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Calls to action

Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

Deep sea creatures are not safe from the devastating impacts of a warming world over the next century. There is a direct link between climate change and the loss of life on the sea floor... continue »

A meaty issue: Methane from the digestive systems of the 3.6 billion ruminants on the planet – sheep, cattle and goats – is the biggest human–related source of the greenhouse gas ...continue »

All at sea. While sea level has risen nearly 8 inches worldwide since 1880, it has climbed about a foot or more in some U.S. cities because of ocean currents and land subsidence ...continue »

Shaded buildings, water–efficient fittings, computer modeling of carbon emissions and efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems. It’s the city of the future – today ...continue »

Could Rudolf’s red nose be caused by global warming? Actually, it’s neither funny nor festive that climate change may be causing a severe decline in reindeer numbers ...continue »

Global warming is being blamed for steep declines in polar bear populations. Zoos are keen to breed polar bears in captivity, but just 5% of polar bear matings in captivity produce cubs ...continue »

Although they’re sure about the role of humans in global warming, researchers would like to improve observations of the planet, and better understand the natural cycling of carbon ...continue »

It’s heating up Down Under. The spring of 2013 has been Australia's warmest on record, with mean temperatures for the season climbing 1.57C above the 1961-1990 average ...continue »

Graphic illustration: A series of images provide food-for-thought when it comes to the future of America's coastal towns if scientists' predictions about global warming prove correct ...continue »

We cannot turn a blind eye to the stark reality of climate change. And each appalling individual tragedy, like the Philippine typhoon, must be seen as a flash of the future ...continue »

The media are drawn to loud and flamboyant caricatures, not careful and studious characters. In addition to being annoying, it also has very real consequences when it comes to climate ...continue »

Honey, we'll shrink the kids … Scientists believe a reduced body size is an evolutionary response by mammals to extreme global warming events, known as hyperthermals ...continue »

Global emissions of carbon dioxide may be showing the first signs of a “permanent slowdown” in the rate of increase. However the use of cheap coal is a worrying trend ...continue »

All upside–down Down Under. In Australia, almost one third of articles in major newspapers reject or cast doubt on science’s overwhelming evidence of anthropogenic climate change ...continue »

Carbon emissions should be capped at a trillion tons, a total the world is rapidly approaching. Now the hard part: How will we decide how the remaining emissions are apportioned? ...continue »

One year after Superstorm Sandy, the question is, “When can I lift?”. It’s the new reality of a world gripped by man-made climate change thrust upon America’s most populated area ...continue »

How should newspapers treat letters from climate change deniers? Publishing views heretical to the scientific orthodoxy should not be ruled out, but they must be treated with caution ...continue »

Predicting how much the oceans will rise due to climate change is heinously complicated. The best estimate is a meter of sea level rise – but we just don’t know exactly how quickly ...continue »

Has global warming really paused? Or is it just misinformation from climate skeptics, false balance, really bad science reporting, and poor communication by scientists themselves? ...continue »

It's true that the warming of average global surface temperatures has slowed over the past 15 years, but what does that mean? Certainly something different than most skeptics believe ...continue »

Rude and crude – but is it more effective? Would telling people to "stop being dicks" be a better way to tackle climate change than trying to give them a rational business case for action? ...continue »

Sobering prediction: The Earth is racing towards an apocalyptic future in which major cities could become uninhabitable within 45 years due to irreversible man–made climate change ...continue »

Clearing the fog. Clouds and aerosols have long been two of the mysterious forces in the climate. They sometimes warm and sometimes cool the Earth. But the details were obscure ...continue »

Despite a scientific consensus that carbon–capture projects are essential for slowing the buildup of climate–changing gases, the number of such schemes is declining worldwide ...continue »

What should be done about our continued inaction on anthropogenic global warming? While it’s alarming to some, perhaps it’s time to begin serious discussion on geoengineering ...continue »

Among the dark satanic mills: Immortalised by poet William Blake, Britain’s ‘green and pleasant land’ is now at serious risk from the effects of climate change and pollution ...continue »

Has the IPCC’s recent report reaffirmed earlier messages on global warming, but with more certainty and more urgency, or has it been overly cautious and conservative in its assessment? ...continue »

Scientists are much more comfortable talking about probabilities rather than certainties. Thus, they’re a nightmare for journalists who have to transmit their findings to the world ...continue »

In wake of the IPCC’s report, we must respond to the ‘unequivocal’ evidence that climate change is human–induced with meaningful policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions ...continue »

Countdown: The world's leading climate scientists have been locked into a Stockholm conference centre all week, thrashing out the final points of the IPCC assessment report ...continue »

The IPCC’s scientists will soon underline, with greater certainty than ever, the role of human activities in rising temperatures – including the apparent ‘pause’ in global warming ...continue »

Cutting down the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change could extend your life. That's because reducing CO2 means fewer of the other pollutants that shorten lives ...continue »

In mid–September, the Arctic sea ice shrank to one of the smallest extents on record, with this decline in sea ice minimum being regarded by scientists as a harbinger of climate change ...continue »

If people only knew more about the science, there wouldn’t be so much polarization on the issue of climate change. Or perhaps it’s more the messenger than the actual message ...continue »

Whatever the IPCC may soon publish, the body of scientific evidence indicating that our modern civilisation has already caused significant global warming is overwhelming ...continue »

Carbon capture and storage is a proposed means to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. The question is, how do we monitor how successful this process will be? ...continue »

Irrefutable proof. On September 27, the IPCC is due to offer slam–dunk evidence that burning fossil fuels is the cause of most of the temperature increases of recent decades ...continue »

Intervention on a global scale: There’s a high likelihood that the world's average temperature will rocket past the 2C target, the reddest of red lines for human existence on the planet ...continue »

Flawed logic: Most evangelical Christians are conservatives, many conservatives have doubts about climate science, so we assume evangelicals aren’t concerned about global warming ...continue »

Survivor – not a ‘reality’ show: Global warming is the greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and well–being of Pacific islanders and a massive challenge for the entire world ...continue »

For the peoples of the Pacific islands, themselves no strangers to environmental catastrophe, today’s climate–change refugees may be living not above sea level but below it ...continue »

A pesky problem. As the Earth warms, crop pests are spreading and, combined with the effects of a growing world population, this poses a serious threat to global food security ...continue »

Counting the cost. Migration caused by climate change will cause huge problems, with perhaps 200 million people being forced to flee their homes. But how reliable is this figure? ...continue »

A meeting of minders: To cope with a likely future of increased extreme weather events, climate scientists and humanitarian relief workers need to collaborate far more closely ...continue »

No puffin’ on these pipes! Due to climate change, puffin chicks’ preferred meal of sand eels is disappearing, and they’re finding the alternative – snake pipefish – hard to swallow ...continue »

Today, just as many Americans accept creationist explanations for the origins of life as they did 30 years ago. Worrying, fewer now accept that climate change is a problem than then ...continue »

Air conditioned comfort: It's good news for public health and economic productivity, but what does the sky–rocketing demand for air conditioning mean for a warming world? ...continue »

Hundreds of coastal cities share much in common: High wealth and population levels, and relatively little flooding protection – and what could be a very wet and destructive future ...continue »

Not a lot’s changed with the IPCC – it’s still doing an admirable job presenting the consensus, and therefore conservative, position of science and society on climate change ...continue »

Forests provide a vital ‘carbon sink’ necessary to offset rising CO2 emissions. But now it seems that the carbon sink provided by Europe's tree stands is nearing a saturation point ...continue »

Even if we manage to reduce CO2 emissions, heat waves will become more common by 2040. Beyond that, any increase in heat waves is strongly dependent on our activities ...continue »

Opposition to mining Alberta’s tar sands have focussed on greenhouse gas emissions and threats to pristine environments. But another issue looms: The need for huge volumes of water ...continue »

Despite climate misinformation from the likes of Fox News, growing numbers of American conservatives are demanding that the Republican Party stop denying the problem ...continue »

The idea that art has the power to move and persuade is an old one. But with climate vanishing from the political agenda, can art ‘touch and disturb’ where charts and articles fail? ...continue »

When it comes to climate change, we have to stop pretending government is the problem, and realize it is the tool we need to tackle the problem. And this isn’t naïve wooly thinking ...continue »

Problem or solution? Ecological modernists believe that harnessing innovation and entrepreneurship can save the planet. But traditional environmentalists struggle to buy into that ...continue »

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Unless, of course, he’s got to deal with climate change and others’ over–fishing ...continue »

Is there a clear and present danger of unprecedented quantities of methane venting due to thawing permafrost in the Arctic? Here are seven facts you need to know about this issue ...continue »

On a wild goose chase? The fate of the polar bear epitomises the dire consequences of global warming. But perhaps they can adapt to climate change more readily than we suppose ...continue »

Will some of America’s first people become America's first climate change refugees? Perhaps, if the indigenous Inuit of an Alaskan village are forced to flee rising sea levels ...continue »

Humans are now a global force of nature, and we need to appreciate the climate implications of that. If we don’t fully understand this we will make even more planet–wide mistakes ...continue »

Some people believe that human technologies must to work in harmony with nature. But others think that we can give nature a ‘helping hand’ in fixing problems like climate change ...continue »

We know that changes to the Earth's climate will affect weather. Some of the impacts are clear to see and easy to quantify. For other weather patterns, the evidence is not as clear ...continue »

While 97 percent of climate scientists accept the reality of human–caused climate change, 90 percent of Republicans’ congressional leadership deny it. Is this set to change? ...continue »

The remoteness and sheer size of the Antarctic ice sheets mean obtaining accurate measurements of any shrinkage is a serious challenge, even for satellites. That is, until now ...continue »

Environmental policies are no different from any others: you want the biggest bang for your buck. So you must use market mechanisms to find the most efficient way of cutting carbon ...continue »

We’re a uniquely clever and inventive species. But our cleverness and inventiveness are now the drivers of every global problem we face. We’re an unprecedented menace to the planet ...continue »

Sir! Yes, Sir! As the American military looks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, the Marine Corps is leading the way with cutting–edge technology and innovative devices ...continue »

Move over fossil fuels: As the cost of generating power from wind, solar, hydro and other sources falls, renewables could account for a quarter of global electricity production by 2018 ...continue »

To cut carbon pollution and protect future generations from catastrophic global warming, President Barack Obama has taken an historic step forward in confronting climate change ...continue »

A meaty problem. The price tag on meat at the supermarket doesn’t include the enormous costs to be paid by the environment, by our health, and by millions of suffering animals ...continue »

With global warming progressing, Britain, along with the rest of the world, can expect to see more outbreaks of unknown pathogens as temperatures and weather patterns change ...continue »

Grasping the nettle: Something’s deeply wrong with our democracy, when it simply cannot tolerate grassroots efforts to create self–reliant alternatives to environmental catastrophe ...continue »

Over the past century, Americans have rushed to build homes near the beach. But with sharply rising sea levels, the seasonal annoyance of storms is now an existential threat ...continue »

Britain’s Met Office has faithfully forecast Britain’s notoriously variable weather for over a century and a half. But it’s baffled by the unseasonable conditions now hitting the UK ...continue »

The iconic and biodiverse open landscapes of the African savannahs are changing as rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lead to an increasingly wooded landscape ...continue »

The tip of the iceberg: It’s often thought that ice sheets melt by shedding ice floes – but new research finds that many of Antarctica's ice shelves are melting from the bottom up ...continue »

Whether rising sea levels are human–caused or part of the natural cycle of things, one thing is certain: These are multi–decade changes which we’re tempted to leave to future generations ...continue »

From the roof of the world: ‘Meltdown’ captures the environmental degradation on the Tibetan plateau, with melting glaciers, grassland degradation and the loss of local culture ...continue »

They lack the dramatic images of flying debris or surging seawater, yet each year heat waves take more lives in the US than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined ...continue »

Since 1945, we’ve had the capacity to destroy ourselves. Now it's being finally recognized that more long–term processes like environmental destruction lead in the same direction ...continue »

Do the details of global warming give you a headache? No idea about where to start? Well, here’s a one–stop shop for the answers: How to fix the climate, in one simple flowchart ...continue »

Bloom then bust? The drier growing seasons expected across Britain in the coming decades will be more suitable for tropical plants. Will this mean the demise of the English rose? ...continue »

What’s the point of saving for retirement if we’ll have no planet left to retire to? That’s why fossil fuel divestment is one of the fastest–growing protest campaigns in recent history ...continue »

Climate denialism has at least five characteristics in common: Misrepresentation and logical fallacies, cherry picking, fake experts, impossible expectations and conspiracy theories ...continue »

The art of climate science. As China’s greenhouse gas emissions soar, a new climate–themed art exhibition has opened in Beijing, examining the debate over global warming ...continue »

Is offsetting your carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions a sound idea? Or the modern equivalent of medieval selling of indulgences? ...continue »

Hung out to dry. The majority of the 9 billion people on Earth will live with severe pressure on fresh water within two generations due to climate change and over–use of resources ...continue »

Unintended consequences: Could Angelina Jolie’s decision-making courage about a preventative double masectomy help to end on–going anti–science climate–change denial? ...continue »

America cannot solve climate change by itself. But as a major polluter and world leader, the US has a deep obligation to help shield others from warming’s devastating consequences ...continue »

While some of the most extreme predictions of global warming are unlikely to materialise, rising temperatures would still lead to catastrophe across large swaths of the Earth ...continue »

Climate contrarians often insist that the science of climate change remains unsettled. So why do over 97 percent of peer–reviewed scientific papers agree it’s caused by human activity? ...continue »

On the shoulders of giants. Charles David Keeling’s eponymous ‘Keeling Curve’ first tracked rising atmospheric CO2. Ralph Keeling is following his father’s pioneering footsteps ...continue »

When carbon-dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere were 400 parts per million, jungles covered northern Canada. That was four million years ago. We’re now back at that level ...continue »

The frightening experiment we’re conducting with our climate – burning fossil fuels and thus raising temperatures – has a past precedent. And it’s revealed by an old meteorite strike site ...continue »

A right royal revolution. The British monarchy is traditionally apolitical, yet Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, is publically attacking corporate lobbyists and climate change sceptics ...continue »

Split personality? When it comes to climate change, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants it both ways: Immediate action – as long as it waits until after German elections ...continue »

The islands and atolls of Pacific states are among those most exposed to the effects of global warming. They’re already paying for the environmental irresponsibility of the great powers ...continue »

Natural variability means global warming will not necessarily make each year successively warmer than the last. However, overall trends show temperatures will continue to increase ...continue »

‘Managed retreat’ and ‘coastal abandonment’ are some of the concepts buzzing around the debate on adapting to climate change. It’s about flexible responses to the new normal ...continue »

Finally feeling the heat: US officials are increasingly concerned about the international and domestic security implications of climate change, such as permanent global food shortages ...continue »

Sign of the times? The Amazon’s indigenous peoples are suffering shifts in rainfall, humidity, river levels, temperature, and agricultural cycles as a result of climate change ...continue »

Want some shade? Well plant a tree! And it turns out that plants can help to slow climate change by emitting gases that form of clouds, creating a sunshade over the planet ...continue »

Talk of global cooling is palpable nonsense. But it’s not just Republicans or ‘evil’ corporations claiming that global warming has stalled. So just what is going on with the climate? ...continue »

Worming out the secrets of the South Pole. Beneath Antarctica’s frozen desert valleys is a unique nematode ecosystem that’s helping researchers understand climate change effects ...continue »

It’s the ecomony, stupid! The soaring risks around new fossil fuel frontiers, such as shale gas and oil fracking, and deepwater exploration, threaten more than just environmental disaster ...continue »

‘Ja’ or ‘Nein’? Germany has some of the best green credentials in the world. But will economic pressures tempt it to risk its environmental reputation with shale gas drilling? ...continue »

Burning fossil fuels was linked to global warming in the 1930s, but this conclusion was seen as so naïve that the notion wasn’t fully absorbed until decades after the World War 2 ...continue »

The European Union risks instability, disruption to energy and food supplies, and deeper social divisions as a result of climate change. A pre–emptive response is desperately needed ...continue »

Europe's once celebrated cap–and–trade system on carbon emissions has languished, with environmental advocates bemoaning this major setback in the fight against climate change ...continue »

Clean out of reach? With power generation still dominated by coal, keeping the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius this century is slipping further away ...continue »

It's too late for the dodo, but it's not too late to prevent an even environmental bigger crisis – so says Jeremy Grantham, the environmental philanthropist and legendary fund manager ...continue »

Fasten your seatbelts. Flying is to become a far less comfortable experience according to a study of how levels of turbulence are expected to change due to increasing climate change ...continue »

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. A run of record warm years and sporadic snowfalls has induced 75 winter sports champions to seek presidential help in tackling climate change ...continue »

Climate chaos is here and its effects are being felt all around the world. And this includes health impacts, including more heat stress, more virulent allergens, and the spread of disease ...continue »

Some important developments in the complex, contentious world of climate science suggest that global warming might not be as catastrophic as the gloomiest predictions suggest ...continue »

Justice or just a mad idea? The jury’s out on whether ecocide – man–made environmental destruction – should sit alongside genocide as a new type of crime against humanity ...continue »

Is climate change expanding Antarctica's sea ice? While paradoxical, the expansion is caused by relatively cold plumes of fresh water derived from melting beneath the polar ice shelves ...continue »

According to James Hansen, NASA’s fiery climate change scientist, using nuclear power for energy instead of coal has prevented almost 2 million pollution–related deaths globally ...continue »

Individuals’ direct personal experience has made it difficult for people to deny the humanity of gays and lesbians. Could such experience also change attitudes to global warming? ...continue »

Debate around the accuracy of climate modelling and forecasting has been especially intense recently. But a new report boosts confidence in scientific predictions of climate change ...continue »

Diarrhea kills more than 1.5 million children annually, and it is likely to become more prevalent in many developing countries’ vulnerable communities as the climate changes ...continue »

Hey, how about a sing–along for the Arctic? “Let me take you down, cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields / Nothing is real and nothing to get hungabout / Strawberry Fields forever” ...continue »

The massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across large parts of Europe and North America may be due to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice ...continue »

Australia’s Defence Force already deals with bushfires, floods and cyclones. Now climate change poses the threat of resource wars and the collapse of fragile neighboring states ...continue »

In his State of the Union address, Barack Obama argued we MUST do more to combat climate change, for the sake of our children and our future. So here’s what he CAN and SHOULD do ...continue »

The Word from on High. After taking his name from St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the environment, Pope Francis emphasizes humanity’s moral duty to protect all Creation ...continue »

The survival of the fattest: With climate change causing polar bears to undergo longer stretches without food, there are lean times ahead for the Arctic ice’s major predator ...continue »

Climate change is often (mis)understood as simply an ‘environmental problem’ or just an air pollution issue. However, two aspects of climate change make it very different ...continue »

Watch the butterflies flutter by – it’s the great migration of the monarch butterfly. But climate change is one of many threats to this incredible journey from Mexico to the States ...continue »

Ocean, ice, and atmosphere. The interplay between these three factors is central to accurate weather forecasting in the Arctic, with global warming making this even more complex ...continue »

Digging a deeper hole: The way to find out if governments are serious about climate change is to ask, have they decided to leave most of their fossil fuel reserves in the ground? ...continue »

Nuclear power will suffer much more from the shale gas boom than renewable energy. But this complicates the supposed environmental benefits of the increasing use of the fossil fuel ...continue »

Fossils recovered from 73 sites around the world show that the Earth is warmer today than it has been for most of the last 11,300 years, with further temperature rises also predicted ...continue »

The biggest threat to America’s security environment isn’t a foreign military power. It’s the upheaval related to climate change. Just ask one of America’s top military commanders ...continue »

The chances of the world holding temperature rises to a ‘safe’ level appear to be fading fast with scientists reporting the second-greatest annual rise in CO2 emissions in 2012 ...continue »

Global CO2 levels jumped by 2.67 parts per million last year. It might not sound like a dramatic leap, but it’s the second highest one-year increase since record-keeping began ...continue »

The Arab Spring – the popular uprisings against oppressive regimes. Surprisingly, climate change also played a part in precipitating this massive socio-political upheaval ...continue »

Scientists use proxies to measure past temperatures. If these can be related to modern temperature measurements, it would provide independent confirmation of recent global warming ...continue »

To boldly go where no space agency’s been before? NASA scientists are turning Los Angeles into a climate laboratory to finally get an empirical measure on a city’s carbon footprint ...continue »

In this era of global warming and ever-expanding human populations, no place can escape profound change. Even in once–pristine Tibet, the transformation is transparent ...continue »

In the ‘good’ old days, they’d burn heretics. Now, they just don’t re–elect them – as a Republican found to his cost when he admitted to the ultimate sin: Belief in climate change ...continue »

The study of wave–like weather systems that encircle the planet adds to understanding of extremes that have killed thousands of people and driven up food prices in the past decade ...continue »

The old adage, ‘if you can’t stand the heat’ applies to more than just kitchen work, with climate scientists predicting heat stress–related labor problems to double globally by 2050 ...continue »

A thaw in Siberia's permafrost could have severe consequences for climate change, releasing hundreds of gigatonnes of carbon dioxide and methane. And it might so readily happen ...continue »

It is easy to dismiss him as a hypocritical blowhard. The trouble is, he makes a worryingly convincing case. Perhaps Al Gore’s Future is to be philosopher–king of a ruined Earth ...continue »

At, we're somewhat old fashioned – so, in an effort to reach out to the next generation (not Star Trek!), here’s something called a climate change ‘infographic’ ...continue »

It’s okay to be skeptical, but skepticism has to come within the framework of what’s already understood. We're at the point where every rational person must accept climate change ...continue »

Both the scant snowfall over the past few years and the recent blizzard in the US Northeast have been blamed on global warming. How? The answer lies in atmospheric physics ...continue »

Eau de toilette: Scientists track the scent of climate change by digging into ancient layers of dried urine left by the rock hyrax, a guinea pig–like creature common in Africa and Asia ...continue »

Uncovered: Hardcore conservatives funding a vast network of think–tanks and activists working to redefine climate change from neutral scientific fact to polarized ‘issue’ ...continue »

US President Obama’s climate and energy legacy will be the dual policy he’s been pushing for years: Reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase fossil fuel production ...continue »

Green Pontiff(ication): While the departing Pope was well-known for his conservatism, Benedict was actually progressive when it came to the environment and climate change ...continue »

More bikes. Fewer Humvees. And even insurance for nursery plants. Just some of the ideas to deal with the risks of future climate change mooted by the new Obama administration ...continue »

The unmentionable ‘s’ word at conferences on renewable energy. But while wind energy still relies on subsidies, nuclear, gas or coal are even more dependent on government handouts ...continue »

Bonjour! Have a nice day. If Americans adopted Western Europeans' more relaxed attitude to work, it could reduce up to 50% of the global temperature rise expected by 2100 ...continue »

The UN talks a great game on reducing carbon emissions, while encouraging the industrialized world to use carbon offsetting. Trouble is, it’s not actually carbon neutral itself ...continue »

What’s 69 feet high and terrifying? The sea level rise from Greenland's melting glaciers. As one expert says: ‘These giants are awake and they seem to have a bit of a hangover.’ ...continue »

A (woolly) mammoth of a task. Pleistocene ‘rewilding’ is under way in Siberia as large herbivores are reintroduced to encourage grass growth and stop permafrost thawing out ...continue »

As Congress dithers on climate change, expanding wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy, plus less oil and coal use, bring US carbon emissions to the lowest levels since 1994 ...continue »

It’s like something from a spy movie, with American billionaires funding a secretive organization to undermine the science of global warming. James Bond, anyone? ...continue »

By flying less, you limit your carbon footprint. Right? Actually, you'd do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by insulating your home, driving fewer miles and eating less meat ...continue »

A Stern Warning. The author of Britain’s 2006 review on climate change admits he was wrong about the dangers of global warming. It’s actually far, far worse than he realised ...continue »

Urban footprint: Heat released into the atmosphere from buildings, cars and factories could play a major role in the warming (and the cooling) of places hundreds of miles away ...continue »

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them who trespass against us. Not so easy for many climate conscious travellers, for whom air travel is their most serious environmental sin ...continue »

‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’. That’s the message that governments are sending by exploiting tar sands, one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuels on the planet ...continue »

Saving the planet. How’s that for something to tell the grandkids? It’s something that President Obama could achieve: The lasting legacy of protecting us from global warming ...continue »

Carbon-capture technology. It’s not risky geo-engineering to prevent further climate change. It’s simply cleaning up after ourselves, and repairing the damage we’ve already done ...continue »

Guns, gay rights … and global warming. Barack Obama begins his second term as US President with an inauguration speech emphasising the need for action on climate change ...continue »

Soot is second only to carbon as a cause of climate change – and ‘black carbon’ produces a double whammy by warming up the air directly, then magnifying its effects ...sooty » [sweep]

Each year of the 21st century has ranked among the 14 hottest since 1880, with 2012 consolidating a pattern of global warming by being among the 10 warmest years on record ...continue »

Can wind, water, and solar technologies provide all of the world’s energy in the near future? Or is this the environmental equivalent of belief in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy? ...continue »

Some good from Doha? For the first time, there’s acknowledgement that developing nations are particularly vulnerable to climate change and that they might have a right to redress ...continue »

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions won't avoid the impacts of climate change but it will buy time to make transport systems and agriculture more resilient to climate change ...continue »

The climate debate is now a fight between leftist greens seeing evil corporations gambling away the planet’s future and rightist skeptics blinding themselves to basic scientific truths ...continue »

As a new report shows, if the US, world's greatest economy, is already feeling the strain of global warming, then other nations face a worrying future as temperatures continue to rise ...continue »

It sounds like a plot from a James Bond movie, but it's possible that the world's climate could be hijacked by a rouge country's or wealthy individual's criminal geoengineering ...continue »

Catastrophic heat: After the last ice age it took 10,000 years for the average global temperature to rise 4 °C. Now we’re on course to warm this much in less than 200 years ...continue »

Perhaps things are really heating up: The latest research reveals that over a long enough time scale, sustained warmer temperatures may lead to increased frequency of volcanic activity ...continue »

A gold medal winning performance: We need to harness the world’s amazing Olympic spirit annually to tackle the unbelievable and increasing rise in global greenhouse gas emissions ...continue »

Where fact meets fiction. For writers, the great issues of the past – slavery, say, or child labor – possessed an essential humanness. Climate change, though, does not engage most readers ...continue »

Water, water everywhere … well, maybe not. As a result of climate change, fresh water – a resource crucial to human existence – may become increasingly scarce in the future ...continue »

Forget Mayan prophecies: We’re really on a steady billion–tonne by billion–tonne march to the edge of the carbon cliff, beyond which lies a fateful fall to catastrophic climate change ...continue »

A burning issue: In five years, the amount of coal burned every year will increase by 1.2 billion metric tons. It’s hardly good news for anyone concerned about carbon emissions ...continue »

Misinformation misfire: Climate changes skeptics are in a hot spot after (mis)reading the latest UN report to ‘prove’ that global warming is caused by the sun, not human activity ...continue »

In theory, it’s easy to be skeptical about climate change. In practice, when you’re faced with extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, it’s difficult to remain indifferent ...continue »

Getting steamy in the South Pole. A special hot water drill boring through to a lake deep under the Antarctic ice could help revolutionize what we know about past climate change ...continue »

Having your cake, and eating it: Some corporations are minimizing waste, using renewable energy, and lowering their carbon impact – all while turning a profit and growing their business ...continue »

From the land of ‘The Hobbit’: We can emulate Gollum and clutch ‘our precious’ car–intensive, deep sea oil drilling, old polluting economy – or we can create a greener planet ...continue »

Indian burn: A number of new initiatives in India are helping farmers cope with unpreditable weather as climate change brings fresh urgency to the need for sustainable agriculture ...continue »

Forget ‘The Hobbit’ or the latest James Bond movie, catch this instead: ‘Chasing Ice’ – an Oscar-nominated documentary showcasing the disappearance of the world's glaciers ...continue »

The blocking tactics of oil–rich countries have long been a feature of climate negotiations like those in Doha. Now there are signs that they’re (literally) beginning to feel the heat ...continue »

Great Expectations. The world’s been anticipating a new voice from America about climate change. But it’s the same old message: The US is unwilling to make major concessions ...continue »

It’s ironic that the UN talks on climate change are being held in a region with a massive carbon footprint. The question is, will the Arab World lead the way on climate change? ...continue »

Some of the major industrial players (and heaviest polluters), like Russia, Canada and Japan, have made known that they’ll sidestep climate deals, as will the USA. So what hope Doha? ...continue »

As almost 200 countries gather in Doha, Qatar, to try and agree a global deal on cutting carbon emissions, the latest report suggests that greenhouse gas levels are set to rise ...continue »

One of the biggest wild cards in climate change has been figuring out how much the melting of the massive sheets of ice at the two poles would add to the seas. It’s not good news ...continue »

She sells seashells by the seashore. But for how much longer? Shellfish are in decline as growing CO2 emissions dissolve into the world’s oceans and increase the sea’s acidity ...continue »

The UN admits that a massive threat to the climate is not included in models of global warming: The powerful greenhouse gas methane that is released from thawing permafrost ...continue »

Global warming is hard to make into a disaster movie. Even disasters like Hurricane Sandy are difficult to tie in to a global phenomenon. How about a time lapse of a melting glacier? ...continue »

Doha is a byword for stalemate and failure (think stalled trade talks dragging on for years). So what should we expect from the climate talks now under way in the Qatari city? ...continue »

Hey – this is an interesting question: Can the renewable energy sources designed to mitigate the effects of cimate change cope with the extreme weather caused by climate change? ...continue »

It’s been dogged by fundamental disagreements between countries and exacerbated by the financial crisis, but an international agreement on tackling climate change is still worth it ...continue »

Raus! Raus! German experts are stressing – yet again – that to halt climate change we need nothing less than a new industrial revolution. But many politicians aren't listening ...continue »

The latest report, ‘Turn Down the Heat’, makes it clear that we’ll never end poverty if we don't tackle one of the single biggest challenges to social justice today: Climate change ...continue »

No more equatorial ice? Scientists now warn it’s no longer a question of whether Kilimanjaro's glaciers will disappear, but when – with some predicting they'll be gone by 2060 ...continue »

Forget the industrial producers of greenhouse gases: Deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more CO2 to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads ...continue »

Unlike fossil fuels, biomass is renewable – basically, you replant any vegetation that you burn. But things are never that simple, and biomass might actually be fuelling global warming ...continue »

The notion of peak oil might be dead, but this just means leaving most of the world's coal, oil and gas in the ground. Or else facing a destabilised climate’s heatwaves, floods and storms ...continue »

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with the U.S. public increasingly accepting the reality of climate change, President Obama has an unprecedented opportunity to take bold action ...continue »

It’s no longer business as usual. If the results of a new study are correct, global warming will come on faster, and be more intense, than many current predictions suggest ...continue »

Like abortion rights, gay marriage or assisted dying, climate change is treated as a moral or ideological question. That is simply idiotic. Sadly, it’s no longer a matter for informed debate ...continue »

Is climate change back on the political agenda? And will an Obama presidency with no concern over re–election in four years be able to shine a light on the issue at last? ...continue »  [more]

When it comes to climate change, responsible leaders do not play politics. Like all prudent business people, they must instead consider 'what if' and construct a variety of models ...continue »

The world will have to cut the rate of carbon emissions by an unprecedented rate to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees this century, a new report suggests ...continue »

Not just clutching at straws? By constructing giant plastic tubes that extend 100m deep into the ocean, marine engineers hope to reduce the threat from deadly tropical storms ...continue »

The impacts of climate change on agriculture will profoundly alter the way we grow and produce food: Less rice and maize, and fewer potatoes (but maybe more bananas) ...continue » [more]

Hurricane Sandy has whipped up a whirlwind of climate debate, with the storm’s destructive power stemming from factors that include, but are not limited to, global warming ...continue » [more]

Sandy Storm1: Policymakers in hurricane regions should worry about levees, storm-shelters and evacuation procedures, and mitigating the effects of climate change ...continue » [more]

Nothing to be skeptical about. How do we know that global warming is real and primarily human caused? There are numerous lines of evidence that converge to this conclusion ...continue »

Necessity is the mother of invention – and with climate change being THE mother of a menace to our planet, perhaps we could invent our way out of danger. (It could even be fun) ...continue »

The most powerful nation on the planet, the United States, denies what the rest of the world can clearly see: Climate change. Unfortunately, only disaster is likely to open their eyes ...continue »

Poles apart. As Arctic sea ice cover shrinks to record lows, the opposite is happening in Antarctica. But the Southern growth rate is not nearly as large as the decrease in the North ...continue »

Made to measure. Forget one–size–fits–all solar geoengineering – a better approach would be careful tailoring by region or to manage specific risks like the loss of Arctic sea ice ...continue »

Does my butt look big in this catalytic–converter? They’re the latest must–haves for the fashion conscious and environmentally aware: Jeans that neutralise harmful pollutants ...continue »

A typical carbon capture system requires a great deal of electricity, which thus saps power from power plants. Now there’s a new way to overcome the problem of ‘parasitic load’ ...continue »

There’s only weeks to go in the 2012 presidential race, with no mention of global warming. Here are three potential climate change debate questions that could break the climate silence ...continue »

It’s a subject that’s been hotly debated over the past decade, but there’s growing support for the controversial idea that global warming is causing more frequent and destructive hurricanes ...continue »

So, just how do you work out the arcane economic calculations necessary for a functioning ‘cap and trade’ carbon emissions scheme? In California, you start by measuring trees ...continue »

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good – and the regrettable downturn in investment in renewable energy has one positive cause: A fall in the cost of wind and solar technology ...continue »

What’s worse – the threat of global warming or that from organised crime? Both, as research suggests that organised crime has a deleterious effect on the environment ...continue »

Global warming forecast: Wind, rain, fire and ice. New research links changing wind patterns with thawing Arctic ice, unusually wet European summers and Rocky Mountain wildfires ...continue »

There’s a stash of gas buried under the Arctic seafloor whose heat-trapping power is greater, molecule for molecule, than the CO2 people usually worry about. Meet the Methane Bomb ...continue »

Forget the doom and gloom of climate change: If we want individuals to share the vision of a low-carbon society, let’s emphasize the need to inspire people – it’s what the EU are doing ...continue »

Washing away bad memories. Rising oceans, the result of climate change, are having a detrimental impact on Ghana’s coasts – and destroying evidence of former slaving forts ...continue »

The most drastic melting of Arctic sea ice to date is bringing together previously separated species, with biologists fearing that this will promote interbreeding and loss of diversity ...continue »

Environmentally friendly goods are a winner for consumers wanting greener products and for producers wanting to sell them. But only if marketers' claims are truthful and substantiated ...continue »

The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef ecosystem, is big enough to be seen from space. But for how much longer, as new research shows it is now in steep decline ...continue »

Reason to change: The perilous loss of Arctic ice and the imminent threat of irreversible climate change pose an ultimatum to the economic system that's pushing us over the brink ...continue »

Unfortunately, the one thing that rivals the misinformation spewed by the climate change skeptics and spinmeisters is the distorted science of the radical anti–GMO campaigners ...continue »

Fishing tales about how big ‘the one that got away’ was will soon be more exaggerated as global warming is likely to shrink fish by as much as a quarter in coming decades ...continue »

Take the news with a pinch of salt: Recent research suggests that sea grasses found in coastal marshes may soak up excess CO2 in a warming world. Only it’s more complicated than that ...continue »

Research suggests up to five million deaths occur annually as a result of climate change and carbon–intensive economies – a toll likely to rise if current patterns of fossil fuel use continue ...continue »

Getting the wind up the nay-sayers. It can now be conclusively shown that skeptics who lobby against wind simply have their facts wrong: Wind turbines do reduce carbon emissions ...continue »

It’s a non–toxic material made from aluminium nitrate salt, cheap organic materials and water – and it could solve the problems holding back projects to combat global warming ...continue »

Why are Americans so disengaged from climate change – arguably, one of the most critical problems of our time? Is it because denial is embedded in their cultural DNA? ...continue »

Antarctic sea ice reaches a record high for this day of the year. Arctic sea ice breaks the all-time record for lowest sea ice extent. Guess which news the skeptics focus on ...continue »

While Arctic sea-ice extent has reached a record low, at the opposite pole, Antarctic sea ice seems to be more than making up for the losses. Does this debunk claims of global warming? ...continue »

Explosive evidence of global warming: As Italy sweltered through another boiling summer, a cache of rusted WW1 munitions emerged from beneath a melting glacier in the Dolomites ...continue »

From coffee to coral reefs, bilberries to Arctic foxes, even a moderate rise in world temperatures due to climate change could cause lasting harm to the world’s flora and fauna ...continue »

No time to waste: Climate change is no longer something we can aim to do something about in a few decades' time – we must urgently examine any means of slowing global warming ...continue »

Cool Britannia? No way! Over the coming century, on-going climate change might mean a massive increase in heat related deaths, plus the looming threat from exotic tropical diseases ...continue »

The ice-free Arctic Ocean has absorbed the 24-hour sun over the short polar summer. Now the heat must be released if the ice is to re-form, affecting the all-important jet stream ...continue »

The reason for crime hotspots? While correlation doesn’t prove causation, the striking relationship between monthly weather patterns and crime rates is surely no coincidence ...continue »

From space, the amount of Artic sea ice melt looks worrying. But satellites tend to see more ice than there actually is – at surface level, the real question becomes, ‘Where is the ice?’ ...continue »

Not just hot air. Two new studies show that wind power has the potential to supply much more of the world’s energy needs. The problem isn’t capacity or technology – it’s money ...continue »

Last summer’s London riots? A sudden rise in violence in Chicago? Don’t blame it on the sunshine – blame climate change instead. When temperatures go up, crime often does, too ...continue »

They’re one of the world's most colorful, vivid and productive ecosystems, but now Caribbean coral reefs are verging on collapse, with only 8% showing live coral cover ...continue »

Climate science is obviously faked, along with the Moon landings and the JFK cover-up. Now climate skeptic bloggers the world over have a shiny new conspiracy to obsess about ...continue »

In increasingly hot water. White ice acts like a parasol, reflecting much more sunlight than open water. So, with Arctic ice at its lowest level for years, the seas are now taking the heat ...continue »

Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the United States, with meteorological and ecological shifts posing many unique and unpredictable challenges ...continue »

Something to put a bit of backbone into those campaigning to combat habitat loss, pollution and climate change: One in five (spineless) invertebrates species face possible extinction ...continue »


Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

It was a bit ironic that an expedition ship carrying researchers investigating the impact of a warming planet themselves were trapped by heavy ice in Antarctica on Christmas day... continue »

The environmentalist opposition to air travel has never been about climate change alone – rather, it’s an aesthetic critique of mass tourism, which is sneered at as tacky and vulgar ...continue »

If you go down to the woods today, to see what the environmentalists are up to, you’ll be in for a big surprise – or just eco–idiots wanting to remould society from the ground up ...continue »

Whence the eco–millionaires? Other industries would stand accused of damning conflicts of interest but when it comes to the global warming ‘industry’, it seems anything goes ...continue »

While climate alarmists blame Typhoon Haiyan on the greed and wickedness of Westerners, population scaremongers claim Filipinos’ fecundity made the impact of the storm worse ...continue »

If wind turbines slice up bald eagles, California condors and whooping cranes in mid-flight, that is the price Americans should gladly pay to put an end to global climate disruption. Not ...continue »

Scientists who are now warning of global cooling rely on meteorology and other disciplines that view the Sun, cosmic rays and Earth's orbit as the dominant factors in our climate ...continue »

Climate change is simply one challenge – other things are almost as important or equally important, such as global poverty and the need to maintain economic development ...continue »

Just clouding the issue? In promoting a different approach to fighting global warming, a small splinter group of scientists wants to artificially manipulate the planet's climate ...continue »

Shale’s transformed the world energy scene. It’s superabundant and getting cheaper; it’s not running out any time soon; and it’s cutting CO2 emissions by taking market share from coal ...continue »

Fears are growing that the barn owl, one of Britain’s most treasured birds, is being pushed toward extinction after a series of cold springs. Ah! – if only global warming were true ...continue »

Climate change has become a substitute religion for people whose political agenda is less to do with saving the planet than with reining in economic growth and redistributing wealth ...continue »

Is it now time to cool down? The 17-year pause in global warming is likely to last into the 2030s and the Arctic sea ice has already started to recover, according to new research ...continue »

A storm in a tea–cup? A year ago, Hurricane Sandy was certainly a huge tempest that caused extensive damage. But even that humdinger paled next to the hype that preceded it ...continue »

There’s been no trend up or down in storm frequency since the 1960s, when satellites measurements began. But the way bad storms are reported gives the opposite impression ...continue »

As long as the ‘green’ dogma was just a theory, most people sympathised with it. Now it’s costing them money, they’re not so sure. So we need hard facts to puncture soft opinions ...continue »

Because the Pliocene is the most recent time with consistently warmer climate, we’ve looked to it as an analog for a world with higher atmospheric CO2. But there’s a problem ...continue »

Spreading like wildfire. The belief that Australia’s bushfires are a direct result of global warming has been shot down in flames by experts who point to bush fuel as the real culprit ...continue »

As expected, geoengineering has been met with howls of outrage from greens. But if we really want to control the global thermostat it implies some rather serious engineering ...continue »

The IPCC’s ‘certainty’ about its certainty is certainly a fraud. But in order to fully appreciate its clever deceit, we need a reminder of how scientists deal with the concept of uncertainty ...continue »

Turning the debate inside out. The consensus of expert opinion is that climate change has done more good than harm so far and is likely to continue doing so for most of this century ...continue »

The threat posed to the world by climate change is so grave that no action to raise awareness of it could possibly be irresponsible and disproportionate. (Now take a grain of salt) ...continue »

An accurate forecast: Government programs, subsidies, taxes, and regulations in response to the global warming alarm can only result in wasteful misallocations of valuable resources ...continue »

Global warming is real, partly man–made and makes some things worse and some better. But examples of extreme weather are misleading, with some events becoming less extreme ...continue »

Why has global warming ‘paused’? Climate Change True Believers appear to be basing their newest explanations on a 1953 science fiction movie, ‘The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms’ ...continue »

In the post–modern world of ‘science’, if you assert something loudly enough, often enough and with enough passion, you will gain a consensus. Example? Alarmist climate science ...continue »

The shocking thing about the IPCC’s recent report is that our knowledge of climate change has not advanced in a decade, with scientists simply puzzled by how nature acts ...continue »

In the climate debate, which side are you on? Do you think it’s the most urgent crisis facing mankind? Or do you believe that it’s is all just a hoax, dreamt up to justify socialism? ...continue »

An enormous amount of windbaggery has taken place over climate change, accompanied by precious little action. But now hysteria has come and – we can only hope – gone ...continue »

The IPCC’s infrequent assessments constitute the Word of a very secular God, the expert, the scientist. They tell us what we ought to do. No questioning. No debate. And no politics ...continue »

Brainwashing children about climate change normally goes on out of sight, in the school system. But you can see it happening publicly in science museums’ displays for students ...continue »

For the first time since the IPCC’s regular reports started coming out in 1990, the new one dials back the alarm, suggesting that temperature rises will be less than previously forecast ...continue »

The idea that it is evil to question increasingly untenable global warming alarmism is merely the latest in alarmists’ campaign of hate against people who hold differing points of view ...continue »

As the northern hemisphere prepares for it, the southern hemisphere is emerging from it – winter. So what do climate alarmists make of New Zealand’s mildest winter ever? ...continue »

Finally, proof that the CIA is trying to control the world and, their pockets bulging with Big Oil dollars, that they’re determined to continue violating Mother Nature. Yeah, right ...continue »

Despite the gloomy predictions about human population growth, it’s likely that there’ll be fewer people by the end of this century with lots more wilderness to explore and admire ...continue »

The fast and the frosty. While cruise ship passengers might prefer their journeys to be long, leisurely and warm, container traffic can now take colder but quicker routes across the Arctic ...continue »

“The trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains.” “Coal fired power plants are factories of death.” And other words of ‘wisdom’ from alarmist extraordinaire, James Hansen ...continue »

Biased reporting. It’ll be interesting to see during this upcoming winter season whether the press, as so often in the past, relates all bad weather events to anthropogenic global warming ...continue »

There’s no denying it – climate change is real and has been throughout the Earth’s many long cycles of warming and cooling, storms and droughts, ice ages and little ice ages ...continue »

Satellite data show the planet is a greener place, thanks to longer growing seasons and the fact that CO2 is plant food. But this is not rocket science – it’s simple high school stuff ...continue »

Crucial flaws make climate change models close to useless as tools for policy analysis. They merely create a perception of knowledge and precision, one that is illusory and misleading ...continue »

It is nice to know in this day of false crises, like energy shortages and global warming, that there are real scientists working to solve real problems that actually threaten our world ...continue »

The heights of folly? CO2 is making humans grow at an unsustainable rate – well, at least according to the same statistical methods favoured by climate change catastropharians ...continue »

Of all the lies, distortions and misinformation peddled by anti–fracking ‘fracktivists’, only one thing is true: Fracking does create traffic. Locals call this ‘jobs’. They generally like it ...continue »

The cup of tea is a feature of British life, just like complaining about the weather. And it seems that British wind turbines produce enough energy to make a cuppa – but not much more ...continue »

Climate of change? While a small number of out–of–touch Republicans may call for counterproductive steps to address global warming, Americans as a whole say, ‘No thank you’ ...continue »

More scientists appear to believe in anthropogenic global warming. Problem is, they’re struggling to explain why global warming seems to have slowed down in the last decade ...continue »

The IPCC admits it has made slow and inadequate responses to criticisms and reports of errors. So what’s changed with this august body? Apparently, not an awful lot ...continue »

Progressives have justified their war on progress with the same rag-bag of disingenuous reasons since time immemorial: It’s unfair, it uses up scarce resources, it’s dangerous ...continue »

The opponents of fracking seem to be astonishingly cavalier with the truth, with the media doing a poor job of challenging the Frack Off rent-a-celeb mob with factual rebuttals ...continue »

Core temperature. The Greenland ice sheet is melting because of anthropogenic global warming, right? Not so fast – perhaps it’s due to heat from within the Earth itself ...continue »

The climate ‘science’ displays in Vienna’s Museum of Natural History, aimed at school kids, demean Austria’s distinguished tradition of science. Isn’t corrupting the young a crime? ...continue »

Climate alarmists’ predicted calamities pale compared with the ravages of a glacial period. Despite our activities, the next ice age is coming, and it’s keeping nature's schedule not ours ...continue »

Let’s open the window into the lurid fantasies of those who are so committed to the paradigm of climate catastrophism that they have abandoned all trace of objectivity or balance ...continue »

Frankenburger and fries. Cultured meat is a great idea but it’s depressing it’s justified in miserabilist terms like ‘saving the planet’ or averting some mythical Malthusian apocalypse ...continue »

For a body of ice to gain glacier status, it must have metamorphosed into a solid block of granular ice by repeated freezing and thawing. But isn’t that too glacial nowadays? ...continue »

Yet another climate alarmist claim is hung out to dry as research indicates that water availability in Himalayan watersheds will not likely decrease during the present century ...continue »

Hot News! The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too warm. Yes, it’s global warming alarmism – 1920s style ...continue »

The key question that divides alarmists and skeptics in the scientific debate is whether humans are causing warming that is so severe and harmful as to constitute a crisis ...continue »

Over 12 billion tonnes of CO2 is created annually from power stations, with home and commercial heating generating another 11 billion. A (gas) cloud with a silver lining? ...continue »

If the evidence for climate change is so good and the sceptical scientists are so weak, wrong and few in number, then why the need for dishonourable, nasty and rancorous politics? ...continue »

Many believe that CO2 is an evil scourge that the world would be better off without. Nothing could be further than the truth. CO2 is necessary for life on Earth, and forests in particular ...continue »

A New Age? The world’s apparently broadly shared belief in dangerous, man–made global warming and of attempts to implement policies of enforced decarbonisation seem to be over ...continue »

With climate change, President Obama is not someone ever to allow facts to stand in the way of ideology and green lobby cronyism. But even his staunchest allies are now wavering ...continue »

Global warming advocates were right about one thing – there’s been climate change aplenty. The problem is, it’s just not the climate change predicted by the IPCC's perfidious minions ...continue »

The UK’s shale reserves are truly staggering – potentially enough to reverse economic decline and turn the country into a net energy exporter. And Green zealots want to wreck it all ...continue »

Presidents don’t sweat, unless they’re under indictment or in a TV studio – or beating out a propaganda theme on the perils of global warming and the need for dramatic policy action ...continue »

Whatever! It’s the thing that Briton’s most like to talk (and complain) about – the weather. And the only thing predictable about British weather is that the forecast is bound to be wrong ...continue »

Because President Barack Obama is desperately trying to be relevant, deflect from scandal and salvage his legacy, he’s returned to that most pressing issue of our time: Climate Change ...continue »

With less hysteria over the climate, people can now talk about the likely causes of natural disasters like flooding, such as land being paved or the disappearance of natural flood zones ...continue »

The UN's planet–saving crusade for the past three decades, on which countless billions have already been wasted, has gained no traction, even when measured by the UN's own polling ...continue »

Can we hear both sides of the climate debate – whether the world’s warming, and if we are the cause – in a spirit of mutually–respectful civility and substantive dialog? Here’s hoping ...continue »

Poles apart on bear census. Is the polar bear population suffering a decline because of reduced sea ice? Or is it because the population is so large that it can no longer increase? ...continue »

Britain’s Met Office. This organisation should have no ideological position on meteorology. Instead, it’s been (mis)forecasting global warming with metronomic regularity ...continue »

Heard this before? “The evidence that humans are damaging their ecological life–support systems is overwhelming and human quality of life will suffer substantial degradation” ...continue »

Communism was last century’s great experiment that proved that central planning simply does not work. Unfortunately, with climate change legislation, history’s about to repeat ...continue »

Even the New York Times, normally a green power booster, is open about a growing scandal in the solar power industry – that solar panels are dying far short of their expected lifetimes ...continue »

A fossil fuel? There's increasing doubt about whether all natural gas comes from fossil microbes. If so, the implications could be profound for the climate and energy debates ...continue »

That the Earth may be cooling, not warming, is based not on science-fiction computer projections but on centuries of real data of how our planetary system actually works ...continue »

Orbital variations are the primary driver of climate change on Earth, and evidence indicates that our planet is headed for another period of glaciation. Don’t fear the heat, fear the cold ...continue »

Global warming hysteria: The most almighty disconnect in history between observable reality and the delusions of a political class that is quite impervious to any rational discussion ...continue »

Former full–time climate alarmists are now trying to escape from the collapsing edifice of the great AGW scam while trying to salvage as much professional dignity as they can muster ...continue »

All those ‘surveys’ alleging an overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming have absolutely nothing to do with the issues of contention between alarmists and skeptics ...continue »

When it comes to energy resources, the US is handicapped by the witchcraft and voodoo that is the current state of official climate science. China, by contrast, faces no such obstacles ...continue »

Computer modeling of future climate is real possibility, but only if it is properly conducted. And as a more–than–mythical example, let’s watch the weather in A Game of Thrones ...continue »

Entomophagy – even the name leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It’s the eating of insects, and apparently it’s something we all should do to save the planet from environmental demise ...continue »

The discussion in response to the Oklahoma tornado disaster was revealing of a prevailing doom–and–gloom tendency to blame ourselves for the destruction brought about by nature ...continue »

Senator Barbara Boxer and many environmentalists have been quick to blame this week’s Oklahoma tornado on climate change. Anyone with any real sense would see this as silly ...continue »

Hunger, rainforest destruction, cold–weather deaths and reduced economic growth are all exacerbated by climate-change policies, with harm falling disproportionately on the poor ...continue »

People before polar bears! When it comes to decision-making, progress and development, only one question should ever be asked: Will it or will it not benefit humankind? ...continue »

I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride my bike / I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride it where I like. And if authoritarian greenies get their way, that’s all you’ll ride. Like it or not ...continue »

The European Union wants to transform itself into a green energy powerhouse. Unfortunately, this ideologically–driven utopian scheme is faltering as fantasy collides with reality ...continue »

The herd mentality. Human beings go mad in groups, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. The experience of climate change hysteria is a classic example ...continue »

First it was ‘global warming’. Then ‘climate change’. Now the threat is from ‘extreme weather events’. The problem is that the latter are becoming less frequent and less severe ...continue »

Buzz off whale and polar bear – the humble bee is now the friendly face of global environmentalism. It’s also a case study in incomplete science and green authoritarianism ...continue »

All bad? Climate change appears to be beneficial for many British birds (and butterflies and other bugs). Take the case of long-winged conehead cricket that’s expanding northward ...continue »

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. A visionary author and internet prophet? Or a tiresome pedant and climate alarmist living a carbon–profligate lifestyle while preaching asceticism for others? ...continue »

The on–going debate about the costs and benefits of shale gas: Are some people more interested in slowing coal–to–gas transition than in limiting global warming and air pollution? ...continue »

What exactly is the ‘Anthropocene’ – other than the creation of a vocal group of misanthropic geologists and other guilt wracked scientists pushing to define a new geological epoch? ...continue »

The cold sweats. Seventeen years of flat global temperatures are sending a chilly shiver down the necks of those industries premised on (and funded by) the threat of global warming ...continue »

It’s clear that climate alarmists often prostitute scientific truth to their questionable cause, but this seedy tale really takes the biscuit. (Adult Content: Reader Discretion Advised!) ...continue »

Scientists once held the ethical belief that truth and honesty were of paramount importance. Then environmentalists discovered that major threats could result in generous funding ...continue »

Lenin invented the term ‘politically correct’ to describe theories consistent with Marxist doctrine. But like modern global warming, the theories’ scientific validity wasn’t the point ...continue »

It’s the constantly cited threat of global warming – widespread and persistent drought, ruining crops and threatening water supplies. But now the alarmists are simply drying up ...continue »

Government weather bureaus seem confident that they can predict future weather patterns on the basis of past weather records. But actually, the past is less predictable than they think ...continue »

Greenies claim that fracking or ‘hydraulic fracturing’ causes earthquakes and contaminates drinking water. But if it’s good enough for the USA, it’s okay for the UK, too ...continue »

A good scientist should be forever foraging away trying to disprove favored theories theory, so it’s unsettling if scientists start describing the global warming theory as ‘settled’ ...continue »

We’re all doomed! For the best part of a decade, prominent environmental types have been blithely telling us the end is nigh if we don’t change our producing and consuming ways ...continue »

Thick or thin crust? While we’re all lapping up news about how the Arctic’s ice is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, a little further south, in the Baltic, it’s piling up ...continue »

Solving hunger requires no scientific breakthrough. Today’s scientific knowledge, with political will, can solve the world’s greatest problem. And that’s despite climate change ...continue »

It’s worrying when renowned figures like David Attenborough lend their reputation and authority to bolster alarmist and unsubstantiated messages about devastating global warming ...continue »

Good (g)reef! A severely damaged Australian coral reef has managed to completely heal itself in just 12 years, raising hope that similarly damaged reefs could also regenerate ...continue »

The Godmother of Global Warming? Margaret Thatcher set up the climate research centre that, in turn, helped to produce the primary data set used by the newly founded IPCC. So? ...continue »

Fracking: It’s as easy as falling off a log – or, rather, it’s as dangerous as jumping off a ladder. The latest research shows that fracking poses little risk of seismic activity ...continue »

In the highly politicised world of climate science, it’s worth emphasising and re–emphasising the need for scepticism about any claim now being made about the Earth’s climate ...continue »

Unlike most political predictions, which can be proven wrong relatively quickly, global warmists’ claims are so far off in the future that it takes decades to test them against reality ...continue »

With global warming on hiatus for the past decade and a half, the climate change cabal are growing desperate for allies and have turned to that most unloved of energy sources – nuclear ...continue »

To the consensus–seeking hive mind, individuality is loathed or punished, while imagination, initiative, inquiry, intuition and invention are not merely discouraged but hated ...continue »

At the beginning of last century, human relationships with nature were regarded as beneficent and progressively civilised. By century’s end, humans were seen as a blight on the planet ...continue »

It’s a cold spring and the two things everybody seems to agree upon are that there’s something weird about the weather, and it’s our fault. Both are almost certainly wrong ...continue »

Will global warming ever start again? Nobody knows. But what we do know is that there has been an on–going ‘pause’ and that global temperatures have plateaued for 17 years ...continue »

Has the self–imposed austerity of the new ‘eco–Pope’ crossed the line between old–world Catholic self–denial and new–fangled, green–leaning modernity–hating anti–consumerism? ...continue »

The alarmist brethren spent most of the ’90s and ’00s citing the hot summers and mild winters as evidence of man–made global warming. Pity about today’s freezing weather ...continue »

Earth Hour is an attempt to ‘do something’ about global warming. But actually its vain symbolism reveals exactly what is wrong with today’s feel–good environmentalism ...continue »

Adopt a polar bear?! Say, what?! It’s strange how nature’s greatest land-based killing machine has become a photogenic vehicle for promoting alarm about global warming ...continue »

Countries have reshaped their entire economies, and spent billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases – all based on flawed scientific predictions ...continue »

Warmists say evil corporations spend tens of millions denying climate change. But governments spend billions promoting or addressing it. Who's getting more bang for their buck? ...continue »

Global warming alarmists claim that sea levels are rising quickly and that Pacific Islanders are losing their homes. But the tide of evidence is turning against this claim ...continue »

Gas! Gas! Gas! Just as we’re coming to terms with the revolution in cheap energy from shale gas, something else comes bubbling through the pipeline. Methane hydrate anyone? ...continue »

Cause for concern? If the global warming standstill continues for a few more years, no one who’s just reached adulthood will have witnessed the Earth get warmer during their lifetime ...continue »

Did you hear the one about the lawyer, the diplomat, the politician and the skeptical environmentalist? They all got together to debate the rationality of climate change ...continue »

Should the environment come first? Or should it be renewable energy uber alles? In Germany, both issues are coming into conflict, with the Green movement in ideological disarray ...continue »

Climate false alarm: The modest temperature rise in the 1980s and ’90s launched the greatest, most expensive scare in history, with terrifying political and economic results ...continue »

The need for ‘clean’ energy was predicated on the belief that fossil fuels were running out, and on the threat of catastrophic man–made climate change. Oh how wrong we can be ...continue »

Sunstroke. Can it really be true that solar radiation, which supplies Earth with the energy that drives our weather and climate, is no longer the principal influence on climate change? ...continue »

China emits more carbon dioxide than all the nations in the Western Hemisphere combined, so how come global warming alarmists throw love at China on energy and climate issues? ...continue »

The Gaia Theory’s James Lovelock has moved from an alarmist position on global warming to one of greater scepticism about whether climate change is really such a significant threat ...continue »

To help tune out the cries of doom and gloom about the future of polar bears and to celebrate their current success, here are ten reasons not to be too worried about Ursus maritimus ...continue »

Down in Antarctica, ice cover remains stubbornly above average, while Arctic ice is also making a comeback. It just ain’t easy being a climate change doomsayer these days ...continue »

Workers of the world unite! You’ve nothing to lose with global warming claims! If you fancy taking it easy at work, just tell your boss that your output is down due to climate change ...continue »

For peat’s sake! Left alone, peat bogs lock in harmful greenhouse gas emissions. So what do the Scottish Greenies plan to do? Build wind farms that damage the peat and release CO2 ...continue »

It’s a characteristic of global warming doom–meisters never to look on the bright side. They are convinced that any environmental change always results in losers, never winners ...continue »

The road to hell is paved with good intentions: Global warming legislation is the biggest threat to our energy security and the biggest boon to most of the West’s geopolitical foes ...continue »

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? ‘Who will guard the guardians?’ It doesn’t matter: When the global warming ‘crisis’ is resolved by an authoritarian government, nobody will have a choice ...continue »

The climate alarmists’ carbon ‘greenhouse’ has no roof – it’s something only an academic would design. Anyone with practical experience would know immediately it could not work ...continue »

What do we know of ice? ‘Some say the world will end in fire / Some say in ice’, writes poet Robert Frost. ‘I think I know enough of hate / To say that for destruction ice / Is also great’ ...continue »

Green on the outside, red on the inside? It’s no coincidence that the majority of scientists calling for concerted action on climate change are vehemently and outspokenly left–wing ...continue »

The only thing that will happen if carbon taxes are inflicted on the US is that American jobs, economic growth, living standards, health and lives will be sacrificed. For nothing ...continue »

The State of the Union is the fate of us us all when the most powerful man in the world succumbs to the dissembling and mendacity of blatant climate change falsehoods ...continue »

Okay, as climate skeptics so often point out, science is based on evidence not consensus. Even so, the growing scientific consensus is now that global warming isn’t occurring ...continue »

Want to play the climate game? Well, there are plenty of tricks you can play. For example, if there’s a glaring anomaly in your simulation, explain it away as ‘natural variability’ ...continue »

You’d expect that people who believe science is on their side would relish the opportunity to participate in, and decisively win, debate. But not so with cowardly hypocritical warmists ...continue »

The Invasion of the Giant Jellyfish. A Plague of Pulsating Many–Tentacled Monsters. Not B–grade horror movies – just the latest hysteria from the global warming fraternity ...continue »

Record cold snaps are a consequence of the weather’s unpredictable natural variability. Severe storms and heat waves, though, are the result of anthropogenic global warming ...continue »

The public’s belief in climate change is as fickle as the weather. In polls on global warming, data shows a swing of almost 10% for each degree Celsius that one year differs from another ...continue »

When cooler heads prevail: There has been quiet recognition that global temperatures are not rising as fast as expected, despite greenhouse–gas emissions galloping upwards ...continue »

He’s a founding father of the Green movement, famous for inventing Gaia Theory, but James Lovelock believes that wind turbines will become monuments to a failed civilisation ...continue »

We’re asked to suffer wind power’s unreliability, its intermittence, its aesthetic impact on the landscape, and the noise that torments the lives of residents. And we answer: “Why?” ...continue »

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? The IPCC acknowledges the sun’s role in climate change, but it still fails to include this in its predictions about global warming ...continue »

Fact vs Fiction: Yet another alarming climate report has been released – and, as usual, the doomsday scenario is long on Hollywood entertainment but short on believability ...continue »

Exaggerating the fear. The IPCC claim they’re 90 percent sure that humans have 'contributed to' observed global warming. Hell, who wouldn’t agree with that innocuous statement? ...continue »

Taking advantage of the bully pulpit and a huge national audience, President Obama can talk up the dangers of climate change. (Just don't mention the flimsy scientific evidence) ...continue »

Climate alarmists have demanded we halt warming at a 2°C increase at any cost (and they mean that literally). The funny thing is, 1.9°C is the most likely level of future warming ...continue »

Doomsayers say that Asia mustn’t become like the West. Instead, to save the planet, Asians are to be condemned to a life of endless labour – just so long as it’s clean and green ...continue »

The only way save the world is for industrialized civilization to collapse and it’s our responsibility to bring this about! Plus other gems from the history of climate hysteria ...continue »

It’s important to listen to many viewpoints, especially from outside our ideological biases: So let’s hear it for a wholefood Vegan with an un-hippy-esque take on climate change ...continue »

The evidence that global warming has stalled hasn’t caused alarmists to abandon their doomsday beliefs. They’re convinced that it’ll inevitably resume at some future stage ...continue »

Stomach churning. An analogy to make us wary of the supposed scientific ‘consensus’ on climate change is the way that scientists were once ‘certain’ of the cause of ulcers ...continue »

Despite the fear-mongering of climate alarmists, the unrelenting increase in global crop production reveals the positive effects of longer growing seasons and warmer winters ...continue »

Is the IPCC an international authority on all aspects of climate? Or is it no more than a craftily assembled government–supported lobby group, doing what lobby groups usually do? ...continue »

Capitalist societies are the ones where nature is best protected. Poor, authoritarian societies are ones where the environmental damage is greatest. Try telling that to the Greenies ...continue »

Without the rapid deployment of nuclear power, our energy needs will continue to be met predominately by fossil fuels, and global warming targets will almost certainly not be met ...continue »

‘Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat, the more you fart.’ It’s not funny: The scientist-orchestrated fraud of anthropogenic climate change is now targeting flatulence ...continue »

Politicians stake gargantuan sums of public money on their faith in the climate alarmists – and that’s why it is so vital that every scrap of scientific data is dispassionately analysed ...continue »

The past week’s infernos in Australia, as symptoms of global warming, are punishment for mankind’s sins: The only cure is taxes, inflated electricity bills, and restricted air travel ...continue »

When you're an environmentalist with the public standing of Al Gore you'd think there'd be nothing more important than saving the planet. You'd be wrong. (He is a politician after all) ...continue »

The Thought of Kings. Now that Wills and Kate are giving him a grandchild, Prince Charles has even more incentive to peddle the guilt–tripping cliché called climate change ...continue »

Kyoto is dead. Long live common sense. The Kyoto Protocol expired on December 31, 2012, and it’s not been replaced because a new era of climate-change rationalism has taken root ...continue »

The human use of fossil fuels displaces firewood as a fuel, warms the climate, and raises carbon dioxide levels. And guess what? That’s actually great news for a greener planet ...continue »

Blowing in the wind. It’s cheap, it’s clean and you’d think it would make a great source of renewable energy – but long–term analysis of wind technology paints a different picture ...continue »

Science never stands still – and despite earlier predications, given what we know now about climate, there is almost no way that the feared large temperature rise is going to happen ...continue »

The United Nation’s most-cited series of climate change forecasts are faring vary badly. But what’s the betting that the inconvenient evidence of this fact does not see the light of day? ...continue »

Despite the well–documented shortcomings of the climate alarmists’ mouthpiece, the mainstream media continues to paint the IPCC as an objective, authoritative scientific body ...continue »

By Thunder! Hammer this clean energy message home: Thorium – an element named after the Norse god Thor – might prove to be the source of safe, emission–free power ...continue »

Man–made global warming may have little effect on the Amazon tree species, which have already weathered some of the worst that nature can throw at them for 8 million years ...continue »

The Doha climate conference has been described by some as a ‘major milestone’. For those with a realistic appreciation of the world, the term ‘ritual farce’ seems more appropriate ...continue »

In the first quarter of this year, U.S. carbon emissions hit a 20-year low. And this impressive reduction is largely due to a new energy source dismissed by climate activists: Shale gas ...continue »

Being ‘idealistic and impetuous’ means independence. So why choose climate alarmism; something preposterous and impossible to believe upon a close examination of the facts? ...continue »

Cheap energy encourages economic growth, so thank frack for shale gas. It well and truly refutes the belief that fossil fuels would grow ever more expensive as they rapidly ran out ...continue »

Ritual farce; naked money–grabbing on behalf of poor countries; impossible solutions to what is a much–exaggerated problem – a.k.a. a United Nations’ climate change gab–fest ...continue »

It’s like a swarm of flies, all mindlessly banging against a glass window. Yes, there’s another annual exercise in futility: A UN climate conference – though you might well have missed it ...continue »

It’s a game changer. A Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution, Part 2. It’s the coming of shale gas and shale oil, and the transformation of the US energy outlook ...continue »

It’s potentially a cheap means to cool the planet, but geo-engineering isn’t finding favour in Doha. Apparently, the science is too little understood. A bit like climate change really ...continue »

Climate activists don’t want to go back to flying in coach, nor do the NGOs like Greenpeace. So ’tis the season when stories of the end of the world from global warming appear daily ...continue »

The last three decades were a period of increasing warmth, and inadequate for projections of ice melt in the future. Earlier, the worry was not retreating glaciers but advancing ones ...continue »

Wood. Would you or wouldn’t you? Burn it, that is. Ironically, nearly half of environmentally–aware Europe’s renewable energy sources are (quite literally) going up in smoke ...continue »

Contrary to what the UN is claiming, climate changes naturally all the time. The hypothesis that our emissions of CO2 have caused dangerous warming is not supported by the evidence ...continue »

The IPCC’s predictions of a wide range of climate calamities have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the press and politicians, whose watchword is ‘never waste a good disaster’ ...continue »

No issue of global urgency has tanked quite as quickly as the warming of the earth's climate – and the latest token United Nations talkfest in Doha just symbolizes this inconvenient fact ...continue »

Despite the gloomy predictions about diminishing resources and an energy crisis, the United States is actually awash in natural gas – it’s even got an extra energy source on ice ...continue »

There’ll be plenty of fear–mongering, hand–wringing, and head–shaking next week as the globe–trotting promoters of the world’s biggest scam meet at the UN climate convention ...continue »

Nothing but bluster: Without the lies it tells and the cosy stitch–ups it arranges with regulators and politicians at taxpayers' expense, the wind industry simply would not exist ...continue »

Alarmists’ only commitment is to the threat of climate change and not to rational assessment of real world probabilities or the consequences of any of their proposed remedies ...continue »

A cynical view: As action on global warming would harm the economy, it was a vote loser. With no need to seek re–election, President Obama can now re-embrace climate change ...continue »

There’s nothing carbon–saving about biofuel; even the big Green movements – Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF – are against it. So why the dash to swap coal for biofuel? ...continue »

Climate change? Or climate unpredictability? For the last 30 years, Antarctic sea ice has increased by 1 per cent each decade. It now covers more than any time since records began ...continue »

If planet is warming due to climate change, you would predict more droughts, right? In reality, you’d be wrong. Indeed, droughts may cause hot weather, not the other way around ...continue »

When it comes to nuclear, Green movements are suffering through what psychologists would describe as ‘cognitive dissonance’, and the usual cycles of ignorance, denial, and anger ...continue »

Re–writing history? If recent global warming has precedents, some might find it less alarming. That’s why it’s important to understand the Medieval Warm Period of 1000 years ago ...continue »

Gradual global warming is occurring. But the United States is experiencing significantly fewer major storms as temperatures warm. How are these facts misreported? ...continue »

Alarmist logic: If something bad happens, it must have an easily identifiable cause. Then wrap a highly emotional appeal in the incontestable clothing of science. Easy ...continue » [riposte]

Changing course. Telling an electorate to sacrifice billions of dollars every year in order to have a barely measurable effect on the climate a century from now simply doesn't work ...continue »

An invitation to relax and have a glass of wine during an earthquake swarm is reassuring but wrong. And so is an invitation to panic during a climate change scare ...continue »

Instead of blaming human arrogance for stirring up destructive storms, perhaps we should be grateful for the manmade institutions that help us stay healthy, informed and alive ...continue »

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, one has to be amazed at how little fact–checking the global warming alarmists do. But blaming it on climate change is scientifically ludicrous ...continue »

Perverse incentives: Because cheap gas is reducing coal demand in the US, there’s more cheap coal in the marketplace. So supposedly ‘green’ Europe is now burning more coal ...continue »

It had been a tough year for global–warming activists, when suddenly there arose on the horizon a powerful force. A mighty blast of good news! A veritable Frankenstorm! ...continue »

Sandy Storm2: Policymakers in hurricane regions should worry about levees, storm-shelters and evacuation procedures, not trying to stop people from driving SUVs ...continue » [more]

If you want to fix climate change, you would start with the cheapest way of reducing carbon emissions (not the dearest). This means using natural gas, especially abundant shale gas ...continue »

Political climate change: As the US presidential campaign shows, attitudes have cooled towards the ‘threat’ of global warming – it’s no longer a hot topic with the voting public ...continue »

Alarmists reckon that climate change will hit Africa hard. But assertions that global warming is shrinking the continent’s crop production while enlarging its deserts are simply false ...continue »

President Obama’s deafening silence on climate change is good for both skeptics (who don’t have to make sense of nonsense) and alarmists (who don’t have to defend the indefensible) ...continue »

It might seem fishy (indeed, it is fishy), but this latest piece of scientific research is not bullsh*t: It seems that fish poo is an underestimated mechanism for carbon sequestration ...continue »

What lurks beneath? Scientists have found that the landform below ice-sheets can halt ice retreat, even during warm periods. Predictions of sea level rise may need revising down ...continue »

Going to extremes: The climate debate is either complete scepticism, or else it's the alarmist end-of-the-world portrayals. And neither of those really accord with the best evidence ...continue »

Based on computer projections, many governments are taking policy action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Anyone would think that the science behind the projections was settled ...continue »

The spread of fear about global warming has given politicians a free hand to subsidize alternative technologies. Trouble is, that this fear isn’t based on solid scientific scenarios ...continue »

Pity the poor Russian polar bear. It’s not global warming that causing a rapid decline in their numbers, but rather the fact that they’re spending more time on land. And being shot ...continue »

The alarmist media always trumpet evidence of slight warming trends. But they’ve been surprisingly quiet about official data showing that global warming stopped 16 years ago ...continue »

The Great Barrier Reef is doomed! (If you ignore the fact of the high margin of error in visual surveys and that in any given year surveys sample only a tiny part of the vast reef) ...continue »

A few years ago, the renewable energy sector seemed on an inevitable march to being the power source of the future. Now it’s running out of puff as fossil fuels make a comeback ...continue »

As with most issues opposed by environmentalists, studies of GE that find harm are shouted from the media rooftops, those that do not are ignored. But what of GE’s genuine benefits? ...continue »

‘Full many a flower is born to blush unseen / And waste its sweetness on the desert air.’ Perhaps alarmists should be blushing, given climate change appears to benefit desert plants ...continue »

Taking the wind out of the environmentalists’ sails: As the US enters the last month of a bitterly contested presidential race, bad news is flooding in from the green energy sector ...continue »

Sun strike: China’s global dominance of renewable energy manufacturing has been hailed by environmentalists. Now its solar panel and wind turbine factories are running out of gas ...continue »

When the question of energy is raised in political discourse, the important thing seems to be that it’s ‘clean’. Apparently, whether or not it actually supplies people’s needs is irrelevant ...continue »

Crappy journalism often helps further the aims of global warming alarmists, whose main objective is to lay their hands on the climate funds they hope will be laundered via the UN ...continue »

In typical UN double-speak, Kyoto advocates will suggest the agreement is alive and well and moving into a ‘new phase’. The terms ‘flogging’ and ‘dead horse’ come to mind ...continue »

Want some easy publicity? Then all you need do is make ridiculously unsupported global warming claims and big league environmental activist groups will beat a path to your door ...continue »

Apocalypse Now! The fear of global warming is one of a long list of millennial or apocalyptic movements that have been at work in most societies throughout human history ...continue »

In the real world, fracking has blessed the US economy with clean, cheap, abundant energy, created jobs and reduced reliance on imported gas. Except that’s not the Hollywood version ...continue »

There were 260 million cases of malaria in 2010, with 665,000 deaths (86% under the age of five). But for the modern Green movement, many of these deaths may have been avoided ...continue »

Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m alright / I think of global warming and I don’t take fright … especially as climate change might bring ancient forests back to Canada’s frozen north ...continue »

A clutch of new reports should finally green–light Europe’s shale gas revolution. Then again, the EU’s environmentalist lobby does have a nasty habit of shooting itself in the foot ...continue »

The rate of decline in Arctic sea ice is faster than many predicted. The question is, though, what does it mean? Especially as Arctic melts on this scale have happened before ...continue »

The most detailed history of climate on the Antarctic Peninsula has revealed that this area undergoes bouts of rapid warming periodically. So much for ‘unprecedented’ warming ...continue »

For a Perfect Planet, use Earth First Products – including Fluffy Green Softener, Eco-Fluff, Everyday Sanctimonia, and Crocodile Tears Carbon Con. They’re best if you’re green ...continue »

Heard the record news about the polar sea ice? No, not the doom and gloom End-of-the-World stuff about the Arctic, but the record amount of Antarctic sea ice? Thought not ...continue »

A bit of a boob. Prince William and Kate Middleton risked watery death by visiting the famous sinking Pacific island of Tuvalu. (It’s sinking beneath the lunacy of climate alarmism) ...continue »

The theory that human use of carbon-based fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic global warming or climate change is not a hoax. It’s nothing short of the crime of the century ...continue »

Perhaps we needn’t get so crabby about the threat of ice melt on Arctic organisms because some polar fauna, including crustaceans, are surviving by riding the deep ocean currents ...continue »

Pork pies. In most countries, they’re a savoury dish. In England, it’s rhyming slang for ‘lies’. And there a large number of pork pies told about fossil fuels and government subsidies ...continue »

Global-warming ideologues often make statements of ‘fact’ that are actually testable hypotheses. And when these hypotheses are actually tested, they’re found to be wanting ...continue »

There are a couple of things wrong with the renewable energy lobby in the UK. Like they’re such a noisome, greedy, destructive, repellent, leprous and loathsomely vile group of people ...continue »

Power to the People! Climate alarmists’ true goal is not a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, but instead a transfer of wealth and power from individuals to government ...continue »

Running out of gas: The world carbon market, the only global system of carbon trading, designed to help promote greenhouse gas-cutting projects, is on the point of collapse ...continue »

There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ skeptics. But despite having legitimate concerns, climate skeptics are lumped with the latter, like AIDS denialists and anti-vaccination campaigners ...continue »

The greatest catastrophe that the human race could face this century is not global warming but a global conversion to ‘organic farming’ – an estimated 2 billion people would perish ...continue »

The Greens are “fundamentally opposed” to nuclear power because – wait for it – it’s “elitist and undemocratic”. Excuse me?! And that’s a typical example of their problem with science ...continue »

In the Good Old Days, political parties, media and environmentalists believed in climate policies as an unavoidable necessity. Those were the Good Old Days, before the recession ...continue »

America’s got Al Gore. Britain’s got Nicholas Stern. And for once, the Old Country comes out ahead – at least when it comes to junk science policies aimed at saving the planet ...continue »