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Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

Where fact meets fiction. For writers, the great issues of the past – slavery, say, or child labor – possessed an essential humanness. Climate change, though, does not engage most readers ...continue »

Water, water everywhere … well, maybe not. As a result of climate change, fresh water – a resource crucial to human existence – may become increasingly scarce in the future ...continue »

Forget Mayan prophecies: We’re really on a steady billion–tonne by billion–tonne march to the edge of the carbon cliff, beyond which lies a fateful fall to catastrophic climate change ...continue »

A burning issue: In five years, the amount of coal burned every year will increase by 1.2 billion metric tons. It’s hardly good news for anyone concerned about carbon emissions ...continue »

Misinformation misfire: Climate changes skeptics are in a hot spot after (mis)reading the latest UN report to ‘prove’ that global warming is caused by the sun, not human activity ...continue »

In theory, it’s easy to be skeptical about climate change. In practice, when you’re faced with extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, it’s difficult to remain indifferent ...continue »

Getting steamy in the South Pole. A special hot water drill boring through to a lake deep under the Antarctic ice could help revolutionize what we know about past climate change ...continue »

Having your cake, and eating it: Some corporations are minimizing waste, using renewable energy, and lowering their carbon impact – all while turning a profit and growing their business ...continue »

From the land of ‘The Hobbit’: We can emulate Gollum and clutch ‘our precious’ car–intensive, deep sea oil drilling, old polluting economy – or we can create a greener planet ...continue »

Indian burn: A number of new initiatives in India are helping farmers cope with unpreditable weather as climate change brings fresh urgency to the need for sustainable agriculture ...continue »

Forget ‘The Hobbit’ or the latest James Bond movie, catch this instead: ‘Chasing Ice’ – an Oscar-nominated documentary showcasing the disappearance of the world's glaciers ...continue »

The blocking tactics of oil–rich countries have long been a feature of climate negotiations like those in Doha. Now there are signs that they’re (literally) beginning to feel the heat ...continue »

Great Expectations. The world’s been anticipating a new voice from America about climate change. But it’s the same old message: The US is unwilling to make major concessions ...continue »

It’s ironic that the UN talks on climate change are being held in a region with a massive carbon footprint. The question is, will the Arab World lead the way on climate change? ...continue »

Some of the major industrial players (and heaviest polluters), like Russia, Canada and Japan, have made known that they’ll sidestep climate deals, as will the USA. So what hope Doha? ...continue »

As almost 200 countries gather in Doha, Qatar, to try and agree a global deal on cutting carbon emissions, the latest report suggests that greenhouse gas levels are set to rise ...continue »

One of the biggest wild cards in climate change has been figuring out how much the melting of the massive sheets of ice at the two poles would add to the seas. It’s not good news ...continue »

She sells seashells by the seashore. But for how much longer? Shellfish are in decline as growing CO2 emissions dissolve into the world’s oceans and increase the sea’s acidity ...continue »

The UN admits that a massive threat to the climate is not included in models of global warming: The powerful greenhouse gas methane that is released from thawing permafrost ...continue »

Global warming is hard to make into a disaster movie. Even disasters like Hurricane Sandy are difficult to tie in to a global phenomenon. How about a time lapse of a melting glacier? ...continue »

Doha is a byword for stalemate and failure (think stalled trade talks dragging on for years). So what should we expect from the climate talks now under way in the Qatari city? ...continue »

Hey – this is an interesting question: Can the renewable energy sources designed to mitigate the effects of cimate change cope with the extreme weather caused by climate change? ...continue »

It’s been dogged by fundamental disagreements between countries and exacerbated by the financial crisis, but an international agreement on tackling climate change is still worth it ...continue »

Raus! Raus! German experts are stressing – yet again – that to halt climate change we need nothing less than a new industrial revolution. But many politicians aren't listening ...continue »

The latest report, ‘Turn Down the Heat’, makes it clear that we’ll never end poverty if we don't tackle one of the single biggest challenges to social justice today: Climate change ...continue »

No more equatorial ice? Scientists now warn it’s no longer a question of whether Kilimanjaro's glaciers will disappear, but when – with some predicting they'll be gone by 2060 ...continue »

Forget the industrial producers of greenhouse gases: Deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more CO2 to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads ...continue »

Unlike fossil fuels, biomass is renewable – basically, you replant any vegetation that you burn. But things are never that simple, and biomass might actually be fuelling global warming ...continue »

The notion of peak oil might be dead, but this just means leaving most of the world's coal, oil and gas in the ground. Or else facing a destabilised climate’s heatwaves, floods and storms ...continue »

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with the U.S. public increasingly accepting the reality of climate change, President Obama has an unprecedented opportunity to take bold action ...continue »

It’s no longer business as usual. If the results of a new study are correct, global warming will come on faster, and be more intense, than many current predictions suggest ...continue »

Like abortion rights, gay marriage or assisted dying, climate change is treated as a moral or ideological question. That is simply idiotic. Sadly, it’s no longer a matter for informed debate ...continue »

Is climate change back on the political agenda? And will an Obama presidency with no concern over re–election in four years be able to shine a light on the issue at last? ...continue »  [more]

When it comes to climate change, responsible leaders do not play politics. Like all prudent business people, they must instead consider 'what if' and construct a variety of models ...continue »

The world will have to cut the rate of carbon emissions by an unprecedented rate to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees this century, a new report suggests ...continue »

Not just clutching at straws? By constructing giant plastic tubes that extend 100m deep into the ocean, marine engineers hope to reduce the threat from deadly tropical storms ...continue »

The impacts of climate change on agriculture will profoundly alter the way we grow and produce food: Less rice and maize, and fewer potatoes (but maybe more bananas) ...continue » [more]

Hurricane Sandy has whipped up a whirlwind of climate debate, with the storm’s destructive power stemming from factors that include, but are not limited to, global warming ...continue » [more]

Sandy Storm1: Policymakers in hurricane regions should worry about levees, storm-shelters and evacuation procedures, and mitigating the effects of climate change ...continue » [more]

Nothing to be skeptical about. How do we know that global warming is real and primarily human caused? There are numerous lines of evidence that converge to this conclusion ...continue »

Necessity is the mother of invention – and with climate change being THE mother of a menace to our planet, perhaps we could invent our way out of danger. (It could even be fun) ...continue »

The most powerful nation on the planet, the United States, denies what the rest of the world can clearly see: Climate change. Unfortunately, only disaster is likely to open their eyes ...continue »

Poles apart. As Arctic sea ice cover shrinks to record lows, the opposite is happening in Antarctica. But the Southern growth rate is not nearly as large as the decrease in the North ...continue »

Made to measure. Forget one–size–fits–all solar geoengineering – a better approach would be careful tailoring by region or to manage specific risks like the loss of Arctic sea ice ...continue »

Does my butt look big in this catalytic–converter? They’re the latest must–haves for the fashion conscious and environmentally aware: Jeans that neutralise harmful pollutants ...continue »

A typical carbon capture system requires a great deal of electricity, which thus saps power from power plants. Now there’s a new way to overcome the problem of ‘parasitic load’ ...continue »

There’s only weeks to go in the 2012 presidential race, with no mention of global warming. Here are three potential climate change debate questions that could break the climate silence ...continue »

It’s a subject that’s been hotly debated over the past decade, but there’s growing support for the controversial idea that global warming is causing more frequent and destructive hurricanes ...continue »

So, just how do you work out the arcane economic calculations necessary for a functioning ‘cap and trade’ carbon emissions scheme? In California, you start by measuring trees ...continue »

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good – and the regrettable downturn in investment in renewable energy has one positive cause: A fall in the cost of wind and solar technology ...continue »

What’s worse – the threat of global warming or that from organised crime? Both, as research suggests that organised crime has a deleterious effect on the environment ...continue »

Global warming forecast: Wind, rain, fire and ice. New research links changing wind patterns with thawing Arctic ice, unusually wet European summers and Rocky Mountain wildfires ...continue »

There’s a stash of gas buried under the Arctic seafloor whose heat-trapping power is greater, molecule for molecule, than the CO2 people usually worry about. Meet the Methane Bomb ...continue »

Forget the doom and gloom of climate change: If we want individuals to share the vision of a low-carbon society, let’s emphasize the need to inspire people – it’s what the EU are doing ...continue »

Washing away bad memories. Rising oceans, the result of climate change, are having a detrimental impact on Ghana’s coasts – and destroying evidence of former slaving forts ...continue »

The most drastic melting of Arctic sea ice to date is bringing together previously separated species, with biologists fearing that this will promote interbreeding and loss of diversity ...continue »

Environmentally friendly goods are a winner for consumers wanting greener products and for producers wanting to sell them. But only if marketers' claims are truthful and substantiated ...continue »

The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, is big enough to be seen from space. But for how much longer, as new research shows it is now in steep decline ...continue »

Reason to change: The perilous loss of Arctic ice and the imminent threat of irreversible climate change pose an ultimatum to the economic system that's pushing us over the brink ...continue »

Unfortunately, the one thing that rivals the misinformation spewed by the climate change skeptics and spinmeisters is the distorted science of the radical anti–GMO campaigners ...continue »

Fishing tales about how big ‘the one that got away’ was will soon be more exaggerated as global warming is likely to shrink fish by as much as a quarter in coming decades ...continue »

Take the news with a pinch of salt: Recent research suggests that sea grasses found in coastal marshes may soak up excess CO2 in a warming world. Only it’s more complicated than that ...continue »

Research suggests up to five million deaths occur annually as a result of climate change and carbon–intensive economies – a toll likely to rise if current patterns of fossil fuel use continue ...continue »

Getting the wind up the nay-sayers. It can now be conclusively shown that skeptics who lobby against wind simply have their facts wrong: Wind turbines do reduce carbon emissions ...continue »

It’s a non–toxic material made from aluminium nitrate salt, cheap organic materials and water – and it could solve the problems holding back projects to combat global warming ...continue »

Why are Americans so disengaged from climate change – arguably, one of the most critical problems of our time? Is it because denial is embedded in their cultural DNA? ...continue »

Antarctic sea ice reaches a record high for this day of the year. Arctic sea ice breaks the all-time record for lowest sea ice extent. Guess which news the skeptics focus on ...continue »

While Arctic sea-ice extent has reached a record low, at the opposite pole, Antarctic sea ice seems to be more than making up for the losses. Does this debunk claims of global warming? ...continue »

Explosive evidence of global warming: As Italy sweltered through another boiling summer, a cache of rusted WW1 munitions emerged from beneath a melting glacier in the Dolomites ...continue »

From coffee to coral reefs, bilberries to Arctic foxes, even a moderate rise in world temperatures due to climate change could cause lasting harm to the world’s flora and fauna ...continue »

No time to waste: Climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades' time – we must urgently examine any means of slowing global warming ...continue »

Cool Britannia? No way! Over the coming century, on-going climate change might mean a massive increase in heat related deaths, plus the looming threat from exotic tropical diseases ...continue »

The ice-free Arctic Ocean has absorbed the 24-hour sun over the short polar summer. Now the heat must be released if the ice is to re-form, affecting the all-important jet stream ...continue »

The reason for crime hotspots? While correlation doesn’t prove causation, the striking relationship between monthly weather patterns and crime rates is surely no coincidence ...continue »

From space, the amount of Artic sea ice melt looks worrying. But satellites tend to see more ice than there actually is – at surface level, the real question becomes, ‘Where is the ice?’ ...continue »

Not just hot air. Two new studies show that wind power has the potential to supply much more of the world’s energy needs. The problem isn’t capacity or technology – it’s money ...continue »

Last summer’s London riots? A sudden rise in violence in Chicago? Don’t blame it on the sunshine – blame climate change instead. When temperatures go up, crime often does, too ...continue »

They’re one of the world's most colorful, vivid and productive ecosystems, but now Caribbean coral reefs are verging on collapse, with only 8% showing live coral cover ...continue »

Climate science is obviously faked, along with the Moon landings and the JFK cover-up. Now climate skeptic bloggers the world over have a shiny new conspiracy to obsess about ...continue »

In increasingly hot water. White ice acts like a parasol, reflecting much more sunlight than open water. So, with Arctic ice at its lowest level for years, the seas are now taking the heat ...continue »

Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the United States, with meteorological and ecological shifts posing many unique and unpredictable challenges ...continue »

Something to put a bit of backbone into those campaigning to combat habitat loss, pollution and climate change: One in five (spineless) invertebrates species face possible extinction ...continue »

The good news, according to 540 million years of fossil and geological records, is that biodiversity increases as the planet warms. The bad news is that it also takes millions of years ...continue »

On the rocks. An overwhelming majority of Arctic ice experts say that recent data offer powerful evidence that the melting of summer sea ice has now passed a point of no return ...continue »

Putting the problem of global warming into the shade? Building a screen in the stratosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth could be both feasible and affordable ...continue »

The Orkney Islands of Scotland are steeped in history: From the Iron Age to the Vikings to the scuttled German Grand Fleet. They’re now making history as a green energy powerhouse ...continue »

The Arctic's been warming roughly twice as fast as the rest of the northern hemisphere, and we’re historically and psychologically ill–equipped to comprehend the full ramifications ...continue »

First, it was thought that the Arctic could become ice–free by the end of the century. Then by 2030. Now, some say it could even happen this decade. But if ice disappears, does it matter? ...continue »

Electric cars – does it pay to plug in? With eye–watering petrol savings, it’s time to ask whether this is more than a trendy alternative to conventional cars and money well spent ...continue »

Climate change will have both local and global effects that our institutions as currently configured will not be able to handle. It’s an idea that’s hard to absorb, but easy to reject ...continue »

With sea ice rapidly disappearing, the danger of environmental damage is rapidly increasing as countries bordering the Arctic are racing to exploit previously inaccessible resources ...continue »

The Danish winds once sent Viking longships to devastate and destabilise Europe. Now these same winds symbolise Denmark as Europe’s model of peaceful good governance ...continue »

Record (ice) breaker? If 2012’s Arctic ice cap melt were to suddenly stop today, it would be at the third lowest in the satellite record. And there’s still another two weeks of melt to go ...continue »

Pie in the sky? What happens when a bright idea meets that cloud with a silver lining? It creates the potential for a cheap solution to global warming – marine cloud brightening ...continue »

The skeptical lobby's rule that for every PhD there is an equal and opposite PhD makes it easy for malevolent forces to blind the world with bullsh*t. We need a new moral order ...continue »

What’s going on down under Down Under? Change is afoot (or a-fin) in Australian waters, with global warming causing extensive movements of tropical fish and plankton species ...continue »

Unless this year’s Arctic ice melt slows down, there’s a very real chance of a record, and of the growing likelihood of a race for fossil fuel resources as new shipping routes open ...continue »

Soaring temperatures, due to climate change, are obviously having a major impact on the planet. But what does this trend mean for the really important things in life – like baseball? ...continue »

As extremes of droughts or floods affect food supplies from seeds to consumers’ plates, governments are warned that climate change represents the weak link in the food chain ...continue »

The benefits of a US carbon tax are clear: It would raise immediate revenue for a strapped nation, curtail the use of fossil fuels and, as a result, drastically lower emissions ...continue »

The negative association of idealistic impracticality and the collapse of solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra has hurt the solar industry. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel ...continue »

With the current unprecedented rate of melting, very soon the Arctic ocean could be free of ice in summer, triggering a rush to exploit its fish stocks, oil, minerals and sea routes ...continue »

The future is now. Until recently, many scientists spoke of climate change mainly as a ‘threat’. But it is clear that we’re already in the era of human-induced climate extremes ...continue »

Reading the historical record. Reconstructing ancient climate change is a critical part of understanding why the climate behaves the way it does – and what it may do in future ...continue »

The forecast: Climate change isn’t a nice slow progression where the global climate warms by a few degrees. It means a much greater variability and more extreme weather ...continue »

In the summertime when the weather is fine, we’ve got harvests, we’ve got harvests on our minds – and with July being the hottest ever, the harvest forecast is far from fine ...continue »

Oil companies off the Greenland coast may face an increasing risk as massive icebergs splinter from the island’s coastline at an ever faster pace. Herm … Titanic anyone? ...continue »

The relentless, weather-gone-crazy type of heat that has blistered the US and other parts of the world can't be anything but man-made global warming » [hotter] [hottest]

We can accept that climate change is happening without automatically assuming it’s the reason for all changes in the natural world. Take the case of upwardly mobile plants ...continue »

As damaging as the US drought has been, it pales beside the latest dry spell in India, with many millions set to suffer from the country’s long-term vulnerability to climate change ...continue »

The best climate science that money can buy. The foremost threat to democracy (and the Earth) is the way that billionaires and corporations can pay parties to represent their views ...continue »

Who ya gonna call? With climate science, you can interpret data yourself and come to your own informed conclusions, or you can decide to trust mainstream scientific opinion ...continue »

The BEST project’s conclusion that humans are almost entirely the cause of recent global warming should have settled the long and bitter climate debate. If only ...conclusive » [proof]

Is there something we should know? The moon landings were faked, 9/11 was an inside job, and the gunman on the grassy knoll was CIA. Oh, yeah – and climate change is a hoax ...continue »

Everyone knows about the ozone destruction that occurs over Antarctica and the Arctic. Now it seems that global warming could open new holes in the ozone layer at lower latitudes ...continue »

First the IPCC claimed the Himalayan glaciers were melting. Then the skeptics informed us they weren’t. Now the latest research suggests that they are rapidly melting after all ...continue »

Rain or shine – sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes it’s not. And this banal seeming observation about the fluctuations of the weather may be what dooms us to climate catastrophe ...continue »

The US often seems to be doing little about climate change. Behind the scenes, though, a different story is emerging – one that offers hope to anyone worried about the planet ...continue »

Warning signs of warming: Greenland’s ice sheet melted at a faster rate this month than at any time in recorded history, with virtually the entire ice sheet showing signs of thaw ...continue »

The spring of hope runs dry: The worst drought in a generation is forcing a heart–breaking decision on American farmers: Harvest their shrivelled acres or abandon their entire crop ...continue »

Headline news. This is where we are in our cultural evolution: The covers of popular magazines plastered with celebrity gossip – and a little piece about the end of the world ...continue »

Now that scientists are bringing mathematical rigor to the tipping–point argument about irrevocable climate disaster, we have fresh cause to worry that sudden changes are nigh ...continue »

Technological solutions to global warming are controversial, and some geoengineering techniques are more dangerous than others. But doing nothing is probably the worst option ...continue »

Holy cow! A ‘mega-calving’ has occurred on Greenland’s Petermann Glacier, with an ice island twice the size of Manhattan breaking off into the sea. Next stop, Canada ...continue »

Up, up and away in my beautiful my beautiful balloon! Especially a balloon that will spray sun–reflecting particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet ...continue »

Although 2011 was the coolest year for some time, it was still above the three decade average. It was also a year of extreme events taking place in a changing global environment ...continue »

A living dead horror story that’s no fantasy: Coral reefs are now zombie ecosystems – neither dead nor functionally alive, but on a trajectory to collapse within a human generation ...continue »

Four centuries ago, the Church attempted to discredit science to protect its own interest. Now big business wants to dismiss climate science to protect its economic self-interest ...continue »

Scientists have long counted on forests to soak up excess CO2 in the atmosphere. But elevating carbon levels may cause forests to release as much extra carbon as they absorb ...continue »

While climate change poses a threat to our lives, so too does skepticism. In Australia, lingering doubts about climate change might spell the end of hundreds of bush towns ...continue »

It’s a remaining controversy in the otherwise settled climate science (skeptics notwithstanding), and now it seems that extreme weather is also due to human activity ...continue »

So why are so many wildfires blazing out of control in the US? First blame the brutally hot, dry weather the country has experienced this summer. Then, blame climate change ...continue »

What would you do if the very existence of your country was threatened by climate change? That’s the dilemma facing the Maldives and other islands in the coming century ...continue »

The only option: A carbon tax. The US should jump at the opportunity to reduce existing taxes, clean up the environment and increase personal freedom and energy security ...continue »

The much–aired mantra, ‘You can’t blame a single episode of bad weather on global warming’, is rapidly disappearing as the main caveat in the debate about climate change ...continue »

A century and a half ago, global warming wasn’t such a pressing issue – flowers were instead. Now, though, pressed flowers are providing valuable data on climate change ...continue »

Climate change? As some of the most primitive beings on Earth, cyanobacteria have seen it all before. But global warming causes a rise in their numbers, and in the toxins they produce ...continue »

Better late than never? Perhaps not in the case of rising sea levels, where even if global warming recedes, and political counter–measures take effect, the waters may continue to climb ...continue »

Despite on–going ocean warming and acidification, there’s a little bit of good news: There might be some capacity for marine species to cope with climate change over the longer term ...continue »

Arctic sea ice cover is continuing to shrink and the pattern of record annual melts seen since 2000 is now well established. And this year’s record–breaking melt is proving no exception ...continue »

Environmentalists beware: Once the skeptics label your beliefs as ‘religious conviction’, you can argue against this accusation all you like, but they’ll just dismiss it all as blind faith ...continue »

Who’d pay to get her own media machine spreading the climate change skeptics’ message by interfering with editorial independence? The world’s richest woman, that’s who ...continue »

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. Let’s get real about Rio+20. Calling a failure a ‘guarded’ success is to paper over the cracks in the system ...continue »

The future of the Big (Bobbing) Apple? Scientists have identified a ‘hotspot’ of rapidly accelerating sea level rise off New York and the densely populated east coast of the US ...continue »

There’s more fluff, but at least buzz words have changed at Rio+20: ‘Sustainability’ became ‘sustainable development’ then ‘sustainable growth’. Now it’s ‘sustained growth’ ...continue »

The UN’s biggest ever summit, Rio+20, had 45,300 delegates from more than 180 nations. The result? Far too many non–binding pledges, although they’ve all still agreed to keep talking ...continue »

Governmental attempts at environment and climate protection have failed spectacularly. Maybe it’s time to pursue a different course – one that’s often anathema to many Greens ...continue »

Since the first Rio Earth Summit, the hope and idealism have faded. Rich countries have little new to offer, and other rapidly emerging economies are now in the driving seat ...continue »

An incentive to diet: The rich world’s over-consumption and obesity is not only shortening the lives of individuals but driving climate change and destruction of the environment ...continue »

So long, seafood. On America’s West Coast, rich fisheries and diverse marine ecosystems are under major threat and the blame lies with global warming’s evil twin: Ocean acidification ...continue »

Many issues faced in the first 50 years of the Environment Movement have been difficult, but none as formidable as the twin challenges of population growth and climate change ...continue »

With climate change, as with politics, it is sad that it’s so much about sides, rather than ideas, and people would rather see the enemy tribe beaten than persuaded to do the right thing ...continue »

We’ll soon have transformed half the planet’s land from its natural state to something else – and environmental damage may have accumulated to such an extent as to be catastrophic ...continue »

The big debate: Should we be doing more to combat climate change? To settle the issue, here's Bjorn ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’ Lomborg versus Tony 'Hug A Tree' Juniper ...continue »

Resolving a woolly problem: Discerning the exact relationship between climate warming, human activities and habitat change is a mammoth of a task – sometimes quite literally ...continue »

A potential windfall: If Britain invests more aggressively in wind power, it could create over 200,000 new jobs and even wipe out most of the country’s current trade gap by 2030 ...continue »

In hot water. For the first time, the evidence of global warming and of warming oceans is unequivocal. And if that warming isn’t caused by natural processes, guess who’s to blame? ...continue »

Good, bad, or troubling? Peter Gleick has been reinstated as president of the Pacific Institute after ethically questionable actions with the anti-regulatory Heartland Institute ...moral » [dilemma]

A sign of the times. Today, with global warming, it’s impossible to be insensitive to carbon dioxide levels. Not so a few million years ago, when climate was decoupled from CO2 ...continue »

Plus ça change … History is simply repeating itself at Rio+20 Earth Summit as countries re-engage in the same bitter battles that have played out in global climate and trade talks ...continue »

Forty years ago – while the Cold War simmered and Vietnam raged – a small group of scientists gathered to discuss population, pollution and the increasing use of natural resources ...continue »

Deprived of real scientists to work with, climate change deniers have relied on a small troupe of vaudeville performers to spread their message. The unfortunate joke is that it’s worked ...continue »

To the rest of us, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef needs protecting as one of the natural wonders of the world. But for Queenlanders the real wonder is: What’s all the fuss about? ...continue »

Is geoengineering a cure for climate change blues? Sort of. One technique – shooting tiny sulfate particles into the upper atmosphere to deflect sunlight – could turn the blue sky white ...continue »

The best science money can buy. Despite popular support for sustainable and green values, why are some of America's top companies spending heavily to downplay climate change? ...continue »

Carbon capture and storage – to keep lights on, bills down and the air clean – sound great. But if the untested and expensive technology fails, then power stations will go on polluting ...continue »

In India’s ancient Vedas scriptures, the mythical River Sarasvati ‘surpassed in majesty and might all other waters’. Was it more than a myth? And did it disappear due to climate change? ...continue »

No nukes? Remember, until we get a 100% decarbonised grid, the result of turning off any existing low-carbon electricity source is virtually always to add more coal to a power station ...continue »

The rich versus the rest: At the latest round of UN talks, there’s no shock (but plenty of awful) that ‘a coalition of the unwilling’ are hindering further progress on climate change ...continue » sure that guilt–tripping – or any.1.else – about their carbon footprint is just a handy distraction from our failure to make any progress on the actual problem itself ...continue »

From the rockrose to the dove’s foot cranesbill: For the once rare brown argus butterfly, as the climate changes so too does its numbers, its range and the plants it prefers ...flutter » [by]

Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Plans are under way in Scotland to inject CO2 from industrial sources into aging oilfields – but with the intention of extracting more crude oil ...fossil » [fuel]

What’s this? It’s hard to believe, but it seems that a meeting of politicians – those at the G8 summit – have actually come up with straightforward measures to tackle climate change ...continue »

Huge volumes of methane are trapped within arctic permafrost, but as global warming takes effect, weeping ‘seeps’ release masses of this potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere ...continue »

The water source: Until now, there’s been an odd rise in sea levels, one that cannot be ascribed to melting ice sheets or warming temperatures. Perhaps that riddle’s been solved ...continue »

Ardmucknish. With such an apt name for a dump, it’s not surprising that climate scientists have chosen Ardmucknish Bay, Scotland, to test the impact of undersea CO2 storage sites ...continue »

Strewth, mate! It’s hot enough to barbie the prawns without the barbeque! According to a new report, the last 60 years have been the hottest in Australasia for a millennium ...down » [under]

Welcome to the concrete jungle. With more than half of the world's population now living in urban areas, city planners must do more to address the threats posed by climate change ...continue »

You can never trust weather forecasts, right? Well, with some statistical magic, researchers may now be able to accurately project seasonal temperature changes across North America ...continue »

Getting the green light. With environmentalism apparently losing momentum, is the new strategy of linking the fight against global warming with that against poverty a good move? ...continue »

Here’s a real reason to cry over spilt milk: The milk that’s poured away in the UK creates a carbon footprint equivalent to thousands of car exhausts. It leaves a sour taste, doesn’t it? ...continue »

The message from G–Science to G8 leaders: If we manage the environment to ensure that our quality of life in the future is at least equivalent to that we enjoy today, that would be GR8! ...continue »

If we start exploiting Canada’s vast tar sand reserves, we face a sticky future. Instead, we must encourage economic incentives to leave tar sands and other dirty fuels in the ground ...continue »

Throughout the last century the causes of species extinction – habitat degradation, exploitation, human–induced climate–change – increased exponentially to nothing short of explosive ...continue »

The problem for those with a keen appetite for the environment is how to reconcile a lifestyle founded on getting fat with the need to convince others not to widen their own girths ...continue »

As a theory, it stinks – quite literally. But new research suggests that flatulent dinosaurs may have warmed the planet by pumping out million of tonnes of greenhouse gas ...bottom »  [burps]

What were they thinking? A notorious rightwing skeptical thinktank is slaughtered after comparing climate scientists to mass murderers ...bin laden » [manson] [unabomber] [terrorists]

The carbon market has been damaged by three whopping falsehoods: That climate science is wrong, that nations shouldn’t worry if others aren’t and that markets aren’t the best solution ...continue »

It's not good news, but it could be much, much worse. 'Glacial pace' doesn’t describe the speed with which Greenland is losing its ice, although it’s not as fast as once feared ...continue »

Listen up! (But don’t shoot the messenger.) To slow down global warming, we'll either have to put the brakes on economic growth or transform the way the world's economies work ...continue »

Reach for the sky: Will cloud cover help counter global warming and preserve the equable climate on which civilization depends? And what about virtual computer clouds? ...cumulos » [nimbus]

What price protecting life on Earth? The world’s best hope of staving off runaway global warming is to put an honest price on carbon, says NASA’s top climate–change scientist ...continue »

Can business really be people–and planet–friendly? Yes, says famous entrepreneur Richard Branson, who argues that profit alone shouldn’t be the only driving force of economics ...continue »

Has the eastern United States witnessed the (w)hole of climate change? Scientists discover a huge cold patch in the region where the effects of global warming were temporarily obscured ...continue »

We must act now to break the habit: Our addiction to fossil fuels – and the greenhouse gases they produce – is pushing the world to the brink of ruinous climate change »  [house]

Discovery Channel’s popular Frozen Planet series graphically shows the effects of global warming on the Earth’s polar regions. But what it doesn’t show is why it’s happening ...continue »

A fingerprint of carbon footprints: There’s no smokescreen to conceal pollution now we can distinguish between atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning and that from natural sources ...continue »

How do you present some of the most urgent debates in science in an accessible way? By using pictures, speech bubbles and comic–strip layouts. And a persuasive penguin also helps ...continue »

Bubble, bubble (for boiling trouble) – significant amounts of the greenhouse gas methane are being released from the ocean into the atmosphere through cracks in melting Arctic sea ice ...continue »

Frozen in time: As ice sheets melt, masses of bacteria and other microbes will make their way back into the environment they last inhabited hundreds of thousands of years ago ...continue »

Fossilised ideas: Sure, gas is cleaner than oil – but all of this emphasis on extracting fossil fuels from the earth should be seen as a short to medium term solution to our energy needs ...continue »

Well lubricated: As climate change continues, massive releases of meltwater from surface lakes cause the Greenland Ice Sheet to slip slide away into the surrounding ocean ...continue »

A plug for electric cars: They are cheaper to run and have fewer emissions than gasoline models even when taking into account the output from coal–fired or other power plants ...continue »

A Mann for All Seasons: He’s faced menacing e–mails and anonymous death threats, but now this climate scientist is fighting back against ideologues who simply don’t like his finding ...continue »

Cyanobacteria are minute, but when they bloom they pose a massive threat to other marine species. Now it’s thought these ubiquitous critters could also influence ocean temperature ...continue »

Nature might be red in tooth and claw, but humans don’t have to be – and a change away from our meat–rich eating habits is needed if we want to avert disastrous climate change ...continue »

Ambitious plans to combine wind and wave power in northern Europe with solar projects in southern Europe and north Africa are now set to tap into ice … Icelandic geothermal energy ...continue »

A new law gives Tennessee teachers ‘the clarity and security to discuss alternative ideas to evolution and climate change’. The Scopes Monkey Trials are ancient history? Yeah, right ...continue »

Fire and water: Scientists used to think the Amazon rainforest was too wet to burn, but the warming Atlantic draws moisture away from the forest, priming the region for bigger fires ...continue »

What planet do Greenies live on, diverting scarce road transport dollars to bike paths and sidewalk lighting projects? Perhaps a planet plagued by obesity and beset by climate change ...continue »

(Big) Business, as usual: It’s no accident that as climate science has become stronger and stronger, public perception has gone in completely the other direction, Hansen claims ...continue »

Carbon dioxide’s role in the end of an era: The global greenhouse effect had an important role in driving up global temperatures and in bringing the planet out of the last Ice Age ...continue »

CO2 took 10,000 years to bring the world out of the last Ice Age. Now CO2 levels are rising again, but this time an equivalent increase in CO2 has occurred in only about 200 years ...continue »

The wars of the world: Climate change presents a massive threat to global security, with the consequences of crop failures, mass migrations and energy disruption difficult to predict ...continue »

They’re politically active, and oppose genetic engineering, road–building and building power plants. They seem Green. But you wouldn’t want to take them home to meet your Mom ...continue »

The climate change debate drives many people mad. This might be literally true of climate change itself, with erratic weather causing depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts ...continue »

Following the Fukushima disaster, Japan gets ready to say ‘Sayonara’ to nuclear power plants – and ‘Konnichiwa’ to offshore wind turbines as a viable alternative energy source ...continue »

Insurance will cost more in 2012. Water will cost way more. And coastal real estate will cost way way more. Only electricity will cost less. And it’s all the result of climate change ...continue »

In space, nobody can directly see the permafrost melting, or its greenhouse gases escaping. But we can see indirect evidence in surface temperature, soil moisture and terrain changes ...continue »

On the cusp. With concerted international effort we can cap temperature rise at two degrees. Or we could cross the threshold beyond which global warming may become irreversible ...continue »

Predicting the unpredictable: By spanning a range of uncertainties we get a better handle on the sort of range of plausible climates we might see in the next half century »  [zone]

Of course Republicans deny climate change. Theirs is a defensive ideology, appealing to those resistant to change. Then there’s the fact that reality has a well–known liberal bias ...continue »

A drop in the ocean. Converging threats, especially from climate change, threaten to reduce the economic value of the world’s seas by up to two trillion US dollars a year by 2100 ...continue »

It’s great to be full of the joys of spring – and it’s getting earlier and earlier. But for creatures whose life cycle depends on predictable seasons, there can be too much of a good thing ...continue »

In the African Sahel, a flood of weapons enflames tensions between Muslims and Christians, and between nomads and sedentary farmers. What could be worse? Climate change ...continue »

Forget Climategate: The latest analysis of climate records show the world has indeed warmed up since 1850 and that the 10 warmest years on record all occurred in the last 14 years ...continue »

A (very) cold case: What killed North America’s woolly mammoths, almost 13,000 years ago? A plunge into a new Ice Age? And if so, what caused such sudden climate change ...continue »

Riots, civil unrest and other violent outbursts – who says climate science is boring? We’re not talking about climate deniers’ silliness here: This is how climate change affects real lives ...continue »

That’s (not) all, folks! The climate, variations in gravity, the irregular potato–like shape of the Earth, and more, are becoming clearer after ten years’ GRACE from Tom and Jerry ...continue »

Some weighty issues: Research suggests climate change may be making us fat, and that we can solve it by getting thin, and that heavier people should pay more to fly ...jack » [spratt]

Keep young and beautiful, if you want to be loved – but not if you want to be green. Contrary to popular image, this generation is less environmentally conscientious than the last ...continue »

Any bio–engineering solution to climate change is controversial – but this particular proposal is eye–catchingly unsettling: It involves bio–engineering human beings ...terminator »  [frankenstein]

What causes people to be skeptical about climate change? Scientific facts? Or the state of the economy, unemployment rates, negative media coverage, and current weather conditions? ...continue »

Forget the Big Smoke, it’s now the Big Heat – and green has become the new black as the true extent of cities’ ‘heat island’ effect is realised ...bright » [early] [spring]

Alien invaders at the South Pole: The threat posed by invasive plants, especially as climate change warms the ice continent, is one of the most significant issues facing Antarctica ...continue »

If the US elects a climate–skeptical Republican President, the New World’s ‘Grand Old Party’ will give the Old World something new to party about: The edge in clean technologies ...continue »

A question of up, down, right and wrong. In the US, belief in climate change is growing while skepticism is waning. But it is this change happening for all the wrong reasons? ...continue »

It’s a seminal study of Acinonyx jubatus and climate change. Cheetahs can go up from 0–100kph in three seconds. Due to global warming, their sperm count is going down almost as fast ...continue »

Listen up! Arctic amplification is the tendency for high latitudes to experience greater warming or cooling relative to lower latitudes. And it might explain recent wacky weather ...continue »

Greater public–advocacy by scientists to confront climate change risks turning off the public. It’s like everybody talking about the weather but nobody doing anything about it ...continue »

Is it time to drop anchor? Over 300 million years’ worth of data on global warming shows that acidification of the world’s oceans is proceeding at an alarming rate of knots ...continue »

The oldest and the thickest are the first to succumb, while the youngest and thinnest linger longer. We’re not talking contestants on ‘Survivor’ but the latest data on Arctic sea ice ...continue »

Honey, I shrunk the kids! No, not just some old sci–fi movie but a real possibility if climate change continues – at least, according to a study straight from tiny horses’ mouths ...continue »

An uphill struggle: Even a small slip is dangerous when you’re the one who has to do all the pushing. That’s why environmentalists’ ethical behaviour must remain cleaner than clean ...continue »

When climate change means less ice but more snow. Diminishing levels of Arctic sea ice (down by almost a third since 1979) have triggered colder winters further south ...continue » [more]

Shale gas could restore Britain’s energy independence and create thousands of jobs – or it could bring about contamination and blight. So will the future be rosy or fracking hell? ...continue »

A message to Christopher Brooker: The devastating leaks from the Heartland Institute show that we have a right to be concerned about who is paying for public advocacy ...continue »

In the wake of the Heartland Institute leaks, the denier crowd that fed like zombies on the hacked ‘Climategate’ emails of 2009 are now making laughable squawks about ethics ...continue »

A message from on High: Polluting the atmosphere goes against what we know of God's ways and God's will. God grieves over the destruction of creation. So should we. Amen ...continue »

If every cloud has a silver lining, then the little ray of sunshine from lower clouds is reducing the temperature of the planet and potentially slowing the effects of global warming ...continue »

And the latest hot sex scandal is all about promiscuous chicks – but this time with a difference. It seems that climate change may be making more birds ‘cheat’ on their partners ...continue »

The Barbarians are at the gate, and a Dark Age is set to begin. No, it's not the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, but the beleaguered state of science ...under »  [seige]

Climate change? It’s just a massive conspiracy. Yeah, right. That’s what the deniers always say. But what if it just isn’t paranoia – and the conspiracy’s actually on the other side? ...continue »

Getting to the Heart(land) of global warming denial. Leaked documents purport to show who the real movers and the shakers behind climate change scepticism are ...heart »  [to] [heart]

No–to–the–nioids. It’s not some campaign against the latest environmental threat – the notothenoids are a diverse group of Antarctic fish whose lineage is now under threat ...continue »

It is the stick that the Greens always get beaten with: If we spend money on protecting the environment, it’s the poor who will suffer. Here are some arguments to soften the blows ...continue »

Individual commodity trading probably wouldn’t appeal to your average environmentalist, but it’s just one of many innovative economic ideas designed to tackle climate change ...continue »

Perverting the science (1): Ubiquitous anti–Darwinian rhetoric being sounded in the US now has an additional call to ‘teach the controversy’ over the ‘theory’ of climate change ...continue »

Delivering an Angry Trump(et) Blast. What’s making a millionaire feel below par? Making him see through a red (Scotch) mist? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind're »  [fired]

Amazing GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) – a satellite study of the frozen ‘cryosphere’ – shows just how much water has melted from Earth’s ice sheets ...continue »

Too much of a good thing? Cheap shale gas sure sounds great – but its thrown energy markets into turmoil while reducing incentives for energy conservation and efficiency ...continue »

With global investment in renewables outstripping that in fossil fuels, the race is on to lead the world in green energy. And if laggards don’t wake up, they’ll end up playing catch up ...continue »

Dimming the light (1): Should we not be concerned that a small but well–funded group of scientists may have a disproportionate influence on geo–engineering research and policy? ...continue »

If it’s ice–free in the Artic, then it might be icy in Europe. At least, that’s the latest climate change theory explaining the big freeze that’s currently sweeping across the continent ...continue »

Evolution isn’t true, the Earth’s only a few thousand years old, and climate change isn’t really occurring. US Creationists have their sights set on yet another aspect of science ...continue »

The weight of numbers? When some scientists claim that there’s no need to panic? about global warming, twice as many argue that there is. Who do you believe? ...biased » [opinion]

Invasion Earth! When plants first invaded land they brought about huge climate changes. And plants’ role in regulating the climate continues today and will certainly do so in future ...continue »

There’s a big hot tropical explanation for the Little Ice Age in Europe – that it was caused by huge volcanic eruptions in the tropics spewing heat reflecting particles into the atmosphere ...continue »

People(’s Republic) power. Things get done when the public's behind you – and in China, when the public starts to question official pollution propaganda, the government takes notice ...continue »

More heat from a cold case: The rich greenhouse gas data available from ice core samples show the impacts of global warming are mostly hitting the poorest people in hottest places ...continue »

It’s the acid test – how do you calculate the extent to which human activities are raising the level of acidity in our oceans? Well, with a little computer modeling and some observation … ...continue »

Defenders of the Earth (aka climate scientists) need defending, too – from death threats, email hacking, scurrilous political probes – and especially from nefarious litigation ...continue »

Don’t screw up the chance to save $12.5 billion a year while getting rid of 30 large power plants and their associated pollution. Instead, just screw in energy efficient light bulbs ...continue »

Seaweed, alcohol and E. coli. It sounds like a sticky end to a nice evening – the bad stomach after a dinner of sushi and wine – when actually it’s the next generation of designer fuel ...continue »

It just gets worse for fracking. Its chemical processes could contaminate water, while its physical operations might cause earthquakes. Now it’s being linked to ‘fugitive methane’ ...continue »

Studies of how rising CO2 levels impacts marine life present a crazy ‘Fish Tale’ – but in this real–life ‘Finding Nemo’, the affected clown fish couldn’t even find their own reef ...continue »

Mired in guilt about your carbon footprint? Bogged down knowing you’re helping heat the world? Well, here’s the chance to get swamped in warm fuzzies by making a difference ...continue »

Climate change means Amazonian trees are growing faster – and that there are more frequent droughts and forest fires to polish the timber off that humans don’t cut down first ...continue »

Penguin populations have plunged by 94 percent, elephant seals are down 97 percent, and there’s an 85 percent drop in mollymawks. Just what is going on in the Sub–Antarctic? ...continue »

I’m hot, and when I’m not, I’m cold as ice – a sentiment (cheers AC/DC!) that is increasingly appropriate to our changing climate’s recent cycle of warm summers and bitter winters ...continue »

Education – it’s wasted on the young. Or perhaps not. The climate debate’s now moved to the classroom, with growing concern about exactly what youngsters learn »  [rules]

It’s the ‘three–for–the–price–of–one’ bargain of the century: Buy the idea of curbing climate change, and get improved human health and increased agricultural yields for free ...continue »

The EPA’s new ‘whodunnit?’ – or, rather, ‘who–does–it?’ – tool allows users to identify the United States’ major emitters of carbon dioxide and other climate–changing gases ...continue »

An idea for sequestering carbon dioxide from industrial sources is scrubbing up nicely – and it’s designed not just to capture and remove the greenhouse gas, but to use and recycle it ...continue »

Shucks! The Good Ol’ Party’s denial of climate change is just good old anti–intellectualism. Except that the current Republican anti–scientific stance is neither old nor particularly good ...continue »

If you go down to the woods today, you might hear songbirds singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” – because without more snow, American woods could soon fall silent ...continue »

On thin ice: The effect of climate change on the Canadian harp seals’ breeding means that the annual commercial seal cull may be superfluous – most of the pups are already dead ...continue »

Libertarianism’s self–serving justification of the greed and selfishness by the rich and powerful is wrong – as is its denial of climate change and other environmental problems ...continue »

To survive climate change, it’s not how fast species can move but how fast they move relative to competitors. Forget nature red in tooth and claw – think heat for hoof and paw ...continue »

If the climate change message is truly to get through, we’ve got to stop preaching to the converted. And if we want to convert the public, we’ll have to drop the preaching ...continue »

At ClimateDebateDaily HQ, we have a fondness for the odd glass of wine – and there’s something decidedly odd about what climate change is doing to the world’s wine industry ...continue »

If global warming gets you hot and bothered, then this satellite overview of a major contributor to regional and worldwide climate change will get you all fired up ...wild » [fire]

Ahhh! The fresh smell of pristine Scandinavian pine and birch forest. But are we talking thousands of years ago, before the ice came … or a hundred years hence, when it’s gone? ...continue »

It’ll soon be a summer Christmas in Australia, and the good people Down–Under can chew over the example they set to the world – of how not to tackle climate change ...continue »

A consensus certainly arose at the recent Durban talks: All were united in the desire to leave the conference center, asap. What'll ensure more productive discussions in future? ...continue »

The South Africans thought it was pretty cool, while the Germans were only lukewarm. So take a taster from this smorgasbord of opinion on Durban ...continue » [more] [more] [more]

Good, possible or perfect – all potential outcomes of Durban’s climate talks. And while the final outcome on emissions isn’t perfect, it’s a pragmatic better–than–nothing ...conference » [consensus]

It’s a fundamental question about on–going human–caused climate change: What is the dangerous level of global warming? The answer’s that there’s no room for complacency ...continue »

An inscrutable Oriental paradox: China expresses mixed messages at the Durban climate talks by accepting the need to limit emissions but with impossible conditions ...Great »  [wall ]

How climate change directly impacts you will depend on where you live. But one thing’s for sure: Unless we reduce emissions, the lives of millions of people could change forever ...continue »

For the director of Greenpeace International, the first battle was against apartheid in his native South Africa. Now Kumi Naidoo is hoping to win the war against climate change ...continue »

The sky’s the limit when it comes to innovative ways to cut CO2 emissions: If you want food that’s not been transported for huge distances, you could soon get it Fresh from the Roof ...continue »

Thar she blows! Is that a squid–loving melon-headed whale? Expect to see the unusual sight of whales and dolphins as climate change forces marine species to migrate to cooler waters ...continue »

Icy evidence of the mother of all climate 'tipping points’, which occurred approximately 34 million years ago, shows that carbon dioxide is the main dial that governs global climate ...continue »

Only politicians could believe two contradictory things at the same time. First, that time is running out for tackling climate change. Second, that we’ve all the time in the world ...continue »

Walnut whipped? Walnut is restricted to sites not too wet or dry. With its extremely narrow range, scientists predict that climate change is going to have a real impact on these trees ...continue »

Et tu, Brute? The Durban climate conference resembles a classic tragedy – the crunch point, when senators crowd around Caesar, the daggers go in and Kyoto stumbles and dies ...continue »

Global climate policy isn’t on the verge of failure – yet. But if we are ever to achieve binding regulations, we must first be open and honest about our dangerously egotistical lifestyles ...continue »

His Holiness Pope Benedict isn’t simply a pontiff(icator) about climate change – for the 84–year–old German pope, the idea that mankind must respect God’s creation is a moral issue ...continue »

Climate change is a slow–burn crisis that democratic politicians will only tackle under sustained popular pressure. Right now western voters have other things on their minds ...continue »

Do as we say, not as we do. Everybody would like to see carbon emissions drop, but not many make a personal effort to change their behaviour – including climate scientists themselves ...continue »

Shhhhhh! Listen up! The latest analysis of human caused global warming and natural climate fluctuations should help mute skeptical mutterings about recent temperature recordings ...continue »

Greens’ moral duties cut both ways. We need to inform people about threats to the environment. But we also have a moral duty not to spread unnecessary and unfounded fears ...continue »

While the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, the snow might soon be settling on an indoor ski slope in balmy Barcelona. Not so environmentally friendly? Think again ...continue »

Countries should clear–headedly address the risks of a warming world by cutting back on carbon emissions and preparing to adapt. Why be skeptical about simple common sense? ...continue »

Hop to it, before the frogs all croak! Urgent action is needed to tackle the alarming worldwide decline in amphibian populations, largely caused by climate change ...continue »

Debunking myths – such as those pedalled by climate change deniers – can actually strengthen them in people’s minds. So be mindful of ‘backfire effects’ ...mis– »  [information]

Apple bobbing: Sea level rise due to climate change could leave much of New York dangerously exposed to flood surges during major storms, according to a recent study ...continue »

There’s 40 years of data to show that a cleaner environment goes hand in hand with solid economic growth. If only someone would tell those politicians trying to cripple the EPA ...continue »

Having it both ways: Because aerosol particles can prevent raindrops coalescing or prompt storm clouds and precipitation, air pollution exacerbates both drought and flood ...continue »

Realism versus idealism: It’s an increasingly forlorn quest to get the major polluting countries to agree a legally binding CO2 emission reduction deal. So what’s the alternative? ...continue »

In 1066, William of Normandy surprisingly conquered England. Now, an Alaskan climate timeline stretching to 1067 shows another surprising conquest – of trees into the Arctic ...continue »

The world is happily wasting its energy in the Last Chance Saloon – but if it doesn’t sober up quickly then soon it’ll be too late to do anything effective to combat climate change ...continue »

Homespun truths: When the science of anthropogenic climate change proved politically and economically inconvenient for many people, a cottage industry popped up to dismiss it ...continue »

In the good old days, with fewer people and less technology, climate change wasn’t a pressing issue. But aging populations could mean that the best old days are yet to come ...continue »

We are, or at least we should be, on the cusp of an energy transformation, driven by the rapidly falling cost of solar power. That’s right, solar power – we’re not fracking joking ...continue »

Suffering a sea change: When temperatures get too hot, terrestrial species can move to higher and cooler environments, but this often isn’t an option for their marine counterparts ...continue »

What have woolly rhinoceroses, mammoths, wild horses, reindeer, bison, and musk oxen in common? They’ve been driven to extinction (or nearly so) by humans and climate change ...continue »

It’s India’s ‘safer’ nuclear option: Thorium–fuelled reactors do not release large quantities of CO2 and are less dangerous for the climate than fossil fuels like coal and oil ...continue »

A minor player in the major league of climate change causes. ‘Urban heat islands’ – heat emanating from cities – contributes far less to global warming than previously suspected. ...continue »

The King is dead, long live the King! So dysfunctional is the world's response to climate change King Coal, the dirtiest fuel of them all, is actually extending his global kingdom ...continue »

BEST 1: Proper scepticism is something scientists should always have, but now a former skeptic no longer has reason to be skeptical about steadily increasing temperatures ...continue »

There’s no time like the present for doing something about the future consequences of climate change – and a crucial source of information comes from past greenhouse times ...continue »

Alarming evidence of the dramatic effects of climate change on Chinese glaciers is now beginning to melt the great wall of icy silence about anything that might unsettle the masses ...continue »

The low–carb option: To help suppliers choose the most environmentally friendly fuels, the European Union is proposing to label oil sands as a carbon–intensive CO2 pollutant ...continue »

My name is Professor Richard Muller and I am a recovering climate skeptic – and the BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature) data to date shows that climate change is real ...continue »

The negative aspects of positive feedback mechanisms are evident in the Greenland ice sheet, where record–breaking melting can continue even without record high temperatures ...continue »

Not (yet) a cliff hanger, but getting close to the edge: Study shows if there’s another decade of inaction, then the international community will not meet agreed temperature targets ...continue »

Arctic images: Think of melting ice and you think of the polar bear. But it's only a white grizzly really – and climate change will affect us more profoundly than losing these creatures ...continue »

To get balance in our reporting of the climate debate it’s such a shame that we turn to Lord Lawson of Blaby for the skeptical gab – and demonstrably inaccurate blah blah blah ...continue »

With climate change, there’s downright deniers and properly skeptical – and the latter should be properly skeptical about the claims of the former. Confused? Then jJust read this ...continue »

If you thought the movie ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ was far–fetched but funny fantasy, would you laugh at the very real possibility that climate change is shrinking species? ...continue »

Let’s level with you: If we’re pessimistic, sea levels will rise 5.5m by the year 2500; if realistic, it’ll rise 2m; and even with the most optimistic prediction, we’re talking a 1.8m rise ...continue »

As of October 31, there’ll officially be 7 billion humans on this planet. And much of the developing world will be hard–pressed to furnish enough food, water and jobs for their people ...continue »

Over in the Lone Star State, scientists are revolting – and that’s because they’re revolted at attempts to censor mention of climate change in a landmark environmental report ...continue »

In tackling climate change, talk often seems cheap – but perhaps the really important thing is ‘conversation’ at a microscopic level. So hush up: Listen to what bacteria have to say ...continue »

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but environmental insults like climate change can nearly kill me – especially if I’m a coral reef caught in a global biotic death spiral ...continue »

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs … not quite. But a new study on links between solar activity and cold snaps does suggest it can be sunny with a chance of snow ...sun » [and] [snow]

Natural gas bags official seal of approval after international study shows that it emits just over half as many greenhouse gas emissions as coal does for equivalent energy output ...continue »

Value added: Businesses need to understand the megatrend to a low–carbon future – with the UN demanding that firms with high–carbon emissions be re–evaluated by stock markets ...continue »

Adapting to AGW is an uphill struggle. That’s the easy bit: Short distances mean large temperature changes on steep topography. But what about migration on a wider scale? ...continue »

Wall Street’s usually occupied with making money. But the Occupy Wall Street movement is more concerned with the money being taken from the people – and with climate change ...continue »

Animals can simply move away if the climate changes. Plants remain rooted to the spot … while busily re–engineering their genetic profiles to adapt to the changing conditions ...continue »

A bipartisan group hopes to jolt the government and the public out of its climate change complacency with some ‘fundamentally shocking’ solutions to global warming ...continue »

A near–record 2011 means that the Arctic is still on target – to lose all its summer ice cover by 2100. Indeed, recently, ice extent has declined faster than climate models predict ...continue »

To get the big picture on rainforests, it pays to think about AToMS – the Airborne Taxonomic Mapping System providing 3D images of trees’ physical and chemical properties ...continue »

Cut down in their prime: Just as we’re recognizing the massive value of forests in dealing with excess carbon, trees themselves are falling victim to the effects of climate change ...continue »

If you can’t stand the heat, just move out of the kitchen. It sounds easy – but for species forced to move to cooler areas by global warming, then things are aren’t that simple ...continue »

We stand accused of Ecocide: The extensive damage, destruction or loss of ecosystems to the extent that people’s peaceful enjoyment has been severely diminished. Guilty? ...continue »

What does global warming mean to newly hatched sea turtles? Life’s a beach and then you’ll fry? Depends on how hot the sand is – if life’s a warmer beach, then you’ll thrive ...continue »

The sky’s the limit when it comes to mankind’s age–old ambitions to dominate nature, with the latest geo–technologies ready to spew a heady climate–cooling brew heavenwards ...continue »

This isn’t your typical woolly lefty’s wet response to climate change … well, it is wet – but it’s all about flooding a major source of greenhouse gases: Dried–up peat bogs ...continue »

SpongeBob SquarePants – “Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!” – eat your heart out. We’re talking natural ‘sponges’ that detect, capture and store CO2. (And they’re red.) ...continue »

Coal seam gas seems to be stitching up its credentials as a cleaner alternative to coal as an energy resource. But is this a leaky argument, given the greenhouse potency of methane? ...continue »

An icy fate awaits algae and small animals’ living space in ever–diminishing Arctic ice – and with these creatures at the bottom of the food chain, there’s bigger game at risk ...continue »

Does climate change mean more Homos? Man! – about 2.7 million years ago, climatic fluctuations led to an increase in hominid species … but now there’s only Homo sapiens ...continue »

Women glow, men perspire, horses sweat and the Earth evapotranspires. That is, while water evaporating from trees and crops helps cool the planet, deforestation warms it ...continue »

Would the last to leave the solar power industry please turn out the lights. It’s dark days ahead for the renewable energy sector. Not! Green jobs still have a bright future ...sunny »  [outlook]

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble … But for some fish species, things aren’t all bad in that ‘cauldron of climate change’ known as the northeast Atlantic ...continue »

In any race, second place is first loser. In the ‘race’ to the record lowest Arctic sea ice extent, it seems 2011 is a close second to 2007 … and it’s all of us who are set to lose by it ...continue »

Happy Birthday, Greenpeace! We’ve now had four decades of the Big Green NGO’s environmentalist ‘ethics’ – or emotional self–indulgence masquerading as a moral conscience ...continue »

Diamonds are forever – at least, they provide a carat to motivate research into the carbon cycle. And even the flaws in this argument can tell us about long-term climate change ...continue »

Okay, it can add a bit of SPICE to the climate debate, but like all proposed solutions to global warming, the Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering needs further research ...continue »

An accurate forecast: Whether the weather’s hot, or whether the weather’s not, whatever the weather, the weather’s whatever the weather’s not. But what about climate predictions ...continue »

Warm waters, coral reefs, sun–kissed atolls … The only thing more you could wish for is a little more ice – especially as research into sea level oscillations makes such chilling reading ...continue »

It’s record–breaking, heart breaking; but there’ll be less ice–breaking on Arctic sea lanes, as the area of sea ice reaches its lowest point since satellite observations began ...record » [ice] [breaking]

Fancy a nice holiday on a Pacific Island paradise? If you’re going to Kiribati, take your gumboots – and that’s (almost) the official travel advice of the UN’s Ban Ki–moon ...continue »

If we took a leaf from the Tea Party’s book, we’d be more confident in our attitudes to climate change. Trouble is, they’re the ones most convinced there’s nothing to worry about ...continue »

Only one Republican Presidential hopeful’s prepared to say: “I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming.” He also admits: “I must be crazy.” All the others are ‘sane’ ...continue »

Who doesn’t want renewable sources of energy? Who doesn’t want cleaner air and a thriving economy? It’s not climate debate, it’s climate dialogue – a better pill for a bitter malaise ...continue »

That some non–smokers get lung cancer while many smokers don’t doesn’t undermine the link between cigarettes and cancer. So, is extreme weather climate change’s smoking gun? ...continue »

Two predictions: First, it’s likely that September will set a record low for sea ice extent; second, it’s certain skeptics will try to explain away this year’s appallingly low value ...continue »

In the 1980s, a ‘flux capacitor’ took Hollywood's Michael J Fox Back to the Future. Today, dust and iron fluxes are taking scientists millions of years back to the past of climate change ...continue »

It’s a pipe dream that’s all up in the sky – but if this bunch of barmy British boffins’ balloon doesn’t burst, then this is a truly stratospheric (and volcanic) way to cool a warming planet ...continue »

The sun shines, the wind blows and the waters flow – all in all, it’s a rosy picture for the German renewable energy industry as the country’s usage surges past the 20 percent mark ...continue »

While some scientists shine beams of light to penetrate the uncertainty fogging our understanding of how rain forms, others plant seeds to further cloud the issue ...laser »  [rays]

Feeling down? Blame it on the weather. Feel like invading another country? Well, blame that on the weather, too. The role that climate plays in the wealth (and health) of nations ...continue »


Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

Blowing in the wind. It’s cheap, it’s clean and you’d think it would make a great source of renewable energy – but long–term analysis of wind technology paints a different picture ...continue »

Science never stands still – and despite earlier predications, given what we know now about climate, there is almost no way that the feared large temperature rise is going to happen ...continue »

The United Nation’s most-cited series of climate change forecasts are faring vary badly. But what’s the betting that the inconvenient evidence of this fact does not see the light of day? ...continue »

Despite the well–documented shortcomings of the climate alarmists’ mouthpiece, the mainstream media continues to paint the IPCC as an objective, authoritative scientific body ...continue »

By Thunder! Hammer this clean energy message home: Thorium – an element named after the Norse god Thor – might prove to be the source of safe, emission–free power ...continue »

Man–made global warming may have little effect on the Amazon tree species, which have already weathered some of the worst that nature can throw at them for 8 million years ...continue »

The Doha climate conference has been described by some as a ‘major milestone’. For those with a realistic appreciation of the world, the term ‘ritual farce’ seems more appropriate ...continue »

In the first quarter of this year, U.S. carbon emissions hit a 20-year low. And this impressive reduction is largely due to a new energy source dismissed by climate activists: Shale gas ...continue »

Being ‘idealistic and impetuous’ means independence. So why choose climate alarmism; something preposterous and impossible to believe upon a close examination of the facts? ...continue »

Cheap energy encourages economic growth, so thank frack for shale gas. It well and truly refutes the belief that fossil fuels would grow ever more expensive as they rapidly ran out ...continue »

Ritual farce; naked money–grabbing on behalf of poor countries; impossible solutions to what is a much–exaggerated problem – a.k.a. a United Nations’ climate change gab–fest ...continue »

It’s like a swarm of flies, all mindlessly banging against a glass window. Yes, there’s another annual exercise in futility: A UN climate conference – though you might well have missed it ...continue »

It’s a game changer. A Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution, Part 2. It’s the coming of shale gas and shale oil, and the transformation of the US energy outlook ...continue »

It’s potentially a cheap means to cool the planet, but geo-engineering isn’t finding favour in Doha. Apparently, the science is too little understood. A bit like climate change really ...continue »

Climate activists don’t want to go back to flying in coach, nor do the NGOs like Greenpeace. So ’tis the season when stories of the end of the world from global warming appear daily ...continue »

The last three decades were a period of increasing warmth, and inadequate for projections of ice melt in the future. Earlier, the worry was not retreating glaciers but advancing ones ...continue »

Wood. Would you or wouldn’t you? Burn it, that is. Ironically, nearly half of environmentally–aware Europe’s renewable energy sources are (quite literally) going up in smoke ...continue »

Contrary to what the UN is claiming, climate changes naturally all the time. The hypothesis that our emissions of CO2 have caused dangerous warming is not supported by the evidence ...continue »

The IPCC’s predictions of a wide range of climate calamities have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the press and politicians, whose watchword is ‘never waste a good disaster’ ...continue »

No issue of global urgency has tanked quite as quickly as the warming of the earth's climate – and the latest token United Nations talkfest in Doha just symbolizes this inconvenient fact ...continue »

Despite the gloomy predictions about diminishing resources and an energy crisis, the United States is actually awash in natural gas – it’s even got an extra energy source on ice ...continue »

There’ll be plenty of fear–mongering, hand–wringing, and head–shaking next week as the globe–trotting promoters of the world’s biggest scam meet at the UN climate convention ...continue »

Nothing but bluster: Without the lies it tells and the cosy stitch–ups it arranges with regulators and politicians at taxpayers' expense, the wind industry simply would not exist ...continue »

Alarmists’ only commitment is to the threat of climate change and not to rational assessment of real world probabilities or the consequences of any of their proposed remedies ...continue »

A cynical view: As action on global warming would harm the economy, it was a vote loser. With no need to seek re–election, President Obama can now re-embrace climate change ...continue »

There’s nothing carbon–saving about biofuel; even the big Green movements – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF – are against it. So why the dash to swap coal for biofuel? ...continue »

Climate change? Or climate unpredictability? For the last 30 years, Antarctic sea ice has increased by 1 per cent each decade. It now covers more than any time since records began ...continue »

If planet is warming due to climate change, you would predict more droughts, right? In reality, you’d be wrong. Indeed, droughts may cause hot weather, not the other way around ...continue »

When it comes to nuclear, Green movements are suffering through what psychologists would describe as ‘cognitive dissonance’, and the usual cycles of ignorance, denial, and anger ...continue »

Re–writing history? If recent global warming has precedents, some might find it less alarming. That’s why it’s important to understand the Medieval Warm Period of 1000 years ago ...continue »

Gradual global warming is occurring. But the United States is experiencing significantly fewer major storms as temperatures warm. How are these facts misreported? ...continue »

Alarmist logic: If something bad happens, it must have an easily identifiable cause. Then wrap a highly emotional appeal in the incontestable clothing of science. Easy ...continue » [riposte]

Changing course. Telling an electorate to sacrifice billions of dollars every year in order to have a barely measurable effect on the climate a century from now simply doesn't work ...continue »

An invitation to relax and have a glass of wine during an earthquake swarm is reassuring but wrong. And so is an invitation to panic during a climate change scare ...continue »

Instead of blaming human arrogance for stirring up destructive storms, perhaps we should be grateful for the manmade institutions that help us stay healthy, informed and alive ...continue »

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, one has to be amazed at how little fact–checking the global warming alarmists do. But blaming it on climate change is scientifically ludicrous ...continue »

Perverse incentives: Because cheap gas is reducing coal demand in the US, there’s more cheap coal in the marketplace. So supposedly ‘green’ Europe is now burning more coal ...continue »

It had been a tough year for global–warming activists, when suddenly there arose on the horizon a powerful force. A mighty blast of good news! A veritable Frankenstorm! ...continue »

Sandy Storm2: Policymakers in hurricane regions should worry about levees, storm-shelters and evacuation procedures, not trying to stop people from driving SUVs ...continue » [more]

If you want to fix climate change, you would start with the cheapest way of reducing carbon emissions (not the dearest). This means using natural gas, especially abundant shale gas ...continue »

Political climate change: As the US presidential campaign shows, attitudes have cooled towards the ‘threat’ of global warming – it’s no longer a hot topic with the voting public ...continue »

Alarmists reckon that climate change will hit Africa hard. But assertions that global warming is shrinking the continent’s crop production while enlarging its deserts are simply false ...continue »

President Obama’s deafening silence on climate change is good for both skeptics (who don’t have to make sense of nonsense) and alarmists (who don’t have to defend the indefensible) ...continue »

It might seem fishy (indeed, it is fishy), but this latest piece of scientific research is not bullsh*t: It seems that fish poo is an underestimated mechanism for carbon sequestration ...continue »

What lurks beneath? Scientists have found that the landform below ice-sheets can halt ice retreat, even during warm periods. Predictions of sea level rise may need revising down ...continue »

Going to extremes: The climate debate is either complete scepticism, or else it's the alarmist end-of-the-world portrayals. And neither of those really accord with the best evidence ...continue »

Based on computer projections, many governments are taking policy action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Anyone would think that the science behind the projections was settled ...continue »

The spread of fear about global warming has given politicians a free hand to subsidize alternative technologies. Trouble is, that this fear isn’t based on solid scientific scenarios ...continue »

Pity the poor Russian polar bear. It’s not global warming that causing a rapid decline in their numbers, but rather the fact that they’re spending more time on land. And being shot ...continue »

The alarmist media always trumpet evidence of slight warming trends. But they’ve been surprisingly quiet about official data showing that global warming stopped 16 years ago ...continue »

The Great Barrier Reef is doomed! (If you ignore the fact of the high margin of error in visual surveys and that in any given year surveys sample only a tiny part of the vast reef) ...continue »

A few years ago, the renewable energy sector seemed on an inevitable march to being the power source of the future. Now it’s running out of puff as fossil fuels make a comeback ...continue »

As with most issues opposed by environmentalists, studies of GE that find harm are shouted from the media rooftops, those that do not are ignored. But what of GE’s genuine benefits? ...continue »

‘Full many a flower is born to blush unseen / And waste its sweetness on the desert air.’ Perhaps alarmists should be blushing, given climate change appears to benefit desert plants ...continue »

Taking the wind out of the environmentalists’ sails: As the US enters the last month of a bitterly contested presidential race, bad news is flooding in from the green energy sector ...continue »

Sun strike: China’s global dominance of renewable energy manufacturing has been hailed by environmentalists. Now its solar panel and wind turbine factories are running out of gas ...continue »

When the question of energy is raised in political discourse, the important thing seems to be that it’s ‘clean’. Apparently, whether or not it actually supplies people’s needs is irrelevant ...continue »

Crappy journalism often helps further the aims of global warming alarmists, whose main objective is to lay their hands on the climate funds they hope will be laundered via the UN ...continue »

In typical UN double-speak, Kyoto advocates will suggest the agreement is alive and well and moving into a ‘new phase’. The terms ‘flogging’ and ‘dead horse’ come to mind ...continue »

Want some easy publicity? Then all you need do is make ridiculously unsupported global warming claims and big league environmental activist groups will beat a path to your door ...continue »

Apocalypse Now! The fear of global warming is one of a long list of millennial or apocalyptic movements that have been at work in most societies throughout human history ...continue »

In the real world, fracking has blessed the US economy with clean, cheap, abundant energy, created jobs and reduced reliance on imported gas. Except that’s not the Hollywood version ...continue »

There were 260 million cases of malaria in 2010, with 665,000 deaths (86% under the age of five). But for the modern Green movement, many of these deaths may have been avoided ...continue »

Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m alright / I think of global warming and I don’t take fright … especially as climate change might bring ancient forests back to Canada’s frozen north ...continue »

A clutch of new reports should finally green–light Europe’s shale gas revolution. Then again, the EU’s environmentalist lobby does have a nasty habit of shooting itself in the foot ...continue »

The rate of decline in Arctic sea ice is faster than many predicted. The question is, though, what does it mean? Especially as Arctic melts on this scale have happened before ...continue »

The most detailed history of climate on the Antarctic Peninsula has revealed that this area undergoes bouts of rapid warming periodically. So much for ‘unprecedented’ warming ...continue »

For a Perfect Planet, use Earth First Products – including Fluffy Green Softener, Eco-Fluff, Everyday Sanctimonia, and Crocodile Tears Carbon Con. They’re best if you’re green ...continue »

Heard the record news about the polar sea ice? No, not the doom and gloom End-of-the-World stuff about the Arctic, but the record amount of Antarctic sea ice? Thought not ...continue »

A bit of a boob. Prince William and Kate Middleton risked watery death by visiting the famous sinking Pacific island of Tuvalu. (It’s sinking beneath the lunacy of climate alarmism) ...continue »

The theory that human use of carbon-based fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic global warming or climate change is not a hoax. It’s nothing short of the crime of the century ...continue »

Perhaps we needn’t get so crabby about the threat of ice melt on Arctic organisms because some polar fauna, including crustaceans, are surviving by riding the deep ocean currents ...continue »

Pork pies. In most countries, they’re a savoury dish. In England, it’s rhyming slang for ‘lies’. And there a large number of pork pies told about fossil fuels and government subsidies ...continue »

Global-warming ideologues often make statements of ‘fact’ that are actually testable hypotheses. And when these hypotheses are actually tested, they’re found to be wanting ...continue »

There are a couple of things wrong with the renewable energy lobby in the UK. Like they’re such a noisome, greedy, destructive, repellent, leprous and loathsomely vile group of people ...continue »

Power to the People! Climate alarmists’ true goal is not a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, but instead a transfer of wealth and power from individuals to government ...continue »

Running out of gas: The world carbon market, the only global system of carbon trading, designed to help promote greenhouse gas-cutting projects, is on the point of collapse ...continue »

There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ skeptics. But despite having legitimate concerns, climate skeptics are lumped with the latter, like AIDS denialists and anti-vaccination campaigners ...continue »

The greatest catastrophe that the human race could face this century is not global warming but a global conversion to ‘organic farming’ – an estimated 2 billion people would perish ...continue »

The Greens are “fundamentally opposed” to nuclear power because – wait for it – it’s “elitist and undemocratic”. Excuse me?! And that’s a typical example of their problem with science ...continue »

In the Good Old Days, political parties, media and environmentalists believed in climate policies as an unavoidable necessity. Those were the Good Old Days, before the recession ...continue »

America’s got Al Gore. Britain’s got Nicholas Stern. And for once, the Old Country comes out ahead – at least when it comes to junk science policies aimed at saving the planet ...continue »

It’s sometimes said that reality is just a crutch for those who can’t handle their drugs. And those deluded by climate change seem to be on something, because they can’t grasp reality ...continue »

The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time. The looming ban on incandescent light bulbs illuminates some of the EU’s democratic deficiencies ...continue »

That sinking feeling: Despite catastrophists’ best efforts to emphasize the carbon that humanity is spewing forth, they fail to mention the natural sinks busily sucking it up again ...continue »

It sounded great in theory: Transform Germany into a bio–wonderland of small eco–power plants. It practice, the bio–fuel ‘revolution’ was a taxpayer–subsidized ecological disaster ...continue »

We live on a dynamic planet in which change is the only constant. Except, of course, for so–called climate scientists who never change their constant self–interested spin doctoring ...continue »

Hurrah! The financial meltdown is actually cool news, because if there’s going to be minimal economic growth in the future then that's the problem of global warming solved ...continue »

Electric cars – does it pay to plug in? With eye–watering subsidy costs, it’s time to ask whether the US government’s investment in this technology was money well spent ...continue »

Schopenhauer’s philosophy recognised the need not to keep any question back and that anything that ‘goes without saying’ is a problem. Climate catastrophists should take note ...continue »

Who’d dare challenge environmentalism in universities dominated by seemingly liberal, progressive thought, or dare suggest that the public is more astute than academia itself? ...continue »

Fire and ice: Researchers use the 200 year written record of freezing episodes on the River Rhine to show correlation between cyclical solar activity and climatic conditions ...continue »

Does a double negative make a positive? If so, a new study showing that Himalayan glaciers are not only not shrinking, but actually accumulating ice each year must be good news ...continue »

Let’s all worship the pagan god of token environmentalism by spending countless hours sorting, storing and recycling junk. And what do we get in return? A nice warm feeling ...continue »

With typical Teutonic efficiency, Germany is forging ahead with new power plants to replace nuclear energy and switch to cleaner forms of generation. Trouble is, they’re fired by coal ...continue »

While there might be doubt about what will cause the End-of-Days apocalypse (global warming is a good bet), there’s no doubt that it will happen. Unless, of course, you’re rational ...continue »

The Green movement is essentially regressive and anti-rational – hardly surprising given its roots in German Romanticism, an ideology melding primitive naturalism with nationalism ...continue »

How did an American geologist working for an Australian mining corporation transform herself into the Queen of Climate Change Alarmist in less than a decade? How indeed ...continue »

If this summer’s extreme heat and drought in the US Midwest is the result of recent climate change, how do you explain the greater heat of the Great Depression's Dust Bowl years? ...continue »

Green doom-mongers are like the false prophets of every generation: To save face when the prophecies fail, they simply change the goalposts. Peak-oilers are a case in point ...continue »

He engages in unscientific rhetoric, defends environmentalist vandals and talks of ‘death trains’ taking coal to electricity generating stations. Meet the voice of climate alarmism ...continue »

Some Greenies see ice as the white flag being waved by our planet, under attack by humanity – all part of their facile attempt to turn climate science into a tale of political intrigue ...continue »

Cool Britannia? Everyone’s been impressed by the efficient way in which Britain has organised the Olympic Games. What a stark contrast to the nation’s shambolic energy policy ...continue »

Environmentalism has relied heavily on apocalypse: on the suspension of rational risk assessments, and the stimulation of wild fantasies. It’s even anti-geothermal energy ...continue »

How has the tide turned so that seemingly inevitable climate action has now receded to the point where it is clear nothing at all is going to be done by anyone? How indeed ...continue »

All you budding Johnny Appleseeds, plant a tree and save the planet! Wait a minute – forests seem to contain globally significant sources of the potent greenhouse gas, methane ...continue »

Warmists are correct that CO2 is a greenhouse gas that causes warming, that levels have been rising, and that it's been warming. So what? Serious sceptics believe the same ...continue »

What ingenious ruse have the wily Warmists alighted upon to disguise the awkward fact that they are losing every important scientific argument going? Simple: ‘extreme weather’ ...continue »

Modern climate science needs constructive criticism. But again and again, skeptics are told they should respect the consensus, an admonition wholly against the tradition of science ...continue »

Not on the slippery slope. The discovery of historical fluctuations in ice sheet melting casts doubt on projections that Greenland could now be headed for an unstoppable meltdown ...continue »

Worldwide levels of carbon dioxide nearly three times as high as today. Warm rainforests, tree-ferns and palms in Antarctica. The future of global warming? Actually, the ancient past ...continue »

With Richard Muller’s ‘conversion’ to the warmist cause, it seems we have the skeptic allowing the IPCC to drive out the devil of climate-change denial from within his soul ...continue »

Is the systematic exaggeration of the extent of 20th century global warming deliberate fraud by warmists hell bent on keeping the funding gravy train rolling? Or simple stupidity? ...continue »

A day at the museum. Washington’s Smithsonian is fantastic – it’s a pity there’s an overlay of greenist pessimism about human progress, as if the demise of civilisation is nigh ...continue »

Climate change hysteria means we can’t believe what the BBC or NASA or the Royal Society or the National Academy of Sciences or Al Gore tells us about global warming. Ever ...continue »

Crying wolf over climate change and species extinction? In the rush to blame humans for wiping out wildlife, we forget that nature leaves no ecological niche unfilled for long ...continue »

What a load of hot air: The recent alarmist claims about ‘unprecedented’ melting of the Greenland ice sheet is, according to glaciologists, a normal and predictable occurrence ...continue »

Sayanora nuclear power … konichiwa nuclear power. After the Fukushima catastrophe, Japan turned to renewable energies. Now it’s flirting with a return to nuclear energy ...continue »

The low–down on sea level rises. Ominous accounts of flooding in low lying coasts and islands are often linked to global warming. But the real issue is: Why are sea levels so low? ...continue »

Sense from beyond the grave: Rabble–rousing journalist Alexander Cockburn might now be dead, but he’s still got plenty of lively things to say about global warming ...continue »

Lions led by donkeys. Climate policies will make British industry uncompetitive against other leading countries – and yet Britons’ elected representatives still vote for them ...continue »

To beat climate change, we use food crops to make biofuels to help the poor who will go hungry because of climate change. Surely it would be better to grow food to feed the poor ...continue »

A bridge too far: Germany wanted to put itself at the forefront of the fight against global warming by radically expanding the use of renewable energy. The question is, who pays? ...continue »

Which side of the climate debate has run a calculated campaign of disinformation, founded on wholly unscientific claims and general scorn for the truth? Not the skeptical side ...continue »

If the IPCC reports are flawed, the scientific footing of the environmental movement's ‘mother of all environmental scares’ is undermined. Guess what? The reports are flawed ...continue »

It would be good for business and good for the resources of the world if capitalists were to seize environmental resource management from the tree–huggers and yoghurt weavers ...continue »

Political decisions concerning climate aren't based on scientific predictions but on projections based on models. And if these models’ input is questionable so too is the output ...continue »

Fishy tales: The ‘Summer of the Shark’ in 2001 provides a neat analogy of how the media misrepresent and misreport natural phenomena like extreme weather and climate change ...continue »

Using the term ‘deniers’ is a cheap attempt to associate unwelcome arguments with Holocaust denial. This is as true of debate about climate as it is of the population ‘problem’ ...continue »

Which energy policies get greener results? The anti&#150fossil fuel regulatory regimes of socialist Europe? Or the technological innovation promoted by ‘evil’ capitalists in the US? ...continue »

To predict the future, we must understand the past – and the results of the latest study of historic climate change show that the IPCC is likely underestimating long-term cooling ...continue »

Cheap electricity is a major contributor to national prosperity and to economic diversity. The Greens’ desire to increase prices will have continuing deleterious consequences ...continue »

Climate change is nothing new – temperatures and CO2 levels have constantly fluctuated throughout geological time. But what’s old hat to plants holds promise for us humans ...continue »

If someone is so high up in the Church of Global Warming that he’s practically a Carbon Cardinal, would you trust he’d have objective views on climate change? (Only asking!) ...continue »

Rio+20 was presented as an opportunity to decide ‘the future we want’. Only, all choice was excluded – the NGOs had already decided what kind of future we should be allowed ...continue »

At night, solar modules go instantly offline, while in winter, they barely generate power even during the day. Yet in Germany, this inefficient energy source is still subsidised ...continue »

Peak oil – the notion that global supplies would soon plateau then decline – has been a favorite gloomy prediction of environmentalists. And now it seems they got it all wrong ...oil » [spill]

They delight in the dismal discipline, but economists can often be right. In Australia, most economists believe there are better ways to tackle climate change than using direct regulation ...continue »

It’s stalling the re&#150birth of nuclear, threatening OPEC’s stranglehold on energy resources – and now it seems that the shale gas revolution might put paid to renewable energy projects ...continue »

Why is climate change always bad news? In Africa, some large areas with sparse vegetation may become forests by the end of the century – and this as a direct result of rising CO2 levels ...continue »

Few UN conferences ever produce much of worth. But they can usually come up with a final communique that all the participants can point to to show their trip wasn’t wasted. Not Rio. ...continue »

Who’d pay to stop the left–wing media machine spewing hippy dippy, anti–growth, anti–free–market, environmentalist scaremongering? The world’s richest woman, that’s who ...continue »

It’s nothing to blubber about: Thanks to a group of elephant seals, scientists now know that Antarctic ice sheets are melting at significantly lower rates than current models predict ...continue »

UNESCO has expressed great concern over threats to the Great Barrier Reef from coastal development and climate change. They should button on to the truth – or just butt out ...continue »

In the 20 years between Rio Earth Summits, the planet and its inhabitants have suffered grievously thanks to junk science and scaremongering by the environmentals ...continue »

According to the aging eco&#150doomsters at Rio+20, the summit failed because of the eurozone crisis and the power of climate deniers. At least Iran’s President Ahmadinejad is on their side ...continue »

Recently, it’s been suggested that we must seriously cut down the amount of meat we consume in order to stave off planetary apocalypse. This is an argument that’s hard to swallow ...continue »

World leaders gathering at the Rio+20 Earth Summit have the right sentiment, wanting to help the planet. Unfortunately, they are focusing on poor solutions for the wrong problems ...continue »

The Green message is pure and simple: We must kill the Earth to save it. It’s the final solution for these mankind-hating, technology-loathing, apocalyptic visionaries of the future ...continue »

It’s a heartrending image of global warming: Idyllic Pacific Islands disappearing beneath the ocean’s relentless waves. And perhaps it’s true – that these islands are indeed sinking ...continue »

The good (nuclear), bad (wind power) and fracking amazing of James Lovelock’s screeching handbrake turn to a new laissez-faire attitude towards our environmental fate ...continue »

To prevent further climate change damage to the planet, the EU is implementing mitigating economic policies. But what if these very policies are more damaging than doing nothing? ...continue »

The peer–review system forms the gold standard for the IPCC’s climate change claims. But peer–reviewing a paper is absolutely no guarantee that the science it portrays is correct ...continue »

Most climate models don’t really fail at predicting regional patterns of climate change – it’s just that they can predict any pattern, even ones that are diametrically opposed to each other ...continue »

The influential Limits to Growth was pure junk science. Forty years later, its lead author is regurgitating his message of doom, although now with the climate element cranked up ...continue »

What were British weather forecasters predicting 20 or so years ago? Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight, drowned sheep in morning, global warming. And it was wrong. As usual ...continue »

Things other than climate change might cause the entire breakdown of the environment and ecosphere that supports us all. Should we worry – or does it just mean business as usual? ...continue »

Credible scientists can accept global warming and still disagree about its causes. Further, they raise troubling questions about the wisdom of policy remedies based primarily on faith ...continue »

Eco doom-mongering: Deforestation, resource depletion, growing global inequality, overpopulation, excessive consumption, industrialisation of China. It’s also called progress ...continue »

Even the politicians are different Down Under: They talk straight! Are humans polluting the environment? Certainly. And is mankind responsible for global warming? Who knows? ...continue »

Not really such a sunny solution: If limiting CO2 is our goal, solar cells seem a wasteful and pricey strategy – so we’d be better off directing our time and resources to other options first ...continue »

So what if Greenland’s ice is retreating? It appears that it was disappearing even faster eighty years ago – but with nobody to worry about it, the ice subsequently came back again ...continue »

The more scientific knowledge you have, the more skeptical you are about the dangers of climate change. For many alarmists, this provides a good reason to stop teaching science ...continue »

It’s a wonderful image: A Worldwide Fund for Nature, dedicated to saving rainforests, gorillas, water, the climate – and, of course, the giant panda. But is it all simply a mirage? ...continue »

Spitting the atom. Ill–informed and emotional opinions about nuclear technology constrains a rational, scientific analysis of the uses and relative benefits of nuclear power ...continue »  [more]

The latest hoo-ha about genetic modification has all the hallmarks of green activism: patronising, scientifically dubious and riddled with anti-corporate conspiracy-mongering ...continue »

Prophets of Doom: The pervasive (but unproven and politically-corrupted) hype that we are experiencing a human-caused climate crisis is trumpeted in the media as authoritative gospel ...continue »

In Australia, years of government fear-mongering about evil ‘carbon’ have produced a new inconvenient truth: The contrived climate disaster narrative is nothing but an expensive farce ...continue »

Many environmental ‘activists’ don’t care about science, truth, or actually improving people’s lives. Their anti-GM zealotry is a case in point ...continue » [more] [more] [more] [riposte]

It’s hardly a blitzkrieg: Germany has aggressive plans to become the first industrialized country to fully transition to renewable energy – but they're already running out of steam ...continue »

It’s a black eye for the green Black Eyed Pea: For musician, it’s more image than environment – why else would he ‘hip.hop.copter to a climate change conference? » [ironic]

Would people be concerned by the increasing ‘alkalination’ of the world’s oceans? Thought not. That’s because ‘acidification’ sounds much scarier – as the climate alarmists well know ...continue »

So, everyone’s had a snigger about flatulent dinosaurs causing climate change – but, now the atmosphere’s cleared a little, there’s actually a serious scientific story hidden in the haze ...continue »

Yet another European crisis? By eschewing cheap fossil fuels, the EU’s energy policies have created an unsustainable, publicly–subsidized, market–skewing ‘green’ energy bubble ...continue »

Many of the problems facing the world’s poor could be fixed cheaply and simply if activist NGOs stopped conducting witch–hunts for theoretical environmental problems ...continue »  [more]

Who guards the Earth’s ‘guardians’? At Rio+20, bureaucrats will desperately try to extend the power of the supranational institutions that are already beyond democratic control ...continue »

We’re constantly bombarded by ‘science’ reports but are unaware of the often tortuous methodology behind the assertions. Take the case of fossil rain drops and the primeval sun ...continue »

A major contributor to our current societal malaise has been a tendency to moral crusades – and none have resulted in such widespread and increasing detriment as environmentalism. ...continue »

The big picture: Solving the problems of diarrhoea, worms and malnutrition may not sound that sexy, but this would help the world's poor far more than other more grandiose interventions ...continue »

After two decades of anti–global warming policies you’d have to conclude that the programs are designed to produce the impression of activity, without actually achieving anything ...continue »

One species in particular is especially vulnerable to global–warming–related catastrophes: the electricity ratepayer. But there’s one country where they’re less at risk: the United States ...continue »

Eco–loons love the Great Barrier Reef because, like the polar bear, it’s big, impressive and captures the public imagination. Despite the alarmist drivel, though, they’re both doing fine ...continue »

When The Odyssey was being written, a 'solar minimum' was cooling the planet. A similar event would ruin the predictions of global–warming alarmists. So, to quote Homer: “D’oh!” ...continue »

Just who qualifies as a climate expert? Apparently, not those incredibly important and influential people at the IPCC. Well, at least in the expert opinion of a leading climate alarmist ...continue »

You can’t please all the people all the time. The darling of the alarmist movement, James Lovelock, is now infuriating former disciples with his second thoughts about climate change ...continue »

Bamboozling the panda: The WWF has increased its wealth and influence by pursuing that most fashionable environmental cause, the battle against climate change. But at what cost? ...continue »

The data–fudging, scientific–method–abusing, grant–troughing second–raters known as climate scientists have now been caught out telling more lies – this time about alleged death threats ...continue »

With every potential scientific advance – especially one that 'messes with nature’as the environmental zealots would describe it – there is often a loony group determined to stop it ...continue »

The deepest, hottest pit of fossil–fueled climate change hell is reserved for crisis deniers – those heretics who have turned their backs on the true villainy of human climate sin ...continue »

Earth's carrying capacity can’t cope with population growth, and civilization will end unless human beings are killed. The question is: How do we want to do this? (Warning: Satire.) ...continue »

Winding up the heat: Satellite data over four of the world's largest wind farms shows a local temperature rise as the turbines mix up warmer air higher in the atmosphere ...warm » [wind]

Threats to life and limb, property destruction, public smears, vilifying dissent, the curtailing of free speech. Hallmarks of totalitarian intolerance? Yes, but of the eco–fascist variety ...continue »

The public is starved of balanced information on global warming and numerous other politically correct scientific subjects, known as junk science. Blame the media ...continue »  [more]

One thing is worse than the British Broadcasting Corporation when it comes to ludicrous bias in the (so-called) climate ‘debate’ – the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ...continue » [riposte]

Using junk science and the irresponsible manipulation of population growth predictions, the Royal Society promotes a radical ‘rebalancing’ of global consumption. Sound familiar? ...continue » [riposte1] [riposte2]

To infinity and beyond. A giant leap for mankind. You choose the slogan for the latest idea to mine asteroids – and the possibility of turning science fiction into science fact ...rocket »  [man]

From Alarmist Soothsayer to Heretical Truth–sayer: The Gaia theory’s James Lovelock admits he was way over the top about the dire threat of climate change ...not » [that] [bad]

Between a rock and a hard place. You can’t win with Greens: If water and chemicals are injected into the ground to extract shale gas it’s bad, but if CO2 is injected instead, it’s good. ...continue »

The climate alarmist position is based on an argumentum ad populum – and that’s the fancy name for the fallacy of believing that scientific facts can be decided by a simple headcount ...continue »

What’s going down Down Under: Are Australian politicians and extreme leftist Greens preparing to ban scientists and free–thinkers who don’t toe the official line on climate change? ...continue »

The greatest challenges now facing the world: Decreasing oil extraction, Pakistan's nuclear weapons program; rapid population growth in North Africa – and a climate cooling cycle ...continue »

The End Is Nigh! A near–religious belief in the coming global climate apocalypse is an article of faith and law in Europe, and to challenge this orthodoxy could cost you your career ...continue »

In true leftist, anti–capitalist style, US Democrats are proposing a windfall tax to regulate oil profits in aid of clean–energy research – just as the renewable ‘revolution’ runs out of gas ...continue »

All those alarming stories of disappearing Himalayan glaciers will have to be put back on ice now that scientists have discovered Asian glaciers actually growing ...cold » [colder] [coldest]

The Emperors’ New Colonies: Despite fears global warming could endanger the habitat of the world’s largest penguin, they’re twice as common as previously thought ...happy »  [feet]

Houston, we have a problem. A group of former NASA scientists, astronauts and engineers want to bring the agency’s end–is–nigh speculative climate science back down to earth ...continue »

Does CO2 increase plant growth? Answer: Let’s spend huge amounts of money finding out. Just more tree hugging research that smells like sh*t, looks like sh*t and in fact is sh*t ...continue »

Environmentalist often fling accusations of ‘bullsh*t and junk science’ at climate change skeptics, but now they’re hurling similar abuse at each other as their differences go nuclear ...continue »

Sustainable development is a mushy concept rooted in the belief that Salvation requires vast cabals of NGOs and bureaucrats to hatch top–down solutions to a global climate crisis ...continue »

Skeptics claim that climate science is horribly woolly, beset with second raters and data fudgers. But aren’t they paid to say such things? Surely, it can't be because it’s true or anything ...continue »

In the past, the better educated you were, the more you’d put your trust in science. Now, with the politicization of climate research, it’s the smart ones who are the most skeptical ...continue »

The funding of green activists and environmental NGOs is a sickness right at the heart of the British Government – and now they’re trying to spread the contagion to the Lone Star State ...continue »

There is a God! Someone’s making a film in praise of … [start speaking like the serpent in the Garden of Eden] that mosssssst sssssinissssster fossssssssil fuel: sssssshale gassssss ...continue »

Good (g)reef! The latest oceanic research indicates that climate change is not necessarily to blame for the decline in coral, and that it is more resilient than often thought ...finding » [nemo]

What’s in a word? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – and global warming by any other name would still smell of …. It’s now called global weirding. And it’s still a lie ...continue »

Biblical references always seem appropriate to the Middle East – and the Genesis phrase ‘Unto dust shalt thou return’ is particularly apt for the region in a world awash with oil ...continue »

Planes, trains and automobiles; iPads, iPhones and MacBooks – all apparently contribute to global warming. Ironically, they’re also the very things that climate activists most rely on ...continue »

Does Government need to be involved in promoting climate science? The Australian Greens certainly think so– but this seems to smack more of left–wing naivety than anything else ...continue »

Nuclear power provides clear proof that the tiniest things (atoms) pack plenty of energy. And this fact might provide a novel perspective for the nuclear industry itself: Think small ...continue »

Friction over fission: The recent blows to the world’s nuclear industry will have severe unintended environmental consequences, most notably the burning of far more fossil fuels ...continue »

Evidence from the end of the Dark Ages may throw new light on contemporary theories of climate change, with the Medieval warm period likely to cool claims of global warming ...continue »

Radical environmentalists like David Suzuki don’t tend to be big on objectivity or a sense of irony. They are big on Big Plans – the first is to demonize and silence all opposition ...continue »

Despite the Fukushima ‘speed bump’, the only practical and viable option for our energy needs for the next forty to fifty years is a commitment to the safe use of nuclear power ...continue »

Tie me (giant) kangaroo down, sport! Us humans, not climate change, killed off Australia’s prehistoric megafauna, including rhino–sized wombats and marsupial lions ...down »  [under]

The dismal science. Greens insist we need to change behaviours that cause climate change. But they appear ignorant of the science of how to change behaviour. It’s called economics ...continue »

Coal. It’s cheap, but it accounts for 40 percent of worldwide carbon emissions. So why not put the pollution that it causes back in the same place where we get the stuff – underground ...continue »

He’s a feudal throwback, with all the charisma of a concrete bollard. And yet some right–on environmentalist types think Prince Charles is the best British thing since The Beatles ...continue »

Teutonic extremes: Germany used to declare war on its neighbors. Now it lectures them on sustainable living. The problem is, neither strategy has proved particularly successful ...continue »

Stating the obvious: The sun shines, the Pope’s Catholic, and climate alarmists are liars and fakes. And the only thing warmists know about facts is never to let them get in the way ...continue »

Nuclear warfare: George Monbiot versus the Friends of the Earth – so sit back as two heavyweights of the environmental movement slug it out about cutting carbon ...rumble »  [jungle]

So, what’s the problem with wind turbines? Apart from the phenomenal cost, the maintenance difficulties, and the unreliability, they’re also a big threat to our heritage ...wind » [mill]

A few years ago, the environmentalists’ energy mantra was ‘Anything But Coal’ – with natural gas accepted as a cleaner alternative. But how the tables have turned (toxic) ...continue »

Fear, surprise, efficiency, a fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms worked for the (Monty Python) Spanish Inquisition. For the Climate Inquisition, it’s just fear ...continue »

Nuclear (under–)powered? So last year! Fukushima was every environmentalist's dream scenario – well, at least in Germany, following the sudden decision to abandon nuclear ...continue »

Alien invaders at the North Pole: The threat posed by invasive plants as a by–product of climate change in the Arctic have been vastly exaggerated, a polar scientist claims ...continue »

The reaction against nuclear power post–Fukushima reveals the navel–gazing, risk–averse worldview that has such a paralysing effect in the developed world today ...earthquake » [tsunami]

A change of climate? When you’re a card–carrying Satanic denier, who’s used to being vilified at every turn, it really feels weird suddenly to be in tune with the popular mood ...continue »

You know that big shiny thing in the sky? It’s quite important, weather–wise. But for years the global–warming establishment has minimized the effects the sun has on Earth’s climate ...continue »

Given all these stories of fossil fuel industry–funded debauchery, of millions being spent on climate skeptics’ mercenary ‘pseudoscience’, we must ask: How do we get in on the fun? ...continue »

The wind industry’s feeble argument that renewables are the only way to beat climate change is blown away by a tornado of inconvenient truths, like the fact it doesn’t work ...continue »

Image is everything. Everyone ‘knows’ that climate skeptics are bank–rolled by big business. They don’t realise that corporations actually pay alarmists protection money instead ...continue »

Today’s tech–hating eco–miserabilists aren’t Luddites. They’re simply BANANAs. Those who blindly believe the mantra: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything ...continue »

It’s a no–brainer: Even if we accept the fact of climate change it still doesn’t mean that spending billions to deploy inefficient and soon to be outdated technology is a good idea ...continue »

Ravaging the country with wind farms, slowing economic growth, raising taxes, and basing expensive public policy on hysterical junk science. It’s for the good of future generations ...continue »

Getting the fundamental(ist)s right. By indulging themselves in self–stimulated paroxysms of righteousness, climate alarmists are on par with the ‘best’ religious extremists ...continue » [more]

The non–nuclear option. With companies suffering ever–increasing energy costs, Germany’s abrupt decision to abandon its nuclear power capacity is looking increasing untenable ...continue »

A message from Christopher Brooker: The innocuous leaks from the Heartland Institute show how desperate those who wish to keep the climate scare alive have become ...continue »

What’s this? A positive perspective on carbon dioxide?! And an idea to make money from pollution?! Whatever next? Doing something feasible to cool an overheated planet? ...continue »

Fracking. Extracting shale gas by deliberately fracturing underground rock with toxic chemicals. That’s gotta be bad for the environment, right? Well, perhaps not too bad ...continue »

Scurrilous deceptions. Climate misinformation. False claims. It sounds impressive – but it’s just the alarmist industry desperate to big up a non–story (and a faked one at that) ...continue »

Let’s assume you do actually believe in climate change and that we need to do something about it. The only solution (short of a return to peasantry) is through technology ...continue »

The dark side of solar technology: In Germany, the policy of subsidising green technology has become a massive money pit, with spiralling costs now threatening the economy ...continue »

The winds of change. From Germany to the United States, the hopes of a wind power revolution are being blown off course by a loss of investment and subsidies ...wind » [mill]

In the short term, switching to alternative power could make global warming worse, with the benefits only to be felt in the (very) long term. (So take things with a grain of salt) ...sweet »  [sour]

Ahhh! Immediate and drastic action is needed NOW to save us from the climate change nightmare! Whoa! Hold on a minute – it’s just the catastrophists’ fantasyland dream ...continue »

What’s this?! The IPCC – yes, the same IPCC of the Himalaya–gate howler and various other serious errors – actually doing something right? Well, now it admits when it’s wrong ...continue »

How did the once–revered Royal Society, home of such greats as Wren, Pepys, Banks and Newton, become a joke? Once it abandoned its traditions of scrupulous scientific neutrality ...continue »

Perverting the science (2): Nullius in verba (‘on the word of no one’) implies that science should only be determined by objectivity. Have climate scientists heard the good word? ...continue »

Melting glaciers – an iconic symbol of climate change. But now that image will have to be put on ice, with the latest study showing a negligible mass loss of glacial area »  [ice]  [maybe]

Mutter a quick prayer and cross your fingers when you say this: “The climate catastrophe is not occurring!” Still there? Congratulations – you’ve survived breaking the BIG taboo ...continue »

What does a paranoid android have in common with climate change modeling? The first is a character in the fictional Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The second is just fiction ...continue »

A flagship greenhouse gas reduction scheme has sprung a leak after the Chinese ban their airlines from taking part in the EU’s carbon–emissions program ...up » [and] [away]

Dimming the lights (2): Should we not be content if a simple, feasible and cost–effective means to reduce temperatures on Earth is found by geo–engineering research and policy? ...continue »

And old joke says that if you put two economists in a room, you’ll get at least three different opinions. If you put two climate scientists together you’ll get an increase in global warming ...continue »

What’s not changed with the weather? Well, it hasn’t warmed up. It’s not stopped raining. Polar bears aren’t dying out. And climate alarmists are still not admitting they're wrong ...continue »

It’s widely believed that jellyfish are blooming the world over, and that climate change is to blame. Is this true? We’ll find out with the Return of the JEDI (Jellyfish Database Initiative) ...continue »

Plumbing the depths. One of the key claims in climate alarmists’ propaganda is that Pacific Island nations are sinking beneath rising seas. The inconvenient thing is, they aren’t ...continue »

Forget the science – the ego, money, careers and reputations that depend upon anthropogenic climate change mean its advocates can’t accept that the threat might actually not be so dire ...continue »

Cycle 25. It sounds like a setting on a washing machine. And indeed, this period of solar activity could splash clean cold water on much of the current thinking on global warming ...continue »

Despite a supposed consensus on the deleterious consequences of climate change, a contrary ‘heresy’ grows with each passing year. The reason is a collection of stubborn scientific facts ...continue »

When you’re getting on a bit, it’s easy to lose focus, to lose a bit your former youthful vigour But isn’t 40 a little too early for this – and is age really the enemy of the hippy–esque FOE? ...continue »

Who sets the environmentalists’ agenda? It sure ain’t environmentalists themselves. But when corporate funders choose the tune, democratic decision making is increasing imperiled ...continue »

Eco–friendly NGOs give millions in donations to those toeing the right climate line. But they’re eco–unfriendly about the peanuts given to those promoting the wrong message ...continue »

Bjorn Lomborg has always argued that current policies for cutting CO2 emissions are a waste of money. Now the Danish government’s decided to save money by cutting Lomborg ...continue »

To assess the different costs of either tackling or putting up with climate change, start with the fact that we can beat climate change: Just kill a few billion people and we'd be done ...continue »

They say that going to New Zealand is like going back in time by 50 years. And, sure, the Kiwis are a bit backward with climate alarmism, but not with old–fashioned courtesy ...continue »

If you look on the sunny side, German consumers only pay the second–highest electricity prices in Europe. But higher costs are just one element of the dark side of solar energy ...continue »

As yet, it’s a crude oil forecast with enormous geopolitical implications, but the USA might be almost totally energy self–sufficient in decades. And it mostly boils down to shale ...continue »

What with real events that affect real people – recession, the Arab Spring, the euro crisis, and that sort of thing – climate alarmism seems to have cooled. Darn, spoke too soon ...continue »

Climate alarmists suffer pain, frustration and anguish that so few people seem to agree with them. But a remedy is at hand – they could accept science with an open heart and mind ...continue »

Climate alarmists’ wilful self–delusion and glib complacency is great when it comes to winning arguments – because it means that even though they’re wrong, they’re still right ...continue »

Is recent warming a temporary blip before the expected drift into another Ice Age? And, given mankind's impact on climate, will cooling be rapid, glacial or non-existent? ...continue »

Physics versus climate science – a question of discipline. Doomsday predictions of the end of the planet were made about the Large Hadron Collider and about climate change ...continue »

They might be lumberjacks, but they’re okay. Canada’s the only Western nation maintaining Western values. “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee” – please stand on guard for us ...continue »

The End is Nigh! We’re only five minutes from Armageddon! Well, figuratively speaking at least, now that now that the iconic Doomsday Clock has been updated closer to annihilation ...continue »

Wind power is twice as efficient as conventional energy sources – at least when it comes to consumers paying double. Otherwise, wind is unreliable, inefficient, and expensive ...wind » [mill]

The AGW industry posits hypothetical solutions to imaginary problems. And that this obsession remains in the face of possible collapse of the global financial system is remarkable ...continue »

It’s the scariest environmental problem you've never heard of. It’s freaking out the scientists. Or should the alarming news of ocean acidification simply be taken with a pinch of salt? ...continue »

Those moralising Greens sure give you the blues. And now they’ve bagged a ‘blue law’ – a form of publicly sponsored religion – to tax us everyday folk’s ‘immoral’ behaviour ...continue »

While many Greens believe that technological progress and economic growth is the highway to hell, this monster of a book demonstrates that this is really the road to salvation ...continue »

[To be read while whistling The Scorpion’s classic ballad ‘Wind of Change’] To begin its much–heralded renewable energy era, Germany must burn massive amounts of fossil fuels ...continue »

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is an utterly wonderful idea. It’s just a shame that there’s such a stench of nebulous eco–bullsh*t wafting around any actual attempt to achieve it ...continue »

‘Planet saving’ bio–fuels aren’t a Green idea, they’re driven by subsidies that are mouth–wateringly generous to energy producers and eye-wateringly costly to consumers and drivers ...continue »

It’ll soon be a summer Christmas in Australia, and the good people of New South Wales will have something else to chew over on the festive BBQ – massive power price hikes ...continue »

Apologies for the impolite British phrase, but who’s talking “weapons–grade b***ocks” about Durban? Those claiming it was a success? Or those calling it an abject failure? ...continue »

Renewable energy – alternative views. For the Greens, it’s a vision of a cleaner, greener future. But from an economic perspective, it’s an over–ambitious and ephemeral mirage. ...continue »

China self–righteously lectures other countries about carbon emissions while turning its own environment into a choking cesspool of polluted smog. What’s Mandarin for hypocrisy? ...continue »

In the dog–eat–dog world of the modern media, the BBC always seems so reassuringly reasonable. That is, until you see its polar–bear–eat–polar–bear climate change reporting ...continue »

He’s an environmental icon in Britain. His authoritative commentary is the voice of nature for millions. Unfortunately Sir David Attenborough is yet another BBC climate alarmist ...continue »

Innocent taxpayers are being screwed to pay for the great climate change myth – but when you're trying to save the world from this non–existent threat, no price is too great to pay ...continue »

If we don’t act RIGHT NOW – or by 2006 (or perhaps 2008 or maybe 2010)–global warming may be irreversible. (Note: Story, like climate change, is not to be taken seriously) ...continue »

What’s worse: Extracting oil from Canada’s vast bitumen deposits while emitting less CO2 per barrel than the Saudi Arabia oil wells, or paying the Saudi dictatorship for the stuff? ...continue »

Copenhagen failed – and the world kept turning. Cancun ended dismally – and we’re all still here. Now it’s Durban’s turn to fizzle out. But are climate talks as big a flop as the euro? ...continue »

The IPCC has thousands of self–critical scientists working tirelessly on the best peer–reviewed research to reach unbiased, independent conclusions. And pigs really do fly ...continue »

Naïve Greenies imagine that Kyoto was a sort of environmental bonding moment for the world’s nations. In fact, it was an exercise in green posturing and multilateral cynicism ...continue »

What do we know about climate change? Everyone ‘knows’ that global warming is true although we’ve never had an honest debate on either the science or government policy ...continue »

Racists, Holocaust deniers, child murderers, cowards, saboteurs, anti–science Flat–Earthers – oh yes, and global warming skeptics. They’re all the same to ‘moral’ climate activists ...continue »

Climate alarmists often accuse us of committing environmental suicide – but suicide is simply an escape from reality, and it’s the Greens who are guilty of delusional behaviour ...continue »

To induce widespread catastrophic consequences from large–scale warming of the planet, we would have to increase CO2 more than we are going to do in the near future. So chill ...continue »

The climate debate is as complex as human social life and natural science combined. So it’s fair to say that the human component of global warming may be somewhat overestimated ...continue »

Room to breathe: Now we can rule out the current worst–case scenarios for global warming as unnecessarily exaggerated, we know we have time to figure out solutions to the problem ...continue »

A little bit of background on the rate of species demise clearly suggests that Al Gore has painted a dire, distorted and erroneous picture of modern man causing wholesale extinctions ...continue »

History never repeats. Once bitten, twice shy. Learn from your mistakes. All adages that are completely inappropriate now that ClimateGate 2.0 is about to hit the headlines ...action » [replay]

“Absolutely useless. Completely reliant on subsidies. An absolute disgrace.” No, not a republican’s view of the British monarchy, but a right royal verdict on wind farms » [blood]

Global warming – the greatest environmental scare success in history. And for insurance companies, scaring the living bejesus out of its customers has proved massively profitable ...continue »

Climate change summits – the epitome of smug, hypocritical uselessness. This year’s destination for thousands of taxpayer–funded bureaucrats is the seaside city of Durban ...continue »

Forget the cabin in the woods. If what you value most is nature, cities do indeed concentrate damage – but the alternative merely spreads the damage. Urbanization is now good news ...continue »

Tie me kangaroo down, sport! The Australian Government’s creating a 40 tonne carbon footprint (and spending $AUS500,000) for a bureaucrats’ junket on climate change ...continue »

There are several misconceptions about CO2, most created when warmists try to prove their greenhouse gas hypothesis. It helps if this misinformation creates unfounded fears ...continue »

Stalin’s or Hitler’s or Mao’s totalitarian regimes brought bounty, happiness and environmental loveliness. And what else is true? Oh yes, global warming didn't stop in 1998 ...continue »

In the Middle Ages, they burnt heretics at the stake. Today, they’d probably incinerate Henrik Svensmark with cosmic rays for his ‘heretical’ theory of recent climatic variation ...continue »

The real wonder of renewable energy is how safe it is – safe, that is, for private investors who are making huge profits from renewable projects which are guaranteed by the government ...continue »

PIG headed for trouble: The Pine Island Glacier is expected to shed an iceberg the size of a city, and you can bet climate alarmists will immediately blame it on global warming ...continue »

The IPCC was set up by governments to find scientific support for a thesis they were already strongly inclined to support. That’s a fact – but alarmists claim it’s a skeptical conspiracy ...continue »

A ‘sustainable’ fuel that’s actually costing the earth. A new study shows that growing biofuels on tropical peat will actually increase greenhouse gases relative to petroleum fuels. ...continue »

The BEST affair is a media circus, but it’s not real science. So, global warming is real. Of course. But is it man–made? Is it serious? Is CO2 the villain? Are climate models useful? ...continue »

Motivated by blind faith in a theory that isn't supported by the facts, climate change alarmism is a perfect example of anti–science in the scientific community. And it costs us plenty ...continue »

Earthquake! What springs to mind? Smashed buildings, buried people? Surely not the ‘tiny tremors’ caused by shale gas fracking – itself a source of upheaval in the energy world ...continue »

What’s all the fuss about? It’s the little book that reveals that, for a body that’s supposedly impartial, the IPCC’s full of people who have an ideological axe to grind ...teenage »  [angst]

Astrology, homeopathy, phlogiston, alchemy. All pseudoscience. So too is the belief that Elvis is still alive and 9/11 was an inside job. And guess what else is, erm, questionable science? ...continue »

Welcome baby no. 7,000,000,000. Don’t worry about resources: The true barrier to tackling hunger and poverty is the widespread disdain for radical ways of taming nature ...continue »

BEST 2: The climate debate is now settled, and anyone who remains a skeptic is clearly committing a cynical fraud. And that’s all true – as long as you ignore the actual data ...continue »

What can we say about the IPCC? Rigorous review procedures. Pre–eminent specialists. Independent objective scientists. Do you smell a rat? Actually, it’s more of a stench ...continue »

Pandemics, famine, wars for resources – all get the Greens’ approval. And from whom do these modern misery merchants derive their misanthropy? From a certain Thomas Malthus ...continue »

The reports of climate change’s death are greatly exaggerated – but that’s only because, like a Hollywood zombie, it’s kept alive by its propaganda machine and media idiots ...continue »

Indulge a Catholic opinion: Be very suspicious of the pious language, and the dogma that condemns deniers, doubters and skeptics. Here we’re talking the ‘religion’ of climate change ...continue »

No wood s(h)avings with forest biofuels: Most people assume that wood bioenergy will be carbon–neutral, because the forest re–grows. Recent research shows this isn’t the case ...continue »

“Trust me: I'm not a climate scientist” – and what you need to deconstruct alarmists’ semantic skulduggery is someone qualified in language, rhetoric and grade one bullshit ...continue »

Are the authors of the IPCC's ‘Climate Bible’ the crème de la crème of world science as we’re so often told? Or are they the greenest of the green 20–something grad students? ...continue »

Divination, foretelling, prediction, prophecy, or just downright guessing. But in climate change circles it’s called computer modelling – or cranking out frightening visions of the future ...continue »

What would a cost/benefit analysis of one of the favoured alternative energy sources conclude? That wind energy isn’t a cost–effective method of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions ...continue »

Everyone’s always assumed that the growth–enhancing effects of CO2 in forests will eventually "hit the wall" and halt. It’s just that the wall’s further away than anyone thought ...continue »

Professional delinquency? It’s investigative journalism as it should be – hard–hitting and revealing. And it pulls no punches in illuminating the bizarre world of climate ‘science’ ...continue »

Gauging the political climate: Voters want a Presidential candidate who can take on the regulatory bureaucracy, the environmental pressure groups and the establishment media ...continue »

Climate change reconsidered: Even in worst–case scenarios, we’ll be better off in the year 2100 than today, and able to adapt to whatever challenges global warming presents ...continue »

What would you rather have as both a view and a source of electricity: Eight noisy wildlife–murdering monstrosities, each over 130ft (40m) tall? Or something hidden behind a hedge? ...continue »

Population scaremongers haven’t really changed their plots – they’ve just adopted PC lingo, like ‘climate change’ instead of ‘apocalypse’, to mask their misanthropic views ...continue »

The non–nuclear option: Germany’s taken a pioneering stance on renewable energy. And it could become a cautionary example of the problems with a green energy approach ...continue »

Stratigraphy’s graphic strategy: Defining a new geological era – the Anthropocene, ‘Age of Man’. But in a few million years, recent human activity will be lost in the margin of error ...continue »

White men can’t jump. And apparently the white male establishment won’t jump on the climate change bandwagon. That’s because they represent a new and weird band of rebels ...continue »

Real science is marked by an unquenchable thirst for objective scientific truth, regardless of consequences. And the Green’s climate change view of science is dogmatically narrow ...continue »

High five! Here’s a fistful of reasons why it’s time to move the debate past the view that CO2 is evil and toward one that accepts the need for cheap, abundant and reliable energy ...continue »

Global warming ain’t all bad – ships can save time and money, and avoid pirates by using open Arctic sea lanes, with the icing on the cake the cuts in CO2 emissions ...continue »

When the last ice age peaked, levels of atmospheric CO2 rose by a third. Scientists assumed that the source of the gas was the deep ocean. And it turns out, they’re probably wrong ...continue »

Oh my God! We’ communities, with lots of teachers, nurses, artists, solar panel cleaners and windmill minders … once capitalism is no more ...continue »

Davy Jones Locker – not only is it a grave deal for drowned sailors but it’s the best place to sink troubling evidence that the Earth isn’t warming like alarmists have predicted ...continue »

If there are Marxisants (those who know Marxist slogans but no theory – think Obama), are there also Environmentalisants? (Think Al Gore, and a half–million peasants.) ...continue »

Why’s everyone so gloomy about future population growth? Sure, there’ll be more people – but there’ll be less pollution and poverty, and more of that wonderful thing called nature ...continue »

What does combatting climate change actually involve? Outspoken, publicity–hungry politicians who consider it their sacred duty to put obstacles in the way of economic growth. ...continue »

You can map out climate–change miserabilism as channelling a vision of the future in which man, producing too much and consuming far more, is conceived as the problem ...continue »

C’mon! Think about it: What REALLY causes global warming? That big shiny thing in the sky. Yet some would rather believe that a trace atmospheric gas controls Earth's climate ...continue »

Nuking the nuclear. If you’re worried about the risks of atomic power, do what Germany has done: Get rid of your power stations and rely on more dangerous foreign ones ...continue »

Atlas shrugs off criticism it's gone too green with Greenland, as scientists suggest map–makers have made absurd errors in illustrating the extent of Arctic ice melt »  [land]  [hype]

“He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind” (Proverbs 11:29). But what troubleth UK households is the wind – or rather, the foolish energy policies they’ve inherited ...continue »

Meat Loaf once sang that “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”. Luckily, he didn’t read climate change reports, where only four pages out of one hundred thirty five have any ‘evidence’ ...continue »

At ClimateDebateDaily HQ, beans are a biofuel – they help produce natural gas. But it’s bean counters who’ve spotted the ‘serious accounting errors’ with biofuels and greenhouse gas ...continue »

To abandon the single largest source of cost–effective, reliable and clean energy in Europe’s largest economy is nothing short of jaw–dropping. It’s called being Green. Or stupid ...continue »

The source of imported wood piles up a (bio)massive problem for the UK’s latest cleaner energy scheme, with jobs being axed, rainforests facing the chop and Greens all fired up ...continue »

Green on the outside, red on the inside, and rotten to the core: It’s the failed and corrupt ‘watermelon’ politics that’s costing US taxpayers millions chasing environmental delusions ...continue »

Forget the old adage that no news is good news – for climate alarmists, good news is bad news. That’s why all we get is dying reefs, species extinction, rising seas, all round doom ...continue »

A morality tale: What does maintaining the moral high ground cost the Left? Nothing – the costs are borne solely by the billions of lives blighted by the Left’s perverse ideology ...continue »

It’s not ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’, though it’s slightly Wagnerian. It involves a Wolfgang, but not an Amadeus or a Mozart. It’s just a bizarre story of a hitherto little known editor ...continue »

Let’s be honest, let’s be fair and let’s not pretend: President Obama’s ‘green job’ stimulus really is creating many new jobs. The problem is that they’re mostly being created overseas ...continue »

Climate change modellers may be caught between a rock and a hard place as the result of the latest findings about the nitrogen cycle, atmospheric CO2, tree growth – and, erm, rocks ...continue »

Let’s tell it how it is: Global Frauding is a deliberate attack on the core scientific values of truth–telling, empirical discipline, and scepticism. (And it’s made Al Gore rich. And fat.) ...continue »

Pssst! Want to know a dirty little secret? Don’t tell those lobbying for massively expensive ‘solutions’ to global warming, but here’s a fast and economic to sweep away the problem ...continue »

Why such sunny smiles in China? Because by subsidizing solar panel buyers, the US and EU try to build demand – but these subsidies are simply used to buy Chinese solar panels ...continue »

What’s the difference between modern Green prophecies of global apocalyptic doom and those of Nostradamus? Nostradamus had no desire to keep the impoverished living in sh*t ...continue »

It’s a cosmic catastrophe for climate alarmists as their Enemy No.1 returns to settle old scores – and all the evidence now clearly suggests that global warming isn’t a human issue ...continue »

When getting close to wind turbines, it pays to duck. But it’s no laughing matter for the half million or so birds killed by windmills each year, including the majestic golden eagle ...continue »

First, we thought warmer temperatures were driving longer growing seasons and greater growth. Then we thought they weren’t. Now we think they are. Confused? It’s called science ...continue »

"Irene's got a middle name, and it's Global Warming." Or so says climate activist, Bill McKibben. Is there a cyclone scientist alive who'd agree with his stretched scientific logic? ...continue »

Satellites show that over the last year, global sea level actually fell by about a quarter of an inch, or half a centimeter. Just a pothole on road to higher seas? ...continue »