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Calls to action

Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

In a growing number of modern-day villages known as cohousing, people are seeking a greater connection with the environment and each other... continue »

In a troubling new study just out in Nature Climate Change, a group of researchers says that a warming climate could trigger a "massive" dieoff of coniferous trees... continue »

Increasing amounts of water are being depleted from the world's aquifers, and scientists have estimated that large portion of the water ends up flowing into the oceans... continue »

Four Nigerian farmers will have the chance to sue Shell in the Netherlands for pollution they blame on leaking pipelines, a Dutch appeals court has ruled... continue »

The Greenland Ice Sheet has lost about 9,013 gigatonnes of water ice from 1900 to 2010, and it's dropping mass today at an increasing rate, an international team of scientists say... continue »

Iran is in the grip of a seven-year drought that many experts believe is the new normal, and even a return to past rainfall levels might not be enough to prevent a national crisis... continue »

Rice paddies are one of the biggest sources of global methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. Now, researchers have found a way to nearly eliminate methane emissions from rice paddies... continue »

A tiny island off the Atlantic coast is shrinking as the climate warms and the seas rise. But its indigenous people aren't waiting for global help... continue »

Solving a scientific mystery over 20 years old, a team of Harvard researchers published a paper proving global warming's role in slowing the Earth's rotation... continue »

Commitments made during the UN climate talks in Paris will lead to a critical mass of countries reaching their CO2 emission peaks by 2030, research by an environmental thinktank suggests... continue »

The global climate summit forged a landmark agreement, setting the course for a historic transformation of the world's fossil fuel-driven economy within decades in a bid to arrest global warming... continue »

Climate change isn't just making it more difficult to enjoy their favorite sports, it's having a deep impact on the people and communities that rely on the winter sports industry year-round... continue »

The U.N. Climate Summit kicked into high gear, with French Foreign Minister producing a 29-page draft agreement that succeeded in pleasing few of the ministers taking part in the talks... continue »

Maybe the ideology, money, and irrational fear that a cabal of scientists and hippies are poised to take over the world are getting tired. Humor me on this, please... continue »

Industrial emissions of greenhouse gases rose just slightly last year and seem to be on the decline in 2015, though initiatives in India and China could upset that... continue »

Ten African countries have committed to restore 31 million hectares of degraded and deforested land, under a new push to make 100 million hectares productive again by 2030... continue »

India's hardline position in global climate talks has made it a potential villain for Western nations as it warns that its greenhouse emissions may keep rising past the middle of the century... continue »

The once black-and-white world of climate negotiations for poorer countries has evolved into many shades of gray at talks this week in Paris... continue »

American Energy Alliance scorecard ranks 2016 candidates in one of several tactics to test hopefuls on issues of concern to the billionaire industrialists... continue »

Some of the world's richest people have signed on with an investor group that will seek to bridge the nearly uncrossable gap that separates promising clean-energy technology from the marketplace... continue »

China plans to launch satellites to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions as the country, estimated to be the world's top carbon emitter, steps up its efforts to cut such emissions... continue »

Funding will come both in the form of public sector financing and private sector backing, and together they are likely to constitute the biggest investments in clean energy technologies in history... continue »

The issue can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. Predictions about the fate of the planet carry endless caveats and asterisks. We get it... continue »

Consumer goods giant pledges to go "carbon positive" by 2030, generating 100 percent of its energy needs from renewables with more to spare... continue »

Scientists are making progress in harnessing electricity from algae in what could be a breakthrough in green-energy technology to combat climate change, although mass-market applications are years away... continue »

The World Bank announced a $16 billion plan to help African communities adapt to climate change, which poses threats ranging from food-price increases to frequent droughts... continue »

A Yale University survey showed one-fifth of Americans do not think climate change is real, even though there is a near-consensus among scientists that the problem exists... continue »

As the climate changes, disappearing snow and ice on Wheeler Peak, Nevada's second-highest mountain, raise concerns about the future of water in the area... continue »

Heads of state invited to climate talks in Paris starting on Nov. 30 have confirmed they will attend even after the Nov. 13 attacks by Islamic State militants that killed 130 people... continue »

Species in the oceans and on land and ice are increasingly feeling the effects, largely for the worst, that climate change and ocean acidification have on their habitats... continue »

Polar bear populations are likely to fall by more than 30 percent by around mid-century as global warming thaws Arctic sea ice, experts said in the most detailed review of the predators to date... continue »

Uruguay is modifying its energy mix with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, by means of a strategy that bolsters non-conventional clean energy sources... continue »

The Church of England has accused the government of betraying its climate change pledges, as the church unveiled plans to build wind farms... continue »

Our planet's future climate depends on the actions of countries big and small. Some are aggressively cutting greenhouse gases while others lag behind... continue »

A major international climate conference in Paris will move forward later this month, and US President Obama is still slated to attend, despite a series of attacks in the city Friday... continue »

Efforts to foster forests and slow deforestation are largely being glossed over by most nations as they prepare for a historic round of climate negotiations... continue »

The UN predicts over 50 million people will be forced to leave their homes by 2020 because their land has turned to desert. This is already happening in Senegal... continue »

Renewable energy accounted for almost half of all new power plants in 2014, representing a "clear sign that an energy transition is underway", according to the International Energy Agency... continue »

The islanders' way of life is fundamentally changing with the climate, and livelihoods based on fishing and agriculture are disappearing, leaving them with little income and fears of starvation... continue »

Average levels of CO2 exceeded 400 ppm during early 2015, a year that is expected to be the hottest ever, the premier global meteorological association confirmed in a report... continue »

President Barack Obama's headed to Paris to try to save the world. He took the most public, contested step yet in his second-term transformation into the greenest of U.S. presidents... continue »

The start of an inquiry by the New York attorney general's office into Exxon Mobil's record on climate change could lead to additional legal actions involving other major energy companies... continue »

The Republican Party could be the single greatest impediment to global efforts to slow climate change. But cracks are forming in the conservative wall of denial... continue »

Climate change has been blamed for many things over the years. Never, until now, has anyone thought it was possible to see it as a kind of contraceptive... continue »

Climate change is expected to have profound effects on weather patterns and temperatures worldwide in the coming decades, with serious implications for public health... continue »

Most Smith Islanders believe the island can be saved, if there's the money to do it, but experts say that global warming appears to be the bandit that can't be stopped... continue »

Cyclone Chapala has tracked west from its position in the Arabian Sea, potentially taking it on a path towards eastern Yemen's war-torn sea port of Mukalla and its population of 300,000 people... continue »

The Atlantic cod, a fish that came to symbolize bounty to America's colonial settlers, is on the brink of disappearing, despite years of fishing limits aimed at rebuilding stocks... continue »

Economists, officials, and executives across the globe are increasingly united around using carbon pricing to stem the rise of greenhouse-gas emissions. Can it work? ... continue »

A climate change deal to be agreed in Paris in December will not be able to come up with a global carbon price, said the United Nations' climate chief Christiana Figueres... continue »

If carbon dioxide emissions continue at their current pace, by the end of century parts of the Persian Gulf will sometimes be just too hot for the human body to tolerate, a new study says... continue »

The United States is 11th on the list of the countries most at risk to sea level rise, finishing just behind the canal-riddled Netherlands, deltaic Bangladesh, and the island nation of the Philippines... continue »

Young fish in the Northeast, from North Carolina to Nova Scotia, are moving north. Researchers say climate change is one potential cause of fish populations shifting.... continue »

Denmark joins more than a hundred places around the world making business-friendly zero carbon commitments as they transition away from fossil fuels... continue »

With each upward degree, global warming will singe the economies of three-quarters of the world's nations and widen the north-south gap between rich and poor countries... continue »

Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe have plunged to the lowest level ever recorded after the EU's member states reported an estimated 23% drop in emissions between 1990 and 2014... continue »

International observers can expect a sharp change in tone, moving away from the militaristic and climate-denying record of the Harper government... continue »

Commercial and private fishing, in particular, are vital to Montana's economy, and the effects of climate change on the state's ecology and wildlife will have a big impact on that industry... continue »

For the first time in 30 years, a poisonous sea snake has been spotted on a Southern California beach, drawn far north of its usual habitat by what naturalists think are the warming ocean waters... continue »

The Obama administration announced a set of executive actions and commitments by over a dozen companies to curb the use of super greenhouse gases known as HFCs... continue »

Toyota Motor Corp set what it called an ambitious target to sell 30,000 fuel-cell vehicles a year by the end of the decade under a plan to cut carbon emissions nearly to zero by 2050... continue »

Climate change is already affecting the way Southeast Alaska's native communities harvest and gather traditional foods, according to a recent Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station study... continue »

Unprecedented warming that spans from Scandinavia to northern Canada is jeopardizing the future of a critical ecosystem that makes up nearly a third of the earthÕs forest cover... continue »

Australia's first wind farm commissioner has been appointed by the Turnbull government, with the former chairman of the telecommunications watchdog, Andrew Dyer, to take the role for 3 years... continue »

Only 25 percent of the original habitats in the eastern Himalayas remain intact and hundreds of species face threat to their existence from unbridled developmental activities and climate change.... continue »

It's the latest sign of a trend that experts say is undermining U.S. efforts to promote alternative energy: Federal funding for solar energy research has declined steadily over the past several years.... continue »

Poor farmers the world over are increasingly falling prey to natural disasters, droughts and torrential rain largely due to climate change. But there is some good news as well.... continue »

Webcams now broadcast the intimate lives of bears, wolves, and other wild animals around the world. Whether that's beneficial to conservation efforts is up for debate... continue »

Some 60 million people across sub-Saharan Africa are already going hungry and the situation could deteriorate dramatically as climate phenomena hike the risk of drought... continue »

One of the most eroded Native Alaskan villages is being considered as a possible national model for moving entire communities whose futures are threatened by climate change... continue »

In the mountains north of Santa Cruz, water is managed in the old-school way. Now, after 4 years of drought, residents of Lompico County have accepted that it's time to get out of the water business... continue »

From the haze in Indonesia to floods in Myanmar, rural indigenous communities contribute the least to climate change but suffer the brunt of the after-effects... continue »

Drought, wildfires and rising temperatures due to climate change are upsetting the delicate balance between life and death conditions for Joshua Tree National Park's peculiar namesake plant... continue »

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University reveal the likelihood of another devastating flood event like Hurricane Sandy in 2012. But preparations for a city of that scale are challenging... continue »

A new study looking back over 1,000 years finds the flooding risk along the New York and New Jersey coasts increased greatly after industrialization... continue »

The pledges that countries are making to battle climate change would still allow the world to heat up by more than 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, in the world of global climate politics, that counts as progress... continue »

Some of us may be feeling a little Poped-out at this point, so here's another charismatic contemporary religious figure with strong views on human influence on the environment... continue »

Tropical seabirds, such as Laysan albatrosses, black-footed albatrosses and Bonin petrels, that breed on low-lying islands in the Pacific Ocean are under threat from projected rising seas... continue »

Over the past century, as spring has become warmer, leaves on deciduous trees around the world have been emerging earlier and earlier. But the latest evidence suggests that... continue »

According to a recent article published by the space agency, rising ocean waters threaten much the the U.S. space program's infrastructure on this planet... continue »

Glaciers have for decades supplied crucial water to mountain communities worldwide, but they also quench spiritual thirst. For these communities, climate change is cultural change... continue »

Green building construction is on track to make up a quarter of the US construction market this year, according to a new report from the US Green Business Council released this week... continue »

The world has experienced record-breaking warmth every month so far in 2015, making this year virtually guaranteed to be the hottest on record, according to a U.S. science agency... continue »

Along with Google, Apple has focused the minds of auto executives on the challenge posed by new technologies that have the potential to disrupt traditional auto industry hierarchies... continue »

Wind farms could supply a quarter of the European Union's electricity needs by 2030 if member states come good on energy and climate pledges, an industry report said recently... continue »

If we were to burn all the Earth's fossil fuels, the Antarctic ice sheet would melt. That would trigger massive sea level rise, with dramatic consequences for humanity... continue »

The Sierra Nevada's snowpack is at a 500-year low. No wonder why skiers, hikers, farmers, forests, and virtually every other living thing in California are feeling the effects... continue »

President Obama is setting the U.S. on a course toward producing much cleaner energy. Vermont offers a glimpse of that vision and what the state needed to do to bring it about... continue »

A world-renowned climate scientist visiting New Zealand will present new evidence suggesting a behemoth "sleeping giant" ice sheet is more sensitive to climate change than we ever thought... continue »

The Southern Ocean, which acts as one of the natural world's most effective sponges for absorbing carbon dioxide, is showing signs of an unexpected revival in its ability to do so... continue »

California's largest fire has exposed an effect of record drought in the Central Valley: dangerous drops in air quality that exacerbate ongoing public health problems in this region... continue »

While such unseasonably high temperatures aren't unprecedented, climate scientists expect intense heat waves to become more common as the planet warms... continue »

After decades of inaction, the federal government in September will release its second major rule affecting coal ash from power plants in less than a year... continue »

The sharp seven-fold growth of the population of the Earth in the twentieth century has created one of the gravest global problems of present: the lack of fresh water... continue »

The United Nations is facing growing criticism that negotiations aren't progressing fast enough to reach a global deal on climate change in Paris this December... continue »

If melt rates are speedy enough, there's a chance it could even take the number two spot, as the ice continues its decades-long, warming-driven decline... continue »

Global plans to curb carbon dioxide are well below what's needed to keep temperatures from rising above 2 degrees according to a new analysis... continue »

Irreversible changes to trichodesmium microorganisms could effect species from plankton to whales that depend on products it consumes or produces... continue »

Two decades ago, the people of this tiny village came to terms with what had become increasingly obvious: They could no longer fight back the rising waters... continue »

Illegal homes in the eastern highlands of Manicaland province belong to migrants who have fled drought-prone areas of the province in search of fertile soil... continue »

WRI study says Gaza will run out of drinking water in 5 years; climate change, population growth to make region among most 'extremely highly stressed' for water... continue »

The west African nation is working to balance competing demands of retaining biodiversity and mitigating climate change with the immediate needs of its people... continue »

NASA scientists are worried about the increasing speed of melting glaciers in Greenland, melting that is leading to higher sea levels that threaten coastal communities from Florida to Thailand... continue »

A warming atmosphere has already worsened California's drought and harmed coastal ecosystems, but the worst is yet to come, according to the latest scientific research... continue »

Factories in Russia increased their production of industrial waste products and then claimed millions of carbon credits for destroying them after an international trading scheme went into effect... continue »

One of the world's most rapidly flowing glaciers may have just set another record, and it's not one not that bodes well for low-lying coastal cities and nations around the world... continue »

While American pika populations across the northwestern United States have been disappearing as temperatures rise, pikas in Glacier National Park do not follow the trend... continue »

Two to three more years of below average rainfall would likely cause serious problems for many low-income rural communities and endanger certain birds, fish and forests... continue »

India's Adani Group is in talks with Japan's Softbank and Foxconn, maker of Apple's iPhone, to secure investment in a $3 billion project to make solar cells and panels in the country... continue »

A family seeking to be the world's first climate change refugees are pleading to be allowed to stay in New Zealand while the United Nations considers their case... continue »

Chinese automakers Dongfeng Motor Group Co Ltd and National Electric Vehicle Sweden signed an agreement Monday to jointly develop green cars... continue »

Four and a half years after the Fukushima disaster, and as Japan tentatively restarts nuclear power elsewhere, the legal challenges are mounting for the crippled plant's operator... continue »

July was the hottest on record globally as a large El Nino event gathered strength in the Pacific, making it more likely that 2015 will exceed last year as the warmest year recorded... continue »

Major shocks to global food production will be three times more likely within 25 years because of an increase in extreme weather brought about by global warming... continue »

Islamic scholars and religious leaders are preparing a call for action on climate change that will say it's the religious duty of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims to fight global warming... continue »

Many countries that promised to cut GHG emissions under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol are now exceeding their targets, bringing new hope for success at the Paris climate talks... continue »

Nudging design and construction toward 21st century building standards could have dramatic results and contribute to the President's challenge to limit carbon emissions... continue »

While U.S. leaders remain bogged down in debate over global warming, local communities are acting on their own to hold back rising seas. Witness Miami Beach's elevated streets... continue »

An urgent attempt to study the rate at which Greenland's mighty ice sheets are melting has been launched by Nasa. The six-year project is called Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG)... continue »

The tiny solar panels, small enough to slide inside the pages of a book, can clip on a backpack and charge as you're walking, and then sit inside a sunny windowsill as you work... continue »

Hopes that future efforts to extract excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could spare the planet the worst impacts of climate change have been dimmed by a new study... continue »

A team of Victorian and international scientists has found that a new additive included in a dairy cow's diet can cut the cow's methane emissions when it belches by almost one third... continue »

Researchers have demonstrated that even if a geoengineering solution to CO2 emissions could be found, it wouldn't be enough to save the oceans... continue »

Farmers' enthusiasm for anaerobic digestion has given the biogas sector a healthy boost, driving a 40 per cent surge in electricity generation from biomass over the past 12 months... continue »

While poverty and crime remain, New Orleans now evinces a sense of possibilities unimaginable a decade ago. But there is one nagging question about the city's future... continue »

Builders plan to invest more than $21 billion in offices and homes in flood-prone areas, where waters could climb 8 feet above today's high tide by the end of this century... continue »

By midcentury, an additional 4,500 people may be dying from heat-related illness each year in Texas, and more than $150 billion worth of Florida property may be below flood-swollen high tide levels... continue »

Mudflows and flooding triggered by an ice melt in the central Asian country of Tajikistan have displaced more than 600 people, according to the International Organization for Migration... continue »

America's biggest cities are at far greater risk of serious flooding in the coming decades than was previously thought, because of a "triple threat" produced under climate change... continue »

A spiderweb may just hold the key to the future of battery life. A Colombian scientist has discovered an environmentally-friendly way to recharge batteries by using spider silk... continue »

Did climate change bring about the end of mammoths, giant sloths and other extinct megafauna that walked the Earth until about 11,000 years ago... continue »

James Hansen and 16 scientific colleagues released an analysis suggesting that sea level rise will be much greater than predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change... continue »

As the world's population grows and needs more food, the problem is likely to get worse, but genetic engineering could help, a new study reports... continue »

Rising sea levels could decimate sea turtle nesting sites around the world, with the largest rookery site for green turtles increasingly at risk from being swamped by seawater... continue »

Nearly 20 million people were forced to flee their homes due to floods, storms and earthquakes last year, a problem likely to worsen due to climate change... continue »

Louisiana is in trouble. The Mississippi River Delta is disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 16 square miles a year, some of the fastest land loss on the planet... continue »

The government is struggling to pay for new clean energy supplies which could result in a rise in household bills or a major cut in investment in renewable technologies... continue »

It's the lower atmosphere that's warming, not the upper atmosphere, just as the total of greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere continues to increase. That's not a coincidence... continue »

Seven more Alberta counties are considering declaring states of agricultural disaster as persistent dry weather threatens the livelihoods of farmers across the province... continue »

Three startups, Carbon Engineering, Global Thermostat and Climeworks, are making strides with technology that can directly remove carbon dioxide from the air... continue »

Climate change is causing wind patterns to change over the Pacific Ocean, leading to longer commercial airline flight times and causing airplanes to emit more greenhouse gases... continue »

ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, is to install an £87m system at one of its plants that uses microbes found in a rabbit's gut to turn toxic waste gas into bioethanol... continue »

On the climate change front, there is rarely any good news. But former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize , is optimistic about the future... continue »

Climate change will likely cause billions of dollars in damages to the agriculture industry, according to government reports. Yet, while agriculture is a climate change victim, it is also a culprit... continue »

Where is solar energy headed in Nevada? The state basks in an average 250 sunny days a year, and the push to turn our clear skies and sun rays into energy grows every year... continue »

In this hot, dry summer, even the Queets rain forest in Olympic National Park is burning. It's a rare spectacle, but one that could become more common with climate change... continue »

Coal may be increasingly persona non grata in eco-conscious Western Europe, but the continent's southeast frontier is embarking on a little-noticed love affair with lignite... continue »

Agricultural scientists are calling for more research and investment in the use of parasitoid species, aptly referred to as 'natural enemies', to control pests in sub-Saharan Africa... continue »

Imperiled polar bears will see a population crash in most parts of the Arctic Ocean if global greenhouse gas emissions continue at current rates, U.S. scientists said... continue »

According to new research, climate change may leave some lizards in a gender lurch. Researchers report that they've seen evidence of this in wild populations of Pogona vitticeps... continue »

A scientific model has suggested that society will collapse in less than three decades due to catastrophic food shortages if policies do not change... continue »

South Korea vowed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent from the estimated business-as-usual level by 2030, raising the aim from previous proposals... continue »

As legalized medical and recreational marijuana continues to spread across the United States, the environmental impact could be huge... continue »

The Chilean capital of Santiago has experienced the driest June in half a century, leading to headache-inducing levels of pollution and Andean ski slopes bereft of snow... continue »

A global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions would prevent nearly 70,000 premature American deaths annually by the end of the century while sparing the US economic losses... continue »

Even though young people want to find ways to cut down energy consumption and invest in renewable energy, they have to do it in ways that won't break the bank... continue »

A new class of clean energy entrepreneurs is emerging in China and creating fabulous wealth, $9.13 billion this year alone. Call them the wildcatters of the solar age... continue »

As economy grows, energy production usually releases more carbon pollution into the atmosphere than it did the year before. But in 2014, the amount of CO2 emitted was the same as it was in 2013.... continue »

A Norwegian emission-free ferry called the Ampere was granted the esteemed "Ship of the Year" award as the SMM trade show in September 2014... continue »

How can society change human behavior widely enough to stop the accumulation of atmosphere-warming gases, without swelling the government or ruining the economy... continue »

As temperatures increase globally, thawing permafrost starts to release large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, which, in turn, raise global temperatures... continue »

Climate change, shifting ocean chemistry and a warm Gulf of Alaska are giving Southeast fishermen and shellfish harvesters a new biotoxin to worry about... continue »

China used to rely on drainage systems to remove rainwater. But as extreme weather events increase,city planners have begun to give equal attention to new climate-resilient urban designs... continue »

"You vote with your money for what you want to support. If you buy less meat and support the animal agriculture industry less, they'll change," says freerunner and activist Tim Shieff... continue »

Since 1950 the human population has doubled, yet the area of arable land used to feed these people has increased by only 10%. There are huge pressures to provide food.... continue »

High in the Rocky Mountains along the British Columbia-Alberta divide, John Pomeroy is seeing signs of the changing climate that has brought a crippling drought to the US West.... continue »

It marks the first time that bears have been seen killing and eating dolphins. Usually, the dolphins only go up north during the warmer summer, but this year they have arrived in spring... continue »

Anxiety has so gripped American conservatives over Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on the environment that you might think a pope had never before blamed fossil fuels for global warming... continue »

More than 100 scientists and economists from Canada and the US made an unprecedented call for a halt to new projects in the oilsands until carbon emissions can be reduced... continue »

Scottish ministers have been accused of "a staggering lack of ambition" after the government missed its annual climate emissions target for the fourth year running... continue »

Researchers have identified a new way to produce aviation fuel from sugarcane biomass that could deliver substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions... continue »

Despite the time and money ALEC is pouring into fighting the transition to renewable energy, it seems that wind and solar have some powerful supporters, as well... continue »

Fluorine is an evil gas. It's used to manufacture a string of other artificial gases, some of which nearly left mankind exposed to burning ultraviolet light and are even now warming the planet... continue »

As the Greenland ice sheet continues to awaken, part of that process is being aided by lake vanishings, and by water atop the ice sheet finding its way downhill as water always does... continue »

EPA, which has proposed carbon dioxide limits on coal-fired power plants, is nearing a decision on whether to regulate aircraft emissions in response to global warming... continue »

Developing and disaster-prone nations such as Nepal are turning more to solar power as a response to climate change, and as a path toward energy security and economic stability... continue »

If greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed soon, then global warming may bring about the most sweeping re-arrangement of ocean species in at least 3 million years... continue »

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the company that coined the phrase "rollback pricing", is busy rolling back state and utility resistance to corporate purchases of renewable energy... continue »

President Obama said Thursday the link between more extreme weather and climate change is undeniable, and that the world's best scientists have made a conclusive connection... continue »

What is happening to the Salton Sea perfectly illustrates the fight over water in the West, where epic drought has revived decades-old battles and the simple solutions have all been tried... continue »

A heat wave in India has killed more than 1,100 people this week as temperatures soar above 47 Celsius, and doctors' leave has been canceled to help cope with the sick... continue »

Brook trout need cold, clear, highly oxygenated water to survive. However, as climate change warms them further, it poses a threat for the species... continue »

Climate change could help a notorious invasive weed known to trigger severe allergy attacks to spread and bring misery to hay fever sufferers, experts have warned... continue »

When Pope Francis releases his much-anticipated teaching document on the environment and climate change in the coming weeks, a network of Roman Catholics will be ready... continue »

A recent analysis by Greenpeace International found that China's carbon dioxide emissions have plunged nearly 5 percent, year over year, in the first four months of 2015... continue »

Exports drop 40 percent as world's second-biggest coffee exporter suffers rising temperatures and drought, combined with effects of deforestation and land degradation... continue »

Study finds cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather, and that premature deaths are most often caused by prolonged spells of moderate cold... continue »

Duke Energy will build a $750 million natural gas plant to replace its troubled coal-fired Asheville plant as the company turns to cleaner energy to generate electricity... continue »

Vastly more Americans will be exposed to dangerous heat waves in future decades because of a combination of rising temperatures and rapid population growth... continue »

As the drought persists and groundwater levels drop, thousands of Californians have been left without well water and some parts of the San Joaquin Valley are sinking... continue »

Earth's polar regions are in the midst of a stunning transformation. As global warming accelerates, evidence of change is perhaps most obvious in our planet's ice... continue »

An environmental group has identified nearly 250 locations where planet-warming methane is leaking from natural gas lines under streets in the Greater Los Angeles region... continue »

You may have noticed that Southern California's signature blooming trees, the jacaranda, have been putting forth their lavender blossoms earlier than usual this year... continue »

Climate change will open up higher elevations to growing weed clandestinely on public lands, a practice that's putting increased strain on fragile ecosystems... continue »

Shell's plan to take up oil drilling in remote Arctic waters of the Chukchi Sea cleared a key hurdle on Monday, winning approval from the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management... continue »

Thomas Malone does not believe there is a solution to the problem of climate change. He thinks there are lots of solutions, and he has set out to find them... continue »

Fracking wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale region are disproportionately located in poor rural communities, which bear the brunt of associated pollution... continue »

Daniel Crawford and Scott St. George from the University of Minnesota are back with a new composition that uses music to highlight the places where climate is changing most rapidly... continue »

In another ominous sign of human-caused climate change, US scientists said that global carbon dioxide concentrations have reached a new monthly record of 400 parts per million... continue »

Clean energy startups are attracting women by offering an outsized opportunity to have an impact on society in an exciting sector with potentially lucrative financial rewards... continue »

Fjords from Alaska to Norway soak up potentially damaging carbon from the atmosphere, making the steep-sided inlets an overlooked natural ally in offsetting man-made climate change... continue »

The number of patents for renewable energy products filed worldwide has fallen by 42 percent over the last three years, which could suggest that global investment in green energy is stalling... continue »

About one in six species now alive on the planet could become extinct as a result of climate change, according to a study published in Friday's edition of the journal Science... continue »

Oklahoma will not formulate a state plan for upcoming federal rules regulating carbon dioxide from power plants under an executive order issued by Gov. Mary Fallin... continue »

Despite increasingly aggressive clean air and fuel standards, years of drought are taking a toll on California's air quality, the American Lung Association says in a new report... continue »

Blame global warming for about 75 percent of the world's unusually hot days and 18 percent of its extreme snow or rain, according to a new paper in the journal Nature Climate Change... continue »

The financial cost of air pollution in Europe stands at more than $1.6tn (£1.5tn) a year, a study by the World Health Organisation has found, equating to about a tenth of the GDP of the continent... continue »

After improving energy efficiency, piloting emissions trading and ramping up renewable energy expansion, China has also been moving on another frontier needed to help ease global warming... continue »

New research suggests that any type of significant oil spill in Canada's western Arctic would likely spread quickly and foul oceans around Alaska and possibly as far west as Russia... continue »

A recent hiatus in global temperature rises will not temper the ultimate impact of climate change by the end of the century, research by Australian climate scientists has found... continue »

Ocean waves seem a promising source of renewable energy but remain largely experimental, though companies have developed various designs over the last two decades... continue »

Everyone but conservative Republicans seems to agree that climate change will happen in their lifetime, according to a new Gallup survey released Wednesday, just in time for Earth Day... continue »

Despite the apparent peaceful coexistence, the animals are at the center of a battle for precious grasslands reduced by the drought in California, the United States... continue »

The rise of renewable energy is delivering a boost to Europe's declining power market as traders get busy in short term deals to juggle unpredictable supplies of wind and solar... continue »

Secretary of State John Kerry will visit the Arctic Circle next week for key ministerial talks on climate change amid global concerns about rising seas and accelerating ice melt... continue »

Less than two decades ago, Japan positioned itself in the vanguard of the global fight against climate change when it helped broker the Kyoto protocol... continue »

Scientists are learning how ocean life is threatened by the onslaught of rising sea levels, warming temperatures and a chemical change in ocean waters called ocean acidification... continue »

TV weathercasters are more convinced than ever climate change is happening and that human activities are a major contributor suggest the results of a new report... continue »

Climate change, deforestation and land grabbing don't only threaten Nepal's rich biodiversity, but the economic wellbeing of millions of its citizens... continue »

As a small, low-lying island nation in the tropics, this is among the most vulnerable places in the world to climate change, but Singapore has been working hard at adaptation since 2007... continue »

Every time drought strikes California, people cannot help noticing the substantial reservoir of untapped water lapping at their shores, 187 quintillion gallons of it shimmering so invitingly in the sun... continue »

A growing number of US bloggers think the fantasy drama Game of Thrones could be a way to make the threat of climate change more vivid to a wide audience, a new study suggests... continue »

A major spike in air pollution across much of England poses a risk to those suffering from respiratory diseases, older people and children, health charities warned on Friday... continue »

Some anesthetics may be doing more than putting patients to sleep. A study shows they're accumulating in the planet's atmosphere, warming the climate by a small but growing amount... continue »

Wonder what your favourite glacier to ski will look like in 20 or 40 years? A new study makes detailed predictions about how the glaciers in Canada will melt between now and 2100... continue »

Facing a loss of high-profile corporate sponsors, the American Legislative Exchange Council threatened action in recent weeks against activist groups that accuse it of denying climate change... continue »

A tiny coastal town in Norway is about to become home to an ambitious enterprise that will turn a diminishing glacier into a high-end cocktail cooler. Is there cause for alarm... continue »

Current figures of almost 30,000 UK deaths a year from air pollution do not factor in lethal nitrogen dioxide from diesel engines and wood, oil and coal burning, say experts... continue »

Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on climate change is designed to find acceptance in a huge and diverse religious flock. Many have faith that this particular pope has the leadership skills to deliver... continue »

The US formally submitted to the United Nations a commitment to reduce its climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025... continue »

This article offers glimpse into how living organisms can evolve to handle environmental stress, particularly from oceans made more acidic by carbon dioxide and higher temperatures... continue »

Some northwest Alaska bird species could benefit from climate change but increased temperatures could harm populations of several mammals, a federal study has concluded... continue »

The abominable snowpack in the Sierra Nevada reached an unprecedented low this week, dipping below the historic lows in 1977 and 2014 for the driest winter in 65 years of record-keeping... continue »

Hundreds of millions of Earth hour participants around the world are going to demand a strong global climate agreement by switching off their lights for an hour... continue »

A warming planet may require extraordinary new food crops. The latest great agricultural hope is beans that can thrive in temperatures that cripple most conventional beans... continue »

Shenzhen city in China will provide as much as 5 billion yuan ($799 million) in government funding to spur demand for green vehicles, according to an official statement released recently... continue »

A novel reconstruction concludes a crucial heat conveyor belt hasn't been this weak in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland's melting ice sheet... continue »

Here's the estimated price for restoring two declining coral species found in South Florida and the Caribbean: about $250 million. How long will it take? 400 years... continue »

Arctic sea ice has hit a record low for its maximum extent in winter, which scientists said was a result of climate change and abnormal weather patterns... continue »

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When you use it to produce electricity, the only waste product is water. In the era of global warming, it would seem to be the perfect fuel... continue »

Climate change is a major reason the Canadian government should establish a long-sought national park in the South Okanagan region, according to Peter Wood... continue »

Often leading from behind, Boston-based nonprofit has record of prompting leading corporations to move beyond 'business as usual' on climate and sustainability issues... continue »

The world's energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stopped rising in 2014, even as the economy grew, according to early data released by the International Energy Agency... continue »

In a pivotal year for climate action, a new campaign seeks to head off efforts to caricature climate scientists by showing who they are and why they care about the planet's future... continue »

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, about his recent column detailing his personal motivation for intensifying the paper's focus on climate change coverage... continue »

A New Mexico State University researcher has invented a new material he says can effectively capture and remove carbon dioxide from the air, a critical step in slowing climate change... continue »

For the first time in 15 years, government data shows that China's annual coal consumption declined by 2.9 percent, with an accompanying 1 percent fall in carbon dioxide emissions... continue »

The industrial conglomerate run by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch is refusing to provide information on whether it has paid for climate change research... continue »

A paper published in Nature Climate Change finds we are standing on the edge of a new world where warming is poised to accelerate at rates unseen for at least 1,000 years... continue »

Five refrigerants that won't harm stratospheric ozone and have lower global warming potentials than many similar products got a green light from the Environmental Protection Agency... continue »

The alarm bells of the climate crisis have been ringing in our ears for years and are getting louder all the time, yet humanity has failed to change course. What is wrong with us... continue »

As global warming argument moves on to politics and business, the Guardian's editor-in-chief explains the thinking behind their major series on the climate crisis... continue »

Spread of new roads in developing nations is a greater danger than the dams, mines, oil well or cities they connect, as they open up untouched habitats to poachers and illegal loggers... continue »

The most remarkable aspect of Willie Soon's soiled science scandal is that in the light of damning evidence of a serious ethical lapse, the climate denial camp shows no interest in self-policing... continue »

You don't often hear "volcanic eruption" and "cooling" in the same sentence, but the dramatic eruption of the Villarica volcano in southern Chile could actually help slow global warming... continue »

Manmade global warming helped spark the brutal civil war in Syria by doubling to tripling the odds that a crippling drought in the Fertile Crescent would occur shortly before the fighting broke out... continue »

While public attention is focused on the IPCC ex-chairman's sexual harassment scandal, some of the panel's ardent supporters are asking whether the panel risks losing relevance... continue »

Over the weekend, many millions of Chinese watched, gripped and outraged, a 104-minute video that begins with a slight woman in jeans and a white blouse walking onto a stage dimly lit in blue... continue »

From the ground in this extreme northern part of Antarctica, spectacularly white and blinding ice seems to extend forever. What can't be seen is the battle raging underfoot to re-shape Earth... continue »

One of the world's most iconic sites has become the latest high profile venue to embrace onsite renewables, after the Eiffel Tower installed two vertical axis wind turbines... continue »

Sea levels in northeastern North America jumped by more than five inches in a two-year period between 2009 to 2010, a rate unprecedented in the history of tide gauge records... continue »

A new study published Monday in Nature warned fisheries producing oysters and clams across the United States will be "vulnerable" in the coming decades to ocean acidification... continue »

Willie Soon, a prominent global warming skeptic, says "no amount of money can influence what I say or do or research or write". If recently released documents are accurate, he is a liar... continue »

Politicians wanting to block legislation on climate change have bolstered their arguments by pointing to the work of a handful of scientists who claim that greenhouse gases pose little risk to humanity... continue »

Waste processing isn't the sexiest of industries, but it's crucial to combating climate change. Now governments are investing in technologies like anaerobic digestion... continue »

Video of a mother tiger and her cubs is a sign the endangered Siberian tiger could be making a comeback in China after it was largely wiped out over 65 year ago... continue »

Endowed with one-eighth of the world's fresh water, a dystopian situation is unfolding in Brazil's largest and wealthiest city, Sao Paulo: the taps are starting to run dry... continue »

Climate change, which is shuffling habitable zones for pathogen-carrying animals, is poised to make future outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Ebola, H1N1 and TB worse, and more frequent... continue »

The historic California drought is preventing rice farmers from flooding their fields and reducing the roosting grounds of Sandhill cranes, majestic gray birds with crimson crowns and wings... continue »

Failure to factor climate change into long-term investment and planning risks leaving countries across sub-Saharan vulnerable to droughts, floods, heatwaves and rising sea-levels... continue »

Rand Paul has started suggesting that he supports action to cut air pollution and believes that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change... continue »

Oil isn't the only fossil fuel that's getting cheaper. The plunge in oil prices is mirrored by the cost of coal, which has been cut in half since 2011 and is expected to keep falling... continue »

Grizzly bears are emerging from winter hibernation weeks earlier than normal because of the arrival of spring-like weather, with warmer-than-usual temperatures and rain instead of snow... continue »

Global warming means events such as the Australian Open will increasingly become tests of heat endurance for players and spectators, a study by the Climate Institute warns... continue »

UN climate talks get into gear in Geneva. With 2014 recognised as the hottest year on record, there is increasing pressure for a global climate pact to curb greenhouse gas emissions... continue »

The same loopy weather patterns directing California's ongoing drought and last year's deep freeze across the East Coast may also change how often tornadoes strike the US... continue »

When the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its 2014 rankings for state efficiency, the states at the top of the list were Massachusetts and California... continue »

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in denying humans are causing CO2 levels to rise. Following is a quick cheat sheet for aspiring climate deniers... continue »

Hearing about climate change may bring heat waves and sweltering summers to mind, but in most regions in the US, winter temperatures are also on the rise... continue »

Researchers in Germany say cheaper global pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is possible if countries are willing to implement clean technology policies at the same time... continue »

Fifty years ago this month President Johnson voiced concern over invisible fossil fuel emissions. It was the first time a US president warned the nation about our carbon habit... continue »

President Obama wants millions of acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge protected as wilderness. He's opening other parts of the Arctic and Atlantic coast to energy development... continue »

You might think that the crash in the price of oil must be dealing a potentially fatal blow to renewable power. However, things are not so straightforward. The world of energy has changed... continue »

World cities are experiencing more heat waves and fewer cold spells, according to a study of extreme temperatures in hundreds of urban areas over the past 40 years... continue »

A failed US government-backed plan to produce environmentally friendly energy in one of Africa's poorest countries was marred by insider connections and questionable planning... continue »

A climate-change skeptic who has relied on grants from fossil-fuel energy interests apparently failed to disclose financial conflicts of interest in a newly released paper... continue »

Winters may be getting shorter, but watch out when it does snow: climate change is super-charging storms like the blizzard engulfing the American northeast... continue »

After the November 2014 joint US-China announcement on climate change, all eyes turned towards India. What would India do? Would it sign a similar agreement... continue »

In a new paper researchers summarize what we now know about West Antarctica. That includes a finding that may serve as a wake-up call for Americans in particular... continue »

The US Senate has made it official: Climate change is not a hoax. By a vote of 98 to 1, the Senate agreed climate change is real, but it can't agree that it's caused by humans... continue »

Nuclear energy in China is set to lead the pack of near-zero emission energy that will help mainland reach President Xi Jinping's target for CO2 emissions to peak by 2030... continue »

By mapping a key indicator of droughts, pests and wildfire in arid places, scientists offer hope for spotting and addressing drought before it sets in... continue »

The cost of solar energy production continues to fall, the market is experiencing something of a boom. It has become cheaper to produce solar power than diesel oil, gas, coal or nuclear energy... continue »

If you've run out of gears on a steep slope, surely it makes sense to hop off the bike and push? So why is it considered the ultimate cycling heresy by many... continue »

The numbers are in. The year 2014 was the hottest on record, with global temperatures 1.24F (0.69C) higher than the 20th-century average, US government scientists said on Friday... continue »

Humans are "eating away at our own life support systems" at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years by degrading land and freshwater systems... continue »

As if there wasn't enough to worry about with climate change, a University of Missouri-Columbia researcher suggests we add more thing to our list: Intestinal worms... continue »

We've recorded our first days of 2015 with average carbon dioxide levels above 400 parts per million, potentially leading to many months in a row above this threshold... continue »

A crucial shipping route for commodities in the US, the Mississippi River faces climate-related risks that also raise important national security issues... continue »

It's a dangerous trajectory that the US is stoking with record exports of dirty fuels, even as it reduces the pollution responsible for global warming at home... continue »

London mayor Boris Johnson is risking children's health by blocking action to clean up London's poor air quality, the city's former deputy mayor has claimed... continue »

Most of the Earth's fossil fuels will have to be left in the ground if the world is to avoid catastrophic global warming, according to a new study published in the Nature... continue »

Ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies are increasingly adopting sustainable practices not only to improve their environmental footprint, but also to reduce their overall... continue »

New Zealand's two big glaciers are now only accessible to tourists by air and their retreat has been highlighted over the way global warming is impacting on ice and snow businesses... continue »

2014 was the UK's warmest year on record. Provisional figures for the whole year reveal that it was the hottest for the UK in records dating back to 1910... continue »

From a strictly logical perspective, it's hard to understand how we can be doing so little to slow global warming. Time is running out on climate denial... continue »

Properties worth over £1bn will be lost to coastal erosion in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation for homeowners, as it becomes too costly to protect them... continue »

Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

The decades-old legislation that prevented American producers from exporting oil is officially overturned, despite previous presidential threats to veto a bill to lift the oil export ban... continue »

From Colorado State University and the "climate models still can't get clouds right" department comes this interesting new study: salty sea spray affects the lifetimes of clouds... continue »

All the excitement, the back-slappings, the hubbub is over, and the 40 000 have jetted back home. COP21 has come and gone. We have now had time to assess all 32 pages of the Paris Agreement... continue »

Washington is trading an end to the 40-year-old oil export ban in exchange for an extension and perpetuation of renewable energy programs and President Obama's Clean Power Plan... continue »

In spite of contrary assumptions and predictions, semi-arid regions of South Africa have become significantly "greener" over the past half-century or so... continue »

Anthony Watts reports at the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union that temperature trends reported by NOAA are too high due to contamination of temperature stations by urbanization... continue »

Last week in Paris, a long-sought-after agreement to limit climate change was finally arrived at. A successor to the previous agreement the Kyoto Protocol had been hard to find... continue »

Instead of trying to blame our apparently planet-wrecking lifestyles for flooding, it would be far better to figure out how to make ourselves resistant to future deluges... continue »

The name is fancy, but preparing a climate souffle is easier than you think. The folk at Paris Climate 2015 have a knock-out new recipe... continue »

While greens are growling about the lack of teeth in the "historic" Paris renewable energy subsidies agreement, there is little time for rest for the war-weary climate realist... continue »

Coral bleaching models that are currently used to predict coral bleaching and climate change responses to increasing temperature are based on fixed thermal tolerance. However, ... continue »

Despite a round of telephone diplomacy between the White House, Chinese President Xi and Indian Prime Minister Modi, China and India appear prepared to stand pat... continue »

This week climate fanatics have given us more conclusive proof, if we ever needed it, that they have no interest in debate, or even allowing anyone to question their crushing 'consensus'... continue »

With two days left, the UN is closer than ever before to creating a successor treaty/agreement to the Kyoto protocol. However, even at this late hour, substantial divisions remain. Brace for drama... continue »

Contrary to what President Obama said in his speech in Paris, the sea is not swallowing up villages, let alone entire islands; glaciers are not receding any faster than they did prior to 1970... continue »

Malcolm Turnbull, by way of making a splash at the Paris Climate Conference, has just pledged a billion dollars to help poor countries meet the challenge climate change... continue »

The Paris climate summit is underway, and the usual handwringing over the threat of climate change is unfolding. Western leaders are much more sympathetic to developing countries this time around... continue »

The youth group "Engajamundo" staged a "die in" at COP 21 for "Youth and Future Generations Day". Do you think, considering the recent tragedy in Paris, it was particularly sensitive? ... continue »

Warm, cold, more snow, less snow, dry, wet, you name it, the global warming crowd attributes it to "climate change". They've gotten away with this double talk long enough. It's time to take them down... continue »

The consummate sleazebag, thief and corruptocrat who launched and shaped the UN effort to rid the world of CO2 has died, appropriately enough as his heirs gather in Paris to rob the world blind... continue »

Pope Francis, addressing members of the press while travelling on his chartered jet plane, has stated that the world is headed toward "suicide" if there is no climate agreement at the COP21 conference... continue »

Paris is currently hosting a UN conference aimed at waging war on climate change little more than two weeks after suffering the largest terrorist attack experienced in France since 1944... continue »

'To change everything, we need everyone', the leaflet which urges people to take part in the People's March for Climate declares. But what exact kind of change do they have in mind?... continue »

Climate funding is a major sticking point at the UN climate talks in Paris. An Obama Administration official would not rule out shutting down the government over the UN "Green Climate Fund"... continue »

Stonewalled in his efforts to grasp how US scientists turned an 18-year pause into a temperature increase, a powerful congressman is on the warpath... continue »

As climate alarmists continue to predict the demise of various coral islands scattered throughout the world's oceans, the islands appear to be capable of taking care of themselves in this regard... continue »

John Coleman: "The Prince reminds me somewhat of Al Gore here in the U.S., a lifetime devoted to something that is science and they are not scientists"... continue »

The New York Attorney General is using an obscure 1921 law, originally aimed at stock-sale fraud, to attack ExxonMobil with threats of prison time for its principals... continue »

In the debate about global warming, business, especially large corporations, is the largest sector of appeasers and some, like Volkswagen, are now, rightfully, paying the price... continue »

When sea ice in one of earth's polar regions has been declining for several years, but increasing in the other polar region, it's kind of difficult to support claims of global warming... continue »

It is evident from history that periods of global warming led to health, welfare, and prosperity. Global cooling led to crop failure, disease, and hardship. That's why radicals want history expunged... continue »

Most studies of the effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on Earth's vegetation have dealt with common terrestrial plants, while very few have focused on sizable plants of aquatic realms... continue »

Satellite temperature records that offer the most comprehensive and accurate measurements show no statistical warming for nearly 19 years and counting... continue »

A new study has emerged predicting the end of snow, though it's cautious enough to predict more snow, less snow, or no change, for at least the next few decades... continue »

In the aftermath of the horrific events in Paris, a few politicians seem to be clinging to the ridiculous view that climate change is somehow more of a threat, than well organised homicidal maniacs... continue »

The UN has been peddling sustainable development since its landmark conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Don't buy any of it. It's a scam... continue »

The UN has been peddling sustainable development since its landmark conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Don't buy any of it. It's a scam... continue »

The Paris climate talks next month are partly about creating a $US100b-a-year climate fund to help the Third World adjust to hypothesized global warming.... continue »

Although you may not wish to share a crowded elevator with a flatulent bovine friend, at least express a little gratitude that he/she is helping to protect the planet from dreaded global warming... continue »

Less than one month from now the nations of the world will meet in Paris for the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the COP21. Will the warming campaign finally get its way? ... continue »

Well nobody, actually, unless you count a smattering of sometimes rude emails as representing credible threats to warmists' lives and safety... continue »

Will Steffen, the CSIRO and other grant-fed warmists face a similar problem: while modern enablers still profess to believe them, actual sea levels pay no heed... continue »

After years of deliberate delays President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline today. This is a victory for radical environmentalists and those who wish America ill... continue »

Scientists and journalists bombard us with news about the coming climate catastrophe, described as certain unless we drastically change our economy. This has plunged many into despair... continue »

Yet another poll has been published, which suggests that despite relentless media bombardment in the leadup to Paris, Americans are increasingly unconcerned about climate change... continue »

Would President Obama enable developing nations to pursue an anti-U.S. agenda before a UN international climate tribunal with no means of escape? ... continue »

China is aware that its coal is running out and that it needs new sources of energy. The rest of the world blunders along on the assumption that fossil fuels will remain plentiful... continue »

How can climate change possibly be killing 400,000 people per year as claimed by Al Jazeera, when the green movement can't even produce one legitimate climate refugee? ... continue »

Russia's Putin says global warming is a fraud. What Putin is doing and saying is nothing new. He knew that the IPCC climate was wrong he simply changed his political position as the situation dictated... continue »

The US Department of Energy has issued a (serious) press release which suggests that Halloween pumpkins contribute significantly to global warming... continue »

Those with snouts buried deepest in the climate trough are the engines whose faux science, gingered stats and withdrawn papers drive the alarmist publicity machine... continue »

Amazingly, as reported in this new study, elevated CO2 helps to ameliorate lead toxicity and improves the resistance capacity of Phragmites australis to lead contamination... continue »

The EPA is becoming notorious for faking its cost-benefit numbers to justify onerous and environmentally useless regulations that will seriously weaken the U.S. economy... continue »

Apocalypticism used to be packaged as the forever-looming punishment for man's sins against God. These days it is Gaia who has been sinned against, according to her legion of environmental Jeremiahs... continue »

Will President Obama subject America to a UN climate court? He will if he signs onto one of the latest UN draft texts prepared in the run-up to the big UN summit in Paris... continue »

Contrary to the expectations of many climate alarmists, the frequency of tropical cyclones affecting Japan has declined over the past 35 years... continue »

The new Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull may be quietly dismantling former PM Tony Abbott's climate initiatives. The latest move is the cancellation of an offer to fund Climate Consensus Centre... continue »

Researchers from James Cook University have found that ocean acidification may not be all bad news for one important sea-dwelling plant... continue »

Today Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) are pursuing their own inquisition against perceived "heretics". You might be on the list... continue »

The increase in global temperatures, touted by warmists but nowhere evident in almost 19 years of flat-lining satellite readings, is said to inflict many dubious ills. However... continue »

There is no definitive scientific proof, through real-world observation, that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the past 300 years... continue »

Given repeated claims that subsidising green energy will stimulate the economy, it seems peculiar that greens also believe people should adopt a wartime austerity mentality... continue »

VOX has published a gem of an article, complaining that CNN thinks climate alarmism is a special interest movement for fringe hippies... continue »

A glimmer of hope emerged in the night sky as 26 Democrats joined with the Republican majority in the U.S. House to approve a bill ending the decades-old oil export ban... continue »

Who isn't nuts about fresh tomatoes plucked from a garden at the peak of ripeness? And who doesn't bask in the adulation of those to whom we give them... continue »

Paleoclimate researchers find connection between carbon cycles, climate trends Carbon cycling research can help scientists predict global warming and cooling trends... continue »

Friday was not a good day for the Obama EPA. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals expanded the stay on the Administration's land-grabbing water rule beyond the states that appealed, to the entire nation... continue »

Analyses suggest that China should be able to adequately feed both its current population and the much larger projected population of the future... continue »

As climateers turn their gaze toward Paris, what the warmist media won't be reporting is just how poorly qualified and error-prone many of them are... continue »

Amidst all the doom and gloom of climate-alarmist prognostications, real-world data reveal a welcome hiatus in extremely strong land-falling U.S. hurricanes... continue »

Martha Boneta dreamt of a farm in Virginia's lush countryside. Big Green bureaucrats and busybodies turned that dream into a nightmare of obstruction and red tape, until Martha fought back and won... continue »

The Interior Department announced that the sage grouse would not be listed under the Endangered Species Act, but a closer look reveals that the West's worries are far from over... continue »

Climate campaigning scientists want anyone who points out the flaws in their work prosecuted as organized criminals under RICO... continue »

How well does it perform in terms of its ability to forecast numerous important features of the Asian Summer Monsoon? Would you believe more than the combined numbers of your fingers and toes... continue »

The Bank of England has stepped into the climate fray, with a claim that climate change poses a huge financial risk to UK based businesses... continue »

The nuclear industry has announced plans to lobby the Australian government, to advocate nuclear power as an affordable, practical alternative to renewables... continue »

Australia has signed on to the latest climate goals, a pledge celebrated at the world body's New York headquarters with a luncheon of re-cycled "food that would have ended up in garbage bins"... continue »

An analysis of the U.S. Historical Climatological Network shows that only about 8%-1% (depending on the stage of processing) of the data survives in the climate record as unaltered/estimated data... continue »

Mother Jones is celebrating that China has just committed $3.1 billion to help poor countries fight climate change. Mother Jones cautiously states they don't know what China means by this statement... continue »

The chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne announced a £2 billion loan guarantee to Chinese companies to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset... continue »

Pope Francis met with President Obama at the White House. While they are not likely to agree much on traditional Catholic moral principles, they hit it right off on climate change... continue »

Green campaigners meet an unsavory fate when 'The Green Inferno' opens in theatres on Friday. The film is rated R and is not for everyone. It's probably not for you, gentle reader... continue »

The agenda being driven by President Obama, Pope Francis and the UN means our huddled masses will be forced to share ever-greater scarcity, ever-lower living standards, and ever-fewer jobs... continue »

Promoters of 'official' climate, which is defined as the works of the UN IPCC, are desperate. Twenty of them asked the Obama administration to file RICO charges against climate deniers... continue »

There are dozens of climate models. They have been run many times. The great majority of model runs have produced global temperature forecasts that later turned out to be too high... continue »

In an historic event next week, Pope Francis will make his first visit to the United States. It is expected to generate as much political interest as it will religious concerns... continue »

Dr. Peter Wadhams had famously claimed that Arctic Sea Ice would be completely gone this year. Clearly he's been proven wrong... continue »

The UK MET Office has published a report which suggests the pause in global temperatures might continue for many years to come. Or the pause might not continue. They're not really sure... continue »

Are you thinking of an annual donation to Oxfam Australia? Actually, you would be helping to finance Oxfam's dark-green push to destroy the Australian coal and petroleum industry... continue »

Students campaigning to get universities to divest from fossil fuels are in two minds about free speech. They want it for themselves, but don't seem keen on free speech for their opponents... continue »

Readers may recall that the EPA disappeared photos of the Gold King mine disaster from their web page. Perhaps they got just a bit burnt from the public backlash to that... continue »

Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Chickpea... continue »

Polar bear populations in the Arctic are at record numbers (at least since humans started recording them), so it should be no surprise that all of a sudden President Obama is NOT talking about them... continue »

The U.S.-led Conference GLACIER in Anchorage supposedly "ended with a joint declaration calling for more international action to tackle climate change," but didn't... continue »

Climate science has become a politically corrupted and agenda-driven. Real scientists with no political interests know there is no threat from 'global warming'... continue »

Denialism is defined as 'the practice of creating the illusion of debate when there is none'. In climate the problem is those who label others deniers are the real deniers... continue »

The American pika has been characterized as an 'indicator species' for the effects of global warming on various animal populations. However... continue »

A new study suggests that global sea level is less sensitive to high atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations than previously thought... continue »

Nearly all agricultural crops respond to increases in the air's CO2 content by displaying enhanced rates of photosynthesis and biomass production... continue »

The Met Office has defended its forecast for a hot, dry summer despite some areas looking set to have the most rain since records began... continue »

Unlike the dog that didn't bite, the mystery facing Baker Street's most irregular detective concerned those yelping warmists who howl doom at the slightest provocation, even the contradictory variety... continue »

The moral case against fossil fuels is rooted in the standard that we should be minimising our impact. And the moral case for fossil fuels questions that at its root... continue »

A new method of calculating proxy temperatures from tree rings reveals old methods may be underestimating the degree of warmth prior to the instrumental period... continue »

What do they reveal about the strengths of the individual impacts of solar radiation reception and atmospheric CO2 enrichment on the region's summer climate... continue »

Every time activists falsely cry "wolf" we become weaker, less able to prepare for real threats. Remembering is the first step to learning... continue »

Bureaucrats placed in charge of "public" lands, largely in the Western U.S. are rewarded for poor management and punished for good management that might lower the cost to the public... continue »

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, while chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change from 2002 to February 2015, was the darling of global academia and the media... continue »

A new group of climate entrepreneurs has arisen to service the needs of true believers. Climate action might be a fading priority for most people... continue »

The Australian CSIRO has claimed that global warming increases both the incidence of frost, and the amount of damage frost causes to crops... continue »

Watch the double take students do when confronted with the straight facts that there has been no dramatic global warming as they've been led to believe... continue »

In response to whatever environmental changes may be occurring in alpine ecosystems around the world, there appear to be few, if any, negative biological consequences... continue »

The final Clean Power Plan rule actually allows California to increase its carbon dioxide emissions, while forcing Kentucky and other states to cut theirs by over 40%... continue »

Climate science as an institution has become dysfunctional. Large elements of the public no longer trust it. The politics of climate change are polarized and gridlocked... continue »

An Environmental Restoration company crew, supervised by the EPA officials used a backhoe to dig away tons of rock and debris that were blocking the entrance portal of ColoradoÕs Gold King Mine... continue »

Evidence continues to mount for a CO2-induced greening of the earth that has the potential to lift many of the planet's poor and sickly people out of poverty and into more healthy conditions... continue »

God helps those who help themselves. If the planet is going to hell in a handbasket as they claim, praying about it will not do much good... continue »

Although evolution by natural selection has historically been considered to operate over very long timescales, some plants of today are successfully employing it over a mere few decades... continue »

This post provides an initial look at climate model simulations of the top of the atmosphere (TOA) energy budget and its three components... continue »

Obama's "Clean Power Plan" will hammer everything we make, grow, ship, eat and do. It will impair our livelihoods, living standards, liberties and life spans... continue »

Can coastal marine fish evolve to tolerate ocean acidification? A new study suggests that they may indeed be able to do so, even at atmospheric CO2 concentrations as great as 2300 ppm... continue »

At the very moment President Obama has decided to shutter America's coal industry in favor of much more expensive and less efficient renewable energy, coal use is surging across the globe... continue »

Although somewhat complex, the findings of this study are readily seen to be extremely beneficial to the well-being of poplar and willow trees growing on highly cadmium-polluted soil... continue »

Just like grasses growing in CO2-enriched air, those that grow beneath the surfaces of earth's seas respond positively to CO2-enriched water... continue »

Researchers at Princeton University have for the first time directly calculated the rate at which water crystallizes into ice in a realistic computer model of water molecules... continue »

Have they been out-producing and thereby taking over the territories of indigenous plants? A study recently conducted in the United Kingdom provides an unexpected answer... continue »

An inquisitive pair of researchers studied this question as it applies to six early-life-history traits that are known to be related to the individual fitness of salmonids... continue »

An inquisitive pair of researchers studied this question as it applies to six early-life-history traits that are known to be related to the individual fitness of salmonids... continue »

As time has progressed, and as the climate-modelling enterprise has moved from CMIP3 to CMIP5 status, some things have not improved. In fact, they have actually gotten a little worse... continue »

Reducing errors in CGCMs will improve climate simulation and prediction and increase confidence in their application for regional climate projection... continue »

President Obama is making good on his promise of skyrocketing energy costs, with new mandates for expensive, inefficient, and unreliable Green energy... continue »

Jeremy Corbyn, brother of famous British skeptic Piers Corbyn, is currently the front runner to win the leadership of the Labour Party, the main political opposition in the British Parliament... continue »

Remember when Rajendra Pachauri was the wholesome and much-quoted champion of a clean, green, low-carbon planet? UNSW certainly does because it lavished an honorary doctorate on him... continue »

The photo below would be considered "not safe for work" not only just for the content, but for the facts these lunatics used a child to further their goal... continue »

This is #2 in an ongoing series of serial forecast failures (that need to be thrown back in their faces) by climate alarmists and their helpers, the mainstream media... continue »

Twenty-nine states, more than half the stars on the American flag, have filed lawsuits against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for redefining the "Waters of the United States"... continue »

A ground-dwelling bird, no larger than a chicken and best known for its maless exotic mating rituals, is at the center of the most comprehensive land-use plan ever imposed by the federal government... continue »

For the first time in over 80 years, Mexico held an auction for developing oil prospects, with offerings for 14 shallow-water blocks. The downsides included the drop in the world oil price... continue »

The authors of climate-modelling studies conclude that a host of deficiencies need to be corrected before the models they analysed are ready for real-world applications... continue »

The long and winding road of the ever-struggling climate modelling enterprise has led to a fairy-tale phenomenon known as the double intertropical convergence zone... continue »

This is the first of a series of posts about the impacts of NOAA's new pause-buster sea surface temperature data on the global temperature products from GISS and NCEI... continue »

We're so proud of Martha Boneta! When Big Green groups and grasping bureaucrats tried to bully her, this local farmer said "enough is enough", and scored a major victory for property rights... continue »

From the the "Children won't know what weeds are (h/t to Dr. David Viner) and the we must make more CO2 to save the plants" department, comes this out of left field... continue »

Since Japan shut down all of its nuclear power plants after Fukushima, the nation has suffered from high fuel costs that make Japanese products less competitive in the world economy... continue »

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has just instructed the government Clean Energy Corporation not to subsidise any new wind farm projects... continue »

The hunted does not become the hunter, but it sure looks to become a tougher-to-get source of food by the end of this century, according to the results of a study of sea stars that feast on mussels... continue »

In the US, the 'shale-gas revolution' has brought down energy prices substantially and enabled a switch from burning coal to gas, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions... continue »

The EPA's clean power plan will dramatic harm to black and Hispanic families across America, something the EPA refuses to acknowledge in its sketchy cost-benefit review of the proposed rules... continue »

Mounting evidence that the EPA falsifies and misconstrues evidence and ignores contrary scientific studies in order to justify its outrageous, harmful regulations... continue »

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activists frequently claim that climate change will disproportionately affect poor and minority communities... continue »

Global warming was always that, the problem is most people still don't know. The recent Pew Center poll indicates more people recognize global warming as a political issue... continue »

Beijing has made a lot of headlines recently for its eco-friendly target setting. However, so far things are not going exactly according to plan. Prices in five of China's carbon markets have fallen sharply... continue »

The latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Potato... continue »

We've severely underestimated the health impacts of climate change. So much so, in fact, that we could be on track to undo the last 50 years of gains in development and global health... continue »

Recent history shows that strident actions by radical Greens has had negative impacts for Democratic Party candidates in followup elections... continue »

Thanks largely to climate science, bad ideas can persist for decades, and surrounded by myrmidons of furious defenders they become intolerant dogmas... continue »

Naomi Klein has been invited to attend a top level conference at the Vatican, to advise leaders how to fight climate change and dismantle capitalism... continue »

The Center for International Environmental Law thinks that Credit Agencies are miscalculating the risk of climate change that climate change might be the cause of the next financial crisis... continue »

The elites are seeking complete micro-management of even the energy and living standards for every individual on the planet (except, of course, the elites)... continue »

The UK MET office has published a study which suggests solar activity is plummeting, the fastest rate of decline in 9300 years. The science is not as settled as some politicians have been led to believe... continue »

As Galileo insisted about the perversity of his persecution by the Catholic Church: "[I]t is impossible for a conclusion to be declared heretical while we remain in doubt as to its truth"... continue »

Wild claim: The threat climate change poses to human health is possibly so great that it could wipe out health progress over the past 50 years... continue »

Climate science, the comfortably settled careerist variety, would have us believe it has identified causes and trends that place its projections beyond challenge and dispute... continue »

A petition to ban "climate change denial" pages from Facebook has attracted over 3,300 signatures. But the so-called 'deniers' have called the campaign "totalitarian"... continue »

Climate policy is always about ceding power and control over America's assets (but not anyone else's) to the United Nations, and to destroy the influence of American business worldwide... continue »

Rising green levies on energy bills risk causing a public backlash that will undermine efforts to tackle climate change, a leading left-wing think tank has warned... continue »

The IPCC is awfully certain that solar activity doesn't meaningfully impact climate. It claims stratospheric cooling invalidates solar activity thesis, but overlooks effect of ozone depletion... continue »

A recent NOAA article is just what Doctor Doom ordered. It claims the 18-year "hiatus" in rising planetary temperatures is not really happening... continue »

The University of Western Australia has published a new report which claims that whales are suffering, because their food sources are being depleted by melting Antarctic sea ice... continue »

It seems Mark Steyn got tired of waiting for Dr. Michael Mann to finish the required legal discovery in that defamation lawsuit and has struck a blow in the form of a new book soon to be published... continue »

"Moonbeam" Brown has a plan to combat climate change: Implement space ship like closed system recycling of waste water such as urine to allow the water to be recycled repeatedly... continue »

On Thursday and Friday, June 11-12, there will be a gathering of some of the nation's and the world's leading climate change "skeptics" in Washington, D.C.... continue »

The Washington Post thinks Americans don't take climate change seriously enough and suggests that we should look to the example of how German teachers educate children... continue »

The Export Import Bank should not be reauthorized, says CFACT advisor Marita Noon. First, because the big businesses who profit the most do not need the help... continue »

The French foreign minister confirmed that the UN is crafting a global warming agreement for Obama to sign "without going to the Congress". Government bureaucrats fiddle with temperature data... continue »

Oh boy! Get ready to watch yet another big fight about climate change. This time mainly among different groups of climate alarmists. Is there a pause... continue »

A new paper published today by Science, from Thomas Karl and several co-authors, that removes the "hiatus" in global warming prompts many serious scientific questions... continue »

The anti-fossil-fuel movement initiated by EPA would like us to believe we are just replacing one power source with another. The problem, however, is far bigger... continue »

It seems in the desperation to erase "the pause" in time for Paris, Ken Caldeira has jumped the shark with this claim. He's claiming that the heat from fossil fuel combustion is a factor... continue »

According to climate alarmists, the only people who deny the coming Apocalypse are those who are morally depraved by money or right-wing ideology or insanity or any combination thereof... continue »

Skepticism has had an amazing impact on climate science given its size and persecution. Yet it still languishes as a social pariah in the green room of society... continue »

Alex Sen Gupta, a biological scientist, has written an article (reviewed by John Cook) which attempts to defend the validity of climate models which can't predict the climate... continue »

When 26 carbon-phobic ambassadors urge Australia to follow the EU's lead and adopt all manner of wealth-killing initiatives to save the planet, the diplomatic response is one of polite demurral... continue »

Barack Obama will continue to talk about climate change and urge the global transition from fossil fuels to wind, solar and bio-energy. He thinks everyone, not just Americans, are idiots... continue »

For the past 15 years or so, there has been a "pause" in the warming trend, leaving scientists scratching their heads for an explanation, since this was not predicted by any of their models... continue »

Skeptics aren't funded or organized but they can still have an impact. The following essay explains why it's so hard to convince warmists using empirical evidence... continue »

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition enjoys such a red-carpet ride into schools. Surprisingly, principals haven't just handed their classroom keys to AYCC operatives and gone home... continue »

The new Private Property Rights Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives will target legislation and regulations that interfere with the free and lawful use of private property... continue »

When you think of national security threats, words like ISIS and North Korea probably come to mind. For President Obama, however, you can add another sinister term: climate denier... continue »

What happens when anti-oil protesters learn they are being used by billionaires? The protesters dig in their ideological heels and shout insults... continue »

The EPA has promulgated rules designed to shut down America's coal industry and force the U.S. economy to rely on unsustainable wind and solar energy for future power generation.... continue »

Coleman Alderson's new book paints a gripping picture of how the GEEO takes control of every aspect of our lives, leaving people struggling to survive a bleak existence... continue »

Holocene century-on-century changes have a standard deviation close to 1deg C, so if there is a signal due to carbon dioxide, it still has not emerged from the background noise... continue »

The much-damned Dane doesn't quibble with the contention that humans are raising global temperatures, just that the money spent in name of repairing the atmosphere might be better spent... continue »

When John Kerry was still a powerful Democrat from Massachusetts, he stood on the Senate floor on June 25 2009, and said that in five years, the Arctic would be completely ice free... continue »

One needn't be a world-class intellect to spot holes in global warming theory, so it's baffling that many otherwise functioning adults of average intellect cannot... continue »

Anyone with some scientific background is quickly led to conclude that the arguments of the IPCC are inaccurate, for many reasons of which here is a non-exhaustive list... continue »

One thing we learned from the recent UK General Election was that the forecasters got it catastrophically wrong, catastrophic in that the pollsters reputations are now in shreds... continue »

Summoned from his slumber by the cries of academic freedom and integrity being tortured and dispatched at the UWA, the ghost of Socrates had a few pointed things to say... continue »

The recent announcement that the earth is continuing to get hotter is unprovable. Any increase in average heat is such a tiny difference as to be insignificant... continue »

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres has stated that Australia must stop mining coal, without giving any specific advice about how Australia should fill the gigantic hole in her finances... continue »

Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan has suggested in an interview with The Guardian, that people should switch to eating insects to reduce the need for traditional cattle farming... continue »

According to NSIDC, a new record high has been set for April, beating last year. Antarctic see ice is above average virtually all around the continent... continue »

Pope Francis has joined with enemies of the Catholic Church to endorse the global warming agenda. Marita Noon from CFACT reports on how other Christians are convinced this is a bad move... continue »

Americans need to prepare for energy poverty unless the Obama-EPA juggernaut can be derailed and the so-called Clean Power Plan can be blocked or repealed... continue »

As we've noted numerous time in the past, climate models at present have no value other than to illustrate how poorly they perform. Here are some examples... continue »

The Australian-German College of Climate and Energy Transitions, twinned with the Melbourne University Sustainable Society Institute, is a hotbed of climate activism... continue »

A new survey finds out that younger US adults are more liberal when it comes to global warming does not hold up; if anything, they are even more skeptical... continue »

The massive stink over Bjorn Lomborg being given Australian government funding to set up a climate-change centre at UWA shows that the spirit of McCarthyism lives on... continue »

If Pope Francis is truly committed to advancing science, he should reject climate chaos claims unless and until alarmists can provide solid evidence to back up their assertions and models... continue »

Many people are beginning to believe that some of the statements from scientists who are involved with climate change are deliberate lies. Here are some examples... continue »

For no apparent reason, other than it had rained, Lateline trotted out Tim Flannery to sing from global warming's dog-eared hymnal and preach the catastropharian gospel... continue »

The Obama Administration is using climate change to "fundamentally transform" America. They are attacking dissenters, trying to censor skeptical speech, and worse... continue »

On this 45th Earth Day, some are no doubt celebrating the small and the insignificant and urging us to reduce our impact on the planet. But we at spiked think that sounds pretty miserable... continue »

Tim Flannery and his Climate Commission cobbers were on a nice little earner when the former Labor government needed to spruik its carbon tax... continue »

For the past 45 years we have all been living in the environmental insane asylum, being told over and over again to believe things that are the equivalent of Green hallucinations... continue »

The giant spider climate story is making the rounds again. The story is, if we don't mend our wicked ways, we're going to end living a real life version of the blockbuster movie Arachnophobia... continue »

Just as there is "more than one way to skin a cat", there are a number of ways by which Earth's corals may maintain their vitality in a potentially warming world... continue »

Education ministers do not seem troubled that a green propaganda machine, Cool Australia, has garnered the support of thousands of teachers and schools... continue »

The Americans are increasingly not buying into the global warming scary scenarios, but the Green Left is responding by turning up the heat and seeking to silence opposition they cannot control... continue »

Christopher Reyer has claimed that economic collapse will ensure we never achieve global temperature rises of 6-8c. There are a few problems with this prediction... continue »

During relatively warm periods, the fiscal climate in China has generally been good, while in relatively cold periods it has generally been, well, not-so-good... continue »

Media are in hyperventilation mode over alleged "censoring" of Wisconsin state employees, who are, supposedly, "banned" even from discussing or mentioning global warming or climate change... continue »

The abrupt departure of a high-ranking official from the PEC is fueling speculation that the controversial land trust is feeling the heat from revelations of its transgressions against a Virginia farmer... continue »

The West Virginia Board of Education voted to put an end to months of controversy and open up teaching standards to permit students to consider both sides of the climate debate... continue »

We all know it will never rain again in Tim Flannery's parallel universe, and now we learn that bestowing feminine names on hurricanes makes them so much more deadly... continue »

President Obama has announced a new initiative to tackle climate change, in the name of helping people with asthma. He is seeking to exploit sympathy for asthma sufferers... continue »

Even at the low experimental pH of 7.5 chitons suffer no ill. Having been around for over 300 million years they obviously have learned how to cope with fluctuating changes in their environment... continue »

The "big picture" depicts a millennial-scale oscillation of temperature that features the Dark Ages Cold Period, the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age and the Current Warm Period... continue »

Is the disturbance-induced release of carbon to the atmosphere relatively large, small or next to nothing? A new study makes a good case for the latter of the three possibilities... continue »

Thanks to President Obama, we have lost another six years on the Yucca Mountain project. That fits with his refusal to permit the Keystone XL pipeline... continue »

90 percent of the titanic climate funding iceberg is invisible to most citizens, businessmen and politicians. The Lockheed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop... continue »

Every time a serious threat to IPCC climate science appears, whether scientific or political, diversions and counterattacks are implemented. It usually involves people and agencies at the highest levels... continue »

These communities hold enough flexibility and evolutionary capacity to withstand predicted future changes from elevated CO2 and subsequent ocean acidification... continue »

Beech trees have benefited greatly from 20th century increases in carbon dioxie and temperature, which is just the opposite of what climate alarmists continue to claim should be happening... continue »

Scientists at ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology have shown that global warming actually tends to reduce temperature variability... continue »

From the "everything causes global warming" department...except, the effect they are claiming is miniscule compared to business as usual emissions in the USA... continue »

A new study demonstrates that nature itself is fully capable of bringing to pass what the world's climate alarmists say they want to achieve through a host of global regulatory actions... continue »

Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf claim the Gulf Stream is slowing due to Greenland ice melt, except reality says otherwise. It looks to be of the caliber of Mann's Hockey Schtick science... continue »

Climate change isn't caused by man, there's been no significant warming for nearly two decades, and, even if there had been, it would probably be a good thing... continue »

This March has been unusually quiet, with no tornado or severe thunderstorm watches issued by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center. It sees no sign of dramatic change for the next week... continue »

Weather extremes don't have any detectable negative effects on four different groups of organisms, according to a study based on data acquired over the last 20 years... continue »

Warming over and around Belarus since 1949 has led to a decrease of spring streamflow and a reduction in the number of extreme spring floods... continue »

The paradigm is collapsing due to the fact that the climate appears to be far less sensitive to changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations than the so-called scientific consensus had assumed... continue »

Before an audience at the annual tech-fest known as SXSW, former Vice President Al Gore said: "We have this denial industry cranked up constantly"... continue »

The headlong charge to make the UK a low-carbon economy is reflected in the desperation of both the current Lib-Con coalition government and the Labour opposition... continue »

Bad news for climate alarmists, there have been no significant deleterious increases or decreases in streamflow trends over the period from 1951 to 2009... continue »

In their desperation to prove the "science" is on their side, climate scientists have adjusted past temperature data down so that the more recent temperature readings form a warming trend... continue »

Doug Sisterson, senior manager at the Argonne National Laboratory, thinks climate alarmists need to ditch the positive mental attitude when communicating about climate... continue »

All "green renewable" energy mandates implemented in pursuit of "social justice" or the progressive "war on carbon" cost more, from groceries, to grid, to gas tank... continue »

It has been awhile since we've heard anything about the progress of the lawsuit, and so given the current toxic witch-hunt against climate skeptics, perhaps it's time to review again... continue »

Skeptical Climate Statistics professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter said that, "Being conflated with critics of evolution and vaccines got under my skin"... continue »

"These guys think saying climate changes, saying it gets warmer or colder by a few tenths of a degree should be taken as evidence that the end of the world is coming", says Dr. Richard Lindzen... continue »

"Global warming" has always been little more than a smokescreen for worldwide wealth redistribution overseen by bureaucrats at the US. Nobody on the Left is really talking about it.... continue »

A new government report is creating shock in the Australian climate fraternity, claiming that current global temperature might not be the ultimate climatic optimum we all thought it was... continue »

Advocates of the global warming and climate change hoaxes know that the public no longer believes that the former is occurring or that the latter represents an immediate, global threat... continue »

Many things are said to be threatened by climate change. Few, if any, have actually witnessed a deleterious impact, save perhaps the most important of all: integrity... continue »

After years of claiming the science is settled and unprecedented man-made catastrophes are occurring right now, Climate Crisis, Inc. is increasingly desperate... continue »

As the Earth transited from the bitter cold of the Little Ice Age to the welcome warmth of the Current Warm Period, storminess declined significantly... continue »

After two stints as pope of IPCC Rajendra "Patchy" Pachauri has seized the opportunity of a pause in global warming to announce, first, his resignation and, second, his undying faith in the cause... continue »

The GWPF has warned policymakers and the public that the leadership of the IPCC has been losing its scientific objectivity and has been adopting environmentalism as a missionary cause... continue »

More bad news for warmists: Europe's proposed new climate goals could be weaker than previously announced due to its method of accounting for changes in land use... continue »

They were there at the start, when the study of climate was in its infancy, but today the names of meterologists such as Hubert Lamb are seldom mentioned... continue »

The media are too heavily invested in the global warming scam to ever admit that they had been played by politicians and "scientists" for decades... continue »

Official surface temperature records have been systematically cooked to indicate that Earth has recently been overheating just as alarmists, including some at NASA, wish us to believe... continue »

The Environmental Protection Agency is currently engaged in trying to further regulate ozone for no apparent reason other than its incessant attack on the economy... continue »

From the this sounds familiar department...comes this hot, steamy, but not climatic turn of events, along with the near immediate disappearance of the story down the memory hole... continue »

Most of us aren't "climate scientists", who have once again granted themselves permission to assemble a cavalcade of conjecture and omission and parade it as "evidence"... continue »

The scientific community has told the tale that human activity is dangerously overheating the planet. Yet, the American people are not buying it, as evidenced by a Pew Research Center survey... continue »

Are global warming skeptics simply ignorant about climate science? Not so, says Dan Kahan who finds that skeptics score about the same (in fact slightly better) on climate science questions... continue »

Most people have no idea about the geography of the Poles and assume they are climatically the same. But it is important in understanding the significance for global climate... continue »

There's an increasing body of evidence which suggests climate researchers are "adjusting" terrestrial temperature data to cool the past and warm the present... continue »

A new study of how environmental reporters cover global warming and climate change reveals that they no longer include critics in their reports because they are generally irrelevant... continue »

The record-shattering snow that has shut down Boston's public transit system threatens to white out a global warming forum organized by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg... continue »

As sceptics have noted, the BoM's "homogenised" figures show an insistent tendency to affirm that temperatures are soaring and the world is going to hell in a hand-basket... continue »

The IPCC let the public believe they are examining the entire climate system. From a climate mechanism perspective, they only look at one or two very minor components... continue »

Recent graffiti in Bidwell Park in California was at the hands of students from a Chico charter school as part of a lesson on civic engagement and activism... continue »

Dr. Judith Curry delivered a powerful statement recently, saying that the IPCC does not have a convincing explanation for the recent halt in warming... continue »

Climate horror stories will not die. Pikas are another species that have been repeatedly targeted by advocates of CO2 warming as an icon of impending climate doom... continue »

A group of leading climate researchers has identified a fatal flaw in the climate models that leads them to produce triple the global warming predicted from doubling the CO2 in the air... continue »

With public concern about climate waning, the EPA turned its anti-fossil messaging campaign to fear-mongering about child health impacts. The EPA will do ANYTHING to increase its power... continue »

EPA proposed to drastically tighten its standard for atmospheric ozone which would raise energy prices, kill jobs and provide little or no benefit to the environment... continue »

Jeffrey Kluger, a senior writer at Time Magazine, writes what might possibly be the stupidest article about climate ever: climate change causes volcanoes... continue »

Why can't the global-warming catastrophe industry convince the public that the scare underwriting its meal ticket is real? A CSIRO survey showed that 53% of Australians reject the official story... continue »

Climate doomsayers argue that we have shifted aspects of the climate (temperature, hurricanes, etc.) from "normal" without us even having enough historical perspective to say what "normal" is... continue »

Unless you live on the moon you've probably heard lots of feverish hype attributed to NASA about 2014 being the "hottest year" ever. The highly publicized claim is bogus... continue »

The proverb that "they can't see the forest for the trees" means, they are so consumed with detail, they don't understand the larger situation. This is true of climatology in particular... continue »

The warming scare has been driven by a cabal of politicians and environmentalists using erroneous climate model warming predictions to brainwash an uninformed global public... continue »

Get ready for a year of climate change hysteria designed to make you poorer while it will do nothing to lower industrial CO2 emissions linked to man-made global warming... continue »

Ocean global warming is not actually global at all. Alarmists are having a grand time trying to scare their readers with their chicken-little end-is-near proclamations... continue »

Polar bear researchers lately seem to have forgotten that the most crucial part of their job is the unbiased collection and presentation of scientific data... continue »

2014 is the most dishonest year on record. The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 percent sure this was true... continue »

On January 16, The New York Times reported the lies NASA keeps telling about global warming with an article titled, "2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics"... continue »

It was widely reported that 2014 was the hottest year since records began in 1880. However, the recent hiatus in warming might be significant or it might not ... continue »

The overselling of calamities in environmental sciences has reached unseemly proportions ... so much so in one field that in 2014 a team of researchers exposed the problems in a journal article ... continue »

Students deserve to learn from all the facts and are smart enough to weigh alternative explanations. However, climate radicals are bullying West Virginia School Board ... continue »

The NOAA Arctic radar map shows the Arctic Ice Cap at more than 4,000,000 square miles, larger than on any December 28 in the past five years... continue »

The carbon dioxide obsessed are patiently awaiting the GISS and NCDC global surface temperature data for December 2014 and for the calendar year... continue »

The Obama Administration, through the corrupted Environmental Protection Agency, promised to kill the US coal industry and they are already far along toward their goal... continue »

Global warming campaigners are trying to claim that 2014 was the "hottest ever". This is absurd. There was not very much warming during the second half of the 20th century and none since then... continue »

It would be useful to again outline the basic reasons why different satellite global temperature datasets (say, UAH and RSS) produce somewhat different temperature trends... continue »

In a thinly disguised assault on coal and hydrocarbons, the government would have us believe that CO2 is a threat to life itself. In fact, the benefits of CO2 to all of us are far greater than its costs... continue »

The North and South Poles are "not melting". The poles are "much more stable" than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought... continue »

Should the world's most powerful information corporation be prejudiced against those who dare question the facts in the global warming campaign's press releases... continue »

While government science and media begin the ramp-up to claim 2014 as the "hottest year ever", China's Sea's biggest bivalve shows that the Middle Ages were warmer than today... continue »

Pope Francis has decided to make fighting global warming an important papal cause in 2015. The Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences may be behind the pope's rising interest... continue »

The climate alarmists 15 or so years ago were forecasting catastrophic events by this time. Yet sea levels have not been rising any faster than they have been for centuries... continue »