the grounds that we can't predict the consequences of our actions, while also treating climate forecasts as perfectly reliable? ...continue »

Bilderberg. Whether you believe it's part of a sinister conspiracy or just an innocent high-level talking shop, the fact that it's got global cooling on its agenda is surely interesting ...continue »

The Hockey Stick was the product of a pseudo-scientific mindset, faulty data selection, flawed mathematics, a perverted peer-review process, and a frenzied propaganda campaign ...continue »

The idea that changes in the sun's activity can influence the climate is making a comeback, after years of scientific vilification, thanks to major new discoveries ...continue »  [comment]

Environmentalists have taken to foisting the faces of children upon us and assuring us that we're leaving a ticking timebomb of tragedy for our offspring ...continue »

Solar scientists are warning we are on the brink of a new Ice Age. It might come on so swiftly that much of Europe could be encased in ice and snow in barely a year ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

When one looks at the details objectively, it is not as obvious as it first appears that there is a positive global warming feedback involving water vapor ...continue »

For rich western environmentalists to seek to control the development of non-First-World communities and sovereign states is obscene, racist, and cruelly cynical ...continue »

The prime socioeconomic role of the high Arctic in the 21st century will be as an economic engine, shoveling gas, oil, minerals and fish into the gaping global maw ...continue »

The world still awaits a proper inquiry into climategate: one that is not stacked with global warming advocates, and one that is prepared to follow the evidence where it leads ...continue »

Buy a hybrid, turn off your air conditioner, unplug your refrigerator, yank your phone charger from the wall socket – such actions will leave the end result exactly the same ...continue »

The magnetic field strength of sunspots has been waning for 20 years. If the trend continues until 2016, we could be in for a freezing Maunder Minimum ...continue »  [riposte]

A new report by Andrew Montford into the three badly flawed official "climategate" inquiries succeeds in exposing a series of major failings and deficiencies ...continue »  [report]

Corals have been around for eons, and have survived periods much hotter than the present. The idea that they are imperiled by global warming is problematic ...continue »

America is moving toward less freedom of choice; more control over the choices that a free market requires. It is rejecting its founding principles based on environmental lies ...continue »

Those who would rather Andrew Montford hadn't written The Hockey Stick Illusion have tried for months to pretend it didn't exist, but this approach is no longer tenable ...continue »

A new study suggests that climate change is not responsible for civil wars in Africa, and that the role of droughts and prolonged heat waves have been overstated ...continue »  [more]

Ancient beach ridges on the north coast of Greenland indicate that there was more open water in the Arctic 6000 – 7000 years ago than there is today ...continue »

Newly published research demonstrates that the Greenland and West Antarctica ice caps are melting at approximately half the speed originally thought ...continue »

Global warming will make cities in northern countries like Canada and Scandinavia the next big global economic powers, a senior academic has predicted ...continue »

Environmentalism began as Bambi doing battle with Godzilla. Then environmentalism became Godzilla, an advocate of "a big and simple fix for all that ails us" ...continue »

Did the IPCC's reports become less scrupulously science-based and more politicized only in recent years? A look at the 1995 health chapter challenges this view ...continue »

If this keeps up, no one's going to trust any scientists. The global-warming establishment took a body blow this week, with the UN's IPCC receiving a stunning rebuke ...continue »  [more]

Climate researchers have mixed up cause and effect when observing cloud and temp changes. The result has been an illusion of a positive cloud feedback ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

Where global warming is concerned, we are running the risk of putting a tourniquet round our collective necks to stop a nosebleed, writes Matt Ridley ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

The IPCC's scientists should be more open to alternative views and more transparent about conflicts of interest, an independent review has found ...continue »  [more 1]  [2]

The IPCC began before the Internet did, and its structure is now obsolete. It has no real ability to cope with legitimate differences of opinion ...continue »

Why did American liberalism, starting in the early 1970s, undergo a historic metanoia, dismissing the idea of progress just as progress was being won? ...continue »

The Church of Global Warming is facing a Reformation of sorts. Its pews are beginning to empty as shivering skeptics increasingly question its doctrines ...continue »

The notion of an "ecological footprint" provides a simple way to visualize our impact on the planet. However, as always, the devil is in the details ...continue »

Want money? How about making lots of the potent greenhouse gas, HFC-23, and then getting paid $100,000 for every ton of it you destroy ...continue »

Hollywood director James Cameron challenged three high profile global warming skeptics to a public debate at a conference. Then he backed out ...continue »

New Zealand's state-owned weather and atmospheric research body is being taken to court in a challenge over the accuracy of its data used to calculate global warming ...continue »

The cant and self-deception that now surround flying in and out of the UK are – even by the standards of environmentalism – quite extraordinary ...continue »

What do the Chinese really think about global warming and the West's efforts to stop it? An answer to this crucial question is becoming visible ...continue »  [Book]

Not only is it impossible to prove the theory that most 20th century warming is due to CO2, it turns out to be inconsistent with the evidence ...Part 1 » Part 2 » Part 3 »

A new study concludes that climate scientists have greatly underestimated the uncertainty of their reconstructions, and been too confident in their models ...continue »  [more]

Rich nations have a problem as they try to prove that they have met their Kyoto commitments for cutting CO2 emissions. The problem lies in the error bars ...continue »

Evidence from studies of past climate and the sunspot cycle strongly indicate that the present warm spell will end quite suddenly before the end of this year ...continue »

The National Wildlife Federation has quite a history of stretching the truth when it comes to "global warming." But now it has outdone itself ...continue »

After a year of broadsides from SS Climate-gate, Himalaya-gate, Glacier-gate et al the credibility of the UN's flagship IPCC has pretty much sunk to zero ...continue »

A renewable energy breakthrough is, perhaps, decades away. Climate-change activists' calls for lawmakers to hasten the process are wasting our time and money ...continue »

Heat waves kill people – but they don't increase mortality rates. People who die in heat waves would almost always have died, within days or weeks, from other causes ...continue »

Can common ground be found between "warmers" and "skeptics"? What if we could have cheap, "green", safe and proliferation resistant nuclear power? Welcome to LFTR ...continue »

The noise from turning turbines – the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the future – is blamed for anxiety, nausea and headaches. Pockets of resistance are rising ...continue »

The planet is in an interglacial period, and this being so we should expect melting glaciers and Arctic ice, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels ...continue »

Just who or what corrupted climate science in order to produce the phantom "consensus"? In the final analysis it all comes down to the European Union ...continue »

Although a warmist, Professor Hans von Storch, one of Germany's leading climate scientists, has always kept an open ear and mind to serious climate sceptics ...continue »

The vitriol in climate blogs reflects the last gasp of those who thought they could influence energy policy through the power politics of climate science expertise ...continue »  [more]

With the release of Harry Reid's new energy bill, the political movement of global warming has entered an irreversible death spiral. It is kaput! Finito! Done! ...continue »

Scientists who make public statements about environmental myths soon come to learn about two post-modern-science tactics used to suppress their views ...continue »

The mainstream media use the concept of "false journalistic balance" to prevent skeptic scientists from describing the myriad flaws in global warming theory ...continue »

To err is human, and it is not surprising that there are errors in IPCC's report. But a failure to investigate and then correct its errors is unpardonable ...continue »

In silly science, nothing is impossible – not even predicting the magnitude of climate change-related emigration out to 2080 using very simplistic methods ...continue »

Science is losing credibility because it's taken on an authoritarian tone and let itself be co-opted by groups who want to force people to change their behavior ...continue »

Warmists may be winning the big grants, but they're not winning the argument – and their efforts are becoming ever more risibly desperate ...continue »

The Maldives have become a symbol of the dangers of sea level rise driven by global warming. But one team of scientists believes the truth is more complicated ...continue »

When a storm hits and a thousand wind turbines suddenly send almost two nuclear plants worth of extra power sizzling down the lines, the result is trouble ...continue »  [more]