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Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

From a strictly logical perspective, it's hard to understand how we can be doing so little to slow global warming. Time is running out on climate denial... continue »

Properties worth over £1bn will be lost to coastal erosion in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation for homeowners, as it becomes too costly to protect them... continue »

Conservationists have warned the koala is on the path towards extinction following the failure to release a strategy to actively reverse the decline of the marsupial species... continue »

US oil and gas production have boomed, but the country still lacks a coherent energy strategy, according to an International Energy Agency review... continue »

If bird watchers in Pennsylvania think they are seeing less of some species – the ruffed grouse, scarlet tanager, wood thrush and Baltimore oriole – they are right... continue »

Scientists predict that lethal heat waves in Europe, and ice storms and big freezes across the globe, could become regular events if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled... continue »

As 2014 comes to a close, Europe is virtually certain to lock in its hottest year in more than 500 years, and the record can be closely attributed to climate change... continue »

Arctic ground squirrels churn up and warm soil in the Tundra, releasing carbon dioxide, while methane released by beavers contributes 200 times more methane than they did 100 years ago... continue »

Climate deniers are admitting that human use of coal, oil and gas is causing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to rise, but they're saying this is a good thing... continue »

The world's two biggest polluters have cut a deal to curb their carbon habit. Carbon capture and storage at coal-fired power stations is a key pillar... continue »

A staggering 41 percent of all amphibians on the planet now face extinction while 26 percent of mammal species and 13 percent of birds are similarly threatened... continue »

Not only does nutrient-rich whale poo help reverse the effects of climate change, it's a remarkable example that nothing in the natural world occurs in isolation... continue »

Negotiators working on a deal to fight climate change have agreed on just a single paragraph of text, casting a shadow over the prospects for a strong outcome in Lima... continue »

In the largest study of its kind, Australian scientists have examined how the cold-blooded creatures of the world will cope as their environment warms... continue »

Since 1995, when the UN began holding its annual Conferences of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, carbon emissions have grown by roughly 50 percent... continue »

It's one of the greatest puzzles in the science of climate change: Why, when the world is getting hotter, is the Antarctic getting colder? Now, a scientist thinks she may have uncovered the answer... continue »

The World Meteorological Organization released a report that said 2014 is currently tied for the hottest year on record, rejecting claims that global warming has paused... continue »

That morning cup of coffee gives many of us a needed boost, but Central American coffee farmers have found a new source of energy in their beans: turning agricultural wastewater into biogas... continue »

One of the world's most ambitious carbon capture sites opened in Saskatchewan in October, the first to commercially strip CO2 from an existing coal plant's emissions... continue »

In the more than two decades since world leaders first got together to try to solve global warming, life on Earth has changed, not just the climate. Here are some stark numbers... continue »

The first ten months of 2014 have been the hottest since record keeping began more than 130 years ago, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration... continue »

The UN global climate talks are no longer just about emissions limits and trends. The annual negotiations have also become the most visible effort to address social justice and human rights... continue »

Experts question whether the plans European leaders have sketched out to reduce carbon emissions are strong enough to meet their ambitious goal... continue »

Seventeen years after the Kyoto Protocol was negotiated in Japan, the UN is preparing to take its second shot. Global climate pact 2.0 is now little more than a year away... continue »

Time is running out for agreeing legal framework for emissions cuts, EU official warns. Legally binding mitigation targets are definitely something that the EU is pushing for... continue »

The double whammy of global warming and a growing, ageing population will mean peoples' exposure to deadly heat waves will multiply tenfold this century... continue »

Britain has 10 of Europe's top 50 super-polluting power stations and factories, helping to cost it more in health and environmental impacts than any other countries... continue »

The World Bank said sharp temperature rises would cut deeply into crop yields and water supplies in many areas and possibly set back efforts to bring populations out of poverty... continue »

The UK is dangerously "exposed" to increasingly extreme weather brought about by climate change, a leading adviser to the Government has warned... continue »

Forget luxury limos, think green buses. China's electric vehicle sales surged five-fold in the first 10 months of 2014, powered by Beijing subsidies... continue »

A dam-building boom is underway. It is a shift from the 1990s, when amid concerns about environmental impacts and displaced people, lenders backed away from hydroelectric power projects... continue »

The world must cut CO2 emissions to zero by 2070 at the latest to keep global warming below dangerous levels and prevent a global catastrophe, the UN warns... continue »

Japan has unveiled a plan to kill 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean next year as part of its push to resume whaling following a legal setback instigated by Australia... continue »

The $10bn in climate aid which Britain and other rich countries are expected to formally pledge this week represents a backsliding on earlier climate finance transfers... continue »

While severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes typically only hit particular areas of the globe, lightning can strike anywhere. Lightning strikes will become even more frequent as the planet warms... continue »

If you worry that rising sea levels may one day flood your city, spare a thought for Michelle Darmawan. Her house in Jakarta is inundated several times a year, and it's 3 kilometers from the coast... continue »

Peru, the host for December's UN climate change summit, stores nearly seven billion metric tons of carbon stocks, mostly in its Amazon rainforest... continue »

Nobody is truly ready for rise of seas. US coastal cities, established in centuries past when seas were 8 inches lower than they are today, are now flooding regularly during high tides... continue »

The impacts of climate change will drive violent conflicts that require the deployment of British military forces around the world, according to one of the UK's most senior military figures... continue »

Layer upon layer of compressed snow eventually forms a solid manifestation of water, powerful enough to mold mountains and valleys, but not powerful enough to withstand humans... continue »

As the weather gets warmer and weirder, it's going to be harder for everyone to just keep their cool. Murder rates go up in heat waves; in some countries, civil war is also more likely... continue »

New research reveals that an increase in global temperature could be disrupting the "synchronisation" that has evolved over millennia between bees and the plants they pollinate... continue »

A new paper suggests for the first time that in a warmer world with higher atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, pollen allergies could get a heck of a lot worse... continue »

Although the news media have increasingly covered the climate weirding of global warming, our ocean's peril has largely stayed submerged below the biggest news stories... continue »

A group of nearly 300 women from seven indigenous nationalities marched to Quito, Ecuador, to ask the central government to refrain from exploiting oil that their ancestral lands in the Amazon jungle... continue »

Bird populations across Europe have decreased by over 420 million in the past 30 years. While some rarer species have seen an increase in numbers, more common species are facing a steep decline... continue »

Time is running out if the world wants to avoid potentially catastrophic climate change, according to the most definitive report to date by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change... continue »

The equation seems fairly simple: The more the world's population rises, the greater the strain on dwindling resources and the greater the impact on the environment... continue »

Billionaire Tom Steyer vowed to make the November congressional elections about climate change. Now he's talking about abortion and the economy to get his candidates across the finish line... continue »

Climate change could open the door for extremist groups like Boko Haram to take control of parts of Africa and South Asia, risk analyst firm Maplecroft has warned... continue »

Despite high hopes for Arctic business from mining to shipping as the ice melts rapidly and temperatures rise twice as fast as the global average, few firms say the sums still make sense... continue »

In a latest study researchers found that cold winters over Europe and Asia were twice as likely thanks to sea ice decline in a particular part of the Arctic... continue »

Climate change may have "serious, pervasive and irreversible" impacts on human society and nature, according to a draft U.N. report due for approval this week... continue »

Gangs commercially picking edible fungi to sell to restaurants and markets are leaving a 'trail of destruction' across UK ancient woodlands, such as Epping and New Forest... continue »

Leaf peeping can pump hundreds of millions of tourist dollars into economies. But now climate change hovers in the background, threatening to alter future versions of this annual color show... continue »

Leader of European Trade Union Confederation joins major brands, including Philips and Shell, calling for ambitious climate and energy package to create jobs and support businesses... continue »

Abraham et al. show that a paper by 'sceptics' Spencer & Braswell is rife with unrealistic assumptions in an overly simple model. They made a number of basic math and physics errors in the article... continue »

The credit for popular red wines often goes to California. But a combination of climate change, expertise in New York's wine industry and awareness are beginning to change that... continue »

China is pledging to cut the carbon intensity of its economy nearly in half by the end of the decade. Though this may sound promising, it doesn't mean China will reduce its carbon emissions... continue »

Latin America's biggest metropolis may run out of water next month. For some of the 20 million residents across Sao Paulo, the nation's financial hub, taps are already running dry... continue »

Bird populations that make the great journey between northern Europe and Africa – including the nightingale and turtle dove – are drastically declining, conservationists have warned... continue »

Another rare case of fracking-caused earthquakes has jolted Ohio: a new study connects some 400 micro-earthquakes in Harrison County near Canton to hydraulic fracturing wells... continue »

The rise in sea levels seen over the past century is unmatched by any period in the past 6,000 years, according to a lengthy analysis of historical sea level trends... continue »

Owen Paterson's proposal to scrap the UK's Climate Change Act is "bonkers", and shows the former environment secretary does not understand the risks from global warming... continue »

A dry spell has killed cattle and wiped out crops in Central America, parts of Colombia have seen rioting over scarce water, and southern Brazil is facing its worst dry spell in 50 years... continue »

From multi-billion-dollar sea walls in Japan to floating schools in Bangladesh, a look at the communities already designing for a more turbulent future... continue »

Toymaker Lego is to end its partnership with Shell following a Greenpeace campaign. The environmental pressure group mounted a sustained protest over the oil giant's plans to drill in the Arctic... continue »

From Miami to Washington DC, towns and cities on America's east coast could see triple the number of tidal floods by 2030 as sea levels rise, say researchers... continue »

While there is a growing body of research on economic losses caused by natural disasters, very few experts have sought to quantify so-called "non-economic loss and damage"... continue »

Overlooked nooks and crannies in our ecosystems – the "microclimates" – may prove essential as species everywhere adapt to a warmer globe. We should pay more attention to them... continue »

Climate change and human intervention are accelerating the planet's loss of biodiversity. So should we try to preserve 'useful' bees before 'cuddly' tigers... continue »

Tourists flock to New England every autumn where they wind their ways along normally quiet country roads. As temperatures rise across the globe, these traditions are under threat... continue »

Convincing people not to chop down trees is hard, especially in poor countries. But what if you could prove that the forest itself was a potential cash cow... continue »

With floating ice sparse in the Chukchi Sea, an estimated 35,000 walruses were found crowded onto a beach near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay... continue »

Climate change greatly increased the risk of heat waves in 2013 and likely influenced the severity of other extreme weather such as droughts, heavy rains and storms... continue »

Although not the primary source of Great Lakes algae, climate change is exacerbating the problem and making it harder to reduce phosphorus and other nutrients that help algae grow... continue »

In the face of global and federal paralysis on climate-change policy, local officials in the United States are already moving to cut their cities' emissions... continue »

Celebrities have stayed largely silent on climate change and other important issues of our era. It is time for them to get more vocal – and involved... continue »

The Chinese mitten crab, one of the 100 worst alien invaders in the world according to conservationists, appears to have arrived in Scotland for the first time... continue »

Barack Obama called on other nations to join the US in confronting climate change, saying US cuts to greenhouse gas pollution are bearing fruit but cannot accomplish the goal alone... continue »

The top of the world is a cold place. It is barren, wild and beautiful. Yet this place is not beyond the reach of our carbon emissions. The land up here is warming faster than most of the planet... continue »

A new analysis on climate change-related health problems shows that increasingly, global temperatures and severe weather events will continue to have a major impact on global health... continue »

The UK must prepare for "the worst droughts in modern times" experts will warn this week at a major international conference to discuss the growing global water crisis... continue »

There's trouble in this coastal paradise south of Cape Canaveral. It's on a low-lying barrier island that's getting lower as sea level rises. It needs to confront its watery future... continue »

Though the amount of sea ice at the Antarctic should set an all-time record high this month, Arctic ice shrank to its sixth-lowest level on record, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center... continue »

Almost 22 million people were forced to flee their homes due to natural disasters last year and the numbers uprooted could increase as urban populations grow... continue »

The world can still act in time to stave off the worst effects of climate change, and enjoy the fruits of continued economic growth within the next 15 years... continue »

Climate change is set to unleash a series of decades-long "megadroughts". Experts warn the droughts could be more severe than the prolonged water shortage currently afflicting California... continue »

If Americans adopted the dietary guidelines suggested by their own Department of Agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions would go up by 12 percent, a controversial research report claims... continue »

Governments gather to discuss an urgent problem and propose everything except the obvious solution – legislation. This is what's happening with climate change caused by humans... continue »

Methane emissions from big hydroelectric dams in the tropics outweigh the benefits that this form of renewable energy provides, according to new scientific data... continue »

Despite upcoming climate talks to curb heat-trapping carbon emissions, the U.S. government said recently that global use of oil and other liquid fuels will jump 38% by 2040... continue »

Ocean acidification impairs mussels' ability to attach to surfaces – alarming commercial growers farming the waters around Puget Sound. If you like your moules marinieres, this is bad news... continue »

Lobstermen say reducing the lobster catch won't solve the problem. The real culprits, they contend, are pollution from sewage treatment plants, pesticide residues and the effects of climate change... continue »

Experts believe the end of our "war on trees" is in sight amid what some are calling a "green revolution", finally breaking the causal link between growing numbers of people and falling numbers of trees... continue »

Pacific Islands have long been described as climate refugees, but it's a term Pacific leaders say is loaded with political connotations and does not reflect the true dimensions of the problem... continue »

If it seems like the ubiquitous spaghetti strands of electric power transmission lines are more and more common these days, it's not your imagination... continue »

China is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Historically, it has been reluctant to cut emissions, fearing that doing so could impede its economic growth. But there are signs that position is shifting... continue »

Germany's flagship green energy policy is in tatters, according to a new report by the consultancy firm McKinsey which says many of its goals are "no longer realistic"... continue »

Pacific Island states are surrounded by the largest ocean in the world, but inadequate fresh water sources and climate change are leaving some communities without enough water to meet basic needs... continue »

The start-up gained attention for developing technology that used inexpensive materials to split water molecules and generate renewable energy, known as the "artificial leaf"... continue »

The momentum of global warming caused by the build-up of greenhouse gases is likely to overwhelm natural cooling processes within decades, Australian researchers found... continue »

Big snowstorms won't be a distant memory, even with global warming, says a new study. It finds that extreme snow events will still occur, even in a future with significant man-made climate change... continue »

Cotton grows commercially in most countries around the world and is very resource-intensive to cultivate and process. But agronomists say it's relatively hearty because it grows in hot climates... continue »

Within the next half century, scientists will build a fusion power plant to harness the same processes that make the sun shine. The moment this star winks on, life, economics and everything will change... continue »

Birds have penetrated nearly every ecosystem on Earth, pollinating, dispersing seeds, controlling bugs, cleaning up carrion. Birds are the planet's superheroes, built for survival... continue »

Scientists are turning their attention to the phenomenon of ocean acidification – and its potential impact on the hard clams, oysters and other shellfish that make the Long Island Sound their home... continue »

Greenland is losing about 375 cu km of ice each year. Added to the discharges coming from Antarctica, Earth's two big ice sheets are now dumping roughly 500 cu km of ice in the oceans annually... continue »

Even if the Pacific atoll islands aren't submerged, scientists agree that climate change will create major problems – at the very least the same ones as coastal residents will face everywhere... continue »

If you spent your summer in the Midwest or almost anywhere in the US south of New York where the season was mild, it may have been easy to miss that most of the rest of the world was baking... continue »

Successful hunting and fishing in the Bering Sea have always depended on weather and ice conditions. But climate change is now disrupting the seasonal patterns and threatening the food sources... continue »

Unless something is done, a rich trove of Native American history and several others on Santa Cruz Island will almost certainly be destroyed by rising seas... continue »

Torrential rains in the Midwest and along the Atlantic Coast this week provide a reality check on the ability of urban areas to cope with flooding from intense downpours in a warming climate... continue »

Environmentalists warn us that apocalypse awaits. Economists tell us that minimal fixes will get us through. Here's how we can move beyond the impasse... continue »

Robin Williams was not known for being an activist environmentalist the way some in Hollywood are, but he took global warming seriously in the way only a great comic can... continue »

Scientists have linked the rapid rise in Arctic temperatures over the past two decades to weather extremes in the northern hemisphere such as heat waves in the US and flooding in Europe... continue »

The level of codfish spawning is at an all-time low, putting more pressure on a fishery already dealing with declining catch and dramatic quota cuts. Climate change is one factor driving the decline... continue »

New research shows that long-lived ecosystems like forests are particularly vulnerable to the comparatively rapid changes occurring in the climate system... continue »

Despite the prospect of a decent harvest this year, Britain's ability to feed itself is in long-term decline, with self-sufficiency falling from 78% to 60% in the last 30 years... continue »

China accelerated solar power installations in the first half, adding enough capacity in the period to equal Australia's entire supply of power from sunlight at the end of last year... continue »

Changes in ocean temperature thousands of miles away have delivered Arizona-style summer weather to Southern California, driving up humidity and causing sporadic destruction... continue »

Welcome to life – chaotic, scary, disruptive – in a changing climate. The direct cause of Ohio's water problems was likely an algae bloom in Lake Erie. The cause of the algae bloom? In a word: Us... continue »

Ten firms say they will not represent clients that deny man-made climate change, marking a fundamental shift in the multi-billion dollar industry that has grown up around the issue of global warming... continue »

Billions of dollars in coastal homes and infrastructure are being threatened by rising sea levels, but you wouldn't know it by the actions of local governments... continue »

A warmer-than-average August is predicted for Europe, bringing what may be the hottest summer for eight years to northern parts of the region and boosting demand for power to keep cool... continue »

Economists have figured out that the free market is the best way to curb greenhouse gases. But they aren't so good at packaging anti-global-warming plans to win over a skeptical segment of the public... continue »

What do three enormous craters in the Siberian wastelands have to do with a terrified American climate scientist? Methane. And that's something to scare us all... continue »

The White House has warned that delaying action on climate change would carry a heavy price, racking up an additional 40% in economic losses from climate impacts over the course of 10 years... continue »

A fungus has spread through Central America at an alarming rate, causing crop losses of more than a billion dollars. Lately it's become more aggressive due to climate change... continue »

Across Africa, mounting competition for land stressed by population growth and climate change is exacerbating poverty and pushing some people to militancy... continue »

The study "Playing with Fire" posits that climate change is producing hotter, drier conditions in the American West, which contribute to more large wildfires and longer wildfire seasons... continue »

Good economic decisions require good data. And to get good data, we must account for all relevant variables. But we're not doing this when it comes to climate change... continue »

Melting Arctic ice is widening a path for ships to deliver European oil to Asia, stoking South Korea's ambition to become a regional storage and trading hub... continue »

Last month was the Earth's warmest June since records began in 1880, according to data released by the NOAA. It marked the second-straight month the world set a warm-temperature record... continue »

A new paper takes a clever approach to evaluating how accurate climate model temperature predictions have been while getting around the noise caused by natural ocean cycles... continue »

Instead of examining the composition of the atmosphere, the resident climate change expert at OSU-Cascades studies communities – in particular, communities on the edge of disaster... continue »

Forest cover in India increased by 5871 sq km between 2010 and 2012, which is the cheery headline news released by India's environment minister recently. But the numbers are too good to be true... continue »

You probably already know that the world's polar bear population is threatened due to a warming planet and melting ice. But how is climate change affecting polar bears now... continue »

Tony Abbott was elected by the right-wing of his party for a single purpose: to destroy any meaningful action in Australia against the threat of climate change... continue »

Aid group Oxfam has called on other rich nations to follow the example of Germany, which has promised 1 billion dollars for the UN's fledgling Green Climate Fund... continue »

Scotland's most historic buildings and landscapes are facing irreversible damage due to climate change. Some popular tourist attractions will suffer catastrophic harm within three to five years... continue »

We cannot expect technological discoveries like those conceived by Einstein to save us from the pain of climate change, says Lino Guzzella, president-elect of ETH Zurich, Europe's MIT... continue »

New insights on how plants adapt to increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could provide scientists with tools to engineer crops that can deal with droughts and high temperatures... continue »

The hotter it gets, the more people seek treatment for kidney stones, according to a new study that also predicts climate change may make this painful condition even more prevalent in the future... continue »

Any effort to limit global warming to 2C will require deep investment in low-carbon research and development. Promises on emissions cuts alone are not sufficient... continue »

Journalists at the BBC are being trained to book fewer climate change skeptics on the network's programs amid criticism that BBC is giving them too much attention... continue »

Lower-income and minority communities are especially vulnerable to the detrimental effects of climate change, which should make protecting them a societal priority... continue »

China, the world's largest greenhouse gas polluter, will for the first time put "an absolute cap" on its emissions. The existential question remains whether it can simultaneously decarbonize and grow... continue »

The biggest reason to eat chicken instead of beef has nothing to do with saturated fat. Farming cattle produces about four times as much greenhouse gas as does poultry or fish... continue »

Fish school with fish they're familiar with to avoid predators and increase the chances of finding a mate. But as CO2 levels rise worldwide, they seem to lose the ability to recognize each other... continue »

As farmers move toward growing crops designed to meet growing world demand for food and stand up to tougher climate conditions, they may inadvertently be worsening malnutrition... continue »

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 is a satellite tasked with tracking carbon sequestration around the world. It could revolutionize climate science, if only it could get into orbit... continue »

Extreme weather conditions associated with climate change could pose a major threat to military installations. Now, a new government report says that the damage has already begun... continue »

The average land and ocean surface temperature for May was the highest ever. And experts are now speculating whether 2014 could become the hottest year on record... continue »

A provocative new study claims that conservatives don't believe in climate change because they're ignorant and climate skeptics actually know plenty of science. It's about who they are... continue »

It's not fun being a climate change scientist, when politicians and pundits routinely call them "scam artists" as they trivialize and misrepresent their research. Well, now it's the scientists' turn to speak out.... continue »

Local leaders are outraged by long-range projections of severe flooding and coastal residents join forces with climate skeptics to attack the science of global warming... continue »

Australia, uniquely vulnerable to the dangers and risks of global warming, was once a leader on climate action. Thanks to American conservative powerhouses, that's no longer true... continue »

Residents of metropolises around the world should brace for an increase in stagnant, polluted air that hangs around for days as a result of climate change-related shifts in wind and rainfall patterns... continue »

Three penguin species – the adelie, chinstrap and gentoo – tolerated a warming climate quite well about 15,000 years ago, but it's a very different story for two of them now... continue »

President Barack Obama is taking steps save honey bees from a mysterious die-off, ordering new research into the pesticides linked to the pollinators' collapse... continue »

Large condensation trails caused by aircraft could be eliminated by re-routing flight paths. Researchers are concerned about the climate change potential of these wispy, man-made clouds... continue »

More than two-thirds of Americans support President Barack Obama's new climate rule and more than half say the US should address global warming even if it means higher electricity bills... continue »

Rising sea levels, extremes of weather and an increase in the frequency of droughts and floods will all play havoc with the world's energy systems as climate change takes hold... continue »

Philippe Squarzoni, author of the new graphic novel "Climate Changed", explains why he dove into climate science, his struggle to bring the topic alive, and why he's ready to move on... continue »

Between sea-level rise and the increase in droughts and floods, the acreage available for conventional, freshwater agriculture is shrinking rapidly. It's time to figure out what saltwater plants can do... continue »

A 120-foot-long jellyfish is really loving the whole global warming thing, conquering more and more of Earth's oceans in massive blooms. So please welcome our new giant gelatinous overlords... continue »

Swathes of north India are sweltering under the longest heatwave on record, triggering increasingly angry protests over the government's failure to provide people with basic services... continue »

Marine life in the high seas soak up an amount of carbon equivalent to 30 percent of the US annual emissions. At the same time, increased fishing activity threatens the whole process... continue »

The shrinking of the Arctic ice sheet in the upcoming 10th edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World is one of the most striking changes in the publication's history, geographers say... continue »

Up to 10 percent of British Columbia natural gas wells are leaking and some have become "super-emitters" of methane, which is an environmental and health concern... continue »

Scientists are predicting a major El Niño weather event this year, which could wreak havoc across South America and Asia as droughts, floods and other extreme weather events hit industry and farming... continue »

China, the world's biggest producer of fossil fuel emissions, is working on how to cap its greenhouse gas for the first time, an effort that would spur the worldwide effort to hold back climate change... continue »

The contiguous US' annual average temperature has warmed by 1.2 degrees since 1984, with summers getting 1.6 degrees hotter. But that doesn't really tell you how hot it's gotten for most Americans... continue »

It's summer in the US, so let arguments over the top summer pop song get going. One summer trend that's not up for debate: The season has been getting hotter across the nation since 1970... continue »

A lopsided and bipartisan majority of Americans support federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions, and most Americans are willing to stomach a higher energy bill to pay for it... continue »

Red spruce, a tree species that researchers thought was doomed because of acid rain, is now growing faster than ever. It hints that climate change produces winners as well as losers... continue »

City officials are looking at changing the way key infrastructure projects are designed in anticipation of what they say are inevitable rising seas and stronger storms due to climate change... continue »

If President Barack Obama has his way, the conversation on climate change will shift from polar bears and melting glaciers to droughts in Iowa and more childhood asthma across the United States... continue »

Polluting biomass stoves, used by one-third of the global population, take a terrible toll. But because the world's population has been rising so quickly, efforts to clean them up are failing... continue »

European Union efforts to fight climate change favored diesel fuel over gasoline because it emits less carbon dioxide, or CO2. However, diesel's contaminants have swamped the benefits... continue »

Now Yale researchers have come up with one critical piece of advice: do say "global warming", don't say "climate change". The two terms, often used interchangeably, generate very different responses... continue »

What's believed to be the most-visited glacier in North America is losing more than five metres of ice every year and is in danger of completely disappearing within a generation... continue »

Thirty-six years after catching flak for one of the most bold and dire predictions about global warming, former Ohio State University glaciologist John H. Mercer is being hailed as a visionary... continue »

The world's sea levels are expected to rise 1 to 3 feet. What should the millions of people living in low-lying coastal areas do? There's a third option that rarely gets as much attention – retreat... continue »

"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak is calling out those who he feels exaggerate climate change as "unpatriotic racists", causing an uproar on Twitter... continue »

As tornado season ramps up and some natural disasters become more common across the United States, those stronger storms and floods can bring an ugly, largely forgotten past back to the surface... continue »

More than 1 million Bosnians have been affected by the worst floods to hit the Balkans in living memory, comparing the "terrifying" destruction to that of the country's 1992-95 war... continue »

Centuries from now, a large swath of the West Antarctic ice sheet is likely to be gone, its hundreds of trillions of tons of ice melted, causing a four-foot rise in already swollen seas... continue »

Last week saw a 'holy shit' moment in climate change science. A landmark report revealed that the collapse of a large part of Antarctica is now unstoppable... continue »

Yields in America's Corn Belt could drop by 30 percent as crops become increasingly sensitive to the drought and dry air of a warmer world, scientists warn... continue »

Hurricanes and tropical storms are reaching their peak intensity closer to the poles, migrating at about 30 miles per decade, according to a new study published recently... continue »

A total of 500 environmental inspectors in Beijing are scrambling to keep pace with a rising number of complaints as the city tries to impose tough new standards on polluting firms... continue »

Toyota said recently that it would allow a battery-supply deal with Tesla Motors to expire this year and would focus instead on building cars running on hydrogen fuel cells... continue »

Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn. Two separate studies confirm loss of ice sheet is inevitable, and will cause up to 4m of additional sea-level rise... continue »

We're already experiencing the negative effects of climate change. Climate change lets more bugs survive, and allows them to reproduce more frequently, creating still more pests... continue »

President Obama has made serious progress with renewable fuels and with energy efficiency, but this is being offset by the country's increased production and export of fossil fuels... continue »

England has always had the same chalky soils that has made Champagne so lovely for grapes. The only thing missing was France's balmy climate. But that's changing... continue »

Scientists have long contended that some of the most vulnerable ice sheets are in the West Antarctic, but only now has it become clear the East may suffer consequences as well... continue »

Climate change isn't just coming – it's already here. Just check out these 10 charts that show everything from how much it costs to heat or cool our homes to the amount of rain we've been getting... continue »

Climate denial is based not on science but on ideology. The denial is caused by a desire to maintain the status quo and/or an opposition to the policies needed to solve the climate problem... continue »

Scientists are now considering a formal declaration that 1950 marked the dawn of a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene – a time defined by humans' dominance of the planet... continue »

The sensors tracking earthquakes in the most seismically active U.S. state are also recording glacier activity. Scientists are just beginning to grasp the potential for future climate research... continue »

Health Canada describes extreme heat as the potential for hot weather conditions to result in an unacceptable level of health effects, including increased mortality... continue »

Subsiding land is a bigger immediate problem for the world's coastal cities than sea level rise. In some parts of the globe, the ground is going down 10 times faster than the water is rising... continue »

The deadly avalanche on Mount Everest wasn't technically an avalanche. It's an "ice release" – a collapse of a glacial mass known as a serac. And some see global warming as the key culprit... continue »

China's emissions of nitrous oxide – a potent greenhouse gas – will more than triple by 2020 if China's chemical industry does nothing to control them, according to a new study... continue »

Germany's struggle with lignite mining is taking place behind the scenes of its green energy revolution. If Germany wants to meet its climate goals, phasing out coal will be the biggest challenge... continue »

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may be lengthening the growing season of grasses and other plants, according to a study published in Nature... continue »

The big driver behind the frigid-East and warm-West divide is a jet stream, a pattern that arose 4,000 years ago. Climate change is making the duality we saw this winter more the norm... continue »

Conventional wisdom has it that Bangladesh will soon be underwater. But Bangladesh has been fighting back, through a combination of foreign money, fertile mud and local democracy... continue »

Environmental groups are marking the 44th Earth Day on Tuesday with an assault on the Keystone XL pipeline, greenhouse gas emissions and other issues related to climate change... continue »

China, the world's biggest investor in renewable energy, reiterated plans to boost construction of solar and wind power plants along with projects to transmit electricity from the clean sources... continue »

Thanks to the recent Mt. Everest avalanche catastrophe, there's some concern in the mountaineering community that mountains like the iconic Everest may be unclimbable in the near future... continue »

The mean sea level along Mumbai's coast is likely to rise by around 4 cm while Maharashtra faces warmer nights, decline in crop productivity and health issues in the next 100 years... continue »

Brazil may see a mass migration of crops and farm workers from huge swaths of currently tillable lands to more temperate zones as global warming takes hold... continue »

The IPCC says it will take very ambitious efforts to keep climate change at acceptable levels. The dire predictions have some asking whether it's time to think about geo-engineering... continue »

Pollution from China's coal-burning power plants is pumping up winter storms over the northwest Pacific Ocean and changing North America's weather... continue »

UN climate chiefs have backed fracking as part of the solution to global warming – but warned that a massive expansion of green energy will be crucial to prevent devastating extremes of climate change... continue »

Half of the world's population now lives in cities – a proportion that's set to rise to two-thirds by 2050. Yet cities are vulnerable to the worst impacts of climate change... continue »

On the current trajectory, greenhouse gas emissions from cars, trains, ships and airplanes may become one of the greatest drivers of human-induced climate change... continue »

There will be 100,000 electric cars on Sri Lankan roads in two years, which will not only create an emission free environment, but also brings a huge money saving... continue » [more]

Scientists seek climate-friendly cow of the future, whose greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by anti-methane pills, burp scanners and gas backpacks... continue »

The 21st century will present gloomy challenges for Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America, such as the collapse of wildlife habitats, animal extinction and water scarcity... continue »

The Arctic is home to some of the world's most dramatic climate change, with warming oceans and melting ice at a rate experts never imagined possible... continue »

The Saharan dust storms will become increasingly strong in the coming years as a nasty mixture of drought, development and intensive farming in North Africa pushes up air pollution... continue »

We are having the wrong climate change debate. The evidence is clear that carbon dioxide and temperatures are increasing. Where is the interest in debating observations... continue »

Too many fish in the sea? Surging pink salmon stocks in the Pacific Ocean pose a risk to other wildlife, suggests a seabird study that points to climate change as a culprit... continue »

Goodbye, polar vortex. Hello, pollen vortex! In many parts of the world, the allergy season starts earlier and lasts longer each year, potentially due to climate change... continue »

The cities of the future could be green and glowing spaces where natural elements such as bioluminescence and urban farming are used to soften the impact of a changing climate... continue »

The economic and financial impact of global warming is complex and not well understood. Overall, changes in climate are expected to cause significant disruptions that also exact an economic toll... continue »

Over the past half century the maple production season has been shortened by about 10 percent due to climate change, and freeze-thaw cycles have become much more unpredictable... continue »

The impact of rising temperatures on the world's food supplies is a key issue for climate experts meeting in Japan. But food security is not just about developing countries... continue »

Off the remote eastern tip of Papua New Guinea a natural phenomenon offers an alarming glimpse into the future of the oceans, as increasing concentrations of CO2 make sea water more acidic... continue »

A key UN report on climate change is going to show that the impacts of rising temperatures on food security will be more serious and hit earlier than previously thought... continue »

Huge jellyfish blooms are becoming a growing nuisance to industry and the environment. Scientists predict that as waters warm, they're likely to become more common in Australia... continue »

If you think of climate change as a hazard for some far-off polar bears years from now, you're mistaken. In fact, the dangers of a warming Earth are immediate and very human... continue »

People in coastal regions of Asia, particularly those living in cities, will face some of the worst effects of global warming, climate experts warn... continue »

Farmland prices have soared to all-time highs in recent years. Wall Street's move onto farms comes at a time of severe ecological flux that will be exacerbated by climate change... continue »

The central and eastern US shivered through a colder-than-average winter, but most of the rest of the globe did not share in the chill, registering the eighth warmest overall winter on record... continue »

Extreme weather conditions are hitting coffee production in Vietnam, the world's largest exporter of low-end robusta beans used in instant coffee... continue »

The future's bright – but only if we rise to the challenges which threaten environmental catastrophe, a major new report warns this week... continue »

For years researchers have believed that the glaciers in the frigid northeast section of Greenland are resilient to the effects of climate change that have affected so much of the Arctic... continue »

Stanley's jagged peak is the third highest mountain in Africa. But experts warn that the ice is melting at "disturbing" rates, and within two decades Africa's equatorial peaks will be bare rock... continue »

Citing rising population, limited farmland and climate change, David Cameron's official science advisers have called for GM crops to be rolled out across the UK... continue »

Over seven billion people populate our planet, which means around 10.5 billion litres of human urine is produced and wasted each day. Scientists argue that human waste will be wasted no more... continue »

Methane emissions from oil palm plantations are a growing contributor to climate change. But they could be turned into renewable energy with existing technology... continue »

All the infrastructure Americans rely on to heat their homes, power their lights and fuel their trains, trucks and cars is becoming more and more exposed to failure in a changing climate... continue »

Bodacious tubes on Australia's east coast are being wiped out by global warming. That's the finding from research predicting that, at current rates, climate change will crush those big waves... continue »

Australian climate report reveals that the country is being hit by more extreme heat and high-fire danger, and southern regions are drying out – trends that may accelerate as the planet heats up... continue »

Diets around the world have become more and more similar while the diversity of food supply has decreased. This means that the world's crops will be increasingly vulnerable to climate change... continue »

What do the Arctic's ice cap, America's bee population and Chipotle's guacamole have in common? They're all potential casualties of global climate change... continue »

As international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions stall, schemes to slow global warming using fantastical technologies once dismissed as a sideshow are getting serious consideration... continue »

This could be another casualty of global warming: a huge ice-free region – the size of New Zealand – that existed within the ice blanket of the southern ocean surrounding Antarctica has disappeared... continue »

The frequency of severe flooding across Europe is set to double by 2050 and over the same period there could be a nearly fivefold increase in the annual economic losses resulting from floods... continue »

Far from offering simple sci-fi solutions to global warming – from fertilising the oceans with iron to mirrors in space – may in fact make the problem worse, a probe of "geo-engineering" options says... continue »

Climate change is real and yet some Americans continue to debate it. Why? Lack of trust plays a part. Just 42% of US adults have a great deal of confidence in the scientific community... continue »

China has always been prone to natural disasters but a changing climate is causing more extreme weather, which hits food production, threatens water resources and damages energy security... continue »

Can the world promote economic development while still halting climate change? A new study suggests that so far, humanity isn't doing so well at meeting both goals at the same time... continue »

Climate change is the biggest challenge for every country. But it is the poorest people in society who are most vulnerable. This is what makes it an ethical as much as a scientific or economic issue... continue »

There will be a global coffee shortage, thanks to the historic, worst ever drought in Brazil, the world's largest producer. The shortage is due to climate change and rising demand... continue »

With the end of President Obama's tenure now in sight, wealthy environmental advocates are pushing Democrats to take bolder positions on climate change... continue »

Arctic sea ice growth has slowed dramatically in recent weeks, thanks in large part to abnormally warm air and water temperatures. Sea ice now sits at record low levels for mid-February... continue »

Climate change is expected to spur an increase in crime. Periods of higher temperatures – on an hour-by-hour or week-to-week basis – will trigger more crime including murders and rapes... continue »

Participating scientists of the Vision Prize survey are worried that the IPCC is underestimating sea level rise. Humans are the primary cause of global warming over the past 250 years... continue »

Persistent weather patterns at the mid-latitudes, like this winter's long-lasting polar vortex or severe drought in America, are a direct consequence of climate change heating up the Arctic... continue »

Global warming sends no love to Olympic bidders. All five cities vying to host the 2022 winter games will face some of the warmest weather they've ever seen when the Olympics open... continue »

Powerful funders are supporting the campaign to deny scientific findings about global warming. 5.2 billion US dollars of their funding is "dark money" from undisclosed sources... continue »

As some U.S. states deal with record-breaking droughts, a new report finds that hydraulic fracturing – a process of drilling for oil and natural gas – can further deplete scarce water resources... continue »

The EU sees itself leading the world in curbing carbon-dioxide emissions and doing more than any other region to mitigate climate change. But rising coal use clouds Europe's future... continue »

As Arctic ice shelves melt, polar bears are ransacking seabird nests and eating massive quantities of eggs to sustain themselves. It is not sustainable for either the bears or the birds... continue »

While the U.S. East Coast braces for another series of frigid storms, California ski resort operators are cursing Mother Nature for a winter of unseasonably warm temperatures... continue »

Climate change is already hurting American farmers and rural residents, and the USDA chief is warning that the US will regret any failure to adapt and prepare for shifting weather realities... continue »

Climate change became an official Winter Olympic issue in 1998 in the wake of the Nagano Games. The four subsequent host cities, including Sochi, have made strides to address climate change... continue »

Tidal Lagoon Power aims at supplying 10% of the UK's domestic electricity by building 5 full-scale tidal lagoons in UK waters by 2023, before the UK sees any generation from new nuclear... continue »

Deaths as a result of hot weather are to soar over the next four decades as a result of climate change. In UK, the number of annual heat-related deaths will rise 257% by 2050... continue »

Jakobshavn Glacier, which may have sunk the Titanic, is now the fastest moving glacier in the world as a result of the massive melting of Greenland ice sheet... continue »

While Obama talks of putting America on the path to a clean, green future, the United States is flooding world markets with cheap, high carbon fuels. It's exporting global warming... continue »

Scientists have long predicted that human-made climate change will bring on ever-worsening droughts, especially in semi-arid regions like the US Southwest... continue »

Make no mistake – climate change will hit us hard. We need to clean up the mess before it is too late, the IPCC warns in its latest assessment of anthropogenic climate change... continue »

A growing trickle of evidence suggests that dams can provide engineered resilience to climate change – if we can figure out how to dial in a suitable temperature... continue »

Climate change has been causing an increase in the health risks faced by residents of the several coastal and riverside districts of Bangladesh, a recent study has found... continue »

An annual report detailing the status of Lake Tahoe's health and clarity has researchers rethinking some long-held assumptions and focusing on trends that may be linked to climate change... continue »

Finally, there is a reason for a bit of optimism about climate change. A new report on climate policy confirms that Obama can take strong action on climate without needing Congress to do anything... continue »

Kofi Annan, chair of The Elders, calls for collective action on climate change. Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. No one and no country will escape the impact of climate change... continue »

Eko Atlantic, a new privatised city in Nigeria, augurs how the super-rich will exploit the crisis of climate change to increase inequality and seal themselves off from its impacts... continue »

Obama's science and technology adviser John Holdren explains – in just two minutes – the polar vortex and why climate change will bring more extreme weather in the future... continue »

For China, north is a new way to go west. In Beijing lately, officials have made a point of calling their country a "near Arctic" state, thanks to a shipping passage in the melting Arctic... continue »

Some landowners with oil and gas wells on their property complain about emissions affecting their air quality and health. But their cumulative effects are never counted up... continue »

Both NOAA and NASA said nine of the 10 warmest years on record have happened in the 21st century. The hottest year was 2010, and the fourth hottest year was 2013... continue »

Fungi don't get the respect they deserve. Now a new study says that a certain type of fungi can help soil hold up to 70% more carbon – with potentially big impacts for the climate... continue »

Navy officials say the Arctic will give the US its first new ocean to police since the annexation of the Pacific Northwest in 1846. The military views that climate change has had a visible and direct impact... continue »

Climate change has complicated the Philippines' efforts to become self-sufficient in rice. In 2013, 74% of the estimated damage from natural disasters came in the farm sector, primarily affecting rice... continue »

Antarctica and the Arctic are the focus of global hunger for untapped resources. The increased presence of humans in the polar zones is a direct result of climate change... continue »

Dust storms intensified by climate change in the West stir up microscopic spores of the toxic soil-dwelling fungus Coccidioides immitis. Infections have risen dramatically... continue »

Global climate change poses severe public health challenges for the world, as heat causes more deaths than all other weather causes combined, a CDC scientist says... continue »

Bats are the victims of the warming climate. At least 50,000 bats are reported to have been killed by blistering heatwave in the state of Queensland... continue »

The largest lake in the Caribbean has been rising and rising, devouring whatever else stands in its way. It's time to talk about climate change adaptation... continue »

Droughts will increase across Europe by the end of this century as climate change limits water supplies and demand increases, the European Commission has warned... continue »

A new report says cloud shortage will push temperatures higher as climate warms. Fewer clouds will form, leaving more of the Earth exposed to the sun's rays. And that means more warming... continue »

The dust-darkened snow on the Rocky Mountains absorbs more sun and melts at a faster speed, affecting water supplies for millions of people in more than half a dozen states... continue »

The conservative media may currently be the single biggest roadblock to addressing the threat posed by climate change. The Weekly Standard's article exemplifies it... continue »

Deep sea creatures are not safe from the devastating impacts of a warming world over the next century. There is a direct link between climate change and the loss of life on the sea floor... continue »

The historic deep freeze across North America doesn't disprove global warming. Winter isn't climate. What's more, global warming can make cold snaps even worse... continue »

A meaty issue: Methane from the digestive systems of the 3.6 billion ruminants on the planet – sheep, cattle and goats – is the biggest human–related source of the greenhouse gas ...continue »

All at sea. While sea level has risen nearly 8 inches worldwide since 1880, it has climbed about a foot or more in some U.S. cities because of ocean currents and land subsidence ...continue »

Shaded buildings, water–efficient fittings, computer modeling of carbon emissions and efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems. It’s the city of the future – today ...continue »

Could Rudolf’s red nose be caused by global warming? Actually, it’s neither funny nor festive that climate change may be causing a severe decline in reindeer numbers ...continue »

Global warming is being blamed for steep declines in polar bear populations. Zoos are keen to breed polar bears in captivity, but just 5% of polar bear matings in captivity produce cubs ...continue »

Although they’re sure about the role of humans in global warming, researchers would like to improve observations of the planet, and better understand the natural cycling of carbon ...continue »

It’s heating up Down Under. The spring of 2013 has been Australia's warmest on record, with mean temperatures for the season climbing 1.57C above the 1961-1990 average ...continue »

Graphic illustration: A series of images provide food-for-thought when it comes to the future of America's coastal towns if scientists' predictions about global warming prove correct ...continue »

We cannot turn a blind eye to the stark reality of climate change. And each appalling individual tragedy, like the Philippine typhoon, must be seen as a flash of the future ...continue »

The media are drawn to loud and flamboyant caricatures, not careful and studious characters. In addition to being annoying, it also has very real consequences when it comes to climate ...continue »

Honey, we'll shrink the kids … Scientists believe a reduced body size is an evolutionary response by mammals to extreme global warming events, known as hyperthermals ...continue »

Global emissions of carbon dioxide may be showing the fchirst signs of a “permanent slowdown” in the rate of increase. However the use of cheap coal is a worrying trend ...continue »


Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

Pope Francis has decided to make fighting global warming an important papal cause in 2015. The Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences may be behind the pope's rising interest... continue »

The climate alarmists 15 or so years ago were forecasting catastrophic events by this time. Yet sea levels have not been rising any faster than they have been for centuries... continue »

Real world data refuse to conform to the climate-alarmist claim that all types of extreme weather are becoming both more extreme and more frequent at one and the same time... continue »

As the science supporting the theory of dangerous climate change has crumbled, those who rely on it for their grants, donations, jobs and votes have upped their rhetoric... continue »

Andrew Tyndall, described as a news consultant, has accused Ginger Zee, a qualified meteorologist and popular TV weather presenter, of producing "weather porn"... continue »

The 97% "consensus" study, Cook et al. has been thoroughly refuted in scholarly peer-reviewed journals, by major news media, public policy organizations and think tanks... continue »

The twentieth Conference of the Parties climate talks in Lima produced a deal which has been dismissed by green NGOs and climate activists as utterly inadequate... continue »

The science that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes some warming is hard to dispute. The science that man's CO2 is causing an increase in violent and severe weather is virtually non-existent... continue »

A new paper by Dr Peter Lee and published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation explores many of the ethical disputes that characterise climate science and policy in the twenty-first century... continue »

President Obama may be planning to sock his fellow citizens with a global tax on carbon dioxide imposed via a United Nations agreement known as a "soft law"... continue »

President Obama is coordinating with far-left environmental activists to wage an all-out assault to shut down domestic production of American oil and natural gas... continue »

There are some very good reasons to be skeptical of the claim that 2014 will be the "hottest year ever", at the very least from the standpoint of it having any real impact on peoples' lives... continue »

Warmist scientists can fiddle their temperature record all they like but they can't make the polar ice go away. An allegedly "hot" area is in fact completely covered by ice... continue »

Greenpeace has a long history of cultural insensitivity. Greenpeace has caused outrage throughout Peru by thoughtlessly desecrating Incan cultural sites as part of its global warming campaign... continue »

Australia is becoming green and defenceless. The foolish green energy policies and the suicidal war on carbon fuels are killing real industry, like a fat toothless walrus basking on a sunny beach... continue »

The 82-year-old Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham came out of retirement to jump off a cliff in Peru recently, calling attention to the sorry way that climate science and policy have been distorted... continue »

Germany's Environment and Nature Conservation Minister Barbara Hendricks now wants Germans to stop having sex with the lights on, thus reducing CO2 emissions... continue »

High-profile climate alarmists such as Wallaby flanker David Pocock and IPCC author Professor Colin Butler are the useful idiots of green hypocrisy... continue »

The Atlantic hurricane season has just ended and once again it went out with a whimper. That's good news for coastal residents in the US, but the broadcast networks practically ignored the good news... continue »

Since October 1996 there has been no global warming at all. This month's RSS temperature plot pushes up the period without any global warming from 18 years 1 month to 18 years 2 months... continue »

New York Times environmental reporter Coral Davenport continues to push climate alarmism on the front page, this time with a lead story in Monday's edition... continue »

Dr. Susan Crockford criticized the media's fear and failure to mention increasing bear abundance and modelers have consistently failed to account for the negative impacts of heavy springtime ice... continue »

Professor Chris Folland is now willing to admit some role for robust scientific data. But he still seems unable to clearly separate storytelling and computer simulations from real science... continue »

Dr Tim Ball's blog post, drawing parallels between climate scientists and Hitler, doesn't do anyone in the climate change debate any favours: in fact it seems a big (goose) step backwards... continue »

It is beyond bizarre that activists prattle about freeing the world from the "tyranny of oil", the most cost-efficient and convenient of all energy sources... continue »

Thanksgiving means lots of food, and those who fear humans are causing catastrophic climate change think this will ultimately lead to higher temperatures... continue »

Put John Hewson, Ross Garnaut and a couple of coal-phobic gabblers on the same stage and what do you get? A jumbo-size load of alarmist droppings to mark its effect on otherwise intelligent souls... continue »

Please don't tell Kate Middleton! A leading IPCC scientist has predicted that in 2039, her bloke, King William V, will die at 57 from the West Nile virus as a result of the IPCC-predicted global warming... continue »

If Utopia last century was populated by Soviet Man, he has been superseded this century by Green Person with eerily similar yearnings – this time for a "sustainable" world free of "inequity"... continue »

Hip Hop artists and rappers including Common, Ne-Yo, Karmin and Elle Varner collaborated on a new album that mixes hip hop with climate change alarmism and left-wing talking points... continue »

Rather than claiming 97 percent of scientists believe in man-made global warming, hopefully now some media outlets will revise that number closer to 50 percent... continue »

The alarmist bubble is deflating, so the third-rate academics, carbon-market scam artists and peddlers of catastrophic prophecy are trying harder than ever to sustain the scare... continue »

A paper showed a 25-50% decline in polar bear populations took place between 2004 and 2006. However, the study did not find any correlation of population decline with ice conditions... continue »

Germany is preparing to formally abandoning her commitment to a 40% cut in GHG by 2020. This is blatant climate hypocrisy at its finest – bold statements and public bullying of skeptical politicians... continue »

A major reason why Al Gore's deceptive use of the melting Arctic ice was so effective is because most people have little idea what the real world is like... continue »

The most recent floods in the Kashmir region of India-Pakistan border which killed several dozen of people are a recurring feature of the Indian Monsoon and not linked to climate change... continue »

The joint statement by the US and China on climate change is more important for its political and diplomatic symbolism than any practical effect it might have in reducing emissions... continue »

Forget about polar vortex as an excuse for how global warming is causing extreme cold weather. A brave new word seems to have replaced it: "bombogenesis"... continue »

Brace yourself for more "polar vortex" news stories. Even though it's still early November, a January-like cold wave brings 30 below zero temperatures to some places of the US... continue »

One of the greatest inanities that occurs in the climate wars is the claim that skeptics are lavishly funded by "big oil" or other political interests. But where is the evidence that such a thing is a reality... continue »

America's Democrats, and one well-heeled 'carbon capitalist' in particular, received a monumental thrashing in the US midterm elections, despite a lavishly financed ad campaign of eco-alarmist propaganda... continue »

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio continued to use his celebrity and skills in film to promote climate change alarmism with a recent series of shorts... continue »

Here is some simple advice for anyone worried about rising pollen levels in a warmer world. Rather than shutting down industrial civilization, buy the full strength anti-histamine pills... continue »

Faced with the well-documented implosion of its theories and a public that increasingly sees through the climate alarmism, the United Nations is upping the ante yet again... continue »

According to IPCC lead author Professor Myles Allen, the strident alarmism of some climate NGOs is "unhelpful" to the cause of convincing the general public that climate change is an issue... continue »

Scientists from the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have identified a mechanism that could turn out to be a big contributor to warming in the Arctic region... continue »

Every prediction since the first IPCC report in 1990 has been wrong, with claims for more severe weather part of that failure. They fail because of fundamental errors in assumptions and mechanics... continue »

A US author bares the depression and shocking psychological impacts afflicting climate activists whose warnings of imminent catastrophe go unheeded. For alarmists, blue is the new green... continue »

Green extremists have been spreading doomsday forecasts of global warming. But where do we find the greatest abundance of life on land and where is life such a struggle that few species live there... continue »

The severe flooding that devastated a wide swath of Colorado last year might have been less destructive if the bridges, roads and other infrastructure had been upgraded or modernized... continue »

The climate is changing, but is it humankind's fault? Daniel Botkin, professor Emeritus in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at UCSB, doesn't believe so... continue »

Tim Blair writes in his column, Monday, October 27, 2014 about yet another climate prediction by a government scientist that seems sure to fail... continue »

A commenter pointed out that NOAA says that September 2014 was the warmest September ever on record. The commenter asked, "Is NOAA wrong?" Sadly, the answer is quite possibly... continue »

In a new study published in Science, a group of Rutgers researchers have found that circulation of the ocean plays an equally important role in regulating the earth's climate... continue »

John Coleman, the founder of Weather Channel, has written an open letter, in which he claims the theory of anthropogenic climate change is no longer scientifically credible... continue »

In Essex and McKitrick's Chapter, they ask where was climate research before computer models? They raise the internal issue of turbulence, which is legitimate, if you assume the models are valid... continue »

The Climate Council has issued a "research paper" that insists we can limit bush fires by banning coal mines and slashing CO2 emissions. But a veteran firefighter knows better... continue »

For the media, at least for the AP's Seth Borenstein, it's not about presenting the science in a professional and balanced manner, rather it's all about sensationalizing it and getting the editor to print it... continue »

Hear that rain on the roof? That's nature telling us our politicians have been idiots. I'm talking about the politicians who let themselves be fooled into thinking it never would rain like this again... continue »

Protesters decried the use of "dirty coal" and called for more renewable energy. Before the protest was over, however, the batteries died and their solar panel could not produce enough energy... continue »

An old joke about economists' claims they try to predict the tide by measuring one wave. It parallels the IPCC objective of trying to predict the climate by measuring one variable, CO2... continue »

Alarmists claim that concrete's life span is shortened by climate change. Tell it to the Romans, who used concrete to build The Colosseum, which is still standing... continue »

Two students from the University of East Anglia (UEA) have set up a Facebook page, Go with the Flow, aimed at convincing UEA students to take their first leak of the day in the shower... continue »

Climateers keep trumpeting alarms that glaciers and ice sheets are melting, thus supporting their dubious claims that Earth faces catastrophic global warming... continue »

An important problem in climatology involves determining how many points are required to establish a pattern or a trend. It's time to separate mistakes from malfeasance... continue »

After years of dithering, negotiations and reviews, it finally looks like a new nuclear power plant will be built in the UK. But the news is cause for relief, not celebration... continue »

Given the trillion-dollar global commitments to CO2 emission reductions, the IPCC chair position would rank as one of the world's most powerful. The race to replace Pachauri heats up... continue »

Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth used to be one of the hottest items but now, not so much. It seems there is now a burgeoning discount market for AIT on continue »

Effect has so far been missing in reports of the IPCC. Because of the deforestation of tropical rainforests in Brazil, significantly more carbon has been lost than was previously assumed... continue »

Direct claims or inferences that global warming is causing decline or demise of bird populations are increasing. The Audubon Society has a along list... continue »

Many species are proving to be highly adaptable and resilient to climatic warming and pollution. Maybe these are what politicians can learn from nature... continue »

Families face paying up to £40 extra each year for wind and solar farms to meet climate change targets after the government revised its energy price forecasts... continue »

The editor in chief of the British Medical Journal has stated that climate change is a more serious issue than Ebola. How can a presumably educated person hold a viewpoint which is so stupid... continue »

In a sign that the climate alarmist camp has not only jumped the shark, but danced an intricate ballet while taking the leap – global warming is being blamed for a gathering of walrus... continue »

Will Oklahoma set a tornado record this year? Finally, a climate/weather extreme we can all be happy about...a possible record low number of tornadoes this year... continue »

Climate detectives reveal handprint of human caused climate change in Australia. Australia's hottest year on record was almost impossible without man-made climate change... continue »

The climate spinners are already hard at work, desperately trying to reframe the New York climate shambles as a win for the environment, says Eric Worrall... continue »

The Cornwall Alliance assesses the "far-reaching, costly policies" that the world's governments are adopting, supposedly to prevent global warming and climate change... continue »

The usual suspects have issued yet another "myth-busting" video in their continuing attempt to flog the dead horse of catastrophic Caucasian-caused climate change... continue »

Under the benign, philanthropic guise of protecting our flora and fauna, committed green activists work tirelessly to restrict land use and stifle growth... continue »

A prominent green has called for climate deniers to be jailed. Is there something wrong with a political landscape where people find it acceptable to demand their opponents be jailed... continue »

CO2 is killing us all and Tony Abbott is its henchman. Laugh if you will, but that was the climateers' message as they tied up Melbourne for an afternoon of marching, chanting and moral preening... continue »

The climate-change industry is prepared to accept no thesis but that of a planet warming at a dangerous, nay, catastrophic clip. But what if temperatures are about to fall... continue »

The Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for September 19th 2014 is 20.11297 million square kilometers, which is 1,535,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 climatological mean... continue »

Trust a warmist? Well, you can trust them to interpret every latest set of temperature records through the distorting prism of their core preconception, which is that we are all going to fry... continue »

Now there is even more evidence. Study highlights forest growth trends from 1870 to the present global change: trees continue to grow at a faster rate... continue »

Scientists are always "cash-strapped". Just ask one. The reason is very simple and can be illustrated by climate science. There are very few people formally trained at the doctoral level in this field... continue »

Climate scientists have devised a simplified formula to describe one of the consequences of climate change. However, this formula is less universally valid than previously assumed... continue »

Professor Bob Carter warns that the world is unprepared for imminent global cooling, because of the obsession of policy makers with global warming... continue »

To coincide with the upcoming "World Ozone Day 2014" declared by the UN for September 16th, here are some "feel good" news coming out on the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol... continue »

"Ban coal!" demand those of the green persuasion, demonstrating once again that the gulf between warm-and-fuzzy thinking and real-world needs is darker than a candle-lit Third World hovel... continue »

Hybrid cars. Energy-efficient lightbulbs. There are all sorts of products nowadays that promise to solve environmental and social problems. But do they make any meaningful difference... continue »

Oh this is hilarious. A press release from the National Center for Atmospheric Research claims they could have forecast "the pause", if only they had the right tools back then... continue »

The attempt to turn natural science into a basis for the Good Life, and the ground for political authority, is not new. Science can't tell us how to live the Good Life... continue »

This cartoon sums up perfectly what is wrong with our current political leadership: they are more worried about climate change than they are immediate threats with a clear and present danger... continue »

The world's loudest climate-clucking Chicken Littles foresee sea levels rising and extreme weather increasing. But even the loudest clucking can't drown out contrary facts... continue »

UN will soon host a party for world leaders to pledge urgent action against climate change. Now come climate scientists' implausible explanations for why the 'hiatus' has passed the 15-year mark... continue »

A new paper published in a journal called "Climate Risk Management" claims a ridiculous degree of "certainty of 99.999%" that global warming over the past 25 years is man-made... continue »

It's not always true that digital distribution of media will have lower carbon emissions than distribution by physical means, at least when file sizes are large... continue »

If you have a bill of climate goods to peddle, as Naomi Oreskes always does, what better foil than ardent warmist and Science Show compere Robyn Williams... continue »

An "alarmism warning" indicates alarmism is imminent. On the other hand, an "alarmism watch" indicates alarmism might occur, but that's all the time... continue »

The shock full text of IPeCaC's Sixth Assessment Report (2020), the last of an undistinguished series of leaden, multi-thousand-page rent-seekers' manifestoes, has been leaked... continue »

The Sydney Morning Herald has a hilarious article claiming that one day, long embarrassing pauses in the global temperature record will be a 'thing of the past'... continue »

Climate alarmism is like one of those pop-up Bozos. No matter how many times you bop it, up it springs. In fact, the only way to stop it, as most kids learn, is to deflate it... continue »

Richard Betts was one of the lead authors of the IPCC's 5th Assessment Report, while recently Dr. Betts made a remarkable comment that downplayed the importance of climate models... continue »

Look out, New Zealand! You are soon to be hit by hordes of Australians fleeing climate-change traumas! Says who? Says climate-and-health scientist Associate Professor Simon Hales... continue »

Wow, this is just nuts. I mean really, "Trenberth's missing heat is going to jump out of the ocean and get you" kind of nuts. The website looks like this at right... continue »

Like watching the number of days that a major hurricane has not made landfall on the US, we can watch the number of days that Antarctica's sea ice continues to be above the 30 year baseline... continue »

Lund University have published a reconstruction of solar activity vs snow accumulation in Greenland, which indicates a strong correlation between solar minima and a colder climate... continue »

Warmist politicians and professional alarmists who tell us man-made global warming is an increasing problem are forever repeating the mantra that "the science is settled"... continue »

A recent polling of Americans on their attitudes about how much scientists know about global warming, as well as what should be done about it, has led to very different treatments in the press... continue »

Every wonder where the largest and loudest green groups get their million-dollar budgets? The big bucks – they are very big – often arrive via shadowy conduits from some very surprising sources... continue »

Ask most alarmists and they will insist they are winning the debate – that the world is about to embrace green orthodoxy, that "deniers" are more marginalised than ever before... continue »

After the 2008 financial crisis, most economies are still struggling to recover. If the world does indeed move into a cooling period, cheap electricity in a colder climate will be critical... continue »

The climate sceptic workload is carried by individuals working from kitchen tables or their equivalent. Yet, despite their meagre resourcing, top sceptic bloggers achieve an avid readership... continue »

The Washington Post's recent story that New Zealand might admit climate refugees from Tuvalu has no basis in fact. There are two major problems with this report... continue »

From the department of 'I told you so and I have an experiment that precedes this to prove it' comes a paper that proves Nye's greenhouse effect experiment is based on wrong basic physics... continue »

Greenpeace-led anti-development activists are currently harming that India's economy to the tune of 2 to 3 percent of GDP, or $US125 billion, per annum... continue »

In the past week both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Australian Bureau of Meteorology scaled back forecasts for a big El Niño warming event in 2014... continue »

A discovery of 4,000-year-old chunks of wood at the leading edge of a Swiss glacier is clearly not cheered by many members of the global warming doom-and-gloom science orthodoxy... continue »

Alarmists who associate extreme weather with global warming, are glossing over the fact that the best evidence we have is that extreme weather is more likely to be associated with global cooling... continue »

The last 2 years have been a real Arctic nightmare for greens who hate the human race, but it gets much worse. There has been a massive increase in the amount of sea ice there over the past 3 years... continue »

It's a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. CO2 data might fit the IPCC hypothesis, but it doesn't fit reality... continue »

Remarkably, the El Niño warming of this year has not yet shortened the Great Pause, which, like last month, stands at 17 years 10 months with no global warming at all... continue »

While noting that many countries have already taken mitigatory steps on carbon dioxide emissions, Alan Moran questions whether the alleged warming is actually taking place... continue »

Global sea levels are expected to rise up to 1 meter by 2100. But never mind, as recent studies suggest that the coral reefs supporting sandy atoll islands will grow and rise in tandem with the sea... continue »

Now it's the time to sweep away the flawed, failed IPCC. Temperature analysis of the five global-temperature datasets shows that the "Great Pause" has endured for 13 years and 4 months... continue »

If global warmists and catastropharians are correct, their own antics are actively eroding any hope of coping with the headline-grabbing disasters they so frequently predict... continue »

A new paper finds only about 3.75% of the CO2 in the lower atmosphere is man-made from the burning of fossil fuels. It supports an old table from the EPA which shows the same thing.... continue »

So-called climate skeptics, practicing proper science by disproving the hypothesis that human carbon dioxide is causing global warming, achieved a great deal... continue »

The US National Hockey League has announced a partnership with the NRDC to promote climate hysteria. The NHL says it's confronting climate change to ensure ice hockey's long-term survival... continue »

Climate alarmists sometimes like to claim skeptical scientists don't exist, but they do, and one meteorologist has a lot to say on the subject, who contends that climate alarmism is "not about science"... continue »

Remember how the Climate Council was going to work pro bono to counter sceptics, deniers and carbonistas? It seems volunteer efforts now come with a price tag... continue »

Embarrassed by the stubborn refusal of polar bears to die out, climate scientists are touting a new poster child species for our collective climate guilt – the white lemuroid ringtail possum... continue »

People who say they worry about global warming use more electricity than global warming skeptics. It undermines assertions by global warming alarmists that skeptics are harming the planet... continue »

In a sign that rejection of climate alarm is gathering momentum, South Korea has thrown doubt on its carbon plans. The announcement was made the day after Australia abolished the carbon tax... continue »

Countering a widely-held view that thawing permafrost accelerates atmospheric warming, a new study in the journal Nature suggests that arctic thermokarst lakes are net climate coolers... continue »

Within minutes of the Australian parliament voting to scrap the carbon tax today, one of the country's major coal-fired electricity generators issued a profit warning announcement... continue »

Climate science is essentially limited to macroclimate, that is global, or at most hemispheric or continental. It's primarily due to the influence of the IPCC – they can't do small, or even medium... continue »

This latest NOAA data shows unchanging linear trends in the rate of sea level rise worldwide with many of these records including 100-year and longer measurement duration periods... continue »

What happens if global temperatures actually decline, given the lack of solar activity and the mercury's refusal to rise as the warmists' atrociously inaccurate predictions insisted... continue »

It's ironic that Nature, the "international weekly journal of science", has a troubling involvement in the false narrative and controlled message of global warming science... continue »

Shock news from the Heartland Institute's Ninth International Climate Change Conference: among the 600 delegates, the consensus that Man contributes to global warming was not 97%. It was 100%... continue »

Shakespeare's Hamlet pondered the eternal conundrum of competing choices. His "Aye, there's the rub" nicely summarizes the conflicts inherent in the present climate discussions... continue »

There's no point in talking evidence with warmists. The smart ones have careers to advance. The dim ones are too thick to hold down any job more demanding than that of an editor at the ABC or Fairfax... continue »

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's most accurate, up-to-date temperature data confirm the United States has been cooling for at least the past decade... continue »

The levels of Antarctic sea-ice last week hit an all-time high – confounding climate change computer models which say it should be in decline. The ice covers about 16 million sq km... continue »

Two high-net-worth chaps recently appeared in the Great Hall of Parliament House. They spoke for 11 minutes about saving the world from a "climate crisis" and then zipped off to dinner... continue »

RSS temperature data says that there has been no global warming for 17 years 10 months. This is the longest continuous period without any warming in the global instrumental temperature record... continue »

Action to save coral reefs in the Caribbean has been delayed by the misapprehension that climate change is the primary cause of their decline, a leading scientist said... continue »

Plastic bags are seen as the harbinger of wider eco-calamity that strikes fear into our hearts. But there is zero evidence that plastic bags kill fish, birds or the planet... continue »

The Federalist has a hilarious article which discusses Hollywood's big problem portraying global warming: why does it always seem to snow in Hollywood global warming films... continue »

Researchers almost agree that climate is changing. But many farmers, at least Swedish ones, have experienced mild winters before and are hesitant about trusting the scientists... continue »

During the scorching summer of 2012, July 1936 lost its place on the leaderboard and July 2012 became the hottest month on record. Now, as if by magic, July 1936 is the hottest month on record again... continue »

Hillary Clinton endorsed the Obama climate plan and slammed coal industry in speech at the BIO conference this week. Clinton also hit out at the media for giving air time to skeptics... continue »

The warmists have their models, grants and tidings of doom, but the researchers whose tree ring data has best predicted recent temperature trends see the mercury dropping... continue »

A new study suggests that a warming period more than 400,000 years ago pushed the Greenland ice sheet past its stability threshold, resulting in a nearly complete deglaciation of southern Greenland... continue »

Alarmist claims about the impact of global warming are contributing to a loss of trust in climate scientists. Like global temperature, "climate jobs" seems to have peaked and are heading downward... continue »

When future generations try to understand the current panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare by fiddled official temperature data... continue »

It seems like with global warming embedded in our politics for now, anything we don't fully understand can now be 'legitimately' blamed on the weather and 'global warming'... continue »

The NCA from the US government offers considerable cause for concern for climate calamity, but downplays the decelerating trend in global surface temperature in the 2000s... continue »

A total of nine awards will be handed out during plenary sessions at ICCC9, the largest gathering of scientists and policy experts who are skeptical of man-caused global warming... continue »

Korean research team revealed conflicting climate change patterns between the middle latitude areas of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in relation to glacial and interglacial cycles... continue »

The Wyoming legislature became the first in the US to reject new science standards for schools. Lessons on climate change will brainwash kids against the state's coal and oil industries... continue »

We've seen many examples of what would be categorized as team science when it comes to suppressing ideas that are considered inconvenient or contrary to belief systems in climate science... continue »

New study suggests a temperature drop of up to 1C by 2020 due to low solar activity. It also finds that solar activity may have contributed 40% or more to the last century temperature increase... continue »

Real science in any case it is not what many climate modelers present as science. It's more a kind of religion, says Dr Richard Lindzen at EIKE. The video was just recently made available on YouTube... continue »

Professor's fellowship terminated after WSJ OpEd declaring "the left wants to stop industrialization, even if the hypothesis of catastrophic, man-made global warming is false"... continue »

Command-and-control politicians seized climate change as a new opportunity to be seen responding favourably to the concerns of their constituents... continue »

A sign of cooling? Researchers have recently made a surprising discovery: a new permafrost is forming around Twelvemile Lake in the interior of Alaska... continue »

Thwaites Glacier, the large, rapidly changing outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, is being melted from below by geothermal heat, not 'climate change' effects... continue »

Be scared, they tell us, be very scared. Despite the increasingly shrill insistence by climate alarmists that we face an imminent catastrophe, reason and evidence continue to indicate otherwise... continue »

Global warming has evidently ceased, at least for now, because the Southern Thermal Hemisphere (STH) has entered a cooling phase, compensating for the anthropogenic warming of the NTH... continue »

The US Postal Service issues 'global warming' stamp. Humm, not only is it an oddball stamp, being round, it isn't even of actual sea surface temperatures, it's a model output... continue »

Cook's paper claiming that there's a 97% consensus among scientists is not just impossible to reproduce but a veritable statistical train wreck rife with classification errors and poor data quality... continue »

As female named storms don't elicit enough alarm in the general populace, TWC has decided to rename tropical storms this year, using names taken from monsters and mythology... continue »

A researcher from Arizona claims that, "Extreme heat is the leading weather-related killer in the United States." However, this is based on cherry-picking one's data source... continue »

Historian Geoffrey Parker suggests that the desperate climate from 1600 to 1700 is a template for human collapse in our twenty-first century. There are two massive flaws in his theory... continue »

The resignation of Lennart Bengtsson from an advisory role to the Global Warming Policy Foundation is a source of great dismay, but the story is not without interest or historical precedence... continue »

Wildlife cinematographer David Attenborough uses his spectacular wildlife videos to promote catastrophic climate change, becoming a propaganda mouthpiece promoting climate fear... continue »

It's a season of platitudes and conventional wisdom. So when John Kerry asserted on 19 May that there's a scientific consensus on climate change, you wouldn't expect him to footnote his sources... continue »

As of 27 May Lake Superior ice cover stands at 4.3% – the greatest level of ice seen on this date, not only on Lake Superior, but on all of the Great Lakes since modern satellite records in 1980-81... continue »

During May 3 new scientific papers addressing Antarctica ice loss have sent the alarmist media into a feeding frenzy of ill-informed, exaggerated and erroneous print and broadcast climate reporting panic... continue »

New evidence based on detailed measurements of hundreds of galaxies indicates that the Universe is not expanding after all. Well, some activists are trying to figure out an angle to blame climate change... continue »

NOAA is forecasting the months of August, September, and October of 2014 to have above normal Arctic Sea ice extent. But late September is typically the time of the Arctic Sea Ice minimum... continue »

The meme that 97 percent of climate scientists believe global warming is, well, apparently whatever you want them to believe, is getting really annoying... continue »

This is a very funny matter that leading Greens and Hollywood types get caught on film in a genuine conspiracy to hide Middle Eastern "oil" funding to make an anti-Fracking film for the "movement"... continue »

When climatologist Judith Curry visited Melbourne last week she took the time to chat with Quadrant Online contributor. Here's the edited transcript of the chat with the "climate heretic"... continue »

The climate fear media mislead the public, again, alleging that a new study shows that global warming is making wildfires in the western US worse... continue »

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of an international agreement to protect polar bears. Here is a summary of reasons not to worry about polar bears, with links to supporting data... continue »

Climate change scientists have reacted angrily to charges that an academic paper was rejected by a peer-reviewed journal because of intolerance of dissenting views... continue »

Political scientist David Victor encourages changing labels and strategies in ways that recognise a more complex political landscape. No more "climate denialist" name-calling, he urges... continue »

It's patently ridiculous to claim that the LAX and SFO airports would have to be moved due to effects from posited sea level rise caused by melting of portions of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet... continue »

As seems to always be the case, the climate fear propaganda news media have completely mislead the public once again by alleging claims of 4 meter high sea level rise in the future... continue »

While predictions of millions of climate refugees have been rather wide of the mark, it is wrong to state there are no climate refugees. In fact there has been one climate refugee. And, he just lost his appeal... continue »

The 841-page National Climate Assessment released by the US government last week has been described as "sobering", but Americans do not appear sobered... continue »

With 31% ice coverage on May 9, 2014, Lake Superior now has more ice than after the epic cold winter of 1978-79. This had everyone in a tizzy over the coming Ice Age... continue »

The clear, near zero, lack of interest in "Years of Living Dangerously" should be a clear signal to the Obama administration regarding their global warming agenda – nobody is buying it... continue »

There is no way to know whether the global warming is primarily due to human activities, because there is no fingerprint of human-caused versus naturally-caused climate change... continue »

The new climate change report is an alarmist document designed to scare people and build political support for unpopular policies such as carbon taxes, cap-and-trade and EPA regulatory mandates... continue »

For the first time in over a decade, the Arctic sea ice anomaly in the summer is forecast to be near or above normal for a time. This signals something completely different... continue »

Climate modelling is a far-from-settled science. Just how flawed becomes even more apparent when you consider massive seabed heat sources have been omitted from the warmists' calculations... continue »

Despite claims of "severe weather is increasing", and even after several days of tornado activity in the United States, 2014 is still below normal compared to recent years... continue »

There is something odd about the global warming debate – or the climate change debate, as we are now expected to call it, since global warming has for the time being come to a halt... continue »

Some of the temperature rise which has taken place in Stockholm is not from "global" climate change but rather local and regional processes not related to human greenhouse gas emissions... continue »

Wikipedia is worthless and damaging. We have watched how people like Wikipedia climate fiddler William Connolley rides shotgun on just about any climate related article on that website... continue »

The Guardian tries to claim that global warming sank the Titanic. Yeah, but have a look at what this research actually says and you'll understand why The Guardian is nothing more than agitprop... continue »

Ecologists worry that the world's resources come in fixed amounts that will run out, but we have broken through such limits again and again. The world's resources aren't running out... continue »

While using movie stars to bludgeon us with the idea that all bad things must be due to CO2 climate change, "Years of Living Dangerously" committed huge sins of omission... continue »

Rising CO2 levels due to human activity are nothing to worry about. The real problem is the media generated idea that we are going to die because carbon dioxide levels are rising... continue »

What if the planet is actually cooling? Devoted warmists might welcome the idea, perhaps seeing in the falling mercury hope for a better, safer planet. If so, they would be even more deluded than usual... continue »

The media recently have given a lot of play to the claim that Asian pollution is intensifying Pacific storms. This is another example of unhealthy and counterproductive hype in the media... continue »

The IPCC and OECD reports are telling us clear as a bell that we cannot ruin the climate with carbon dioxide unless we get a lot more numerous and richer... continue »

The "Cascadia Confluence" recently held in Portland was full of climate chaos. One of the speakers claimed "people of color" would suffer from "climate change" because of what "we" are doing... continue »

Over the past twenty years, we've been subjected to a barrage of catastrophic climate change forecasts and prophecies that would put Moses to shame... continue »

University of Vermont geologist Paul Bierman argues that even during the warmest periods since the ice sheet formed, the center of Greenland remained stable... continue »

The UN IPCC AR5 latest climate assessment process comprising WGI, WGII and WGIII reports is complete. Yet UN report's fatal flaws destroy credibility of WGII and WGIII findings... continue »

It's been over 11 years since the late novelist Michael Crichton advanced the hypothesis that aliens cause global warming. The data in recent decades say 'yes'... continue »

The UK Secretary of State for Education warns teachers they are breaking the law if they fail to provide balanced coverage of climate change. But sadly, it is not the case in Australia... continue »

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in itself, but an overdose of arrogance makes it infinitely more so. Doubt that? Just lend an ear to the oracular pronouncements on global climate... continue »

The 2014/15 El Niño has yet to form and there's already a well-commented blog post about it that spreads more speculative nonsense than one would think possible... continue »

Alarming climate and eco-activist messages are saturating the British school system, which has just been warned by the Home Secretary that peddling propaganda as fact is a punishable offence... continue »

Richard Tol resigned from the IPCC because their latest report was too alarmist. His action proves that the latest IPCC Report raised the level of alarmism without justification... continue »

Stephan Lewandowsky has just released a paper supporting the "precautionary principle". His argument has opened our eyes to what is really important... continue »

There's an irony in the global warming industry – the one that's always screaming about climate change "deniers" not "believing in science" – trying to make a religious appeal to Christians... continue »

Peer review is claimed to be the gold standard for scientific papers. Yet in the establishment climate science world, "peer review" operates differently... continue »

A peer-reviewed paper titled "Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements" openly advocates that global warming proponents engage in mendacious claims in order to further their cause... continue »

Environmentalist James Lovelock is having some second thoughts about the whole climate change thing. He doesn't think anybody really knows what's happening. They just guess... continue »

Global warming has destroyed April Fools' Day. The alarmists have already used up all of the crazy ideas themselves. As far as they are concerned, global warming causes everything... continue »

No longer able to channel the zeitgeist in the way it once could, the IPCC has a similar feel to an ageing rock band. Its fifth assessment report is a product of politics, not science... continue »

The next natural climate change is likely to see the ice returning. Everyone except penguins and polar bears should welcome the warmth – cold is the killer... continue »

Autumn's return has been marked, as usual, by froth-flecked assertions that we have just survived yet another of Gaia's warnings that humanity must abandon its planet-destroying ways... continue »

Even while it exaggerates the amount of warming, the IPCC is becoming more cautious about its effects. It will shortly publish a report on the likely impact of climate change... continue »

An AAAS' report, counterfactually titled "What We Know", is more an account of what the scientific community thought it knew about a decade ago than an up-to-date telling of current understanding... continue »

The circumpolar vortex has put this season into the record-books. The United States has just gone through its coldest interequinoctial winter in a century. Global warming? What global warming... continue »

March came in like a lion, bringing winds, snow and cold blast to the northeastern US. It looks like the lion isn't leaving, but climate alarmists can't blame the "polar vortex" this time... continue »

Mother Jones magazine has put a crazy theory on display: climate change is messing up the search for the missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370... continue »

One of the most annoying things about climate forecasts is the apparent need to predict catastrophe. Of course, it makes good press, like an article written by Bryan Walsh at Time... continue »

IPCC scientists have known that data and science inadequacies contradict certainties presented to media, public and politicians, but they remain silent... continue »

The 50,000-strong American body of physicists, the American Physical Society, seems to be turning significantly sceptical on climate alarmism... continue »

Asian smogs are caused by unburnt fuel and particulates spewing from old engines in millions of cars. But none of this real pollution is caused by invisible, life supporting, non-toxic carbon dioxide... continue »

NOAA's map of February temperatures across the United States got New England all wrong. It wasn't "near normal" at all, as the people of the region can well attest... continue »

The media spin is in full wash mode over a recent paper studying a small section of Greenland. Some are conflating regional warming with global warming, because meverything is about global warming... continue »

The climate change "biodiversity crisis" is like a whack-a-mole game, with an almost-daily claim popping up about this species or that at risk from climate change... continue »

"Climate change is making itself felt in terms of day-to-day weather in the United States," says Gerald Meehl, a senior scientist at the NCAR. But his claim has a huge flaw... continue »

A satellite animation shows the progression of the storm system that has drastically changed temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern US from spring-like warmth to the bitter cold of winter... continue »

A poll shows that Americans don't worry all that much about global warming. This is similar to the survey showing Europeans worrying a lot more about almost all other issues than global warming... continue »

As it turns out, with our present level of understanding, God does play dice. We are not guaranteed to arrive at any specific future, thus there is nothing for the climate models to solve... continue »

Sun's energy influences 1,000 years of natural climate variability in North Atlantic. Changes in the sun's energy output may have led to marked natural climate change in Europe over the last 1,000 years... continue »

Studies claim that the warming climate is slowing the pace of the Gulf Stream. However, none of them include any direct measurements of the current over an extended period to prove their point... continue »

The Statute of Liberty is threatened by 'global warming' again. It seems that this claim comes up about once a year. Now we have yet another one making the rounds in the media... continue »

The irascible Bob Ward from the Grantham Institute just couldn't handle having climate skeptics allowed to give an opinion before the UK Parliament, so he filed rebuttals to every witness... continue »

The Global Warming Policy Foundation says that our climate is considerably less sensitive to greenhouse gases than most climate models are estimating... continue »

In further indications of global warming induced cold, Niagara Falls has frozen over for a second time this winter. Which model predicted that global warming would cause vast waterfalls to freeze solid... continue »

The primary winter months of December, January and February averaged over the contiguous 48 states were the second coldest winter of the United States in the last 35 years... continue »

Some warmists claim that large Antarctic polynyas is going to disappear. Yet, there's a large offshore polynya in progress in the Weddell Sea right now according to NSIDC imagery... continue »

Societal change is sufficient to explain the increasing costs of disasters at the global level, and claims to the contrary are not supported by aggregate loss data from the reinsurance industry... continue »

Experts are telling us that nobody is to blame for the UK floods. But the fault lies with NGOs who share in common the belief that humanity's needs are secondary to those of flora and fauna... continue »

Climate alarmism turns politics into the art of the impossible. Ben Pile, blogger at Climate Resistance, says that the floods in the UK are a crisis of British infrastructure, not climate change... continue »

Despite continuing increases in greenhouse gas emissions, the Earth's surface temperatures have remained nearly flat for the last 15 years. Even the IPCC has verified a warming "hiatus"... continue »

Politicians and scientists often indirectly equate skeptics' view with the denial that Nazi's extermination of millions of Jews ever happened. The comparison is repulsive and extremist nature... continue »

Have you ever seen a kid who is completely closed to any type of reasoning? Well, CNN has become that unreasoning kid. It declares no two sides to climate change debate... continue »

Is climate change causing extreme weather? Environmental scientist Roger Pielke Jr. thinks not. Little evidence exists in the IPCC report linking climate change to extreme weather events... continue »

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry assailed climate-change skeptics as members of the "Flat Earth Society" for doubting the reality of catastrophic climate change. But it's him that is flat wrong... continue »

It's ridiculous that UK Independence Party councillor, David Silvester, said recent floods were caused by gay marriage. Blaming storms on human industry is as backward as blaming them on gays... continue »

The Earth is not as warm as expected, which is inconvenient for climate-change narrative. Hence many theories being proposed to explain where the 'missing heat' may be hiding out... continue »

The discussion about the causes of England's recent flooding and whether we can – or should – do anything about it is rather more worrying than TV's dumbed-down 'news values'... continue »

How much weather is being caused by climate change? Maybe 1 part in 1,000. Weather is related to energy imbalances, and mankind's role in changing those rates of energy flow is miniscule... continue »

There's quite a hullabaloo in the UK as the Met Office tries to link recent flooding in Bridgwater, Somerset with global warming, with Lord Lawson even calling Met Office Julia Slingo's claims "absurd"... continue »

The climate models that governments base policy decisions on have failed miserably. Over 95 percent of the climate models have over-forecast the warming trend since 1979... continue »

The monthly satellite lower-troposphere temperature anomaly from Remote Sensing Systems Inc. is available, which shows that there has been no global warming – at all – for 17 years 5 months... continue »

A report from the U.S. Office of the Inspector General says global climate change program data may be unreliable, and it cannot ensure that Federal funds are being spent in an appropriate manner... continue »

Lake Superior is 92 percent frozen on the surface, breaking a 20-year-old record of 91 percent set on Feb 5, 1994. Other lakes are icing up fast. Temperatures continue well below freezing... continue »

Some people say you shouldn't poke a bear with a stick, for obvious reasons. But as for Mr Steyn, he never gives up poking the 'MannBearPig', even when being sued... continue »

It does often seem as if the planet is Malthusians. Environmental campaigner Al Gore has once again called for the imposition of 'fertility management' in Africa... continue »

New research predicts that coastal regions may face massive increases in damages from storm surge flooding. However, the fact is that global tropical cyclone activity is at 33-year lows... continue »

Yes, Virginia, it really has been a cold winter. The winter months of Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 averaged over the contiguous 48 United States were the 3rd coldest Dec/Jan in the last 30 years... continue »

A new high-resolution record of climate evolution shows evidence that after the fairly warm Miocene climate optimum about 17-15 million years ago, Earth's climate began to cool... continue »

Global warming enthusiasts often use the "If 99 doctors said..." argument, but we need a second opinion for the slight warming the Earth has experienced... continue »

The UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Mark Walport, demands that climate-change sceptics 'grow up', which only reveals his ignorance about the climate debate... continue »

The last 3+ decades did not produce the cascading, record-setting temperature scenario. There have been no new continental "hottest" temperature records since 1978... continue »

Steve Goddard posted results from his analysis of the official US surface temperatures, suggesting spurious warming occurring around 1998. Evidence of this can also be found back in 2012... continue »

Climate scientists now find themselves in a pickle after selling their souls to their government masters in order to produce "scientific evidence" of human-caused climate change... continue »

While administration officials are insisting publicly that there is no firm proof that the planet is warming, they are quietly exploring potential ways to turn down the heat... continue »

Man-made global warming, or as it likes to be referred to these days as 'climate change', had a grand plan in its heyday. It's perhaps the greatest speculative bubble since Holland's 'Tulip Mania'... continue »

No doubt we will hear how the current heat waves in Australia are "unprecedented" and evidence of dangerous man-made global warming. They are neither "global" nor "unprecedented"... continue »

News media have spent years working hard to convince the public that climate change is a global threat. Here are five cool ways to remind senators how biased media are on climate... continue »

Michael Mann, the inventor of the the Global-Warming 'Hockeystick', ignores the truth that global climate has not warmed significantly for the past 15 years... continue »

By fabricating a strawman argument claiming he found only 1 author who "rejected man-made global warming", James Powell intentionally ignored actual skeptic arguments... continue »

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey say that the melting of the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf in Antarctica has suddenly slowed right down in the last few years... continue »

No matter what is happening in the real world, zealots and mandarins still carry on, filling their green reports and making incredible claims – politically intoxicated by a compulsive melodrama... continue »

We've reached a turning point where it is hard for any global warming alarmist to claim that unless we stop burning fossil fuels the world as we know it will end in the coming decades... continue »

The indefatigable David Rose of Britain's Daily Mail has exposed bias in news reporting of climate change of a scale heretofore unknown, even for that never-accurately-covered subject... continue »

Physics corruption was largely abstract and academic, until it spread into the global warming issue, which is now resulting in energy systems being destroyed based on scientific fraud... continue »

It's been 8 years since Al Gore told us in January 2006 that we had only 10 years left to solve the global warming problem. Only 2 years left, still no warming... continue »

A puckish correspondent and his 'frolicsome editor' hoaxed the world some 134 years ago. These days the same 'research methods' can be found among catastropharian predictions... continue »

A recent report proclaims that moose are another victim of global warming. But as in most science articles promoting global warming, the body of the report failed to justify its headline... continue »

'Polar vortex' is a concept created by the Liberal media just recently to promote a climate-change agenda. The hoax makes audiences think winter is caused by global warming... continue »

Global warming cultists are now moving on to 'climate collapse'. Total collapse. No climate at all. No sun, no ice. Nothing except the graphs and charts of 'settled science'... continue »

More than 300 groups are rejecting calls from top scientists to embrace nuclear power to fight climate change since renewables cannot be deployed fast enough... continue »

The United States wasted 7.45 billion dollars over the past three years to "help developing countries cope with climate change". It is an outrage and Congress needs to stop the spending... continue »

Global warming is small and nothing to be alarmed about, says a climate scientist. Richard Lindzen sees his discipline as deeply compromised by wholly unwarranted alarmism... continue »

What has caused a terrifying wave of amphibian die-offs from the 1980s onwards? Global warming? No. Ecology, like so many scientific fields, has sold its soul to the global warming religion... continue »

It was a bit ironic that an expedition ship carrying researchers investigating the impact of a warming planet themselves were trapped by heavy ice in Antarctica on Christmas day... continue »

The environmentalist opposition to air travel has never been about climate change alone – rather, it’s an aesthetic critique of mass tourism, which is sneered at as tacky and vulgar ...continue »

If you go down to the woods today, to see what the environmentalists are up to, you’ll be in for a big surprise – or just eco–idiots wanting to remould society from the ground up ...continue »

Whence the eco–millionaires? Other industries would stand accused of damning conflicts of interest but when it comes to the global warming ‘industry’, it seems anything goes ...continue »

While climate alarmists blame Typhoon Haiyan on the greed and wickedness of Westerners, population scaremongers claim Filipinos’ fecundity made the impact of the storm worse ...continue »

If wind turbines slice up bald eagles, California condors and whooping cranes in mid-flight, that is the price Americans should gladly pay to put an end to global climate disruption. Not ...continue »

Scientists who are now warning of global cooling rely on meteorology and other disciplines that view the Sun, cosmic rays and Earth's orbit as the dominant factors in our climate ...continue »

Climate change is simply one challenge – other things are almost as important or equally important, such as global poverty and the need to maintain economic development ...continue »

Just clouding the issue? In promoting a different approach to fighting global warming, a small splinter group of scientists wants to artificially manipulate the planet's climate ...continue »

Shale’s transformed the world energy scene. It’s superabundant and getting cheaper; it’s not running out any time soon; and it’s cutting CO2 emissions by taking market share from coal ...continue »

Fears are growing that the barn owl, one of Britain’s most treasured birds, is being pushed toward extinction after a series of cold springs. Ah! – if only global warming were true ...continue »

Climate change has become a substitute religion for people whose political agenda is less to do with saving the planet than with reining in economic growth and redistributing wealth ...continue »

Is it now time to cool down? The 17-year pause in global warming is likely to last into the 2030s and the Arctic sea ice has already started to recover, according to new research ...continue »